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emmett1downgrade gpgme to version 1.7.1 work :D01:25
emmett1thanks pedja and SiFuh01:25
rmulljaeger: nvidia 375.26 is available01:31
jaegeryes, my email concurs :)01:33
rmullsorry for the noise01:34
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jaegerall good, I just think it's funny how quickly people report it01:35
jaegerdo you refresh their page constantly or maybe an RSS feed or something?01:35
rmullsaw it on reddit01:36
jaegerI have ck4up running 3 times a day and even that seems like a lot to me :)01:37
jaegerCan't test it currently, though, I need to go out for a bit01:37
rmullNo worries, thanks for your efforts01:38
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Romstersure jue goes bunmping gpgme is ok for me (tm) it compiles i didn't get to test it meh01:46
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gpgme: fix cmake01:58
Romstershould be ok now.02:00
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pedjais RX480 any good?there is a Saphire giveaway here.should i try my luck?11:49
frinnsti have one of those11:49
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frinnstthe fan only spins up when gaming11:50
frinnstdunno, dont remember11:52
frinnstmight be rx470 actually11:52
pedja'To enter, share this on FB and...'.Well, fuck.11:53
frinnst470 4gb it seems like i got11:55
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pedjathis is the one they give away :
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pedjawell, I passed the news to my nephew.He has a FB account, and actually likes AMD cards :)12:05
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frinnst_13:05 <@frinnst> nice. but not sure i'd create a facebook account for it12:08
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pedjahe is young and hip12:13
pedjakids these days.Instagram, FB, Snapchat are all (most of) them consider to be TheInternetz.12:16
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frinnsthey! that reads like all my customers12:21
frinnst"excel doesnt work"12:21
frinnst"what makes you think that?"12:22
frinnst"its got a big X on it"12:22
frinnst(that is a true customer case btw)12:22
pedjathere was an interesting research (last year?) on computer proficiency in developed countries.12:34
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pedjatl;dr is, no matter where any of us frequenting this channel live, we are in top 5% of population12:36
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: grep: update to 2.2712:37
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: man-db: update to
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: libmpfr: update to 3.1.5-p112:37
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pedjaiDevices, in theory, JustWork[tm].and when they doesn't, most of the users, who never used anything else, are fscked.12:44
pedjathey are more appliances than computers, imho12:45
joacimit's fun when phones and tablets (yes, tablets, not fucking tabs or pads or any other stupid fucking buzzwords) die12:48
joacimpeople lose 5 years of family pictures.12:48
joacimand they thinking having a "cloud app" installed is a backup12:48
pedjawith the shitty upload speeds most of the people have, 'cloud' is not a feasible option12:52
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pedjaand making local backups is 'just too hard/couldn't be bothered'.12:53
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pedjait is interesting.people learn about their cars, but technology is somehow 'magic'12:55
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rmullI think the difference is that cars are made of parts that you can see with your eyes and hold with your hands. The scale of computing makes it nearly inaccessible because it's totally intangible.13:00
pedjaaccording to the chart, 60% of Scandinavia has no/poor computer skills.How many of them are frinnst clients, I wonder :)13:01
joacimall of them13:02
pedjaa.k.a 'job security'13:02
joacimI wish I had job security :(13:03
pedjaI wish I had a job (non-shitty one, for once)13:03
pedjarmull, so what will they do in 20 years, with direct neuro plug into the Matrix :) ?13:06
joacimthere's talk about restricting the hours in my department, so i'll be getting even less work i think13:08
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pedjadamn :(13:08
joacimbut i guess thats ok. tired of getting yelled at because someone without backups lost all their data13:09
joacimapparently the warranty covers their data, and not just their item against factory defects13:09
pedjaunless they pay extra for it, that's insane policy13:11
joacimcustomers think warranty covers a lot more than factory defects13:11
joacimpeople will dunk or drop their phones, and think warranty covers that when it dies13:12
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joacimbecause it worked for a littled while after they dunked it13:12
pedjabecause they turned it on afterwards?that's just...13:13
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pedjaand 'the customer is always right'.yeah...13:14
pedjaI've said it many times, computers I can figure out, but people?Hell no.13:15
joacimi think theyre easy to figure out13:22
joacimthey're assholes13:22
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joacimgetting a job with normie customers was probably a mistake =)13:24
pedjaI suppose using a clue bat is frowned upon?13:27
joacimheard my boss once tell a customer to take a computer course13:29
john_cephalopodaSometimes I think "How can people not understand computers? How hard can it be?" - and then I look at my family and think "Ah, well, makes sense."14:19
john_cephalopodaOr the sys admin of my former school, who sometimes came into CS classes to ask the teacher for computer help.14:20
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emmett1_can anybody help me?15:30
emmett1_got this error when install plasma-meta15:30
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SiFuhemmett1: what version libtool?16:16
emmett12.4.6 maybe16:16
emmett1latest from port16:16
SiFuhlibtool --version16:18
emmett1i'm already turn off my home pc that build plasma16:19
emmett1right now i'm on personal laptop16:20
emmett1but i'm pretty sure its version 2.4.616:20
emmett1cuz i'm also running crux on my personal laptop16:20
emmett1libtool (GNU libtool) 2.4.616:21
SiFuhdid you edit /etc/pkgmk.conf ?16:24
SiFuhgrep "\-j" /etc/pkgmk.conf16:24
SiFuhi used libcanberra from romsters ports.. and the ./configure options are the same as yours.16:25
SiFuhand in pkgmk.conf i have -j2 for my MAKEFLAGS option16:27
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emmett1on my pc is -j8 for MAKEFLAGS16:30
emmett1yeah i edit pkgmk.conf as needed16:31
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SiFuhthat's a lot of jobs at one time ;-)16:36
emmett1bcoz its 8core pc16:36
emmett1so i put -j8 MAKEFLAGS16:36
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emmett1is it wrong?16:36
SiFuhif it works, it works16:37
emmett1or should i build libcanberra using -j1?16:38
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SiFuhstick with j216:39
SiFuhand 8 cores doesn't neccessarily mean j816:39
SiFuhits just parallel jobs when compiling16:39
emmett1i though set MAKEFLAGS follow core of pc gonna compile faster16:40
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emmett1its what i read and learn since gentoo16:41
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emmett1maybe i read it not right16:41
SiFuhYou need memory also16:41
SiFuhhang on16:41
SiFuhread the first "reply"16:42
SiFuhI have 8 cores, 64 gig of DDR4 ram, and tmpfs, yet, I don't need to increase parallel jobs as the computer flies anyway, and I can play flight simulators whilst compiling. ;-)16:44
emmett1owh, so i need more memory too16:44
SiFuhhow much ram you got?16:44
emmett1i just got 8GB DDR3 ram16:44
SiFuh8GB is fine16:44
SiFuhi'd probably have -j4 on that and not much more16:45
SiFuhanyways have you started compiling libcanberra16:45
emmett1so set MAKEFLAGS higher doesn't mean will get faster compile time?16:45
SiFuhI was reading on the russian page, that -j1 is not supported in libtool.16:45
SiFuhbut the dude also said that he is unsure of which libtool libcanberra is using... not much info16:46
SiFuhno doesn't, you need to have no head, and more memory16:46
SiFuhif you exhaust your memory, you will still bring your computer to it's knees16:47
emmett1ok, tomorrow i will set lower MAKEFLAGS maybe -j416:47
SiFuhI don't think you need it even that high..16:48
emmett1if compile libcanberra need specific MAKEFLAGS it should state in Pkgfile16:48
SiFuhcrux by default was set to -j2 and i think it is fine.16:48
SiFuhI was reading a Russian website that lacks certain info.. I would require further research.16:48
emmett1owh, ok216:49
emmett1tomorrow i will try rebuild libcanberra again using lower MAKEFLAGS16:49
emmett1its already 1 a.m. here16:49
emmett1i need sleep ;)16:50
SiFuhalmost 3am here16:50
emmett1i thought daylight there16:50
SiFuhim in Australia  2 hours ahead of you16:50
emmett1owh forgot you autralian16:51
SiFuhmore Malaysian than Australia hah16:51
emmett1why is that?16:51
emmett1you live longer in Malaysia?16:52
SiFuhspend more time than there than here16:52
SiFuhyeah and most of the #mylinux group from early 2000 know me16:52
emmett1woah 200016:53
emmett1its a very long ago16:53
emmett1i'm not even know linux16:53
SiFuhyep, and I still stay in contact with all of them16:53
emmett1even windows16:53
SiFuhI started using crux in 200216:54
SiFuhI use to teach it to the Engineering Dept in Khon Kaen University, Thailand16:55
SiFuhAnd both Science and Chemistry department had specialized programs that ran on linux, and Crux was easier to run it from than Redhat, Caldera or Mandrake.16:56
emmett1owh nice :D16:57
emmett1what are u?16:58
SiFuhI was16:58
SiFuhThen I quit, and came to KB and installed SuSE on Internet Cafe computers there16:59
SiFuhKota Bharu17:00
emmett1like what i thought :D17:00
emmett1but SuSE?17:01
SiFuhthen Termeloh, then Shah Alam17:01
SiFuhyes it was requested17:01
SiFuhTemerloh was Slackware and SuSE17:01
emmett1i never see internet cafe in Malaysia running linux17:01
emmett1all run windows17:01
SiFuhmostly windows17:02
SiFuhlinux was the server17:02
emmett1owh, for server, yeah17:02
SiFuhand we did virtual OS's in Bandar Tasek Selantan in 201317:02
SiFuhand Subang Jaya17:03
emmett1u know many place in here17:03
emmett1when you gonna come Malaysia again?17:04
SiFuhi have been to every state and provice in thailand and malaysia (Except Sarawak and Sabah)17:04
emmett1umm, i really want to talk more with you but i'm very sleepy right now17:07
emmett1i need turn off myself :)17:07
SiFuhyou will probably meet me when I return to Malaysia17:07
emmett1tell me if you come  here17:08
emmett1we can eat keropok lekor or satay or anything here :D17:08
SiFuhI live in Bukit Segar, of course I will return17:08
emmett1yeah durian :D17:08
emmett1i like durian17:09
SiFuhi too!17:09
emmett1ok i'm going to bed17:09
emmett1chat with u later again :)17:10
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darfo"SiFuh: Haha $964 (AUD) for a new starter motor for my motorbike."17:48
darfoIs there no shop that can rebuild the one you have?17:48
darfoUsually 25% of the new price here in Canada.17:49
SiFuhI will rebuild it myself, 17$17:54
SiFuhI just thought it incredible that Honda was asking 964$ for it when the motorbike is worth $4000. I must be sitting on a gold mine. Should dismantle it and sell it piece by piece. Probably can buy 4 Honda VTRs brand new :-)17:55
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darfoIt only 17$ for the new starter. It's $947 for the box with the Honda stickers on it.19:46
darfoI had the same problem with Yamaha.19:47
SiFuhmy father calls them "Bush Rangers"19:58
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SiFuhis dbrooke the only ham guy in CRUX?20:26
espieglei earned my license recently20:29
espieglewill be trying out SDR in the future20:30
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teK_someone from the netherlands in this channel?21:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nss: dont error out on warnings (-O1)21:42
onoderateK_: yeah22:05
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-libxpm: updated to 3.5.1222:09
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frinnstim making it green! \o/22:27
jaegersweet :)22:27
frinnstand for some red..22:27
john_cephalopodaHas anybody tried to ping6 -f it?22:29
frinnstdont want to ruin it :)22:31
onoderajohn_cephalopoda: what does that do?22:32
frinnst"It just occurred to me that this would require a /8 CIDR block to do on IPv4." :)22:33
jaegerIt's probably throttled22:33
frinnstAs it turns out inviting the entire internet to ping my IP address might not be the best idea I ever had...22:33
frinnstBandwidth is regularly maxing out at 300Mbit/s of incoming ICMPv6 traffic, so bear with me if the livestream occasionally drops out for a moment.22:33
frinnstPlease avoid pingfloods for prolonged periods and give everyone a chance to try it out.22:33
frinnstIf we all play nice I will try to keep the tree online until new year's eve.22:33
teK_onodera: do you happen to kow 'Rundfunk' the tvseries?22:33
onoderanah I barely watch tv22:34
john_cephalopodaonodera: The -f flag is the ping flood command.22:34
john_cephalopoda-f  Flood ping. For every ECHO_REQUEST sent a period ``.'' is printed, while for ever ECHO_REPLY received a backspace is printed. This provides a rapid display of how many packets are being dropped.  If interval is not given, it sets interval to zero and outputs packets as fast as they come back or one hundred times per second, whichever is more. Only the super-user may use this option with zero interval.22:35
teK_onodera: I am asking bcause I am looking for a DVD of the second season of that show22:45
teK_nad it is AWESOME by the way22:45
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__dutch__Hi all.  I'm having a problem mounting a flash drive.  I have an fstab entry which allows me to mount as a regular user.  However, the flash is being mounted with the owner:group as 1000:1000.23:52
__dutch__However, there is no owner 1000 or group 1000 on my machine.23:53
__dutch__Any ideas on what is going on?23:53
emmett1user idd is 100 i think23:53
emmett1not 100023:53
emmett1run id on terminal23:53
__dutch__emmett1: correct - that is the problem: I am 100 and my primary group is users which is 100.  So where is 1000:1000 coming from?23:54
emmett1i dont know23:54
emmett1i never use 100 in crux23:55
emmett1cuz i know crux user id different from other linux distro23:55
emmett1never use 1000 i mean23:55
emmett1always use 100 for user23:55
emmett1use rw,id=100 in your fstab for usb23:56
__dutch__emmett1: right - <id> shows my uid = 100, gid = 10023:56
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