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brian|lfswow gpgme is old on crux 3.300:43
joacimneed that turtleneck and jacket00:46
Sitrionodera: what's different about it from a user's perspective?  Why would I want to switch?00:51
onoderaSitri: it's more like pkgmk in the sense that most commands that interact with a port must be run from the directory where the Pkgfile presides00:53
onoderainstead of how prt-get does it, prt-get $portname00:53
onoderathis allows it to get the dependencies recursivly from a port you for example quickly `httpup sync`ed00:54
onoderayou can't do this with prt-get because it requires the port to be in a pre-specified prtdir00:54
onoderahmm what else, it doesn't use a cache file like prt-get whilst still being almost as fast00:57
onoderayou can (must) alias a port with the repo information00:58
onoderafor example aliasing foo1/bar to foo2/bar is not possible with prt-get00:58
onoderaor aliasing a port to a specific repo, whilst still having another repo with the same port that has a higher "order" value01:00
onoderaor at least I couldn't find a way01:00
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pedjaisn't 'repo:port' in prt-get.conf for that?01:48
pedjaprt-get aliases work, if the ports have different names.good enough for me01:49
pedjabut recursive d/l of deps for httpup'd port sound neat.01:53
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frinnst" GNU Hurd 0.9, GNU Mach 1.8, GNU MIG 1.8 released"01:59
pedjawhat's the point of GNU Hurd?02:01
frinnstprobably more of a research project these days02:02
frinnstand its the last missing piece02:03
pedjaof what, exactly?(Christian) God uses TempleOS02:04
pedjaor Apple, in Supernatural universe02:05
frinnstin the gnu os obviously02:06
frinnstThere are currently no plan for 64-bit userland, but there are plans for 64-bit kernelland with 32-bit userland, which will notably permit to efficiently make use of more than 2 GiB memory and provide 4 GiB userland addressing space. Work on this is currently in branches for GNU Mach.02:07
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_JCfrinnst: NP :)02:08
_JCgot crux running on Raspberry Pi 202:09
brian|lfsmust of been interesting compiling a kernel for arm02:13
brian|lfsdoes a Raspberry Pi use UEFI?02:13
frinnstyou cant use kernels02:13
frinnstno, rpi is arm02:13
frinnstuefi is x86_6402:13
brian|lfsah ok02:14
brian|lfsthought about getting a rpi 302:14
frinnstI dont think you can use kernels - that might have changed02:14
brian|lfsbut for a tiny ass circuit board it seems pricely to me02:14
frinnstrpi3 is pretty nice02:14
frinnstyou can actually do stuff with it02:14
frinnst4 cores helps a lot02:15
brian|lfsI seen a guy setup one with a webcam and software to cotnrol his 3D pritner remtoely02:15
frinnsti/o is still slow as hell02:15
frinnstI use my rpi2 as a strat1 ntp-server using a gps reciever02:16
brian|lfsI'm regreting going to CRUX 3.302:16
brian|lfsseems to be lot of out dated packages still02:16
frinnstlot cheaper than some ntp appliance for $6000 or whatnot02:16
brian|lfswow thats insane02:16
frinnstwhat is outdated?02:16
jaegersince 3.2 is still current, packages are updated there and later merged to 3.302:17
brian|lfsmesa3d-32 virtualbox and gpgme02:17
brian|lfsyes I understand that02:17
frinnstyou can just point {opt,xorg,contrib}.rsync to 3.202:17
brian|lfsI was able to write my own virtualbox package02:17
frinnstjust keep core at 3.302:18
pedjavbox doesn't work on 4.9, fyi02:18
pedjamodules won't build02:18
brian|lfsnope and don't work on gcc 6.2 either02:18
brian|lfsunless updated02:18
frinnstqemu/kvm ftw02:18
pedjalibvirt/qemu/kvm ftw :)02:19
brian|lfstrue never had luck getting my ati card to paly nice on this box with my nvidia card lol02:19
frinnstmy qemu invocation contains more text than war and peace02:19
brian|lfssomehow it wiped my bios02:19
_JCso its bricked?02:20
brian|lfsso lost all my overclock profiles form the factory02:20
brian|lfsand my cyberpowerpc splashscreen02:20
_JCand yeah I had to cross-compile the kernel and yeah it was fun02:20
_JCthe kernel for rpi is on github02:21
_JCIm going to try and install CRUX on rpi3 next02:21
jaegerI've got opensuse leap on one of my rpi3s currently, wanted to see if the 64-bit kernel was stable02:21
brian|lfsWhats the point wouldn't debian be easier02:21
_JCalso the links for kernel images on CRUX-ARM.NU is broken02:21
_JCso is it actually 64-bit?02:22
jaegeroriginally there was no 64-bit kernel, though02:22
_JCok yeah I remember the rpi3 was 64-bit but you couldn't even use it02:23
brian|lfsI got issues I'm 3D printing a gun lol02:26
frinnst_JC: what links are broken?02:28
_JCfor the raspberry pi2 kernel images02:28
_JCsome others too i think02:28
frinnstah, the "" link?02:29
_JCall the ones with "" in it are broken I'm pretty sure02:29
frinnstI usually use the prebuilt images from the "firmware" repo02:29
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pedjawhere is it?I'd like to test them with qemu-arm02:33
frinnst ?02:34
pedjaah, the official one.thank you.02:34
pedjafun fact: Westworld ops is using Centos with 2.6.something kernel.The year is 2036...02:36
jaegerthat's some long term support02:36
pedjaI hope they patch it for 2k38 bug ;)02:37
_JCoh yeah I can't wait for that02:38
pedjaY2k38, to be exact02:38
brian|lfs2k38 bug?02:38
_JCUSB sticks that are just external 64-bit clocks02:38
brian|lfsanother Y2K bug whats wrong with this world they should of learned from Y2K02:39
_JCits actually going to happen02:39
brian|lfsI'm 36 could be dead by then02:39
_JCits impossible for older machines to keep track of time past 203802:39
brian|lfswhy is it impossible02:40
_JCthe timers can only represent so many numbers02:40
brian|lfsWell hopefully no old machines by then02:40
_JCits a 32-bit number02:40
_JCthere are way older computers still in use02:41
pedjaSCADA systems02:41
_JCyeah exactly02:41
_JCbut they probably dont keep track of time anyway02:41
_JCjust send to a database that does02:42
pedjawhat Unix system doesn't keep track of time?02:43
_JCno old SCADA systems02:43
_JCsome are just microcontrollers/logic controllers02:44
_JCI've never had any issues with time being wron besides SSL certificates02:45
frinnst1980 ftw brian|lfs !02:51
frinnstwindows can really get fucked up if the clock is off02:52
frinnstdhcp failures, domain trust etc02:52
frinnstpedja: that sounds like centos6. guess they also hate systemd02:53
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pedjathey can make life-like androids, but can't figure out systemd :)02:58
frinnstfinished watching s01 today02:58
frinnststill hate it02:58
pedjadid you watch 'The OA', stealth release from Netflix?03:05
pedjaI hear that it's good03:05
pedjaIncorporated is pretty cool03:06
pedjaif dystopian SF is your thing :)03:07
frinnstHave you watched 'The Leftovers'?03:07
frinnstcrazy good03:07
pedjaI think I watched one episode.03:08
pedjamy TV binge watching comes in waves :)03:10
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emmett1_guys, a noob question :D03:31
emmett1_what option should i put in fstab for ext403:31
emmett1_i want mount another partition03:32
emmett1_i want rw access03:33
emmett1_usually i use rw,uid=100 for ntfs formatted03:34
jaegerI'd suggest just "relatime" or if you have an SSD, "relatime,discard"03:35
emmett1_cant get rw access when i use relatime03:39
emmett1_should i put rw,uid=100 too?03:40
jaegerrelatime has nothing to do with permissions03:42
jaegerrw is default, uid=100 isn't supported by ext*03:42
jaegermount with just "relatime" and chown whatever files/dirs (or the whole mount, if you like) to the user you want to own it03:42
emmett1_ok i try it03:43
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emmett1_ok i got rw access now03:47
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emmett1_thanks jaeger03:47
frinnstthat is pretty glorious04:22
jaegerhaha, nice04:22
frinnsthmm. are there no simple "speakerphone" bluetooth thingies that doesnt cost a fortune?04:23
frinnstand if it could do qi charging it would be an extra bonis04:23
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rmullfrinnst: I bought a bluetooth headset that uses microusb charging for very cheap on Amazon, but it was really terrible quality and comfort06:09
rmullIt worked, though06:09
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: libgmp: update to 6.1.211:34
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emmett1error when installing hexchat11:39
emmett1can anybody take a look?11:40
john_cephalopodaemmett1: I don't get that error.11:41
Romstererror: macro AX_APPEND_COMPILE_FLAGS is not defined. Is autoconf-archive installed11:42
Romsterworked for me... how did you break your system11:42
Romsterrebuild and install autotools?11:42
john_cephalopodaemmett1: Did you do "install" or "depinst"?11:43
Romsteror maybe it's because you are using zsh?11:43
emmett1john_cephalopoda: of course i use depinst11:43
emmett1all dependencies is installed11:43
emmett1Romster: im using default shell11:44
emmett1im installing crux on another laptop11:44
emmett1after do full system update then install hexxhat11:44
emmett1got that error11:44
Romsteri never got it and i built it a few times :/11:45
emmett1maybe i miss something :|11:48
Romstercheck with revdep11:48
emmett1checked with revdep11:50
emmett1all fine11:50
emmett1maybe i'll just install compiled from cruxster11:51
emmett1thanks Romster11:51
Romsterbuilt that like a few minutes ago.11:54
Romsternot sure what is wrong...11:54
Romsteryou got autoconf installed?11:54
Romsternot some weird CFLAGS?11:55
emmett1autoconf is installed11:56
emmett1im not change any CFLAGS in pkgmk.conf11:56
Romsteri can not reproduce this and on one else has reported it.11:57
SiFuhI got the same error as emmett112:00
SiFuhHowever, I managed to get it to compile when I install autoconf-archive but I had to whip up a test port for that12:00
Romsteri don't have that and it built for me.12:01
emmett1maybe latest hexchat depend on autoconf-archive12:01
Romsterif it did my build would fail12:02
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SiFuh_Romster: do you have ax_append_compile_flags.m4 anywhere on your system?12:10
jueRomster: hexchat builds for me as well12:11
SiFuh_jue: what desktop environment or window manager are you using?12:12
Romsterax_append_compile_flags.m4 is NOT on my system.12:14
Romsterso i am not sure maybe it's some interaction with another port being installed. just an assumption.12:15
SiFuh_I am thinking gnome or something12:15
Romsterjue, thanks for confirming.12:15
emmett1Romster: build hexchat success after install autoconf-archive12:16
SiFuh_emmett1: as Romster has suggested. Another port must have affected the install.12:17
emmett1yeah maybe, i think that too12:18
SiFuh_I don't have gnome, I am using fluxbox.12:18
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jueRomster: np13:59
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: openssh: updated to 7.4p114:21
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SiFuh_my father uses a mechanical keyboard16:50
frinnstmx blue <316:55
OxFEEDBACCwhat is a keyboard? something similar to my beloved toggle panel? :-D16:57
retardi prefer electronic keyboard16:57
retardi mean typewriters are cool, but i feel they are less versatile than keyboards connected to a computer16:57
frinnsti have 2 of these, both mx blue16:58
retardthat's just my opinion though16:58
retardi am sure people are very happy with their typewriters16:58
tilmanvery clever16:59
SiFuh_damn! I am out of 5 mm film for my camera+phone16:59
retardsucks, SiFuh_ - will be hard to get more in time for christmas :X17:02
retardi don't get why people are so obsessed with lights in their keyboards either17:04
SiFuh_i have a clevo keyboard17:06
SiFuh_it glows blue17:06
SiFuh_I can see the keys in the dark.. but there is options to change the colours. Last time I messed it with it, I managed to turn them off and couldn't see the keyboard at night. :-) a reboot fixed it17:07
retardyou rebooted your keyboard?17:07
SiFuh_It is a notebook silly17:07
retardthis laptop has a "thinklight"17:07
retardit is a small LED above the screen that directs light down onto the keys17:08
SiFuh_no it is not an ibm17:08
retardi've never used it17:08
retardthe f and j key has small, raised bumps allowing me to find their location even when it's completely dark17:08
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SiFuh_yeah cool, but typewriters don't have arrow keys and delte and home and end and pg up and so on, and not every keyboard is the same. Finding letters is easy.17:10
SiFuh_but i agree with you17:11
retardmy second problem is that my fingers aren't transparent17:12
retardmeaning i can't really see the keys through them17:12
retardi realize this is a personal failing of mine though17:12
SiFuh_yeah, you must have fingers like and sasquatch17:13
frinnstyou seem to have very strong feelings on this subject, retard17:13
frinnstsorry we arent as l33t as you17:13
retardmsxml3.dll error '80072ee2'17:13
retardThe operation timed out17:13
retard/store/, line 23717:13
retardfrinnst i'm not sure what makes you think my feelings are so strong17:14
retardSiFuh_: cool laptop17:14
SiFuh_would be if virtual box would compile on 4.917:15
SiFuh_pisses me off17:15
retardi haven't used virtualbox since oracle took over17:16
retardi really like that laptop though17:16
SiFuh_it cost $4k17:16
retardi have an older clevo/sager/oem thing17:17
SiFuh_I sold my Suzuki GSX-R 750 1992 that I loved much to get this notebook17:17
retardwhat is the slot next to the power connector in the back, and the slot next to the SD/MMC on the right side?17:18
SiFuh_metabox is just a rebranded clevo from Taiwan17:18
SiFuh_mini hdmi17:19
SiFuh_on the right is simcard17:19
retardah, i see17:21
retardare you doing anything fun with the gpu?17:21
SiFuh_x-plane 1017:21
retardi like the keyboard layout17:22
SiFuh_i like the backspace key17:22
retardcombining insert and scroll lock seems pretty reasonable17:23
retardwould miss middle click though17:24
SiFuh_everything works in debian17:24
retardmy clevo has that issue too17:24
SiFuh_in crux, it takes time17:24
retardyou could do some fun neural net stuff with that 1070 too17:26
SiFuh_i'd rather tople governments17:26
retardhow anarchic17:27
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SiFuh_people these days dont know its real meaning17:38
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onodera /s23:01
Workster the Linux variant still lags behind on features. While Flash Player 24 includes all the security features included in the Windows and Mac versions, the Linux version doesn't support accelerated GPU 3D acceleration and video DRMs.23:01
onoderaoh cool a new openssh has been released23:02
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