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brian|lfsAdobe Releases Flash Player 24 For Linux Four Years After the Last Major Update  wow that's a shocker00:25
brian|lfsI thought Adobe was only going to do security for Flash on Linux00:25
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wildefyrwho cares00:51
wildefyrdoes anyone actually use flash for anything here?00:51
wildefyrancient web apps for school doesn't count00:52
Anselmoumm. . not I00:56
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joacimi havent really had a use for it in ages01:56
joacimto be completely honest, i havent needed it in a year01:56
joacim10 years i mean01:57
joacimswitched to a 64-bit OS and I didn't want to install a 32-bit browser.01:57
joacimso i used mplayer and such to view content on youtube01:57
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brian|lfsflash is good for video chat porn sites lol05:46
SiFuh_ yes05:50
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brian|lfshmm any ideas?
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SiFuh_gpgme-qt5 ?07:11
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brian|lfsthe gpgme-qt5 that is07:34
brian|lfsunless its too old of a version I'll check tomorrow07:35
brian|lfsor latter today07:35
Romsterusr/include/KF5/gpgme++ <- where is that from07:37
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: libmpfr: update to 3.1.5-p210:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: python: update to 2.7.1310:07
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SiFuh anyone using e19 ?12:44
SiFuhI was messing around with it today. Crashes everytime I click an icon on the taskbar.12:44
SiFuhafterwhich i decided to remove everything and install e1812:45
SiFuhwhilst compiling e18 evas_generic_loaders it complained about a foot print mismatch12:46
SiFuhI compiled it a second to time, and it won't compile now.12:47
SiFuhso I removed it and went back to fluxbox12:47
frinnstpitillo maintains it12:47
SiFuhi did manage to catch one error message in e19  x resources full error 9912:48
SiFuhi thought that was funny12:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] apache: update to 2.4.2513:43
frinnstwow, iscsi is really cpu intensive without hw acceleration13:56
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pitilloSiFuh: e19 from a fresh install/config?15:45
pitilloabout evasl_generic_loaders... any rest of e19 versions? it could be related to that15:45
SiFuh pitillo: yes16:04
SiFuhand pitillo: no  as evas_generic_loaders was never installed in e19 and never compiled for e1816:06
SiFuheverything e19 related compiled fine, and came up beautifully.16:07
pitilloSiFuh: but you got that strange behaviour with ibar16:09
pitilloI can try to make a fresh install on a jail and try to reproduce that problem. Long time without building e19, I'm just using in 3.1/3.2 devices (x86_64 and ARM/ARM64)16:10
SiFuhevasl_generic_loaders-e19 was installed then16:10
pitillothat sounds right16:10
SiFuhI can do it in virtualbox on a fresh install later16:12
pitillothe crash happened with any ibar icon?16:13
SiFuhi clicked terminology16:14
pitillodo you have another term installed to run terminalogy into it? (or directly from run as menu)16:15
SiFuhit opened, then I went to settings whilst it was open to add wallpaper. Then without selecting a wallpaer I clicked terminology a second time, it crashed.16:15
SiFuhSo I replicated it exactly, same thing16:15
SiFuhthen after resetting xorg, I clicked terminology it crashed 2 times in a row. Next it opened, then it crashed.16:16
pitillowtf, what a strange behaviour16:16
SiFuhAfter that I uninstalled terminology and it did the same with firefox (three attempts)16:16
pitilloare you clicking in ibar not ibox, don't you?16:17
SiFuhWhen it crashes it locks up xorg server completely16:17
SiFuhicon in the taskbar16:17
pitilloit should be ibar, ibox are icons for openned apps16:18
SiFuhyes ibar then16:18
SiFuhand kernel 4.916:18
pitillohere not moving in that kernel version, but it's really strange16:21
SiFuhok I am in kernel 4.8.15 now because virtualbox won't compile in 4.916:21
SiFuhI just installed the pre-compiled ports i built when I was running 4.916:21
SiFuhI just clicked firefox, and it crashed xorg from the ibar16:22
pitilloif all deps are satisfied shouldn't be any problem16:22
SiFuhi will save the xsession-error log16:23
pitillogreat, I'll take a look16:23
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SiFuh_I have never used pastebin, I hope that worked16:27
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pitilloterminology port is the one with e19 sufix? (terminology-e19)16:30
pitillopastebin worked right16:30
pitillocan you pastebin prt-get deptree e19 | wgetpaste ?16:34
SiFuh_pitillo: I am backing up the entire system now, going to rebuild it all from beginning again.16:37
pitilloSiFuh_: all seems all right16:40
SiFuh_well all footprints matched16:41
SiFuh_pitillo: evas_generic_loaders16:44
pitilloyou need the one with e19 sufix16:45
SiFuh_yes, but as I said, I removed e19 and went to install e18 and e18 compiled evas_generic_loaders but footprint mismatch, second compiling resulted in that error16:46
pitilloI should review both, e18 and e19 (e17 won't build in 3.2 and it's still there...)16:49
pitillolet's see if I can put hands on the repository this night and make a clean and some tests16:50
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frinnstpejman: the OA was epic btw20:03
frinnstpedja asdf20:03
pedjagreat, so I'll add it to my TO_BINGE_WATCH list :)20:05
SiFuhwhat is OA?20:05
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pedja'The OA', new Netflix series20:06
frinnstI bet its not for everyone though20:06
tsaopSiFuh: about your problem with KF520:06
tsaopyou need to remove qgpgmepp and install gpgme-qt520:07
tsaopI don't know how to handle removed ports within a repo20:07
tsaopanyone has a solution?20:07
SiFuhtsaop: it wasn't my problem20:07
tsaopops, it was brian|lfs20:08
tsaopI was just skimming rapidly through the logs20:08
SiFuhyeah, I would never install anything KDE on my machines20:08
tsaopdon't you enjoy compiling qt5, qtwebkit and qtwebengine?20:08
tsaopespecially qtwebengine20:08
SiFuhand I gave a clue to brian|lfs already20:08
SiFuhi have hated KDE since version 220:09
tsaopI see20:09
tsaopstill, I don't know how to handle deprecated dependencies within a repository20:09
tsaopthere should be something similar to arch replaces=()20:10
tsaopor maybe I should provide a changelog when something like that occurs20:10
SiFuhfrinnst: and pedja: I will check it out.20:10
SiFuhtsaop: i asked a few days back if kde is any good these days, and as it was, no one replied20:13
tsaopI enjoy using it20:13
tsaopthough the excessive fragmentation becomes a pain in the ass to package20:13
SiFuhi love fluxbox20:14
tsaopalso, dependencies are often added and removed20:14
tsaopso you have to recheck everything20:14
SiFuhi just wish fluxbox has extra pacakges that handle basic desktop/notebook things20:14
SiFuhi see20:15
pedjatsaop, just put the updated dependencies in separate repo, and list it before the original one in prt-get.conf20:15
tsaoppedja: it seems to happen a bit too often do to that20:15
pedjaso fork it, and maintain it yourself20:16
tsaopI am the original maintainer20:17
pedjaso what's the problem, then?20:17
tsaoppedja: I don't know how to force removal of a deprecated port when updating20:17
tsaopsee the recent libkleo, kleopatra update20:18
tsaopthey depended from qgpgmepp provided by KDE20:18
tsaopbut it was deprecated in favor of the new release of gpgme, which directly provided Qt5 bindings20:18
SiFuhso you would need to remove everything kde and rebuild20:19
tsaopso users upgrading would have to remove qgpgmepp from their systems20:19
tsaopand use gpgme-qt520:19
SiFuhor create a suffix20:19
tsaopor maybe leave a README in the affected ports20:20
pedjaimport qpgme-qt5 into the kde repo, alias it to qgpgmepp?20:20
pedjaso it 'provides qgpgmepp'20:21
tsaoppedja: mmh, doable but not the cleanest solution20:21
pedjathe cleanest solution is 'do not use KDE', obviously20:23
tsaoptrue enough20:23
SiFuhhahah agreed  but defeats the point20:23
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pedjaso remove qgpgmepp, add gpgme-qt5 as a dependency, force rebuild.20:24
tsaopthat's what I did20:25
tsaopbut how to tell the upgrading user he has to remove qgpgmepp?20:25
tsaopif I simply drop qgpgmepp from dependencies and force a rebuild, qgpgmepp won't get removed20:25
SiFuhhow about running a command that requires yes or no20:28
pedjacheck for it in the Pkgfile, and if it's installed, exit with the big fat warning in red flaming letters?20:28
SiFuh"This package requires gpgme to be remove. It appears to exist on your system" remove the pkg yes or no?:20:29
pedjaor pre-install script that removes it and installs gpgme-qt5 automagically20:31
SiFuhcan't do it pedja20:31
tsaoppedja: the wiki advises against such methods20:33
SiFuhpedja: you want packages removing stuff you installed?20:33
pedjadesperate times, and all that :)20:34
SiFuhmay as well run windows20:34
tsaoppackaging kde is suffering20:34
SiFuhpackages can install but should not remove.20:34
pedjaeven the package that will make a build go boom?20:35
pedjanobody reads the README :)20:35
SiFuhso the issue is we need the package to be able to remove something with the users choice, but not affect the other packages that may rely on it20:35
tsaopSiFuh: in this case, it probably was used only by KDE-related ports20:36
SiFuhpedja: i read the READMEs that is why my system broke ;-)20:36
SiFuhtsaop: actually several packages rely on it20:38
tsaopSiFuh: on qgpgmepp?20:40
SiFuhi was looking at gpgme20:41
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SiFuhqgpgmepp i find nothing relying on it20:42
tsaopSiFuh: indeed, it was only present on my repo20:42
tsaopI was referring to qgpgmepp earlier20:42
SiFuhi wasnt sorry20:49
tsaopno problem20:49
SiFuhyou are correct though  can't be uninstalling packages without the users permission20:50
SiFuhand pedja is correct, no one reads the READMEs20:51
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tsaopanyway, I'm off21:11
tsaopwill ponder the problem throughout the day21:12
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Romstertsaop, update qgpgmepp Pkfile with no source and jsut make it build() { touch $PKG/usr } and bump the version or revision up 1. then later drop the package.21:52
Romsteralso i do read the REAMDME's21:54
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Romsterthose that don't are not doing themselves any favors.21:54
Romsteryou could also post to the mailing list about the change21:54
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