IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2016-12-26

pedjaidk, it has its uses, but it is hardly a solution for everything00:00
nullspoonAgreed. I've used it for some pretty neat stuff so far. But like you said, it has its uses, like most technologies.00:03
nullspoonLike with most fads, people latch on to it, then try to use it for absolutely everything, then they realize it only works well for about 5% of the things they originally tried to use it for.00:04
nullspoonRemember nosql and mongodb/redis/couchdb/etc? A great database. In its early days, people tried to crowbar every database use-case to match a nosql setup.00:04
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pedjaI remember the headlines 'death of traditional SQL DB is imminent!'.yeah, Oracle and Postgresql people were really worried :)00:09
nullspoonI am really curious what the next fad after containers will be.00:13
nullspoonIt seems the software defined data center might be next, but that one didn't really explode quite like nosql and containers.00:13
SitriContainers and NoSQL both took a while to get hyped.00:16
SitriNoSQL's actually as old as SQL is (BDB for example)00:16
nullspoonGood point. Similar to cloud as well. That concept had been around for quite some time, but really only became a fad once marketing folks used that word.00:19
nullspoonPlease wait for 5 minutes for my firefox to launch. Compiling with n-1 cores really taxes a system.  :D00:23
nullspoonOh look. Mupdf can open http links. Neat.00:23
pedjathe conclusion of that article is 'use the best suited tool for the job'.Amen to that.00:26
pedjaweirdly enough, that's not obvious to many people.00:27
nullspoonThat kind of saddens me. You'd think they would have learned that lesson from past fads.00:28
nullspoonAny time I meet someone who wants to use something just for the sake of using what the media suggests, I always try to encourage them to branch out. Usually doesn't work too well. They "evaluate" the alternatives, then come to the conclusion they shoudl use the fad.00:29
nullspoonI guess shiny is a valid reason these days. haha00:29
pedjaor confirmation bias :)00:31
pedjapeople tend to overestimate their ability for unbiased's just the way human brain works00:34
pedja'pattern recognition machine' is still my favorite synonym for 'brain' :)00:35
pedjagood name for a band, too00:35
nullspoonhehe. I think that's very apt, especially given that's the foundation to even the most basic of AIs.00:35
nullspoonI'd buy that band's albums.00:36
nullspoonI would really hope they'd release their albums on a seemingly random, but still patterned release schedule. Something for the fans to figure out.00:36
pedjalike Radiohead00:36
nullspoonWait, wha?00:37
nullspoonACTION searches eagerly00:37
pedjabut they are the kind of band I would expect to do something like that :)00:38
nullspoonThey did try some very unorthodox release practices. Worked out alright for them if I recall right.00:38
nullspoonThat's one reason I buy off bandcamp if it's available there. The artist gets a lot more money that way.00:39
pedja'Luke Cage' is kind of boring as a series, but it does have pretty awesome soundtrack00:40
nullspoonHaven't heard (or seen it) yet. Busy wasting time on other Netflix shows first. I did finish Jessica Jones though. Pretty good show.00:42
pedjafew artists I never heard of. but the best scene is Cage kicking ass with Wu Tang blasting from his headphones :)00:42
nullspoonAlso, part of me is wondering at what point we're going to be called off as majorly off-topic and will be warned and subsequently kicked.  :)00:43
pedjaops are cool :)00:45
pedjaand asleep (famous last words)00:47
nullspoonhehe. I guess they are on the other side of the world atm (I think).00:47
pedjamost of them are Europeans, I think00:48
nullspoonThe only ones I know are sweden, germany, and my old home Oklahoma.00:49
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pedjatime to take my meds, and go to
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Romsterpedja> is it possible to overdose on vitamin C?I think I am about to find out. <- no you can never over dose on vitamin C the body will not absorb the excess you'll just be wasting it.01:16
Romstermorning xcko01:30
Romsterhi nullspoon you do gain and lose in crux, like with everything else oyu have to manually handle any build failures manually.01:34
Romsterit isn't always smooth sailing but any one experienced can get around that.01:34
nullspoonRomster: I agree. Everything has its pros and cons. It's just a matter of which cons you'd rather deal with.  :)01:35
Romsterbut that always leads to more time nursing said problems.01:35
nullspoonI personally prefer the occasional manual steps over a tremendously complex build system. Plus, in the end, I know my system and other systems better.01:35
Romsterbut then you don't have to dig in so much abstraction in like ebuilds to find the issue.01:36
ryu0ebuilds trade complexity for versatility.01:36
ryu0simplicity for versatility.01:36
Romsterderp lol01:37
nullspoonI agree with that. The question is, how much of that versitility is really required. For me, I need it so rarely, I'll take the frequent simplicity to needing to deal with an overly complex system that provides flexibility I rarely need.01:37
nogagplzthat sounds like something a gentoo saboteur would say01:37
nogagplzACTION eyes ryu0 suspiciously01:37
nullspoonSpeaking of which, question. When running a prt-get sysup, does prt-get re-eval the dependencies for a recently updated package?01:39
nullspoonIt'd be nice to run a sysup and have it install any newly added dependencies like depinst does.01:39
nullspoonNot sure if I'm missing something.01:39
Romsteri like to think the KISS of crux fills the void between LFS and arch gentoo fedora centos debian ubuntu being higher up in the automated, touch anything from the norm setup and break stuff...01:41
Romsternullspoon, there is a bug report for a feature request for that and currently no.01:42
Romsterbest thing todo there is to do a prt-get deptree foo01:42
Romsterthen look for missing ports [ ]01:42
nullspoonRomster: Guess I should have searched the bug tracker. Sorry about that. I'll take a look at the bug. Who knows, you might see a pull request in for that soon.  :)01:42
Romsterand manually fix that01:42
Romsterit's okay.01:42
Romstersimilarly there is no way to remove dependencies that are no longer used.01:43
Romsterso stuff like that gets listed in REAMDE's like prt-get readme xorg-server01:43
Romsterand on upgrade to a new crux verison there is a helper script to remove and inject such changes. but on a sysup there is none of that. manual intervention.01:44
nullspoonI'm happy to have that small issue with such a simple and reliable system.01:47
nullspoonSo far, I've spent far, far less time on crux trying to figure out a problem with a package, than I have on Gentoo.01:48
nullspoonTo be clear though, I don't want to gentoo bash too much. They've got some super smart folks over there, and a pretty solid distro. Besides, I'm grateful to anyone providing any open source product such as that one. The volunteer time is greatly appreciated.01:49
Romsternoting wrong with distro but it is complex.01:50
Romstergentoo distro01:50
Romsterarch be okay if you can handle systemd.01:51
Romsteri personally am one of them that does not lie this systemd, it's not the unix way, once can argue there is one tool for one job in systemd, but as a whole it tries to replace so much.01:52
Romsterjsut killing diversity.01:52
ryu0Romster: more like trading one form of diversity for a superficial form.01:54
nullspoonI certainly agree. Really like arch myself. I really enjoyed systemd as well in its infancy. Then it started expanding. It took logging, network control, service sockets, service timing, etc. I promptly started looking for a new distro as systemd grew on my arch box. Landed on gentoo for a while, but as I settled on that system, it also grew in complexity and instability, so I landed on crux.01:54
Romsterwe want to hold out as long as we can.01:57
Romsteri fear that other projects will require systemd at some point forcing us to use that.01:57
ryu0as long as embedded Linux is a thing, i doubt it will ever take over all uses of Linux.01:58
Romsterat least desktop01:58
onoderaalso the kind of programs that hard depends on systemd are not the kinda program I use01:58
onoderaor imagine "the CRUX user" using01:58
ryu0last i checked gnome3 was one of the few that actually required systemd. KDE5, afaik, only uses it to provide certain platform specific functionality if desired.02:00
nullspoonHopefully enough people dig their heels in that systemd becomes a 'redhat' thing.02:02
xckoDo you know what part of gnome depends on it? It's hard to imagine what a DE would need from systemd02:02
onoderapretty sure logind02:02
onoderaand they don't "need" it, see
xckonullspoon: looking at the way so many distros jumped on it - I doubt it will become a 'redhat' thing02:03
nullspoonTo Romster's point, diversity is important to the open source community. If systemd ever reached 100% saturation (which is unlikely thankfully), it would kill projects like cron, init scripts, logging tools, tty managers, etc.02:03
nullspoonI swear though, I'm switching to freebsd the day that systemd tries to replace vim.  ;)02:04
nullspoonxcko: I kind of agree. However, debian and ubuntu really wanted to stray away. I wonder if they didn't jump on board simply for compatibility sake. They did all jump in before systemd really ballooned up. They might change their minds at some point down the road (I hope).02:05
nullspoonBut that's a bit optimistic I fear.02:05
onoderayeah the whole thing that makes me love linux is how it's bolted together02:05
onoderaand if I don't like the logging daemon or something I can just use something else, *without* being forced to replace everything else as well02:05
nullspoononodera: As people have previously described it, that kind of dependency is counter to the sound development principle of seperation of concerns. Microsoft is famous for it, since nearly every update you install requires a full reboot of your system.02:07
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Romsteri hate that, i leave my windows at work running with open applications only to come back to it with everything closed and rebooted to login screen02:24
Romsteri want to reboot when i see fit not when it forces me to.02:25
Romsteranother anoyance say firefox becomes unresponsive... on linux it's just firefox everything else on the desktop works, on windows explorer crashes and takes out nearly everything02:26
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ryu0Romster: wouldn't the same thing happen if Xorg was also unstable?02:36
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Romsterit would but then how often is that ryu0 ?02:41
ryu0Romster: i never said it was frequent, just a comparison statement.03:02
ryu0i only recall Xorg crashes during initialization, if ever.03:03
joacimi like how on some systems that install addons to explorer03:03
joacimthat makes explorer crash03:03
joacimso you see it crash repeatedly over and over again03:03
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nullspoonAnybody updated to 3.3 and received 'server not found' errors on firefox?05:48
nullspoonLooks like dns issues, since I tested midori and it had the same problem, but indicated it couldn't resolve the host. I tested curl, gajim, wget, dig, and elinks, and all of the resolve hosts fine.05:49
nullspoonNot sure if anyone has solved this problem yet. Probably just need to rebuild something. Just haven't figured out what yet. Anyone have any ideas?05:50
frinnstnullspoon: run rejmerge and make sure your /etc/resolv.conf points to your actual nameservers06:05
nullspoonSitri: Tried that, as well as nspr06:05
nullspoonfrinnst: Holy Jimminy! I had no idea that command existed. haha. I'm running it now.06:07
frinnstoh, all other programs can resolve fine?06:10
frinnsthow did you do the upgrade? manual or via iso?06:10
nullspoonI figured I'd give it a try manually. Worst case it went very poorly and I just re-install from the iso.06:13
nullspoonfrinnst: Just finished with rejmerge. Firefox and midori are still not resolving.06:19
nullspoonI just tested hitting an ip address with firefox, and that worked fine.06:19
nullspoonI did a high-level look over the deptree for firefox and midori to see if there are any consistencies (since both don't work while other's do). Did a few rebuilds, but nothing has fixed it yet. I'll keep poking around the deptree if no one has any other ideas.06:20
Sitritry strace on firefox maybe?06:27
nullspoonSitri: I did that. Was actually just looking over the output file. It's 4.6 MB just opening and closing firefox. Gonna take a while.  :)06:27
SitriI'd walk backwards on it, as it probably has a ton of start-up06:28
nullspoonThat's a fact. I started with case insensitive grepping for 'no such file or'. >1000 found. lol06:28
SitriYeah... I'd look at network stuff TBH, try and see what DNS servers it's using06:29
nullspoonRe-ran without shutting down to avoid the shutdown static. Lots of "Resource temporarily unavailable" errors.06:31
SitriOn what kind of calls though?06:38
nullspoonI'm not super experienced on strace, but recvmsg. It's preceeded by poll06:41
nullspoonThe first occurence is immediately after reading my Xauthority file06:41
nullspoonIf I'm reading this right, it's polling file descriptor 406:45
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Roomsternullspoon, ran revdep?06:54
nullspoonRomster: I have. Nothing applicable came up. Just inkscape, hugin, and libreoffice.06:56
nullspoonI wonder if it's nscd06:59
nullspoonSadly that's a part of glibc, which takes a long time to compile.06:59
Romstermaybe gcc 6 is the culprit06:59
Romsterdid you rebuild *everything* with gcc6?07:00
Romsterincluding the kernel?07:00
nullspoonI haven't yet07:00
Romsteri would try that first.07:00
nullspoonThat's my scortched-earth fix07:00
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Romstermy guess is a libstdc++ change07:01
nullspoonHowever that's spelled.07:01
nullspoonFixed it.07:04
nullspoonAs root, I executed 'nscd', and firefox started loading pages.07:05
nullspoonStrange. I wonder what boots that service. I don't have an init script for it.07:06
Romsterwell you must not have restarted or rebooted after rebuilding07:06
nullspoonI did though07:06
nullspoonYe olde init 007:06
Romsteramazed the man page doe snot list the options that --help does.07:08
Romsterdoes not*07:08
nullspoonYeah, that's kinda surprising.07:09
nullspoonI'm going to reboot here, see if it by some black magic comes back up.07:09
nullspoonI don't see anything in /etc/ that would indicates it starts on boot, which makes me wonder how this has been working this whole time.07:10
Romster/usr/sbin/nscd: nscd not running!07:10
Romsterwell then i am not even using it.07:11
nullspoonheh. I wonder what firefox was up to then. Perhaps it has multiple domain name resolution services and nscd was just the first failure.07:12
nullspoonLemme have another look at that strace output07:12
nullspoonSo at least I'm not going crazy here. I just killed nscd and firefox is no longer resolving. Looks like it opens nsswitch.conf after looking for the nscd socket.07:13
Romsterthen why is mine not running07:14
nullspoonFirefox looks like it's doing what it should be. It tries nscd, failes to connect to the socket [because it's not running]. Then it tries /etc/nsswitch.conf, which instructs it to check files, then dns.07:19
nullspoonIt hits up /etc/host.conf, then /etc/hosts, then it loads libnss_dns, then libresolve,, then it opens my resolv.conf file.07:20
Romstertheya re both provided by glibc07:20
Romsterwhat sort of logic is this. so nss does not cache while nscd does?07:21
nullspoonyup. Which I finished rebuilding a few minutes ago.07:21
nullspoonBy the way, there's no need to help with this. I'm quite fine just running a rebuild of my entire system. I'm spending time on this now because I'm curious why. No need to tear your hair out with me.  :)07:22
Romsterwonder so we are all doing lookups and not caching them07:22
Romstereh i am just curious about this daemon and why it does not get started and is it really needed.07:23
nullspoonYour firefox works though, yes?07:23
Romsteri have a local cache on another lan box.07:23
Romsteryep works just fine.07:23
Romsterit might just rely on your routers dns cache? if it has one07:24
Romsterlast i looked we have a nobody user but not a somebody user.07:25
nullspoonOkay. So packages I've rebuilt, in case you see anything I missed. I've rebuilt glibc, nss, bindutils, many xorg ports, curl, openssl.07:25
Romsterthat's out of /etc/nscd.conf07:25
RomsterEnabling host caching is generally not a very good idea; a caching DNS server is a much better, and safer, implementation.07:29
nullspoonAgreed. I don't have it enabled on mine though.07:29
nullspoonin fact, didn't even know what nscd was until today.07:29
Romsterfor all other uses i don't think it's a benefit for most situations.07:29
nullspoonIf I want to cache, I set up either bind9 or dnsmasq.07:30
Romstersame i never seen nscd either07:30
nullspoonI mostly do that though for dns overriding.07:30
nullspoonOn a hunch here, I'm rebuilding gnutls07:30
Romsteri used to use maradns but now i use unbound07:30
nullspoonI mostly just like dnsmasq because it provides a super easy-to-configure dhcp server that I use for my kvm testing clusters.07:31
nullspoonI haven't heard of those though. I'll take a look.07:31
Romsterlearn something new every day07:34
Romstermmm i guess i should commit these gstreamer updates07:34
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nullspoonI'm just going to completely rebuild firefox and see what happens. I've already tried that with midor to no avail, though I hadn't tried rebuilding webkit just yet.07:37
Romsterrebuilding webkit takes a long time07:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gstreamer: 1.8.2 -> 1.10.207:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gst-plugins-base: 1.8.2 -> 1.10.207:39
nullspoonThat's why I've avoided it.  :)07:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gst-plugins-good: 1.8.2 -> 1.10.207:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gst-plugins-bad: 1.8.2 -> 1.10.207:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gst-plugins-ugly: 1.8.2 -> 1.10.207:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gst-python: 1.8.2 -> 1.10.207:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gst-libav: 1.8.2 -> 1.10.207:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gstreamer-vaapi: 0.7.0 -> 1.10.207:49
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loungehi ,where can i download crux3.3 ?08:21
Romster it's been in the mailing list it's even in the logs of here.08:22
loungethanks ,ill check it out08:24
Romsternote it's a release candidate and not final yet.08:24
Romsteri'm just in the process of making a crux 3.3 docker image.08:26
Romsterso i can test builds on 3.3-rc108:26
nullspoonRomster: After all our conversation earlier. I'm dissapointed.  ;)08:28
Romsterhow so ;P08:28
Romsteri do have a bare metal xeon that's on crux 3.308:29
Romsteralong with my other 7 machines in my distcc cluster08:29
nullspoonYikes. Okay. Right tool for the job then.08:30
Romsterwhen i say i am a power user i truely am.08:30
nullspoonI'll say. Beats the pants off my setup. Got a vps hosted elsewhere, and amd 8 core, and an intel i5, and any number of vms I can host on those.08:32
Romsteri must say the machines are low end dual cores with 3GB of ram each08:33
Romsterexcept i got the 3 quad cores with 4 or 8GB of ram08:33
Romsteri have another 10 coe 2 duos i need to get up and running but to use those i'll need to round up some more parts.08:34
Romsterand a way to mount them. using cases gets bulky to fast.08:34
Romsteri could do with a workstation but i can get by with what i can round up08:35
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nullspoonWow. That's an impressive amount of hardware.08:39
nullspoonI guess I'm not building as many packages as you though. I couldn't find that much use for that much power [yet].08:39
nullspoonSo I take it you've got a rack mount at home then?08:40
nullspoonWell. I'm off for the night. Gonna let firefox keep building until it's done. I'll report back in the morning if that fixes anything, otherwise I'll just rebuild all.08:48
nullspoonThanks for the help! gn.08:48
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tilmanpedja: echo "the one that you gives you biscuits when you go on-site?" | sed -e 's/you //' (non-global -> stops after first match)09:04
Romsterdon't we all know that one?09:06
tilmanfrinnst: is a silicon valley joke? look at the sponsor/affiliate logos at the bottom =)09:11
SiFuh_anyone suggest a good font for xterm (HDPI) ?09:13
ryu0SiFuh_: High DPI?09:19
ryu0SiFuh_: if it must be xterm, you'll probably want to be using XFT.09:19
ryu0SiFuh_: some TTF font, not bitmapped ideally.09:20
ryu0SiFuh_: inconsolata is a popular choice.09:20
SiFuh_I will try09:36
RomsterSiFuh, xorg-font-inconsolata-dz09:38
Romsterhmm now they have a new version out on github09:39
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frinnsttilman: yeah i saw that. whois doesnt suggest it though10:25
frinnstthe other sites are registered by hbo10:25
frinnstDomain Name: coderag.com10:26
frinnstRegistrant Organization: Home Box Office, Inc.10:26
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SiFuh_ryu0: thanks10:34
tilmanfrinnst: alright :)10:46
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xckoheh my pc gaming is limited skyrim on my macbook. You lookin at the 1080?12:07
xckosorry wrong chanel12:07
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nogagplzout of curiosity is it the fanless macbook, or something beefier?12:28
xckoIt's a 2012 macbook air, i5core, 4G ram. It has a fan lol12:31
nogagplzah ok, yeah I was going to say12:32
xckoIt runs surprisingly well though12:33
xckolow res graphics, but combat is acceptable. Only intense magic scenes are slow12:34
nogagplzis that through windows, or wine?12:34
xckowine has improved over the years too12:34
nogagplzpretty nice12:35
nogagplzI played it on wine when it first came out, the experience left a lot to be desired back then :P12:35
xckome too. I used to play in OSX when it first came out, but recently installed on crux and I think the performance has improved12:37
nogagplzmight be a better video driver, in my experience things can get hit or miss on os x12:39
nogagplze.g. native starcraft 2 on os x is slower on my mbp than in windows on the same machine, with the integrated video12:40
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xckointel hardware so shouldn't it be the same driver?13:11
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SiFuh_accidentally my conkyrc config15:46
*** lounge has joined #crux15:55
frinnstdont you just love btrfs for cases like that?15:56
onoderacan anyone please post the default PKGMK_*_DIR values?16:00
jaeger$PWD, $PWD, $PWD/work16:01
SiFuh_frinnst: lucky you ;-) I just rewrote the config, luckily I remembered it16:15
pedjaAlpine switched to LibreSSL and supports ZFS on root?Nice.16:16
onodera I'16:20
onoderam pretty sure alpine has been using libressl forever16:20
onoderathey have tons of cool stuff, musl, busybox coreutils, the best installer I've ever used.16:20
pedja3.4.x used openssl, with libressl as an option16:20
onoderaoh right, default kernel with grsec16:21
pedjalibressl is the default now16:21
onoderaI've been using libressl on crux for over a year now16:23
onoderahaven't really encountered any problems16:24
pedjawith the software that *you* use personally :)16:24
onoderaI know nodejs has problems with it16:25
onoderabut they have an flag to use a build in openssl im pretty sure16:25
pedjawhich one?LTS or stable?16:25
onoderalast time I tried, which was about half a year ago16:25
pedjaI have 6.9.x installed.I rarely use it for anything though.16:26
pedjaJupyter Notebook uses it, iirc, but I've given up on packaging that particular beast :)16:29
pedja'conda install jupyter' is way easier16:29
pedjaconda supports private repos so, in theory, I could build my own packages using Crux modern up to date toolchain16:34
pedjainstead of ancient 4.8.2 from RH16:35
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux16:46
*** ileach has joined #crux16:56
SiFuh_hmm What was wrong with cplay? It was simple and did the job. Cmus has too many options.17:16
*** tsaop has joined #crux17:21
tsaopI noticed that gtk2 applications seem to render icons in the wrong color17:23
tsaopsee this screenshot:
tsaopit is from a fresh installation using the updated ISO17:23
tsaopany clues at what might have happened?17:23
onodera all gtk apps tsaop /17:51
tsaoponodera: gimp has the same problem17:58
tsaopi'd say all gtk2 apps17:58
onoderahmm I'm kinda sure I've read something about pink icons once17:59
tsaopfirefox, which uses gtk3, shows icons in the correct color17:59
onoderabut I can't find anything on google17:59
tsaoponodera: can you check if you have the same problem with gimp?18:00
onoderarunning 3.318:02
tsaopmight try installing that in a VM18:02
onoderathough yesteryesterday I was running 3.2 still and didn't have the problem either18:04
pedja'yesteryesterday' is pretty roundabout way to say '2 days ago' :)18:05
onoderain dutch there is a single word for 2 days ago18:06
pedjawhich is?18:06
pedjathat looks like a typo of 'register'18:08
onoderain english there is overmorrow which is an actual vallid word and pretty much a direct translation of "overmorgen" which means the same in dutch18:08
*** nullspoon has joined #crux18:08
onoderanot sure if yestererday hase a version as well, lol18:08
onoderathere we go, ereyesterday18:08
onoderagonna use that one from now on :p18:09
jaegerwe have 2 archaic ones for 2 days ago in english. Not used in common speech as far as I know18:09
pedja'prekjuńće' in Serbian18:09
jaegerereyesterday and nudiustertian18:09
pedjayou must kick ass in Scrable, jaeger18:10
onoderanow nudiustertian is a fancy word18:10
jaegerpedja: :D18:10
jaegerit's of latin origin18:10
pedjahow the times have changed.nowadays everything comes from China.18:11
pedjaI agree with onodera , 'nudiustertian' is pretty awesome word18:13
pedjathat reminds me to update Artha18:17
nullspoonHey, quick question that's completely off-topic. What bouncer does everyone here use?18:25
nullspoonI would have asked that nnudiustertain morning, but I forgot to.  ;)18:26
jaegerI don't use any18:28
nullspoonWow. Just never shut down huh.18:30
jaegerMy irssi client runs on a VPS18:30
jaegerwhich rarely needs to be down18:30
nullspoonAh, good point.18:30
nullspoonJust run it in tmux and reconnect18:30
jaegerSo I suppose you could consider it an SSH/tmux/irssi bouncer18:30
nullspoonherm. I might do that then. Not a bad idea.18:31
nullspoonLet's see here....18:31
*** nullspoon has quit IRC18:40
*** pejman has joined #crux18:47
*** pejman has quit IRC18:47
*** pejman has joined #crux18:47
*** pidsley has joined #crux19:01
pidsleyinstalled 3.3-rc119:02
pidsleysurvived its first sysup and everything is working well19:02
pidsleythank you19:02
jaegerglad to hear it :)19:06
*** nullspoon has joined #crux19:09
*** nullspoon has quit IRC19:11
*** nullspoon has joined #crux19:15
nullspoonjaeger: Well that works okay.19:16
*** nullspoon has quit IRC19:17
*** nullspoon has joined #crux19:17
tsaopokay, the pink/reddish icons are not present in 3.3-rc119:39
tsaopnow, to find the culprit19:40
*** pidsley has quit IRC19:41
*** blueness has quit IRC19:43
pedjait will be interesting to run this on some(most) stuff I wrote
pedja(linter for English prose)19:48
*** vsteve has joined #crux19:53
vstevewhat do you good people use to burn cds/isos?19:53
frinnstlast time i burned something i probably used cdrkit or dvd+rw-tools19:56
jaegerwodim from cdrkit, yeah. Been a long time, though19:56
vstevethese are in the crux ports?19:57
frinnstyes both are in opt19:57
vstevehow the heck did i miss that..19:57
vsteveI've been looking on and off for about a week...I blame holiday-stress induced brain damage19:58
vstevehow do you invoke cdrkit?19:59
frinnstalso check the .footprint in opt/cdrkit/20:00
nullspoonI'm not a huge fan of checking where the package is and then checking its footprint. Another way you can do it as well is 'pkginfo -l <port>'20:01
jaegeryet another option: $ prt-get cat cdrkit .footprint20:01
nullspoonWell that's useful. Had no idea you could do that.20:02
vstevecrux is full of interesting nooks and crannies20:04
vsteveawesome, I know how to invoke wodim and I realize I'm trying to burn a 1.1G iso to a 700M disc..and I'm out of dvds20:06
vsteve<---doing great20:06
nullspoonhehe. What's the iso you're trying to burn? Something that size sounds like a  linux distro.20:08
vstevepeppermint 7 for my son's laptop20:12
nullspoonShould be able to use a usb stick and dd for that20:12
vsteveyeah that's where i'm at now20:13
vstevehmm ok, gotta reboot, thanks for the advice20:16
*** vsteve has quit IRC20:16
*** tsaop has quit IRC20:41
*** lounge has quit IRC20:52
*** _JC has quit IRC21:25
*** _JC has joined #crux21:25
john_cephalopodaI got some issue with fuse. The kernel module doesn't seem to be installed.21:42
frinnstso enable it - its a kernel driver btw21:53
*** ubuuu has joined #crux22:53
*** _JC has quit IRC22:54
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Ah, okay. I was a bit confused because some ubuntu sources say "install the fuse package".22:54
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC22:58
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux23:12
Romsternullspoon, i run znc i forked someones znc port but i haven't done the final fix to make it run as a znc user yet, nor published it.23:48
Romstertsaop, i don't have that issue on my gtk2 on crux 3.223:49
Romsterjohn_cephalopoda, there is two parts to fuse, a kernel module and the userspace fuse port, both are generally needed.23:59

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