IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2016-12-27

john_cephalopodaYeah, it works now.00:03
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dlcusaI note libvirt ports are way back level and suspect this is due to dependencies such as described in -- am I correct?  If so, is CRUX getting left behind?00:12
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Romsternot sure dlcusa not used it myself.00:22
nullspoonRomster: I wrote my own znc port earlier today, but opted for jaeger's idea for ssh/tmux/irssi. I'll work on znc again if I don't like how the current solution pans out.00:28
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nullspoondlcusa: I forked upstream libvirt and upgraded it to the very latest. Didn't have a single problem building and running it myself, so I don't think crux is being left behind. Not sure if I'm missing anything though.00:29
nullspoonRomster: Also, just finished my complete rebuild of my system (prt-get update -fr $(prg-get listinst)). Firefox is still broken without nscd. Need to dig a little deeper it seems.00:30
Romsteryeah that is very odd.00:30
dlcusanullspoon, what about all the dependencies?00:54
dlcusanullspoon, will you be providing the community with your repo?00:55
dlcusaI've been reading a lengthy chat here back on 2014-04-23 that makes it sound like docker is the preferred way to virtualize using CRUX.00:56
Romsterwell docker is one way, there is rocket and lxd as well dlcusa00:57
Romsteri want to try out lxd at some point00:58
Romsterif this works i'll have a docker crux 3.3 image done that actually works.00:58
Romsteris uploading it now00:58
dlcusaI _like_ libvirt and I hate for the systemd mindthink crowd to make it hard to keep free, but I was thinking it wasn't feasible to use it anymore.00:59
ryu0i setup LXD on ubuntu server recently. it was failure painless to setup and deploy.01:00
nullspoondlcusa: I was working on something away from my compy. My ports repo is published on the crux ports db.01:00
nullspoonMy current libvirt version is 2.5.001:00
Romster&^&^( my slow net speeds, i could stick the file on a sd card and post it in the snailmail faster than this upload is going01:01
dlcusaThanks, nullspoon, you just showed me a bug in my repo management infrastructure!01:02
nullspoonYou're welcome?01:02
Romsterwhat would that be dlcusa ?01:03
nullspoonNot sure what I did, but sure.01:03
dlcusaYes, I like to find my bugs so I can rectify them.01:03
nullspoonWhat bug did you find?01:03
Romstersame and i test everything in a container for build errors01:03
dlcusaYou pointed out your nullspoon/libvirt port that was inisible to me and should not have been.01:04
Romstermissing dependencies etc.01:04
Romsteri went over xorg to clean that up ages ago to01:04
Romsteri am pretty sure that would be a configure time option in debians package01:04
Romsterunless upstream libvirt were dicks about it.01:05
nullspoondlcusa: How do you mean it was invisible?01:05
Romsterthat's the biggest worry that i told i thin nullspoon yesterday... what if ports start depending on systemd.01:05
Romsternullspoon, finally got on portdb :)01:06
dlcusaI have scripts that grab repo changes every time I want to do ports u.  It wasn't tracking nullspoon so I need to find out why and keep that kind of error from recurring.01:06
nullspoonOhhh. Okay.01:07
Romsterbtw nullspoon you need to change your http server mime type for Pkgfile .md5sum .footprint basically everything in your ports/ so it's plain/text01:07
Romsternoting worse than hitting say the P on portdb and having to download it01:08
Romsterthan to view it in the browser01:08
nullspoonRomster: I've been meaning to do that. Thanks for the reminder. I'll take care of that now.01:08
Romsterno problem01:09
dlcusaromster, depending on systemd code is one thing--processes are quite another (not that I like either, though protecting virtual consoles would be nice).01:11
Romsterhaving systemd as a dependency is like a foot in the door to me.01:13
Romsterwhats to stop them going hey now you need the init from systemd to do this.01:14
Romsterno thank you01:14
dlcusaExactly.  I think that's their strategy.  They want all of GNU/Linux requiring their "solution".01:15
Romstercrap this failed again :/01:15
Romsterfixed the /dev nodes in it to hmm.01:15
Romstertheir solution is going to explode and be unmaintianable01:16
nullspoonOkay. My mime types are fixed for Pkgfile, README, .md5sum, and .footprint. Thanks again for the reminder.01:16
dlcusaWell, we're still waiting for that.  Soon would be nice.01:16
Romsteralso for shell and patch files nullspoon ?01:17
Romsterlike pre-install post-install .patch .diff01:17
nullspoonRomster: What are you uploading? Would it maybe help to have a relay or temporary rsync server to jump from?01:17
Romsterjust rootfs tarball for docker in this case. but i do tons of uploading to server.01:18
Romsteras i build stuff here and upload it01:18
jaegerdlcusa: what you use is your choice. CRUX has no bearing on what the proper solution is01:19
nullspoonRomster: Okay. Just thought I'd offer. My vps has a great network connection and I'd be happy to serve an rsync connection so you could resume on failures.01:20
nullspoonBut sounds like you've got access to that already.01:20
Romsteri do but at some point i want to get some daemons running to service versionsort.com01:21
dlcusajaeger, you can't use xyzzy if it has so many undesireable dependencies you simply don't have the time to fork off what you need unless someone else withnthe same itch does have the time.01:21
nullspoonRomster: Also, now it has .pl, .sh, .py, .rb, .patch, .diff, .txt, LICENSE, etc.01:22
jaegerThat doesn't change that CRUX does not dictate the way you solve the problem01:22
jaegerdocker, libvirt, etc. - CRUX doesn't determine those deps01:22
Romsteralso: README pre-install post-install, that should cover the majority01:23
dlcusaYou are speeking of CRUX in the OS concept sense, not in the CRUX is running on a box that now needs xyzzy.01:23
nullspoonGot those too01:23
jaegerthat's serious hair-splitting, heh01:23
nullspoonIt's just a big list of the common files I serve now that are plain text.01:23
nullspooner, file extensions01:24
jaegerMy point was that the docker vs. libvirt thing is YOUR choice01:24
jaegerThat's all01:24
dlcusaIf CRUX did not have such a microscopic mindshare vis-a-vis systemd OSes, it would't be so painful.01:24
dlcusaIt is a choice I need to evaluate, that is certain.01:25
Romsterwhat end users do to there systems is up to them.01:25
jaegersomeone even played with systemd on crux if I remember correctly. horrorstruck, maybe?01:26
dlcusaWho here maintains eudev?01:26
Romsterwhat we include in official repositories for crux is up to the crux devs01:26
Romsteryeah i think that was correct jaeger01:26
Romsterand i among others played with runit in crux01:26
nullspoonhorrorstruck sounds like an appropriate name for someone who's played with getting systemd on a system that doesn't already support it.01:27
jaegerI think he was horrorstruck before that :)01:27
dlcusaDeranged sounds more descriptive.01:27
nullspoonRomster: Heh. Forgot another one. REPO files.01:28
Romsteroh yes REPO needed for httpup01:28
nullspoonGot it added now.01:28
nullspoonSo, what was your opinion on runit? I was digging through alternatives to old-style and happened upon void linux, which uses it. Looks like it solves some of the problems with the old style.01:29
nullspoonI haven't played with it much yet, though I thought about trying to get it running on my system here. Should be a fun weekend project.01:30
pedjalibvirt runs just fine on Crux.Yes, it was a bit of pain to package :)01:34
dlcusaThe CRUX philosophy versus the OS that hopefully has the ports you need or that upstream software you need can be easily ported or you can easily write that software yourself withnthe resources you have available.01:35
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pedja'no such thing as free lunch'[tm]01:36
dlcusaIn many situations CRUX is more desireable but infeasible due to available resources.01:37
dlcusaTime mostly.01:38
nullspoonRomster: You said nscd isn't running on your system, yes?01:38
dlcusaMAybe you have the funds to hire somebody to help you.01:39
pedjato do what, exactly?01:39
dlcusaDeploy CRUX-based IT solutions.01:40
pedjawhat does that even mean?what solutions you have in mind?01:41
pedjayou can use Crux as a DNS/web/whatever server as is01:42
pedjait's the Lego of OS :)01:43
pedjayou get solid, stable foundation to build on01:43
dlcusaGot to run--I'm nursing my wife who is recovering from open heart surgery--major timesink.01:44
pedjadamn.good luck to both of you.01:45
pedjaI see no replies to the very cryptic bug report on the Crux ML.I wonder why.01:52
pedjamaybe 'Wine won't run my game.Help.' is just not enough information?Nah.01:55
Romsternullspoon, nscd is not running on my system02:00
Romster$ ps aux |grep nscd02:00
Romsterromster  28950  0.0  0.0  13932  2168 pts/9    S+   13:00   0:00 grep nscd02:00
nullspoonWell shewt02:02
nullspoonI'm really perplexed here. I've completely rebuilt everything on my system. I still can't get firefox to resolve endpoints without nscd running02:03
jaegerDoes it still happen if you reinstall firefox from ISO? or even firefox, nspr, and nss02:09
nullspoonDunno. I haven't tried that yet. You did just give me an idea. I'll install firefox from iso in just a bit.02:11
nullspoonjaeger: I don't think you were in here when I was talking to Romster about this last night. There isn't any need to help unless you want to. I'm just trying to troubleshoot to learn why this might be happening. If it comes down to it, I'll just fresh install with the 3.3 iso.02:12
jaegerI'm not even sure nss or nspr would make a difference, just guessing02:12
jaegerfair enough02:12
nullspoonAs I told Romster, no need to tear your hair out with me.  :)02:12
nullspoonYour help is of course welcomed though.02:12
Romsteri would build a 3.3 version of firefox for oyu but right now docker is not behaving02:15
nullspoonThanks very much.02:17
nullspoonJust curious, when you ran that ps for nscd, did you have firefox running?02:18
nullspoonI'm wondering if it doesn't start its own instance of it configured to check for the socket in userspace rather than /var/run. Could be way off base though.02:18
jaegerhrmm, I wonder how long it'll take to build on 20 2.4GHz cores02:20
Romsternullspoon, firefox is running when i ran that ps aux02:21
Romster$ ps aux |egrep '(firefox|nscd)'02:22
Romsterromster   3852 13.5 11.2 2103700 918360 ?      Sl   Dec26 128:38 firefox02:22
Romsterromster  29406  0.0  0.0  13936  2120 pts/9    S+   13:22   0:00 grep -E (firefox|nscd)02:22
Romsterso yeah i dunno nothing starts nscd on my system not even firefox.02:22
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jaeger17m7s with -j20, though probably 3 minutes of that were building the package tarball and footprint :P02:37
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SiFuh_anyone know of any good software for reading magnetic stripe cards under linux?03:13
SiFuh_Stripe Snoop never seems to work.03:13
_JCI've never used magnetic stripes, sorry03:14
SiFuh_You making me feel old03:14
_JCI heard that some of them just decode as audio tones and a computer turns them into actual data03:18
_JCseems like such a jerry-rig type thing03:19
SiFuh_like a software modem03:20
_JCah modems are so awesome03:20
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SiFuh_I remember buying the 56K PCI Master hardware Modem and the manual said, if you are having trouble connecting to the internet please take a look at this "website".03:23
_JC56k is fast03:24
_JCwho needs websites03:24
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_JClets go back to just TCP and leaving a connection open with the greeting " Just leave a message in the buffer"03:25
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SiFuh_I still think IRC is the best03:27
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_JCI feel like IRC is over-complicated03:32
_JCI've never really looked into the protocol though03:32
ryu0i'll take irc over a proprietary protocol any day.03:32
_JCyeah IRC is better than proprietary anything03:33
_JCalthough what proprietary software even compares to IRC?03:34
ryu0some people prefer skype, google hangouts, etc, which allow more than just text.03:34
_JCBulletin Board Systems though03:35
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Phonester2if you want funky take a look at cut down irc protocol with its API interface. weird how they have done that.03:53
Phonester2it wont even send the nick list unless you set a capability03:54
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SiFuh_why is it everytime I buy a new mobilephone, I have to dismantle it and make a new antenna since those fsckers can't be bothered making decent 4G LTE antennas?06:03
Romsteryou can do that?06:15
brian|lfsdon't get an IPhone if you want a good antenna lol06:16
ryu0you'd think for the price they demand, they could stand to put one in.06:17
Anselmobut they need to be thin and light and snazzy!06:17
ryu0Anselmo: the pursuit of fragility. :)06:18
Anselmowell, you'll just get a new one in a few years, anyway06:18
Anselmoonce a year is probably ideal. . .just to keep up to date06:19
Romsteri've repaired so many iphones it's ridiculous06:20
ryu0i still think this joke is relevant now.06:21
ryu0Apple's biggest innovation was their product name prefix: i[foo].06:22
Anselmowell, honestly modern cell phones seem to be as much fasion items as tools06:23
SiFuh_Romster: yes you can. Just need to cut and drill and solder and measure, and calculate  :-)06:23
Romsteri love this skit06:25
SiFuh_Romster: I refuse to repair iPhone. However, with that being said. My close friend asked me to look at his iphone 6 that won't turn on.06:25
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*** xcko_ has joined #crux06:25
Romsterdock connector and/or battery is gone or the lcd is dead.06:26
Romsterother than those it's dead jim06:26
SiFuh_HAHAHA laughing at the video you posted06:26
SiFuh_i think it is battery06:26
Romsterbattery is very common. especially after it's been dropped06:27
Romsterbattery seems to fracture.06:27
Romsterfunny as hell isn't it SiFuh06:28
SiFuh_already made antenna for the Ulefone Power, now making one for the Freetel Musashi06:31
SiFuh_WTF? I am looking at the Japanese 4G LTE antenna that comes with this phone. It is just a 3mm * 4mm metal foil06:51
Romsteri'd love to see pictures of your antenna06:52
Romsteri got the samsung s506:52
SiFuh_I will need an email.06:52
ryu0ACTION watches as this turns into an antenna-measuring contest.06:52
Romsterand i've seen every antenna in iphones from 34,4s,5,5s,5c,6,6 plus, 6s,6s plus06:53
Romsterno 7's as of yet.06:53
Romsterhas to have a SWR of 106:53
Romsterand it depends on what frequency of 4G you use.06:54
Romsterthere is like 3 or 4 bands?06:54
Romsterand then it even depends on what mobile carrier you use06:54
SiFuh_I use ethernet cable and Telstra T-Box wifi antenna06:55
Romsterhere it's either the optus or telstra network, sure there is other companies but they use the optus towers06:55
Romsterokay no idea how you fit that.06:55
SiFuh_I use lyca and amaysim. Amaysim on optus virtual and lyca on telstra virtual, really really bad..06:55
SiFuh_When I get your email, you will see the photo and know how it is done06:56
Romsterbe interested since i work on phones. and i know antenna stuff and i can do many things with electronics.06:57
Romstermessing with RF is pretty much engineer level stuff.06:57
Romsterit's not something you can do with tin foil.06:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: elfutils: 0.166 -> 0.16707:01
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: elfutils-32: 0.166 -> 0.16707:02
SiFuh_sent Romster07:11
SiFuh_i didn't send a separate phot of the 4g LTE japanese antenna but if you want i can, most mobiles are SDR these days07:13
SiFuh_and you should receive 2 emails07:13
Romstergot them SiFuh07:25
Romsterthat sort of wire isn't shielded07:26
SiFuh_suprising how good the signal gets07:26
Romsteryou need coax07:26
SiFuh_nope dont want the wire is the antenna07:27
Romsterthe antenna is that little pcb07:27
SiFuh_its both07:27
SiFuh_both wire and pcb work as 1 to get the best length07:28
Romsterso that wire length is a exact length?07:28
Romsterfor the wavelength07:28
SiFuh_not exact but very close07:28
Romsterthat length of cable probably is a few wavelengths long07:29
SiFuh_yeah  the cable plus PCB should be about 6 inches07:29
SiFuh_my house is perfect for testing  2 story underground07:31
RomsterThe LTE standard covers a range of many different bands, each of which is designated by both a frequency and a band number. In North America, 700, 750, 800, 850, 1900, 1700/2100 (AWS), 2300 (WCS) 2500 and 2600 MHz (Rogers Communications, Bell Canada) are used (bands 2, 4, 5, 7, 12, 13, 17, 25, 26, 30, 41); 2500 MHz in South America; 700, 800, 900, 1800, 2600 MHz in Europe (bands 3, 7, 20);[113][114] 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz in Asia (bands 1, 3, 5, 7,07:33
Romster8, 11, 13, 40)[115][116] and 1800 MHz and 2300 MHz in Australia[117][118] and New Zealand (bands 3, 40).[119] As a result, phones from one country may not work in other countries. Users will need a multi-band capable phone for roaming internationally.07:33
Romsteranyways 1.8Ghz is 16.7 centimeters07:34
SiFuh_about 6.5 inches07:35
SiFuh_ok time for the test07:35
Romsterthey make an inductor to make the antenna shorter but that also reduces range.07:35
SiFuh_haha we got signal! ;-)07:36
SiFuh_always makes me happy when it works07:36
Romsterso it is noticeably stronger?07:40
SiFuh_by only 3 bars when was 0 before07:41
Romsteri would prefer a coaxel cable to the plug and then to a antenna that goes up and down the case or even around the outside edge07:41
SiFuh_wrap it in foil ;-)07:42
Romsteri have built some antennas and this is crudely done.07:42
Romsterbut if it works07:42
SiFuh_I have seen some pretty good tin foil antennas08:03
SiFuh__JC: got MSR206 working with wine ;-)09:03
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SiFuh_Romster: it is not working on the Japanese phone. :-/11:06
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frinnstthats what I suffer with at work11:23
frinnstload average: 6.53, 6.69, 6.5011:23
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dlcusaThe latest Missing Package Report is available at -- if you have a repo, check this for any issues with your ports.11:55
retardthank you12:15
frinnstwhere are you fetching the MissingPackage names from?12:20
frinnstlibasound2-dev doesnt sound crux'ish12:21
retardpresumably the package files themselves12:24
retard for instance12:24
dlcusafrinnst, the Depends On objects in the port's Pkgfile.12:25
dlcusaI get the Pkgfiles by running ports u with an exhaustive prtdir list in /etc/prt-get.conf.12:29
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dlcusaNote nogagplz and pitillo entries appear twice because I managed to get two prtdir statements for them in my prt-get.conf (now fixed).12:52
Romsteri'm not sure how you are getting this list12:55
dlcusaromster, bash and gawk scripts I wrote.12:56
Romsterand kf5 not there?12:56
Romstercat /etc/ports/kf5.git12:56
Romsteri forgot to fix my ports up from last report..12:57
dlcusaAll I know is ports u isn't installing a kf5 in my /usr/ports tree.12:59
Romsternot without git being installed12:59
dlcusaI have git installed.  Are you talking about an /etc/ports driver?13:00
Romsterthat is in git port.13:00
Romsterfor the /etc/ports/drivers/git opt/git13:01
dlcusaMy box uses the opt git port.13:01
Romsterand then it'll work on kf513:01
dlcusaportdb has kp4, no kf5, for the brief time I've been using CRUX.13:04
Romsterit's not published there no.13:05
Romsterit should get listed though tsaop ^13:05
dlcusaSo how do normal CRUXers get that driver?  Ditto xfce these days?13:05
Romstergit driver or something else?13:07
dlcusaWhere is it documented in the Handbook?13:07
Romsterxfce e and kde4 are not documented. i think it only lists openbox or something in the manual13:08
Romsterbeen ages since i've even looked at that13:09
Romsteror it might just use dwm?13:09
dlcusaFor many of us newbies, it's all we've got to go by.13:09
Romsterall i can say is sepen or alan has not updated kde or xfec4 in quite some time.13:10
Romsterprobably mate or i3 that jaeger maintains or kd5 is more likely to work, thin e18 or e19 about to, but i haven't looked at that in awhile.13:12
dlcusaI'd say if portdb doesn't know about it, that's a big problem--portdb should be the canonical source.13:13
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*** kori has joined #crux13:22
xckomy 2c, I'm with dlcusa suggesting that portdb should be the primo source, but as romster showed, writing a driver is super simple13:23
korihappy holidays, everyone13:26
xckothanks you too13:27
SiFuh_I had to work13:27
SiFuh_i am doing sign language that you don't want to know kori ;-)13:27
koriflipping the bird?13:28
SiFuh_no that bird is dead13:28
SiFuh_more like hurling an elephant13:28
korihopefully your new years is gonna be better13:28
SiFuh_working too13:28
xckowell whenever you have a day off, hope there's no birds or elephants13:29
SiFuh_thanks ;-) that was an awesome reply.13:30
SiFuh_hope you have a good one too13:30
korithanks I appreciate that13:31
SiFuh_so does the elephant and bird13:31
xckohurled or dead as they may be13:34
SiFuh_telstra cut 2g during december13:35
SiFuh_there 4g is great13:35
SiFuh_for them... shittiest 4g ever!13:35
*** blueness has joined #crux13:35
xcko2g < 4g? did it get better?13:39
xckonot to say a shitty connection doesn't suck - but improvements are nice13:40
SiFuh_4g is crap13:40
SiFuh_it has not coverage13:41
Romster4G is for data only not for voice calls13:41
Romsterthat still uses 3G13:41
SiFuh_and yet advertised as improved, yet they haven't improved the network, just updated software13:41
SiFuh_yes where is 3G?13:41
Romster3G is everywhere13:42
SiFuh_guess what it isn't13:42
Romsterand 2G was?13:42
SiFuh_here in QLD it was13:43
SiFuh_we had to upgrade all our systems to 4G lost thousands of dollars due to connecton issues13:43
SiFuh_in April Optus will do the same13:44
Romsteryeah optus is turning off 2G soon13:44
SiFuh_telstr shut it down December 1st 201613:44
xckowhat's the thinking behind turning it off?13:45
SiFuh_lack of users13:46
SiFuh_but i think it is force people to catch up with modern tech13:46
SiFuh_i loved my Nokia 331013:46
*** blueness has quit IRC13:47
*** blueness has joined #crux13:49
SiFuh_2 TB13:49
SiFuh_microSD Card Support13:49
SiFuh_since when has micro SD created a 2 TB card?13:50
xckowow 2TB on a phone?13:50
xckothat's insane13:50
Romsteri can't even fill my 128GB microsd card on my phone...13:51
SiFuh_i have a 32gb it is kind a full13:52
xckomy laptop is only 120G...13:52
SiFuh_you can run your entire comp on an sd card ;-)13:52
xckoflash memory too!13:53
SiFuh_Aparrently "LG" makes one13:56
SiFuh_Sony Xperia Z5 Premium [E6853]13:58
SiFuh_51 hehe ;-)14:01
xckodoes it include a cell tower? can't use it otherwise14:14
xckoI've discovered some ip cameras that I think require activex. anyway I can access them from crux?14:16
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*** OxFEEDBACC has joined #crux14:46
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xckoies4linux complained about needing winecreateprefix, something that apparently existed in wine 0.9.x when it was last updated, but not 1.9.x15:08
xckothanks though15:08
xckoI'm thinking maybe tapping the rtsp stream directly might be easier15:09
pedjathis is so cool
pedjafrinnst, have you seen this
frinnstyep :-)15:19
frinnstthanks though15:19
*** ubuuu has quit IRC15:19
frinnstim toying with the idea of buying a zorro ethernet card15:39
frinnstx-surf - blistering 100mbit performance15:40
frinnstbut its a bit too non-cheap perhaps15:40
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john_cephalopodaCyanogenMod ceased to exist.16:09
*** ubuuu has quit IRC16:10
john_cephalopodaThere is practically no info on that.16:12
frinnstits a fork16:12
john_cephalopodaWell, yeah. But it is not supported by a company any more and nobody knows who is still working on it.16:14
*** ubuuu has joined #crux16:25
pedja "not supported by a company any more and nobody knows who is still working on it" <---95% of Android phones, once you buy them16:42
pedjayeah, hall of shame will teach vendors a lesson, Google.Riiiight.16:44
*** emmett1 has quit IRC16:45
frinnstit might though, if it would get lots of publicity16:45
*** emmett1 has joined #crux16:46
pedjayeah, Samsung got a lot of that this year :)16:47
frinnstisnt it just lovely? every single wordpress installation is currently vulnerable to a remote code exploit16:47
john_cephalopodapedja: ?17:13
john_cephalopodapedja: Ah.17:13
pedjathe 'joys of using $200 programming font' article really sparked the debate on HN :)17:16
john_cephalopodaThat looks like a hipster font.17:18
pedjanah, hipsters don't use mass produced stuff.17:19
pedjafont from a small Italian font foundry is $1000.17:20
john_cephalopodaI can get a good computer for that price, plus a few thousand open fonts.17:21
pedjaI only need 2, Source{Pro,Code}17:22
pedjathank you, Adobe17:23
john_cephalopodaI use whatever qtcreator and geany use.17:23
pedjasystem default, I would guess17:24
pedjahis router is more powerful than my desktop machine...17:27
*** xcko has quit IRC17:31
pedjabut my machine keeps me warm on cold nights, so there is that17:32
*** _JC has quit IRC17:34
frinnstwin win17:43
*** druid_droid has quit IRC17:48
*** druid_droid has joined #crux18:03
druid_droidhello, should port system get the source from up stream, have a costum script that extracts and commit to a local git repo and tag with a version,18:04
druid_droidor should git repo be updated from up stream and port system get the source from local version18:04
druid_droidI'm thinking to have everything under git, localy, if each project is mirrored can grow big, if I maintain via port sistem each new port version will be a commit and a tag with a version18:05
john_cephalopodadruid_droid: The 6c37 has a standardized way to do that.18:06
druid_droidactualy I use their ports, but don't have realize that,18:06
druid_droidis more information on their github page ?18:06
john_cephalopodaHere is an example one.18:07
john_cephalopodaThey actually make a tool that enables people to easily create ports, it can be found at
druid_droidbut this is for X windows ?18:08
john_cephalopoda"mkport" in the folder "utils"18:08
john_cephalopodaYou mean mkport? It is a CLI program that asks a few questions and generates a skeleton Pkgfile.18:10
druid_droiddo they have a "page" or is just github, it seems they also have a wiki18:10
druid_droidoh, no18:10
druid_droidI'm automating things here, I'm building a deploy script for gitolite18:10
druid_droidand I will also have scripts managing clones of central gitolite server,18:11
druid_droidI was thinking to have all the sources used by the port system (pkgmk, prt-get) being hosted on central git18:12
druid_droidAt this moment they are at /srv/ports/distfiles with repeating code for each version of a port18:12
druid_droidBy having all the sources centralized and organized on git is easy to browse the sources, see versions, what changed, make a branch make fixes, deploy that branch and share fixes to upstream18:14
druid_droidand avoid repeating tar's at /usr/ports/distfiles, this way is easy only to have one from last commit on local git,18:15
*** blueness has quit IRC18:16
*** blueness has joined #crux18:21
pedjagit doesn't like binary files (tarballs and such) very much18:56
*** sonophilia has joined #crux18:56
*** tsaop has joined #crux18:56
tsaopI solved the problem with the pink icons in GTK218:57
tsaopthe culprit was llvm 3.9.118:57
tsaopreverting to 3.9.0 fixed the problem18:57
tsaoprelevant bug report:
*** ubuuu has quit IRC19:04
dlcusaromster, frinnst, jaeger, jue, once I created /etc/ports/kf5.git, I was able to add those ports to the mix.  Before I rebuild the report, are there any other missing repos I should be tracking?19:05
*** tsaop has quit IRC19:40
dlcusaHere's the updated Missing Packages Report including the kf5 hits and misses:
jaegerpedja: I have a similar small router, though I didn't build it quite from parts as he did... used an OEM production 2550l2d20:00
jaegerworks great as a pfsense box20:00
pedja <--this one?20:01
jaegeryeah, looks right.20:05
korihey jaeger20:08
pedjanice.any issues with Broadcom NICs?20:11
jaegerNope. They're a pretty common flavor, well-supported20:11
pedjaor did you put quad Intel 10gbit you had collecting dust ;) ?20:11
jaegerIt's not big enough for any expansion cards except for a mini-pcie wireless card or similar20:12
pedjaah, bad.20:12
jaegerThe freebsd bge driver is solid20:12
joacim that's cheaper than my pc engines board20:12
jaegerYeah. I've used a couple pc engines boards in the past and they work great, but they're a bit expensive20:14
pedjabtw, jaeger, since you maintain go and docker ports, are you interested in up o date docker-machine port :) ?20:14
jaegerI don't use docker-machine so I don't think I could adequately test it20:15
pedjaOK.I updated prologic's one just for the hell of it.20:17
jaegerYou could take it over, he's retired20:17
pedjacan't test it properly.20:18
pedjait has a bunch of drivers. DO, Azure, EC2, VBox, but no intention of doing libvirt, so :)20:21
frinnstI should start playing with my apu2. its quietly sitting in a corner not doing anything20:23
*** ubuuu has joined #crux20:26
*** ubuuu has quit IRC20:33
*** samsep10l has joined #crux20:37
joacimgot an rpi3 doing that now20:38
joacima bit cheaper than an apu2 so i didnt waste too much on something doing nothing20:38
samsep10lHi, anyone have tried run wine on crux-32 x86_64 successfully? I got a lot of errors :(20:39
joacimdont think i've ever built wine on crux20:39
john_cephalopodadlcusa: kf5? Nice! I always got problems because some part of kf is missing (e.g. when I am compiling krita).20:45
jaegersamsep10l: errors during compile or run?20:49
samsep10lduring run20:49
jaegerpastebin a log, maybe someone will know. I haven't used wine in some time, myself20:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: nginx: updated to version 1.11.820:54
*** lounge has quit IRC20:54
jaegerdoes it fail with both 32-bit and 64-bit prefixes?20:58
samsep10lonly fail during 64-bit prefixes, in 32-bit with WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 WINEARCH=win32 wine wincfg run just fine21:01
jaegerhrmm, sounds like a wine bug, might want to check their issues21:03
jaegercheck with Romster when he's around, too21:04
samsep10li'll check wine irc to get more info. Thank you jaeger21:08
jaegerwelcome, good luck21:08
jaegerI sorta remember gcc 5.something causing a similar problem but I don't remember if that was the same or if it was solved21:08
samsep10li don't know :( well, i'll hope that wine team can help me, but i'll try check it with Romster anyway21:40
*** Guest0842 has joined #crux22:14
*** samsep10l has quit IRC22:14
*** Guest0842 has left #crux ()22:15
*** druid_droid has quit IRC22:32
*** druid_droid has joined #crux22:34
pedjadebugging ssh issues is *so* fun.thank $deity for 'ssh -vvv'22:36
pedjaas it turns out, it was an issue on Bitbucket side.22:37
pedjawhen does the raffle for git repos on brand spanking new start?22:41
pedjas/raffle/Battle Royale22:44
frinnstno raffle. not enough storage for that22:47
frinnstatleast not for random user-repos22:47
frinnst~250gb only22:48
frinnst/dev/md2        177G  498M  168G   1% /home22:48
frinnst177 even22:48
pedjathat's still local, or did you hook it up at the DC?22:49
pedjaone of these days I'll have to properly clean up my XFCE repo.22:53
pedjaafter 3.3 is out, probably22:54
frinnstlocal storage. temporaily hosted at work22:54
frinnstit will be moved to kalmarndc where the current server is hosted when we are done setting it up22:54
pedjahave you decided on which wiki/bug tracker will you be using on it?22:57
frinnstthink so. dunno22:57
pedjaI am out of coffee, and it's too cold outside to go to the store, so zzz.22:58
*** fengshaun has quit IRC23:01
*** fengshaun has joined #crux23:03
*** onodera has quit IRC23:10
*** onodera has joined #crux23:10
*** john_cephalopoda has left #crux ("Trees can see into your soul.")23:37
brian|lfsgood to see more people the past few days23:41
brian|lfsin here23:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 2.0-rc1 -> 2.0-rc223:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 2.0-rc2 -> 2.0-rc323:42
koribrian|lfs: aye cheers23:43

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