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john_cephalopodaSwitching from 3.2 to 3.3 shouldn't take longer than an hour.00:00
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tilmanlooking for a terminal program that has local line editing and CF/LF conversion/appendage -- any ideas? preferably something without a GUI ;)11:38
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Sitritilman: ed?13:24
tilmanSitri: sorry, i meant a terminal emulator a la minicom13:25
SitriI am more confused now13:26
joacimcan screen do it?13:26
retardscreen can do it, but so can stty :)13:27
tilmanneither screen nor stty can replace LF by CRLF or similar13:55
tilmanthey can only replace one character by another AFAICT13:55
tilmanpicocom and minicom (for example) can do this, but they don't have local line editing13:55
SiFuh_tilman: ADM-3A :-)14:05
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emmett1anybody know what wget command used by prt-get?14:36
tilmanemmett1: see /etc/pkgmk.conf14:40
emmett1its not in /etc/pkgmk.conf14:41
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dlcusaemmett1, look at download_file() in pkgutils-5.36/pkgmk.in16:36
dlcusaemmett1, or in /usr/bin/pkgmk if the source isn't handy.16:40
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newcoderHello i'm trying to compile gcc by hand, getting error, can anyone give me some clue?16:48
newcoderThis error:
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dlcusanewcoder, googling "gcc 6.2 target stage1-bubble failed" pops up this link first: -- does that help?17:42
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onoderajust installed crux 3.3, I have one slight problem though, I can't get nvidia to compile...18:34
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onoderadoes anyone know what's going on here? ^18:38
onoderaI checked and files it reports "missing" are in fact there...18:40
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jaegerwhat kernel version?18:45
jaegerI've read that it doesn't build properly on 4.918:49
onoderareally... oh18:50
onoderaI'm going on a search for a patch then ;)18:50
onoderahmm no18:58
onoderaarch's testing/nvidia supports 4.918:58
onoderaand they don't do any patching19:01
onoderaI have a feeling my ld is somehow misconfigured19:01
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dod_hello guys. Where can i download CRUX 3.3-rc1?20:27
dod_Happy Christmas to everyone...20:28
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dlcusadod_, and
pedjanvidia-375.26 compiles fine on 4.921:13
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pedjaonodera, did you update to 3.3, or is it fresh install?21:15
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jaegerI just updated my mac pro to 3.3, no problems with nvidia there21:20
pedjaiirc, kernel, nvidia and xorg should be built using same gcc version, or interesting things start to happen :)21:34
pedjasame toolchain21:35
pedjabtw, what is this 'Christmas' you talk about?13 days to go still for that.21:37
jaegerMy kernel and nvidia weren't built with the same exact version of gcc but otherwise the same21:37
pedjadifferent minor, or major version?21:38
jaegerminor, was part of sysup21:39
pedjaminor is OK.21:40
pedjamost of the time21:40
pedjaI might be misremembering, but I think I had some issues when I forgot to rebuild the kernel after one of the Crux upgrades.21:42
pedjafrom 4.x to 5.x, or something like that.21:42
jaegerIn general that shouldn't matter21:43
pedjanvidia binary is fun that way21:43
pedjaACTION has a heavy cold21:50
pedjais it possible to overdose on vitamin C?I think I am about to find out.21:51
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tilmanpedja: doesn't that stuff only help prevent getting ill? sounds like you might be late :p22:19
frinnstnay, you'll just piss it out :)22:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: btrfs-progs: Updated to 4.922:32
pedjain a recent study, the scientists concluded that the viruses have evolved to hit men harder than women.23:03
pedjathis is day 4 of my illness, so tilman is probably right, I *am* fucking late with medications/vitamins/soup/tea/etc23:06
frinnstmanflu is the worst23:08
frinnsti've been sick most of the day23:08
frinnst2hrs in the bathroom.. joy23:08
frinnstfeel fine now though23:08
DaViruznot a magsjuka then? ;)23:09
pedjathe high temperature induced nightmares were a lot more vivid when I was younger23:10
druid_droidwish happy "christmas"... or any other party name...23:11
DaViruzi got a pretty bad stomach flu a few christmases back, no fun!23:11
pedjaone xmas down, one to go23:12
DaViruzonly one?23:13
pedjaortodox one is in 13 days23:15
druid_droidI notice something bad happen to my firefox, I'm updating it at the moment, I also moved folder ~/.mozilla there is any other place firefox saves data ?23:17
pedjatry a fresh profile23:18
druid_droidAlso how do I decrease the time one connection stay "waiting/live" even when the program that created it is over23:18
frinnstmoving .mozilla should do the trick23:19
frinnstwhat happened?23:19
druid_droidI have done it, I will see closer23:19
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pedjathis is handy:
druid_droidI think it stoped making connections, I use tcpdump just to see if something is going/comming on a network, I need to learn more about it, I was using watch -n 1 -d ss -f inet -r and iftop23:24
druid_droidI mean, it makes connections but not to the same domains, I have tried everything on their page, but it seems he was asking for bookmarks and other stuff,23:25
pedjai don't understand what are you trying to do.23:26
druid_droidI notice that everytime I startup firefox he was making connections to some domains, and also I notice that was becoming slow...23:28
pedja'he' being Firefox?23:28
druid_droidI follow the mozilla document on how to disable all automatic "connections"23:28
druid_droidhe/she/ze the firefox XD23:28
pedjatelemetry is disabled in opt/firefox, iirc23:30
druid_droidbut even with that all about:config party ... he continued so I moved the ~/.mozilla it seems he stoped asking for my bookmarks, but now the default keeps making connections, maybe for certificate update...23:30
druid_droidI'm building 50.1.0 at the moment, with Pkgfile from opt/firefox23:31
pedjaput it in the sandbox, something like firejail23:32
pedjaChrome is chatty as hell23:32
druid_droidonething I notice while watching connections is how much amazonaws appears for everything...23:32
pedjathe Cloud[tm]23:33
druid_droidOnce I started blocking their ip's, I think the only thing that make me activate again was crux ports updates/downloads23:33
pedjauBlock/uOrigin ftw23:34
druid_droidthanks for firejail/uBlock/uOrigin ;)23:34
pedjaso, did any of you get any cool xmas gifts?23:37
Anselmostill too early here :P23:38
pedjadon't tell me you'll wait until morning to unwrap 'em? :)23:38
pedjaa friend of mine traditionally sprinkles Lego bricks around the xmas tree, as a low tech alarm :)23:42
Anselmowell, we do it morning on 25 december23:44
Anselmo(being from the usa, I suppose)23:44
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