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brian|lfsits cold outside00:50
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brian|lfsomg 60 people00:53
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emmett1hello guys04:04
emmett1why vim left .un~ file after editing some file?04:05
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abenz_its backup/swap file04:14
abenz_you can control these settings by setting them in ~/.vimrc04:15
abenz_set noswapfile04:15
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emmett1abenz_, ok i put set noswapfile into ~/.vimrc but still got .un~ file04:19
emmett1or i need reboot?04:19
emmett1brian|lfs, intersecting?04:19
abenz_set nobackup04:31
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emmett1abenz_, already try that, still same04:34
abenz_reinstall crux04:34
abenz_hold on let me check my file04:34
abenz_set noswapfile04:34
abenz_set backupdir=~/.backups04:34
abenz_set udir=~/.backups04:34
abenz_thats what I have in my .vimrc04:34
abenz_so basically I didn't disable backups, but put them in a hidden folder..04:35
abenz_check man page04:35
emmett1ok i'm gonna try like yours04:35
jaegertry noundofile04:35
emmett1set noundofile works :)04:37
emmett1thanks jaeger04:37
emmett1thanks abenz_ too for your help :)04:38
emmett1one more thing, where should i put export EDITOR=vim?04:39
emmett1i want make for all user04:39
jaegerprobably /etc/profile04:39
emmett1i put in /etc/profile but not works04:39
emmett1Environment variable EDITOR not set04:40
emmett1still it say this04:40
jaegerRead the section of the bash manpage called "INVOCATION"04:40
emmett1ok jaeger04:40
abenz_put it in /etc/profile04:40
jaegerIt lists which files are read depending on how the shell is started04:40
emmett1already try that abenz , not work04:41
emmett1is it something with my slim.conf?04:45
emmett1i'm login using slim04:45
emmett1i already read bash manpage but not fully understand about interactive shell04:46
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aixwhy are the steam devs so bad at what they do09:43
aixSSL3? really?09:43
aixalso steam only works once09:43
aixit works fine but shits itself when closed and reopened09:43
joacimon os x, it works nothing like other software on the platform09:52
joacimkeyboard shortcuts are like the ones on windows, not on os x09:52
joacimscrolling isnt smooth, it's your typical scrolling where you jump 3 lines with every notch on your scroll wheel09:53
joacimannoying when you scroll using a trackpad09:53
tilmanaix: is this an attempt at getting tech support for steam?09:56
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samsepi0lHi, anyone knows if there any tool on crux to remove unused dependencies of uninstalled ports, something like 'pkg_cutleaves' from FreeBSD?10:08
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tilmansamsepi0l: there might be something in prt-utils10:15
samsepi0lmm there are command called prtorphan, maybe this help. thanks.10:23
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aixHaving GPU issues again D:16:30
aixSeems like some games are using retarded rendering16:30
aixie framerate is the same as i had when i ran them with my integrated gpu16:30
aixso csgo runs real bad, but portal 2, having the same rendering system, runs absolutely fine16:31
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SiFuh300 frames in 5.0 seconds = 59.942 FPS16:50
SiFuhChoppy output though16:52
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joacimaix: laptop with graphics switching?17:24
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aixjoacim: well, a desktop with an integrated card17:55
aixbut i'm using the nvidia gpu i installed17:55
aixor i should be17:55
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darfoFound the hardware error on the old AMD 3800+19:27
darfothe mobo has dual-channel DDR 800 (PC6400) RAM19:27
darfohad two matched sticks in it of 512MB each19:27
darfoAt least they were matched in 200519:27
darfoseems they've aged poorly19:28
darfotesting showed that each stick alone was ok19:28
darfoso I put one stick in each of the two different banks19:28
darfoso now I have single-channel DDR 800 memory19:28
darforuns half as fast but that is infinity faster19:29
darfothan not running at all19:29
pedjaok, sed do i remove 3 or more consecutive commas from the file?20:17
pedjased -e 's/^,{3,}/d' foo doesn't work.(it's ok to laugh to my poor shell skills.I do.)20:19
pedjait should work, but it doesn'
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pedjatr ftw20:32
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pedjascraping government PDF's for data is no fun.20:38
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pedjaand when I asked them for original csv or xls or whatever, the answer was 'nope'.20:40
pedjamore 'who the fuck knows where it is' then 'we can't because reasons'20:41
pedjafunnily enough, one of the EU agencies has that data, but nicely packaged.20:42
pedjabut it has some time gaps, so20:43
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pedjaI can script most of it, though20:45
pedjabut cleanup *will* be a bitch20:45
pedjabtw, if anyone else needs to extract tables from PDF, pdf-table-extract does a pretty good job20:46
pedjait depends, as always, on the quality of the PDF20:47
Sitri<pedja> sed -e 's/^,{3,}/d' foo doesn't work.(it's ok to laugh to my poor shell skills.I do.) <-- that'll match any 3+ commas at the start of a line.21:04
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SitriYou didn't specify that as a requirement, so I suspect that's the error.21:04
darfoAMD 3800+ built glibc 11m59.457s21:06
pedjaSitri, the idea was to delete any line with 3 or more commas.what did I miss?21:07
SitriThat's a slightly different requirement than you stated before.  Could you clarify what kind of line you're trying to remove?21:08
pedjaany line that starts with 3 or more commas21:09
Sitri$ (echo ,,; echo ,,,) | sed -r '/^,{3,}/d'21:11
pedjaah.that, what's the difference between -r and -e switch?i don't get it.21:21
pedja-e seems to be GNU specific/confusing, so I'll avoid it :) thanks, Sitri21:30
Sitri-e isn't for extended.21:32
SitriAFAICT -e is entirely redundant.21:32
SitriExcept if you want to pass multiple scripts21:33
Sitri$ (echo ,,; echo ,,,; echo ,,,,) | sed '/^,,,\+/d'21:35
Sitri^ Version without -r21:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: unrar: 5.3.2 -> 5.4.522:03
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aixso i've installed 32% of the packages available to me :P22:31
aix((prt-get listinst)/(prt-get list))*10022:32
SitriThe heck are you running that in?22:34
Sitri$ echo $(prt-get listinst | wc -l)*100/$(prt-get list | wc -l) | bc22:34
aixoh my god that's so useful22:35
SitriBash can apparently do arrithmatic too, but I can never remember the syntax for it22:36
aixi thought it was $(mathy bit)22:37
SitriNo, that's one of the shell substitution things22:37
SitriSimilar to backticks22:37
SitriAh, it's $((math)), eg: echo $((100/2))22:39
aixi was kinda close22:39
aixso i've come across this wierd glitch22:57
aixsome games lag horribly22:57
aixbut only when i move the mouse in them22:57
aixso l4d2 does this22:57
aixwhile csgo is just slow22:57
aixwhy is everything so broken22:58
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