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pedjadruid_droid, search for user.js on Github, if you want to play with FF hardening.But, be warned, it may break a lot of stuff :)00:06
pedjaFact from the latest QI: Americans waste on xmas lights during the holidays as much electricity as some countries do in a year.00:14
pedjarich country00:16
SitriWhich countries are these "some" countries?00:17
pedjawatch the QI :)00:18
SitriI mean, I don't disbelieve that, but I think that's a weasely way of saying it.00:18
SitriGiven you have shitholes like NK which barely use any electricity at all00:18
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pedjadeveloping/small countries mostly, granted00:33
frinnstgah. filling a 15tb borrowed NAS with random data over a 1gbit link is not much fun00:35
frinnst5.5tb remaining00:36
pedjarandom as in from /dev/random or random shit from your pr0n collection?00:37
frinnsthehe /dev/urandom00:37
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frinnstits random enough00:37
pedjawouldn't encrypting it be faster?00:38
frinnstdont think so. luks rewrites all the blocks with random data too00:38
pedjausing something like
pedjanetwork pipe is the bottleneck, though00:40
pedjamy CPU doesn't have aes-ni, but hpenc is still insanely fast00:42
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pedjamuch faster then zeroing out portable USB HD using dd or something like that.00:45
pedjawhy did I need to zero out a portable USB HD?he didn't want to pay for the work I put recovering data from it.00:48
pedjaand my fee was reasonable00:49
pedjachacha20 with 52 mixed symbols key?good luck with that00:52
pedjait is fucking annoying.'but it was a couple of hours of work, and I bet it wasn't that hard to do'00:54
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ryu0pedja: and this was what?02:37
pedjaryu0, yeah, me flooding the channel with my frustration was annoying as well.apologies.02:43
ryu0pedja: no just wondering who would think data recovery from a damaged hard drive or file system is so trivial.02:45
pedjaoh, that.self-proclaimed 'expert' (electrical engineer or something).02:48
ryu0oh, an artisan expert. heh02:48
pedjathe funny thing is, I did it as a favor to a friend.he was not amused with how it turned up.02:51
pedja(the 'expert' is his brother-in-law)02:53
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druid_droidhow do you exclude .git on REPO of httpup I have .*~$04:28
druid_droidand then .git :(, directory apear listed04:28
druid_droidsorry I have .git/ ..04:29
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frinnstdruid_droid: are you using the git driver?11:15
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] exim: updated to 4.87.1. Fix for CVE-2016-996311:39
dlcusaMerry Christmas from frinnst with the exim patch!  THANK YOU, SIR!!!11:45
dlcusaHere's the scoop on that exim leak exposure (why you might need that patch):
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pedja'helping devops find love, one cougar at a time'14:48
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joacimmight be something for me14:55
joacimi have a neckbeard14:55
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SiFuh_I liked the part "She loved my dissertation on 12-factor authentication"15:04
SiFuh_Vim is better than Emacs15:05
pedja'Emacs is pretty nice OS.Sadly, it lacks a decent text editor.'15:09
pedjashouldn't you folks be pretty drunk at this point?xmas dinner and all that15:17
frinnstWe will match you with a 40+ divorcee looking for a good time (and a fully-redundant disaster recovery plan).15:18
SiFuh_pedja: not everyone celebrates christmas/saturnalia/Adam & Eve day...15:27
pedjaI know :)15:28
SiFuh_I worked15:28
SiFuh_and I work the next day too (the day the slaves/workers/peasants are suppose to take off)15:29
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pedjawhen I worked 12h shifts, it didn't matter what day or holiday is it.15:34
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pedja12/24/12/48's vicious after a while...15:36
SiFuh_I worked 12 hours today15:37
SiFuh_tomorrow again15:37
SiFuh_yeah  hate it15:37
frinnstx2 pay?15:37
SiFuh_im actually suppose to work from 15:00 Saturday till 03:00 Tuesday15:38
SiFuh_frinnst: no15:38
SiFuh_just normal days works15:38
pedjanothing 'normal' about it15:38
frinnstoh? what country?15:39
frinnstyou need a better union :-)15:40
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SiFuh_No I need to be patient and eventually move back to a country with less slave rules.. I was thinking Russia15:41
SiFuh_but too cold15:41
pedjabut the alcohol is cheap15:42
frinnstjust make sure you buy *alcohol*15:43
SiFuh_When I lived in Kyrgyzstan a 2 litre plastic bottle of beer I could buy for 75COM15:43
frinnstwasnt it like +70 ppl that died just the other day in russia by drinking something else15:43
SiFuh_and a 750ml bottle of Russian Vodka (green label) was 285COM15:43
pedjaStolichnaya is nice15:44
pedjamy father brought me some when he worked there15:44
SiFuh_I like Zelonay Marka, Kalishnakov and Russki Standart15:44
frinnstthey drank bath lotion or something15:45
pedjasame happened here few years back.'zozovańća' is the name of that particular poison15:46
pedjasold as 'quality brandy'15:46
frinnstdont you have a vodka named "skandal"?15:47
frinnstbrilliant name btw15:47
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pedjathat's Fructal, Slovenia, I think15:48
pedjathey make awesome juices, too15:48
frinnstour customer imports it to sweden15:49
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pedjathe one that you gives you biscuits when you go on-site?15:52
pedjased -e '1 s/you//' $previous_line16:02
pedja(it took me a while to get that regex)16:04
SiFuh_echo "the one that you gives you biscuits when you go on-site?" |sed -e '1 s/\ you//'16:09
pedjaand that's the proper way to do it :)16:10
SiFuh_sed s^t\ you^t^g16:12
SiFuh_cut -d " " -f 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,1316:13
SiFuh_can do similar with awk16:13
SiFuh_many ways16:13
SiFuh_pedja: how about python?16:19
SiFuh_sifuh@machupo:~$ python16:19
SiFuh_>>> pedja = "the one that you gives you biscuits when you go on-site?"16:19
SiFuh_>>> print pedja.replace("you ","",1)16:20
pedjaUnix, always more than one way to skin a cat.16:21
SiFuh_Yeah agree, and it depends on preferences too. The rename command is good, but I prefer to use ls, awk, cut and sed > into a script for reviewing.16:25
pedjaI like to read programming challenges subreddit.there are almost always solutions in exotic languages (brainfuck, Julia)16:26
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pedjaexotic to me, anyway16:27
pedjasome xlsx files I want to use are terribly broken when I convert them to csv, so it's an interesting challenge.and great 'excuse' to learn ;)16:31
SiFuh_Well I have never ever installed slackware successfully16:33
SiFuh_and 4 days ago I decided I would give it a go16:33
SiFuh_I am using slackware, with skype, virtualbox and a HDPI screen successfully16:34
SiFuh_I just hate qt4's lack of DPI support16:35
pedja(proper)HDPI support landed in 5.6, iirc16:41
pedjait's a difficult problem, apparently16:41
pedjaand every platform has it's own way of doing it16:42
SiFuh_and if all Desktop Applications and Environments just followed xorg we would not have the problem16:43
SiFuh_i found that HDPI works better in systems like CRUX and Slackware16:44
pedjaApple/MS are highly unlikely to do that :)16:44
SiFuh_oh I was talking Linux world, nothing about Apple or MS16:45
SiFuh_or Ms Apple16:45
pedjaCrux ships mostly vanilla upstream, so that might be the reason16:45
SiFuh_Apple/NY/Adam and Eve  hmm16:45
SiFuh_yes CRUX ships the best vanilla upstream of Skype16:46
pedjaisn't Skype all web/HTML5 these days?16:46
SiFuh_it actually works exactly the way Skype is intended. :-)16:46
pedjaor is that the plan, to slowly move all clients to web based solution?16:47
SiFuh_yes but linux has no webcam or voice unless you trick MS to think you are running their browser, and even then doesn't work always16:47
SiFuh_webased platforms are great, but at the same, very dangerous security wise.16:48
pedjawait, Skype needs Edge on Windows?16:49
pedjaso if install Win 10 LTSB, Skype won't work?16:50
pedjait comes without it, iirc16:50
frinnstedge comes with all windows 10 versions16:50
pedjaLTSB is 'no Cortana, Metro/App store', right?16:52
pedjamy mistake, sorry16:52
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pedjathat article is almost 2 years old, though17:00
pedjaso, I'll have to make a VM, and check for myself.17:01
pedjaand, since the ISO is for Italian version of W10, that would be a fun experience.17:03
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joacimi guess it isnt easy for home users to get ltsb19:55
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pedjad/l from MS site is easy enough ;)20:58
pedjaactivating/registering it, OTOH...21:00
pedjaI am wondering, given the opportunity, how many of 'you'll take Win7 from my dead cold hands' users would be tempted with LTSB version21:02
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pedjacloning nearly 2000 git submodules takes a while.21:06
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nullspoonI'm testing out the highly anticipated 3.3 upgrade. So far not many issues.23:10
onoderasame nullspoon23:11
onodera(re)installed yesterday23:11
nullspoononodera: how's it going for you so far?23:11
onoderazero issues23:11
nullspoonVery nice.23:11
onoderawell some, but all of them turned out to be my fault :p23:11
nullspoonye olde pebkac.  :)23:12
onoderaI couldn't get the nvidia driver compiled, turns out I moved to location where I compiled my kernel23:12
nullspoonI'm actually running a sysup from 3.2. I figure it's worth the data-gathering. If it works, great. If not, I just reinstall with 3.3 like everyone else.23:12
onoderaso it was looking for /usr/src/kernel but I moved it to /usr/src/krn :p)23:12
onoderaI'm pretty sure that's all the install script does, I'm not a 100% sure though23:13
nullspoonvery nice. So far I've just had to recreate my locales.23:13
nullspoonThis is so exciting. It's like it's Christmas or something.23:15
nullspoonOh wait...23:15
nullspoonSo just a curiosity while I sit here waiting for my system to rebuild itself. I wonder how many users of crux worked backwards, starting at arch linux and trying crux because arch was inspired by it.23:17
onoderayeah me here23:18
onoderaI have been using linux relatively short though, and crux is a pretty underground distro23:19
onoderaso you really need luck to find out about it :p23:19
nullspoonThat's really the reason for my question.23:22
nullspoonI've been using linux for quite some time. I moved to more and more manual distros, ultimately landing with arch. I really liked it until systemd expanded its reach far beyond an init system (imho)23:22
nullspoonSo I moved to gentoo because I could still get an old-style init system there with somewhat ease. Really wasn't a fan of it's super complex portage system though, so ended up trying crux becuase it inspired arch. Haven't looked back once. This distro is great.23:23
onoderayeah pretty much same here23:32
onoderaarch -> gentoo -> crux23:32
pedjawindows 2000 --> Crux23:34
nullspoonNot exactly what I'd expect there.23:35
pedjaWin98/NT4 for short time before that.*shudder* Win98 (very)Special Edition[tm]23:37
pedjathat one set the 'shittiest OS in the known universe' bar pretty high23:38
nullspoonI do remember fondly the 'Network Neighborhood' shortcut.23:41
pedjait's almost 15 years since I ran any version of Windows on actual hardware.23:43
pedjait is best contained in a VM23:43
pedjaspeaking of containers, when did Docker exploded to million projects?23:44
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nullspoonHow many projects have you found? I've only heard of Docker and rocket (?)23:46
pedjait's a massive, what's the word, ecosystem?, these days23:47
pedjait has a bunch of related parts23:47
nullspoonI certainly know of a lot of people who are huge fans of it.23:47
nullspoonI'm on the fence. It's cool, but kvm is so efficient, gives you a bit more power, all without reconfiguring your entire network stack and requiring root access.23:48
pedjathose are the features ;)23:48
nullspoonThat's been my experience with it so far.23:49
pedjacontainers are not a new idea, IBM big iron had it 40 years ago23:49
nullspoonCan't forget solaris containers too23:49
pedjaSmartOS is cool23:50
nullspoonah yes, sorry. Forgot the nomenclature. It's been a while since I've worked on solaris.23:50
nullspoonI'm not entirely certain, but I believve linux has actually had containers for quite some time as well. I'll have to look at when lxc was introduced. Docker is just a more user-friendly layer on top of lxc.23:52
pedjaWP says 200823:53
nullspoonI hope the fad dies down soon.23:58
nullspoonKinda getting tired of the "We have this one problem that..."  - "Just put it in a docker container"23:59
pedjaand they they have two problems :)23:59

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