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brian|lfshey tilman06:36
tilmanhey brian06:36
brian|lfswow my other app crashed07:08
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abenzI wonder how much a job like that would cost (labor only)09:39
dbrooketo link those two - CAT6 is no match for scissors
frinnstThe domain may be for sale. Click here to make an offer or call 877-588-1085 to speak with one of our domain experts.10:08
frinnstACTION pokes teK_ 10:09
frinnst seems to work10:19
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john_cephalopodaNow all my computers run Crux!12:37
john_cephalopodaHmm, I need libcurl-32. Got to write a Pkgfile for that later.12:39
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pedjafrinnst, you still have that IPv6 tunnel?How about a game of traceroute Tetris, for science :) ?
ryu0ACTION fires DOS torpedoes at pedja.14:06
pedjaACTION launches anti-torpedo torpedo in a ryu0's general direction.14:10
ryu0ACTION easily avoids them because they're not "smart" torpedoes.14:12
pedjanah, they are just a distraction, so I can drop depth charges from the carrier above on your ass.14:15
ryu0ACTION switches places with pedja and they hit them instead.14:16
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john_cephalopoda"smart" topedo sounds like yet another internet of things product.14:24
john_cephalopoda"It notifies you when it hit the target and keeps track of military and civilian deaths. It has steam achievements for kills and structural damage and connects to twitter to keep your followers informed."14:25
john_cephalopoda"@NavyTorpedo140N34: Just hit a ship, 12 mil deaths, 23 civ deaths structural damage at ยง1bn! #warneverchanges"14:27
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pedjawhat's that, Flipper, you've attached the nuke to *our* vessel?you smart MoFo.*click*14:34
pedjathis is so cool
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frinnstpedja: haha15:40
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SiFuh 2 days and still no skype working16:29
SiFuhjust says 'aborted'16:29
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SiFuhArchlinux pisses me off16:54
SiFuhthey have same issues as me and I am using crux.   SOLVED pacman -Syu16:55
][_R_][Were you around for that year when their install disk couldn't do an update since pacman -Syu would brick the system?16:55
SiFuhOf course I was around, but I never used archlinux so I wouldn't know16:56
SiFuhI am just mad as hell, because i strace and gdb skype, and google info and it is always pacman is the solution...16:57
frinnstskype is broken iirc16:57
frinnston all distributions iirc?16:58
SiFuhyep and after D-BUS, I will turn to shooting it in the face too16:58
frinnstwhats wrong with dbus?16:58
abenz_its pretty usable on phones16:58
frinnstACTION maintains it16:58
SiFuhskype works well in Debian16:58
abenz_save yourself the headaches16:58
AnselmoI've heard it works in mint,16:58
Anselmobut never used it16:58
SiFuhand the webversion is crap  no video calls to non-linux machines16:58
SiFuhmint yes16:59
frinnstwhat problems did you have with dbus?16:59
SiFuhfather is using linux mint and I built that for him..16:59
SiFuhPC i am using to irc in crux is debian, skype works fine.16:59
SiFuhD-Bus is a complicated way to do uncomplicated crap17:00
SiFuhOpenBSD is so clean, I just wish it supported hardware. :-)17:01
frinnstbut very hipster17:02
Anselmostill cute17:02
SiFuhdon't get it17:03
SiFuh<- sorry not European17:03
frinnstwhat, you dont bring wine everywhere you go?17:03
SiFuhi bring beer everywhere i go17:03
abenz_i bring water everywhere I go17:06
SiFuhHertog Jan is great water17:06
SiFuhQT has a commercial license?17:06
frinnstdual license17:07
AnselmoI just have a water bottle that I fill in the sink. . . .17:07
SiFuhi never knew they were commercial17:07
frinnstthey started out that way17:07
frinnstthats why gnome exists17:08
SiFuhi remember when kde came out and gnome17:09
abenz_need to install crux on a box running one of those17:09
SiFuhnever liked them, and always cursed when GDM or KDM had to be installed when XDM was fine...17:10
abenz_in 10yrs or so when it becomes affordable :)17:10
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SiFuhJeremey Clarkson driving a car out of skin and bones...17:14
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SiFuhI don't think Richard Hammond noes the difference between CO and CO2 in episode 417:33
pedjaPandas are awesome (both the Python library and the actual animals)18:59
john_cephalopodaThey are like drunk18:59
rmullDoes contrib/jack fail to build for anyone else?19:17
rmullOh, I think it's because of libedit19:23
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aixhavin a few issues with glx:
jaegernvidia controller, I take it20:04
jaegerare you using the binary drivers from opt/nvidia?20:04
aixwait a sec i think i had this issue before20:09
aixit's right in my weechat logs20:10
aixletting nvidia-settings make a new xorg.conf fixed it :P20:10
jaegerok :)20:12
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frinnstim full20:37
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aixokay i've got more errors21:30
aixthis seems to happen whenever I start steam21:30
aixIt doesn't happen when i run it in offline mode so it's very likely this is the reason for it not starting21:31
aixwell, the second reason21:31
jaegerNo idea here on that one, I haven't used steam recently21:34
aixIt's a ssl issue21:35
aixcan I get a directory of ssl ca files somehow?21:36
aixlike with trust extract21:36
jaegermaybe you could pull them out of ca-certificates or something similar21:39
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pedjaaix, try with symlinking /etc/ssl/cert.pem to ca-bundle.pem22:21
pedjaor whatever Ubuntu uses22:23
aixcan't say it fixed it -- still segfaults, but the error about ssl is gone22:27
pedjastrace it22:27
pedja(missing cef_extensions.pak error)22:30
aixcould be22:35
aixprobably best to remove the warnings one by one22:35
aixrather than fixing the one cause of death22:35
pedjacheck out Arch's steam port, it might give you a clue what is going on22:36
pedjaso, 2017. is the Year of the Linux desktop, eh?22:37
aixi've had that wiki page open from when i started :P22:37
aixreally doubt it22:38
aixmaybe next year22:38
aixas in like22:38
aix376 days22:38
pedjathis year blows.22:38
pedjaand I don't expect 2017. to be any better22:38
pedjaat least for me22:39
pedjano, I am not an optimistic person.Can't you tell :) ?22:40
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pedjathis Pandas tutorial gave my brain a nice workout22:42
pedjaspeaking of mind workout, check this out
aixokay it kinda works22:43
pedjadoesn't shit itself, or is actually usable?22:43
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aixi'll let ya know when it does one of those22:45
aixjust waiting for this download now22:45
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aixseems okay22:49
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aixokay no it doesn't work at all22:53
aixi can fix it tomorrow though22:54
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john_cephalopodaSteam on Linux sucks.23:59
john_cephalopodaThey ship SSL 3.23:59
john_cephalopodaAnd a whole pack of completely outdated software.23:59

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