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nullspoonteK_: Hey Tek. Did you get my email per chance? Just found a misconfiguration in my mail server that might have caused it to get junked.00:39
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teK_I did01:04
teK_no I dont mind01:05
teK_other ports create a dedicated *-bashcompletion port, though01:06
teK_hm hm01:06
nullspoonI noticed that. Thought I'd roll it into the git port though since the bash-completion script comes in the source for git. Saves the user a bit of bandwidth not having to download all of the git source just to get one bash completion script.01:11
nullspoonI'll have to check. I wonder if you can get a tarball of the contrib directory by itself, kind of like the git man page tarball.01:11
teK_doing the same thing atm01:12
nullspoonLooks like it's not readily available, at least not on where the git source and man pages come from.01:12
teK_oh actually that should work just fetching the file..01:13
teK_the subversion thingy install the file to usr/lib/bash-....01:17
nullspoonI'm not familiar with Shouldn't we download it from the actual git stream on github?01:17
teK_that's the one?01:18
nullspoonohhh, nevermind. That's a mirror it seems.01:18
teK_I think it's THE project01:18
nullspoonHoly jimminy. I never noticed that 'this is a mirror' bit on the github page. I always thought that was THE project because it is the one referenced by the site.01:19
nullspoonI'll go ahead an create a port for git-bashcompletion01:20
teK_I did just that01:22
teK_not quite sure but it does not work01:22
teK_zsh > *01:22
frinnstsuch lies..01:24
teK_no lies01:24
frinnstzsh < *01:24
frinnstACTION runs away01:25
teK_you better01:25
nullspoonNot familiar with the zsh completion. Haven't tried it. Bash works fine for me though.01:25
teK_you type git[TAB] and then the commands will appear?01:25
nullspoonthey should01:26
teK_ok, got it..01:26
teK_had to source /etc/bash_completion01:26
nullspoonYou can also do bits like git checkout [tab] and it'll list branches, etc.01:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: git-bashcompletion: initial commit, thanks nullspoon01:28
nullspoonGreat! Thanks very much! Just deleted my modified git so I can try this out.01:31
nullspoonWorks swimmingly. Thanks teK_!01:35
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vsteveis there a trick to switch to ttys above 6?02:14
jaegerenabling them, probably02:14
vstevethat sounds about right02:14
jaegerhave a look at /etc/inittab02:14
vsteveso just having them in /dev/ doesn't cut the mustard02:14
vstevethat's either going to work flawlessly or murder my laptop, brb02:16
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vsteveworked like a charm, as always, thank you02:19
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vsteve@jaeger , the ttys are there now and I can get to them, but I can't log in to any of the ones above tty602:48
vstevemy username/password is always invalid02:48
vsteve7-12 all act the same way02:49
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jaegercheck out /etc/securetty next02:57
Workstershutting down for the holidays.02:58
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vsteveahh, thank you02:58
vsteveI'm also trying to figure out how to get programs to spawn on different ttys02:59
vstevelike if i'm on tty1, I'd like something to launch on tty2, etc02:59
vsteveso far best I can do is just manually log into each tty and launch from each :/02:59
vsteveI found some redirection suggestions that produced weird behavior03:00
vstevescripting chvt doesn't seem to go well either03:00
jaegeropenvt may be what you want03:03
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vsteveI'll give that a shot...I mean manually doing it isn't going to ruin my life, but it'd sure be nice if I could script my system to come up the same way each time automatically across ttys03:04
jaegerYou might also be able to do that with inittab, depending on what you want to run03:04
vsteveI'm trying to host a series of minecraft servers, so more or less heavy java instances03:05
vsteveone per core and each gets it own tty03:05
jaegerI use tmux for that03:06
vsteveI'll do some homework on tmux then03:06
jaegertmux new-session -s "${NAME}" -n "${NAME}" "java ${OPTS} -jar ${FORGEJAR} nogui"03:18
jaegersomething like that03:18
Romstertsaop, Pkgfile: line 15: cmake: command not found03:28
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/extra-cmake-modules#5.28.0-1.pkg.tar.xz' failed.03:28
Romsterdo you actaully test the depinst of each package in a chroot or container or VM?03:31
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Romstervsteve, why not just spin up multiple instances of a minecraft docker container? and set poliies on what cores it runs on?03:35
vsteveRomster, i'm trying to run as thin as I can, if I can use existing commands and kernel options, i'll stick to those, docket is my last resort03:35
Romsterthen do a docker start a b c d03:35
Romsteron boot03:35
Romsterdocker isn't heavy.03:36
Romsteror anything LXC03:36
Romsterlinux containers it's what docker uses.03:36
jaegerMy forge server crashed a lot when I ran it in docker03:37
jaegerNo idea why, though, it *should* have been fine03:37
Romsterresource limitations maybe?03:37
Romsteri was looking at making a minecraft docker in crux. but i haven't gone past the thought of that.03:38
jaegerShouldn't have been but maybe03:38
jaegerIt's not difficult at all... I didn't save it, though, or I'd share it03:38
jaegerI just run it in a VM on my home lab, now03:38
RomsterVM is more overhead to.03:38
vstevewell I got cpu affinity set with taskset -c N03:39
Romsterwonder how stable LXD is now.03:39
vsteveso I'm happy with that so far03:39
Romsteris polkit even needed thesedays or can most of that be done without that?03:40
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jaegersome things still use it03:47
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Romstertsaop, configure: error: python3 not found05:27
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/media-player-info#22-1.pkg.tar.xz' failed.05:27
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pedja'The Grand Tour' in Finland, and, finally, some pretty faces as a backdrop for Clarkson :)15:09
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SiFuh_cool pedja15:47
SiFuh_you just reminded me to check sonarr to see if it auto downloaded it for me. sonarr crashed :-@15:49
SiFuh_Cool it looks like Jerome will return to Gotham15:52
jaegerthat reminds me, need to restart my sonarr container for an update15:55
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SiFuh_good thing pedja reminded me, and my mention of it reminded you15:57
jaegerIndeed. Thanks.15:57
pedjaI've never heard of sonarr, so thanks to both of you :)16:00
SiFuh_i use to use sickbeard16:01
SiFuh_but sickbeard doesn't allow for choosing what size files to download16:01
pedjaI rarely bother with d/l of shows anymore.16:01
SiFuh_sickbeard kept downloading 40GB episodes for the TV Series I would watch and it would $hit me off16:02
pedjaStreaming sites are a plenty16:02
pedjaBut I make an exception for something like Black Mirror16:02
SiFuh_Here in Au they seemed to have borrwed pieces of code from the Great (Fire)Wall of China.. Banning everything.16:02 seems to be down. Wonder if he paid his internet bill..16:03
jaegerjust blocked from AU16:04
SiFuh_Yeah, wouldn't suprise me16:04
jaegerI meant that to be a joke but I can browse it currently, so maybe...16:05
SiFuh_Well I can't access from here16:06
SiFuh_I know my ISP blocked, and after a few stern words, they were kind enough to unblock for me.16:06
pedjaisn't net neutrality in jeopardy now in USA?16:07
SiFuh_The call centre lady was Russian, and I used that to win her over. Talking highly of Russia and Putin.16:07
pedjasmooth :)16:07
SiFuh_net neutrality is in jepoardy world wide. Soon North Korea will be the best place to purchase VPNs from16:07
pedjawell, they do have 'the bestest social network in the world'16:08
pedjawith the admin/admin for root...16:09
pedjaspeaking of you prefer self-hosted or ?16:11
pedjatrivial to install, tricky to secure properly.16:14
pedjabut that goes for every Internet facing service16:14
pedjathere are a bunch of Ansible hardening playbooks, but how do you assess them without expertise?16:15
SiFuh_never used a vpn in my life16:16
pedjame neither16:16
SiFuh_I was looking at using one when I was living in China back in 2004 - 200816:17
SiFuh_but I managed to create an ssh tunnel through a machine in Alaska, Australia, Thailand and Malaysia. SO in the end didn't bother with VPNs16:17
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SiFuh_Hmm where did I go?16:29
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pedjayou are quite a world traveler16:53
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SiFuhI guess17:02
SiFuhonly 13 countries17:03
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SiFuh_i can't even access jaeger17:24
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] curl: updated to 7.52.1. Fix for CVE-2016-959417:26
nullspoonWow that was fast. I just saw the email for that cve two hours ago.17:27
frinnst me neither17:31
frinnstoops wrong window17:31
frinnststill, applies - i cant reach either :-)17:31
frinnstseems like a dns issue17:31
frinnstHost not found: 2(SERVFAIL)17:31
SiFuh_or he didn't pay his internet bill and jaegar is viewing cache :-)17:32
frinnstgoogles dns has it cached17:32
nullspoonWorks on mine. I'm using opendns nameservers.17:32
SiFuh_frinnst: you are located under which flag?17:33
frinnstsweden but I use my own recursive dns17:33
SiFuh_I see17:34
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SiFuhI can access it now frinnst17:46
SiFuhand the ftp site too, I guess he paid his bills17:47
SiFuh_on the 25th do all pubs, clubs, bars, nightclubs, and shops that sell alcohol close guys?18:06
SiFuh_here in Australia as soon as it hits 00:00 25th and until 23:59 25th no alcohol available for purchase.18:06
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druid_droidXD I think in Porto or Lisbon you can find lot's of it, in those matters we have freedom18:53
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onoderahi guys, so my holiday just started and I have this urge to finally try out 3.3, I have a few questions though: there can I get the RC iso (I'm sure I've seen it linked before)20:34
onoderaand will there be many changes from the rc to the final version?20:34
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onoderaty joacim21:30
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jaegerIt's a release candidate so no BIG changes should happen... but if someone finds bugs or whatever, those should get fixed21:53
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druid_droidI'm updating my port's and doing system maintenance, how mutch time ports on 3.2 keep maintained after 3.3 is released ?23:31
jaegerNo specific timeframe is established, I think23:36

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