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SiFuhany GUI CD/DVD burning tools in ports?06:48
nweSiFuh: k3b (kde)06:52
SiFuhdislike kde06:52
abenzCD/DVD? oldtimer :)06:54
abenzin recent 2 years, I don't recall any of the people around me that actually bought an optical drive!06:54
tilmanACTION recently bought an optical usb drive to rip CDs06:54
abenzbluray would be nice for long term storage I reckon06:55
SiFuhI have an external blueray burner that I recently purchased :-(06:55
abenzACTION googles prices of bluray discs06:56
abenzlast time I checked they were prohibitively expensive06:57
abenzvery cheap now!06:58
SiFuhprobably cause everyone uses USB Flashdrives06:58
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SiFuhCan't believe no one made a port for cplay :-)08:27
frinnstI cant believe you cant believe that :>08:42
frinnstgeez. my retroproject will get very expensive08:43
frinnsti need lots of "little bits" and everything is like 5-10EUR and a few "nice to have" are 150EUR08:44
SiFuhI have a commodore 64SX stashed away08:44
frinnstnice. never owned the c6408:44
SiFuhcan't find anyone to take it from me08:45
frinnstwhy not hook it up again? :)08:45
SiFuhkind of useless since the 5 1/4 floppy disks are screwed, i have no cartridges, and only a programmers manual08:46
frinnstI could so easily spend 1000EUR+ on this crap :)08:50
SiFuhi'd spend it on a Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm09:05
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frinnsti'd kill myself so fast with a bike like that10:12
SiFuhhaha slow down copper10:13
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OxFEEDBACCk... everything went fine so far, following ... i'm at the point in the installation process where i'm supposed to install grub, but there is neither grub-install nor grub-mkconfig...10:59
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OxFEEDBACCany hints on how i can get grub into this session? pkgadd? i'm not sure what steps are necessary...11:01
OxFEEDBACC"If you missed/forgot to install certain packages, you can just mount the CRUX installation media and use pkgadd to install them"11:02
donatoDid you install the grub packages during the setup?11:02
frinnstare you booting the install iso now?11:02
OxFEEDBACCobviously i didn't ;-)11:02
OxFEEDBACCi'm in a live session from the iso, yes...11:02
frinnstyou can add it manually - easiest is probably to copy the package to your chroot (/mnt)11:02
OxFEEDBACCso, how do i mount the installation media?11:02
frinnstthe install media is already mounted11:02
OxFEEDBACCbut pkgadd doesn't seem to find /var/lib/pkg...11:03
frinnstdont remember the path off hand, but probably somwhere like /crux/opt/grub2#...11:03
frinnstjust copy it to the chroot and in the chroot pkgadd it11:04
OxFEEDBACCokay, pkgadd doesn't find it in the chroot... and inside it says "could not determine name and/or version of grub: Invalid package name"11:04
frinnstif you try to pkgadd it from the livecd root you'll need some extra flags - "pkgadd -r /mnt/ <grubpackage>11:05
frinnstyou need to specify the filename completely11:05
frinnstgrub2#2.02-beta3-1.pkg.tar.xz for example11:05
frinnstso: when in the livecd: cp /crux/opt/grub2#xxx /mnt/root; chroot /mnt - pkgadd /root/grub2#...11:07
OxFEEDBACCdo i always need to specify the full path with pkg add?11:08
frinnstyes, but you normally dont use pkgadd manually that often on an installed system11:09
frinnstprt-get is better to use day to day11:09
OxFEEDBACCyes, sure...11:09
frinnstprt-get is a frontend with dependency handling: "prt-get depinst grub2"11:10
OxFEEDBACCya, but first i must get the system to run ;-)11:14
OxFEEDBACChave a sweet meal...11:14
OxFEEDBACCi hope i'll figure it out meanwhile...11:14
frinnstjust switch to a new VT, pkgadd -r /mnt /crux/opt/grub2#<version>11:15
OxFEEDBACCno idea how to switch to another VT in qemu, but exiting/entering the chroot should work as well, right?11:16
frinnstah, yes11:16
OxFEEDBACCwhat is this "grub-bios-setup: warning: File system `ext2' doesn't support embedding. Grub can only be [...] using blocklists. [...] their use is discouraged.." and "error: will not proceed with blocklists." about?11:26
OxFEEDBACCi've seen that with another distro already (don't exactly remember which, though)...11:27
ryu0OxFEEDBACC: what's your disk label?11:27
ryu0OxFEEDBACC: ah. BIOS mode? if so, you need a bios boot partition.11:29
OxFEEDBACChuh... suddenly my backspace doesn't work as expected... prints space instead of backspace :-/11:37
OxFEEDBACCso, BIOS boot partition does not work on GPT?11:39
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ryu0OxFEEDBACC: it's only needed for GPT BIOS mode.11:46
ryu0OxFEEDBACC: in DOS, you need to have enough space before the first partition for grub2 to embed itself.11:46
OxFEEDBACCno DOS here... and the point is that finally, when migrating from qemu to hardware, i'll face the situation that there is already a grub installed, and i don't know yet, how i could merge that setup with a new one, so i'm trying to start cautiously by not overwriting the MBR...11:48
OxFEEDBACCthe old one uses legacy grub, btw...11:50
OxFEEDBACCi wonder why on other systems (apparently every system but mine) gives the warnings i quoted above, but not the final error...11:51
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OxFEEDBACCk... "GRUB loading." --- i wonder how long that will take... :-/12:27
OxFEEDBACCi. e. starting over...12:27
SiFuhif D-Bus had a face, I would shoot it with a 30612:54
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frinnstawesome, external developer got cranky when i suggested using a LIVE ERP database for a PoC was a bad idea13:11
SiFuhdid he design D-Bus :-P ??13:12
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OxFEEDBACCor grub2?13:15
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OxFEEDBACCwell, my spontaneous idea would be that the {sh,c}ould have made provisions for boot loaders... i mean they have BIOS boot, linux extended boot, efi system partition and whatnot... why not just make a bootloader-reserved type which can be fully customized to a loader's liking?13:29
OxFEEDBACCs/that the/that they/13:30
OxFEEDBACC*in GPT...13:31
frinnstyou can boot gpt from bios13:31
frinnstrequires a compat. flag though13:31
frinnstif you are just installing to try out, why not just run lilo on mbr disks?13:32
OxFEEDBACCyeah, that's what i'm doing right now... but sooner or later i must find a way to integrate...13:32
OxFEEDBACCand booting gpt from bios is just one special case... they deal with booting as if it'd not be substantial... k, i usually only boot my boxes every 3 months or so, but when i do, i cordially wish it to work... preferably quirkless...13:34
frinnstfor whats its worth, boot issues are not the top10 issues people in #crux usually have :)13:38
OxFEEDBACCdon't misunderstand me... i'm not associating that with crux... i'm speaking generally here...13:39
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ryu0frinnst: that flag is only needed by syslinux from what i remember.13:43
ryu0grub2 will boot just fine, just need a bios boot partition.13:43
frinnstiirc I had to do it with grub2 too13:43
ryu0and then there's the possibility of BIOS bugs.13:43
frinnstmy boot disk is pure gpt13:43
frinnstbut i might be wrong, was a few years ago since i set it up13:43
ryu0HP laptops in particular will only boot if the fake partition of the MBR is marked bootable.13:44
OxFEEDBACC'nother question: has anyone ever approached to port the Trinity Desktop Environment, the successor of the classical KDE 3? (
SiFuhI didn't know KDE as ever being successful let alone have a successor13:49
SiFuhtimes up.. pulseaudio and d-bus can wait another day13:49
OxFEEDBACCnice pun :-p13:49
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abenzpulse audio? I thought everyone used alsa these days..15:08
frinnstsome things depend on it15:08
OxFEEDBACChas alsa added native network support recently?15:13
rmullpulse seems like a requirement for bluetooth audio fwiw15:23
rmullvia bluez15:23
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SiFuhabenz: everyone but skype16:46
SiFuhanyways forget it, i will cry about it within a few days when i try again16:52
abenzI gave up on compat-32 and wine and that stuff16:53
abenzwindows stuff, inside a VM..16:53
abenzas intended16:53
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: libinput: update to 1.5.317:44
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: update to git version as of 2016120617:44
SiFuhabenz: I suppose, you are right, I can always skype on my phone.17:50
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pedja'Please press button to enter failsafe'.Aaaand...fuck all happens.21:08
pedjaIt is clear now that I should've bribed someone to solder a serial port on this thing.21:11
joacimi wouldnt mind a current laptop with a serial port tbh21:15
joacimin place of the vga port21:15
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