IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2016-12-14

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brian|lfsThat wasn't fun trying to figure out a bug turned out p5-uri needed to be rebuilt on my system05:00
SiFuhwhat the hell is an AppImage?
emmett1hello, anybody here using thunar as file manager?05:06
emmett1my thunar always crashed05:07
jaegerNot I05:07
emmett1thunar[1135]: segfault at 30 ip 00007f5eed695b66 sp 00007ffe22edaba0 error 4 in[7f5eed3e3000+42c000]05:07
emmett1from dmesg05:07
emmett1is it something wrong with libgtk-x11 lib?05:08
brian|lfslooks like that or old thur version maybe05:44
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emmett1brian|lfs, nope, its the latest version already05:49
emmett1i'm rebuild gtk and will see if thunar gonna crash again05:50
emmett1btw, its like im the only one using thunar as file manager in crux05:54
emmett1what you guys using for file manager?05:55
emmett1curious ;)05:55
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jaegerterminal, mostly :D occasionally caja06:00
emmett1owh, you are mate user :)06:02
jaegeryeah, sometimes. I switch between it and i306:04
emmett1owh i see ;)06:07
SiFuhHaha $964 (AUD) for a new starter motor for my motorbike.06:23
SiFuhthat's a quarter of the price for the entire bike brand new06:23
brian|lfsI usr plasma framework which has dolphin06:44
emmett1brian|lfs, nice :)06:47
emmett1are you run full plasma DE or just use plasma framework and dolphin?06:48
brian|lfscan give you the link the the repo has instructions on it on installing on crux06:53
brian|lfsinstructions are on the bottom06:55
emmett1owh this repo06:55
emmett1i have try to install on my home pc before06:56
emmett1but got error compile on certain package06:56
emmett1then i was so lazy to check the error06:57
emmett1so i leave it06:57
emmett1and stick with my fav wm(dwm)06:57
brian|lfsah ok man lol07:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: ffmpeg: enable nonfree opesssl or gnutls prefered if installed08:26
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SiFuhvlc segfaults when compiled against the updated ffmpeg11:10
SitriDid you recompile vlc?11:12
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SiFuhanyone using vlc-2.2.1-2 and ffmpeg-3.2.2-2 ?13:30
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john_cephalopodacontrib/youtube-dl should be updated to 2016-12-1215:32
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emmett1brian|lfs, are you here?16:07
emmett1i've build again plasma on my home pc and i got error while compiling kwallet16:20
emmett1and i'm stuck now16:20
emmett1can you take a look at the log?16:20
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pedjaemmett1, downgrade gpgme to 1.7.1, see if it helps17:58
pedjasince the error is related to gpg qt bindings17:59
SiFuhi thought it was line 43618:08
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pedjait looks like a bug in cpp bindings cmake file.18:14
pedja@libsuffix@ in doesn't get replaced with proper library suffix in Makefile18:15
pedjathat sed line is missing from 1.8.018:16
pedjaSiFuh, you are correct, gpgme qt bindings, my mistake ;)18:19
pedjait should be trivial to steal the patch from OpenSuse a.k.a fix18:26
pedjased onelineer will do18:34
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pedjaso, emmett1 , substitute @libsuffix@ to so in /usr/lib/cmake/Gpgmepp/GpgmeppConfig.cmake , and you should be good to go18:39
pedjasubstitute with blah blah18:39
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pedjaor wait for contrib/gpgme maintainer to fix it.18:42
tsaoppedja: I shall email the maintainer with a fix18:42
pedjagood man/woman/whatever :)18:42
pedjathat's some short root password18:44
pedjabtw, jue, why isn't your samba port in opt?18:45
frinnstAlan wanted it18:46
pedja4.2.x is LTS?18:49
pedjanope, it's EOL'd18:51
john_cephalopodalongterm: 4.4.3818:52
juesorry, we are talking about samba, not the kernel18:52
john_cephalopodaEstimated EOL for 4.4 is Feb, 201818:52
john_cephalopodaEstimated EOL for 4.2 is Sep, 201718:52
john_cephalopodaAccording to
john_cephalopoda*4.2 -> 4.118:53
pedjajohn_cephalopoda, what jue said :) (samba, not kernel)18:53
john_cephalopodaAh xD18:53
juepedja: maybe time to write another email ;)18:54
pedjanah, can't be bothered.I'll just use your port :)18:55
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pedjabuilding python-3.6 with 'go-faster' configure switch takes 3x longer than regular build.18:57
pedjaand zsh 'make check' reliably fails at the same is not my day...18:59
pedjaspeaking of kernels, nvidia 375.20 driver compiles fine with 4.9, if Intertubes are to be believed19:00
pedjahm.since I am running xorg-1.19/mesa-13, I could dust off my glvnd repo, see what breakes.19:02
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pedjaqt5 build exploded, iirc.19:04
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pedja(linking to instead to does that)19:04
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rmullpedja: I'm running nvidia 375.20 with 4.920:48
rmullWorks fine20:48
pedjagood to know, thanks20:48
onoderastill watching for the 4.9 zen patches here :)20:55
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