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Romstertsaop, desktop-file-utils is not sepecified as a dependency in ports that use that in post-install01:36
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Romsterprt-get dependent gpgme-qt5 --all01:55
Romsterlists none01:55
Romstershouldn't some things in kf5 depend on gpgme-qt5 now?01:57
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Romsteralso the git driver on a ports -u kf5 does not delete old files like i had to manually remove rm -r kf5/gpgmepp02:16
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pedjamdbtools-release breaks, because flex is 'too new'.mdbtools-git breaks because it can't find, oh joy03:06
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vsteveis sshd log output somewhere different in crux?03:48
vsteveI can't get sshd to start prior to login for the life of me03:49
vsteveit works fine once I've logged in and can manually invoke it, but that's not super useful for a server I plan on accessing remotely03:50
jaegercheck /var/log/messages or /var/log/auth04:01
vsteveI did, unfortunately I'm not getting much of anything out of either04:04
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vsteveon startup, I see "starting services: sysklogd lo net crond /usr/sbin/sshd[ERROR]"04:06
jaegerchange /usr/sbin/sshd to "sshd" in /etc/rc.conf04:08
jaegerThe entries in the services array in rc.conf correspond directly to rc scripts in /etc/rc.d04:09
jaegerso you use the name of the script, not the executable itself04:09
vstevethat hasn't been working either, but i'll start again there04:10
jaegerwell, that's how you do it, so if that doesn't work start there for troubleshooting :)04:10
vstevechange made, rebooting server now04:10
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vstevehuh...after like an hour of it seems ok04:12
vstevethis happens every time with sshd, it always seems to act inconsistently04:12
vsteveall of my system files are the same as when I started...called it by 'sshd' and it didn't work04:14
vstevebut now it works with all the same config as far as I can tell04:14
jaegernext time it doesn't work, check the logs04:14
jaegerbefore changing anything04:14
vstevewell I did, I apparently couldn't bind a port on my IP04:14
vsteveI googled around and found people couldn't get sshd to start when a listening IP was specified, so they commented that out which fixed their issue04:15
jaegersomething was already running there, perhaps? start sshd twice or something like that04:15
jaegerAh, interesting04:15
vsteveI think...wait maybe that's what's different, I might be sleep deprived and crazy04:15
vsteveyeah, yep04:16
vstevethat's it04:16
vsteveI'm not having it listen for on a specific IP anymore and I did what you said in addition to that04:16
vsteveso those forced combined made it cooperate04:16
vsteveso thanks for that04:16
vstevewhoooo do I need sleep04:16
vsteveanyway, thanks again, I'm good now, time to pass out04:17
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xf86-video-qxl: update to 0.1.508:27
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: sudo: update to 1.8.19p110:00
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] curl: update to 7.52.010:00
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frinnstAnyone can block your account permanently and you can't do anything about it. The only thing that a hacker needs to know is your Skype login. In most cases Skype support will refuse to unblock your account. Microsoft has known about the problem for years.13:02
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tilmanlol, he decided to block his own account14:05
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onoderaI really haven't looked into this yet, but it *seems* like something that wouldn't be to hard to make work with CRUX Pkgfiles17:57
onoderaoh iut uses some arch specific tracker17:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: open-iscsi: adust man/sbin paths18:37
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tsaopRomster: prt-get dependent gpgme-qt5 lists kwallet and libkleo here19:59
tsaopwill fix desktop-file-utils dependency20:00
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tsaopalso, port deletion seems to work with the git driver20:27
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pedjaBuilding program written in Lisp is an adventure.21:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: rtorrent: man page is not shipped anymore22:40
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frinnst[113879.995335]  connection1:0: ping timeout of 5 secs expired, recv timeout 5, last rx 4408547652, last ping 4408552704, now 440855808022:56
frinnst[113879.995352]  connection1:0: detected conn error (1022)22:56
frinnstwhat an odd error22:56
frinnstwonder if my nic is overheating or something - its been shoveling ~2gbit for over 24hrs now :>22:56
xckorunning an exit node?23:00
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: wg: 20161116.1 -> 2016121823:08
frinnsthow so?23:12
frinnstxcko: no, moving data between different NAS23:12
teK_it hangs on connect (for me)23:12
teK_Romster also mentioned something, iirc23:12
frinnstipv6 or ipv4?23:12
teK_its a ipv4 only link23:12
frinnstah its only ipv6 inside the lan23:13
frinnstcan you trigger it again?23:13
teK_did so just now23:13
teK_--2016-12-22 00:13:07--
teK_Resolving (, 2001:470:dcd6:200::beef23:13
teK_Connecting to (||:80...23:13
teK_then it hangs23:13
frinnstthats the wrong ip23:13
frinnsthmm, wondering if the slave dns hasnt been updated23:14
teK_8.8.8.8 resolves to the same IP23:15
frinnstnot for me:23:16
frinnst8.8.4.4 resolved to the wrong old ip though23:17
teK_% dig +short @
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~$ dig +short @
frinnstah, found the problem - fixed23:20
teK_instant or after the TTL?23:20
frinnstTTL :/23:20
teK_kk :-)23:20
frinnstmy dns setup is a bit fragmented at the moment23:21
teK_you run a shadow copy of under your desk as you have a rather decent uplink, right? ;)23:21
teK_I knew it!23:21
teK_2gbit etc.23:22
frinnst2 out of 3 nameservers pointed to the right ip. one (ipv6) did not23:22 was a bad noy23:22
teK_: )23:23
frinnstI never knew nfs was soo much more cpu friendly than iscsi on lowend hardware23:25
teK_the non-fiber storage usually is connected via NFS, I was told23:26
frinnstI guess iscsi is mostly connected to nics with iscsi offloading23:31
teK_Bezugnehmend auf Ihre Email möchte ich Sie darauf hinweisen, dass wir grundsätzlich zum Festpreis verkaufen. Wir haben bisher alle Einheiten zum Listenpreis verkauft und keinen Nachlass gewährt. Das wird auch23:32
frinnstmiddleclick to open link? :)23:32
teK_no paste in wrong window23:32
teK_your mouse has no power in here!23:33
teK_haha frinnst @exim23:37
frinnstyeah its pretty insane23:44
pedjahm.OmniDB and Libreoffice agree that the mdb is password protected, but I can't find any mention of it in official docs.I am officially confused.23:48
pedjathey just say 'get the db, install this (Windows only) db frontend to use them'23:50
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