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darfotrying to install 3.2 on older Athlon64 but hangs in setup randomly01:19
darfoor reboots suddenly during setup01:20
darfoit is a 3800+ CPU. Tried the x86_64 versions of Knoppix and Fedora and01:20
darfothey will install and boot01:21
darfomd5sum checked the optical media and the ISO file it came from, both ok01:21
darfotried CRUX noapic, then CRUX maxcpus=1, then CRUX acpi=no, all reboot or hang during setup01:22
darfomemtested the the RAM for 8 hours, no errors.01:25
darfoanyone running 3.2 on older AMD successfully?01:25
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jaegerNot I, sorry. Don't have any AMD machines anymore01:27
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darfoaha. I just installed only core and omitted opt and xorg and setup completed OK.01:29
darfoMaybe one of the post-install scripts in opt or xorg are the problem.01:30
darfoI'm assuming setup runs the post-install scripts.01:30
jaegerIt does not01:30
darfoSurprising. I guess none of the ports require a user created.01:31
jaegerThe packages on the ISO are all pretty simple01:31
darfoI see. And if forgot that installing opt doesn't install all the packages just the repo.01:32
darfoNow I can try the configuring, building the kernel and booting steps.01:34
marakugotta love crux, compile times and porting prevent me from installing bloatware (like virt-manager)01:38
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darfo<cue creepy music>03:16
darfoIt's alive from the dead03:16
darfothx. Now to start building some stuff and see if it stays alive ;)03:17
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darfoDied on the first compile. I think there is a hardware problem.03:31
darfoThink I'll rebuild the kernel with magic sysreq and see if an autopsy is possible.03:32
darfoAt least I know that Athlon64 8300+ works fine as an x86_64.03:33
darfoIt was a might fine beast when it was new.03:33
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samsepi0lhi, anyone has trie to install spotify on crux?11:40
pedjamaraku, why is virt-manager 'bloatware'?11:46
pedjait doesn't have *that* many dependencies.libvirt, OTOH :)11:47
onoderasamsepi0l: there is mopidy, it's like an mpd compatible mpd clone that has spotify support iirc12:24
onoderabut uhh to answer your quation, I haven't12:25
samsepi0lThanks onodera. I found a repository with spotify on in (nwe repository), I'm building all dependencies now and I see if it's works.12:27
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john_cephalopodaI think I will switch my laptop to crux.13:59
john_cephalopodaSick of those infinite boot and shut-down times.14:01
frinnstI usually run debian when i use a laptop (which i rarely do)14:02
john_cephalopodaI got one laptop and one desktop PC. I have been using crux on the desktop for more than a year now and except for missing packages, the experience was nice.14:04
john_cephalopodaAlso, doesn't Debian use systemd now?14:05
onoderayeah it does14:10
onoderawell not stable probably14:10
john_cephalopodaEverythingn since April 2015 has it though.14:15
OxFEEDBACCdevuan=debian-systemd ...14:21
donatoI currently don't have sound over HDMI/DP using the amdgpu. Is the only way to get audio there to use the amdgpu-pro?14:23
john_cephalopodadonato: Are you sure that you got all necessary kernel things compiled in?14:27
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donatoAll the necessary things should be included. The normal sound works just fine, the only thing that isn't working is the sound that goes over my gpu14:30
druid_droid:) long time since come here or touch my system, this is very good signal, today I will update and see how the system is going (disk space and so on)14:44
druid_droidlong live crux <314:44
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onoderaWorkster: can you bump ffmpeg to 3.2.2? mpv git now depends on it15:21
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SiFuhabenz_: I'm still working on this pulseaudio... I still agree D-BUS should be shot in the face16:47
SiFuhand I got it! consolekit needed to be installed...16:50
SiFuhHey, under opt/pulseaudio I have noticed that the footprint file doesn't contain "" yet it contains "start_pulseaudio-x11", and "start_pulseaudio-x11" requires ""16:59
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samsepi0lHi, has anyone get successful load an rtl88821ae firmware wireless?18:28
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dbrooketeK_: just trying a new install on a laptop with cryptsetup and trying to retrieve cryptsetup-initrd gives "500 - Internal Server Error"19:02
retardACTION uses better-initramfs19:14
retardhighly recommended :)19:14
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john_cephalopodaYay, CRUX!20:24
john_cephalopodaStill got some issues with wireless intel20:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: harfbuzz: updated to 1.3.421:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: cairo: updated to 1.14.821:10
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koriim reinstalling crux today21:22
koriglad to be back21:22
nwekori: :) what did you use before then?21:30
koriive been using arch in this meantime, and I installed OpenBSD about a month ago21:30
koribut now I'm coming back to crux21:30
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nwekori: ah I see21:44
nwedidn't like OpenBSD or?21:44
korinwe: I do like it21:45
korihowever, its not delivering the performance I need21:45
nweI see21:45
koriits stuttering a lot under common usage21:45
koriso yeah I'll have to go back to linux21:45
korii sadly dont have a ssd21:45
koriso... yeah21:45
nweI running openbsd on my laptop with out any stuttering, I really like PF..21:49
brian|lfsit actually support your hardware?22:03
nweyupp I running an dell xps 13 (model 9333)22:03
nweeverything is working directly and thatÅ› nice22:04
brian|lfshmm always like bsd but lack of hardware for desktops22:04
nweah, yeah I really like openbsd22:10
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jaegerspeaking of dell laptops, I need to try to get nvidia's optimus stuff working on mine again (inspiron 7559)23:17
jaegerer, to try again, that is... haven't ever had it working23:18
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