IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2016-12-29

onoderaoh no a boost update00:12
Romstersamsepi0l, only fromt he steam on wine but adding -no-cef-sandbox is a workaround for that.00:15
Romsternative steam just works for me.00:15
Romsterit gets worse onodera00:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] icu: 56.1 -> 58.2 check broken ports with revdep and rebuild00:18
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pedjaI've been using Crux for years, and just now it occured to me that 'prt-get sysup' sorts ports by dependency before building about slow.01:34
pedjaslow me, not prt-get01:35
jaegerpedja: :D01:45
jaegerjoacim: I redid the mITX loop with a separated reservoir and pump... it's a little goofy-looking but organic01:46
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jaegerI'll upload some pictures after I get it reassembled01:55
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vsteveis anyone still running crux 2.8?02:01
vsteveI'm trying to get wifi working on an i686 machine and I noticed the conspicuous absense of the wlan script02:02
jaegerwhy 2.8, out of curiosity?02:04
jaegerYou could just create the wlan script but maybe it appeared after 2.802:04
ryu0was it crus 2.9 when you went to amd64?02:04
jaegerthere were various 64-bit versions of crux offered by users in the past. danm, nipul, frinnst at least all had their own versions02:05
jaeger3.0 was the first official02:05
vsteveI'm running on this weird...little fujitsu thing02:06
vsteveit's like an atom-class cpu, but it's like RIGHT before that02:06
vsteveSilverthorne or something like that02:07
vsteveso i686 is the only way to go02:07
jaegerYeah, I figured that much02:07
vstevebut if there's a way I can get 3.2 in i686, I'd be tickled02:07
jaegerBut there's an unofficial 3.2 i68602:07
vsteve....tell me more02:07
vstevewell holy crap02:07
jaegerI probably need to boot up the build VM and update some ports but it's there02:07
vstevethat'd make life a little easier02:07
vstevethanks for that02:08
ryu0jaeger: you use a VM? i gave Romster access to my LXD service running on my server and he's been using it to do some software builds.02:08
jaegerI use lots of VMs, ryu0. All the ISO builds and most of my testing happens in VMs02:09
ryu0Ah. Valid point.02:09
jaegerI've got a small vmware home lab for it02:09
ryu0containers don't allow you to test the install process.02:09
ryu0jaeger: does crux plan to ship rootfs tarballs? they're more convenient for setting up all sorts of install targets.02:11
jaeger17 VMs currently in the lab02:11
jaegerI don't think it's come up before, really. It's trivial to install a quick root with pkgadd and the ISO, though02:12
ryu0ah, but it means i have to spinup a VM to do it. i guess it's a small price to pay considering how infrequently crux makes releases.02:13
jaegerYou don't necessarily need a VM to do it... though maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're trying to do02:13
ryu0jaeger: do I? i need an environment that can boot the ISO.02:13
jaegeror another linux on which you could run static pkgutils02:14
jaeger(which are included on the ISO)02:14
ryu0i don't know enough about crux obviously. it's been like 8 years.02:14
jaegerOR you can build pkgutils on another linux if you feel like it02:14
jaegerSo if you mounted up the ISO and had the static pkgutils available, you could do something like:02:14
jaegermkdir -pv $ROOTFS/var/lib/pkg; touch $ROOTFS/var/lib/pkg/db02:15
jaegerfor P in /path/to/iso/mount/crux/core/*.pkg.tar.xz; do /path/to/pkgadd -r $ROOTFS $P; done02:15
ryu0ok. i'm just used to assuming i have to use the distribution's actual environment since not all of them are capable of installing from another target.02:16
jaegerworst case scenario you could simple untar the package tarballs into a folder02:16
jaegerno package database created that way but it would still work02:17
ryu0yea. i'm just exploring how to make proper LXD images for crux.02:17
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jaegerfor reference I created my local docker crux images this way... made a rootfs dir, installed core packages, tarred it up and 'docker import'ed it02:18
ryu0jaeger: btw, do you have any idea when crux will finish 3.3?02:19
jaegerfairly soon, I imagine. rc1 is available now02:19
ryu0so january sometime?02:19
jaegerI think so02:19
ryu0crux's simplicity plays well for these containers. smaller images.02:20
brian|lfsgetting a headache why can't I connect to my raspberry pi on ssh its enabled02:24
joacimjaeger: have to be careful when moving systems with watercooling?02:24
pedjajaeger, you could write all that stuff about creating Crux rootfs in the wiki, you know :)02:24
jaegerNot particularly, unless you've done something flimsy with the setup, I guess02:25
jaegerpedja: perhaps so :)02:25
joacimguessing the reservoirs are sealed mostly02:25
joacimgot a couple of 6TB drives for the server, but now I kinda regret it02:25
jaegerwhy's that?02:25
pedjabrian|lfs, 'ssh -vvv' ftw02:26
joacimJust me thinking it would be better to buy two 4TB ones, and replace my current raid 1 array with a raid 10 array with btrfs02:26
joacimbut i guess it's just regret from having spent money02:27
jaegerheh, fair enough02:27
pedjaicu, I see that you broke a lot of stuff, you naughty library.02:27
pedjaqt5 is always fun to build...02:28
pedjabrian|lfs, pass '-vvv' to ssh, that will tell you what is wrong, why it can't connect to rpi02:29
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pedjamaybe it's off ;)02:30
pedjawith some devices I use putty to connect to them.02:33
brian|lfswell something is screwy02:35
brian|lfsmay be taking my pi apart again02:35
brian|lfsseeing I just changed the password forgetting my keympas where wrong02:35
pedjapass for rpi?02:37
jaegercould you temporarily change the keymap and type it in, then change it back to fix it?02:38
brian|lfsyes I changed it thinking maybe was a secuirty thing and now I can't log into it lol02:38
brian|lfswell I can't log into it locally and ssh isn'02:38
brian|lfst working02:38
pedjawhat do you ran on rpi, raspbian (that Debian based thingie)?02:40
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vstevehey so about that i686 3.202:51
vstevefstab looks REAL weird02:52
vsteveand...lilo seems to be missing02:52
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jaegershould be in its usual /usr/ports/core02:53
jaegerand weird how?02:53
vstevefstab looks completely different02:53
vsteveit's like 3 lines02:53
vsteveI',m ....god I need more sleep02:54
vsteve*hair on fire*02:54
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: qtwebkit: 5.7.0 -> 5.7.103:49
Romster;O=D for those that don't want to wait the long arse time to rebuild03:49
xckodamn thanks. Is there some way to verify the build?03:57
Romsterin what way?03:57
Romsteri've been meaning to sign.03:58 belongs to me03:58
xckodid the binary get corrupted in transit?03:59
xckoyeah a sig would be nice03:59
Romsteri can make sums for it for the time being.03:59
Romsterbeen thinking ot looka t pkg-get see if that can fetch and verify built packages04:00
Romsterto look at*04:00
xckothat'd be great04:01
Romsterjaeger, can you make a howto of the steps you do to get a docker image? I can't for the likes of me get crux-3.3 to work and i got the rootfs done here.
Romsteri even replaced the udev /dev/ nodes with static nodes for it to work and no go.04:05
jaegercrux                 3.3                 f94dbbd29690        29 hours ago        441.2 MB04:06
jaegerWhat part of it is failing?04:06
Romsterit wont start...04:06
jaegerI just installed packages into a rootfs dir and then did something like (cd rootfs && tar cvf - . | docker import - crux:3.3)04:06
Romsterit keeps saying containered not running. and yet crux 3.2 works here.04:07
jaegerprobably something funky with the command you gave it, I guess04:07
Romsteri manualyl did this
jaegerI usually just run mine with /bin/bash, which is fine04:07
Romstertar --numeric-owner \04:07
Romster    --exclude=/etc/mtab \04:07
Romster    --exclude=/root/.bash_history \04:07
Romster    -P -cJf rootfs.tar.xz \04:07
Romster-C $ROOTFS ./04:07
jaegerNot sure any of that is particularly necessary04:08
Romsterand that then docker build .04:08
Romsterand when i run it...04:08
jaegerI didn't mess with dev at all04:08
Romsteryeah it wont starty04:08
jaegernor a Dockerfile04:08
Romstercan i have your exact commands for the rootfs please, maybe i am doing something wrong.04:09
Romsteri know the Dockerfile itself is correct.04:09
jaegermkdir -pv $ROOTFS/var/lib/pkg; touch $ROOTFS/var/lib/pkg/db; for P in /mnt/loop/crux/core/*.pkg.tar.xz; do pkgadd -r $ROOTFS $P; done04:09
jaegercd $ROOTFS && tar cvf - . | docker import - crux:3.304:10
jaegerUsed that as a base image, then made my own modifications for a builder image as well04:10
jaegeradded a pkgmk group and a builder user, set up sudo and pkgmk/pkgadd/prt-get04:11
Romstersi that it then why am i going wrong and where is your modifications for /dev ?04:12
Romstertar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors, and that's from tar cvf - . | docker import - crux:3.304:17
Romsterand i have the base here already done from rootfs.04:17
jaegerI did nothing with /dev04:17
Romsterif that's the case my minimal Dockerfile should of just worked.04:17
Romsteroh that tar did work it says that as no more input04:18
Romster$ docker run -t -i crux --name crux-3.304:19
Romsterdocker: Error response from daemon: containerd: container not started.04:19
Romsterda fuck....04:19
Romstercrux                        3.3                 be545427e51e        About a minute ago04:19
Romstermaybe i need rootfs again and not touch /dev this time.04:20
Romsterneed to do rootfs*04:20
Romsteri'll keep trying jaeger thanks for the info.04:21
jaegernp, hope it helps04:23
Romsterhopefully  can get to the bottom of why that does not work and my existing images work.04:28
Romsterit's not like i haven't been using docker for over a year now.04:29
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: icu-32: 56.1 -> 58.204:40
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jaegerRomster: does that image work with the same command specified on the command line instead of the Dockerfile?05:03
jaegerdocker run -it crux:3.3 /bin/bash <-- etc.05:03
Romsterjaeger, ok what the heck that works...05:05
jaegervery odd but maybe that's a place to start05:07
Romstereither i am doing something wrong or something is very broken05:07
jaegermaybe there's a bug in this version of docker or one of its deps05:07
Romsteri'm doing the same stuff as i did with crux 3.2 :/05:07
jaegerdoes 'docker inspect' show anything useful?05:10
Romsterokay at least it works i can work from this and see where i am going wrong or if i have found a second bug in docker.05:10
Romsteri found 1 and reported it.05:10
Romsterbut that was ages ago now.05:10
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vstevei686 3.2 working like a charm, thanks jaeger05:19
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vstevein other news....I have aliases set up in text only mode, namely "alias ls="ls --color" which is lost when I start X05:20
vsteveI tried adding it to .Xdefaults, but that isn't helping05:20
jaegergood deal05:21
ryu0jaeger: is there some way to use pkgadd to setup a rootfs w/o being root?05:21
ryu0fakeroot doesn't work. i'm assuming because pkgadd is statically linked.05:22
jaegermaybe with fakeroot? I haven't tried05:22
jaegerCould be, yeah05:22
ryu0does the iso ship with any version that's dynamically linked? it doesn't appear so.05:22
jaegerthere's the pkgutils package itself in crux/core05:23
ryu0it's also static linked.05:23
jaegervsteve: I'd suggest putting aliases into .bashrc and adding something to .bash_profile like: [ -f ~/.bashrc ] && . ~/.bashrc05:23
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jaegervsteve: read the "INVOCATION" section of the bash man page to learn why05:24
jaegerryu0: ah, ok05:24
jaegervsteve: for example05:27
vstevejaeger, thanks again, .bashrc did it, I figured the answer would be in the icewm config...but I guess it makes sense that bashrc does it too05:27
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Romsterthere i mapped my ccache to the docker container05:32
Romsterexcept it wont have anyhting yet for gcc 6.2.0 and then gcc 6.3.005:33
Romsterjaeger, i think in a future test i'll try a empty /dev. it probably populates itself.05:35
jaegeror isn't used at all05:36
Romsterthat could be possible, i can't find any information on that aspect of what is actually used in the docker container05:37
Romsterand when things don't work the debug mode and logs are not very helpful05:38
jaegerwell, generally you run a single specific process in the container... often those don't touch devices at all05:38
Romsterleft me frustrated and your command is not much different to what i was doing already.05:38
jaegerNot sure about tty handling and the like, I haven't looked into it deeply05:39
Romsterme nether something i should take a look at05:40
jaegerRomster: another thing to try: create your image, then change its CMD and commit it, see if that helps06:04
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Romsteri see.06:18
Romsteri should have been able to make it from that Dockerfile like i have in the past.06:19
Romsteri'm going to try the process again,and document every step. then see what works and doesn't then go ask for help why.06:19
Romsterbut right now i am compiling06:21
Sitri<jaeger> vsteve: I'd suggest putting aliases into .bashrc and adding something to .bash_profile like: [ -f ~/.bashrc ] && . ~/.bashrc <-- or configuring your terminal emulator to launch login shells...06:21
jaegerSitri: indeed, also an option, depending on the terminal emulator06:21
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Romsterjaeger, ya know this works... and i have been trying for a few days06:28
Romsteri don't know why06:28
jaegerACTION shrugs06:29
jaegerno idea here06:29
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Romsterglad it works though06:31
Romsterwas nearly ready to ditch if for lxd, but then i am not sure if lxd is better as it allowes everything in the containers contents to start up it's own services.06:32
jaegerI know basically nothing about lxd06:33
Romsteras far as i know it's a light weight VM with the hosts kernel.06:33
Romsterwhere docker is more of a container that only starts the one command in the Dockerfile or on command line.06:34
Romsterlxd lets it run it's init scripts and start like it's in a VM06:34
Romsterexcept hosts kernel06:34
Romsterthat's as much as i know so far.06:35
Romsteralso lxd seems to require dhcp in the container to be running to work. where docker uses a NAT bridge06:36
Romsterfor network06:36
jaeger10 ways to do any task, it's how we roll in linux land06:36
Romsterif that 10 ways worked for me. lol...06:37
jaegerwell, bedtime for me, night06:37
Romsterthanks for the help i have zero idea why it wasn't working before.06:37
Romsterg'night jaeger06:38
jaegerno problem. I don't get it either but maybe it'll become apparent sometime06:38
Romsterthe only ting different is i didn't set a -t tag i just did docker build .06:38
Romsterand now that also works06:39
Romstergo figure. what ever it was it's solved.06:39
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druid_droidjust to deliver <3 to crux, thanks for all that fun time lurking on the system in 2016 :D10:06
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korihello john_cephalopoda14:13
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frinnstif you can afford it16:05
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SiFuh_morning all16:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: cups-filters: update to 1.13.216:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nano: update to 2.7.316:34
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john_cephalopodaAn open CPU would be a great thing to have.16:48
john_cephalopodaIf it could be produced at a reasonable price, delivering reasonable speeds for common tasks.16:49
SiFuh_open everything would be great17:06
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pedjaisn't RISC-V an open CPU?17:33
SiFuh_No we want real CPU's like Alpha17:34
pedjaPower8, then :) ?17:34
pedjait's a bit pricey, though17:34
SiFuh_No, Alpha ;-)17:34
SiFuh_I am a fan of Alpha, FakQ compaq17:35
pedjaI had no idea that the 2 Chinese supercomputers are based on Alpha processors17:36
SiFuh_I never expected a sh!7 company like Compaq would buy out Alpha17:37
joacimjaeger: that loop looks nice i think17:37
SiFuh_Welcome to real life17:37
jaegerjoacim: thanks :)17:38
SiFuh_it is yours jaeger ?17:39
pedjawell, if you have a spare couple of billion $, talk to Intel, they bought Alpha IP from Compaq, iirc.17:39
jaegerSiFuh_: yes17:45
SiFuh_cool reminds me of cryogen17:46
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vsteveI'm seeing weird but subtle behavior on the console....I've noticed when I install Crux on a fresh machine, the default colors or rich, blue is blue, red is blood red, things are good17:53
vstevewhen I copile KMS/DRM into the kernel, the colors change slightly, red become almost pink, white becomes this weird yellowish off-white17:53
vsteveI should take some before and afters to confirm I'm not completely crazy, but I can't figure out what's making the color reproduction so weird - only in the console17:54
vsteveif I start X, I can fix things in X and that eventually looks as it should with sufficient tinkering17:54
jaegerprobably the KMS driver, I'd guess17:55
vsteveis the KMS driver going to be the same for all other drivers? GPU support, Nvidia, etc?17:55
jaegerNo idea there17:55
vsteveor I guess I don't understand the relationship between the KMS driver and everything else in the graphics arena17:56
vstevewhat's weird is that i see the same discoloration on all systems, desktops with high end monitors, my laptop, my little fujitsu U81017:56
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SiFuh_arena heh someform of competition17:57
vstevehmmm i'm not seeing much about discoloration18:04
vstevei'll have to do some side-by-sides or something....but it's like the definition for colors change when I compile in KMS/DRM18:05
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nullspoonI wish xbacklight worked without a running x session, though I suppose then it would just be called 'backlight'18:44
*** ubuuu has joined #crux18:45
nullspoonWriting acpi actions so my backlight hotkeys would work outside of my i3 session. Used my xbacklight commands and no success. Had to just echo brightness values to the brightness sys file.18:46
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tilmanpedja: not quite, it's just the instruction set architecture. but there are various projects working on CPUs that implement that ISA19:21
tilmanpedja: from the top of my head i can only think of though =)19:22
pedjayou are talking about RISC-V? yes, after reading about it, I realized my mistake :)19:25
pedjamy reading comprehension is way off these days19:27
pedjazeromq, what the hell is wrong with you?19:28
pedjacmake build works, but installs the files all over the place.19:28
pedjaautoconf&friends are somehow broken (configure can't find valid pollers)19:29
pedjamanually setting poller to epoll seems to work.heh.20:17
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pedjahaving py2 and py3 installed side-by-side introduces some interesting challenges for some ports.21:18
pedjasip, pyqt21:19
pedjathe 'solution' is simple.21:25
frinnstprt-get remove sip pyqt?21:25
pedjanah :)21:26
frinnstACTION is a funny guy21:26
pedjakeep py2 around for apps that need it at build time/virtualenvs (just python/setuptools/pip).21:28
pedjapackage and use just the py3 extra modules/apps21:29
pedjaso build pyqt/numpy etc. just for python321:30
pedjaand don't use salt :)21:33
pedjaotherwise it gets messy real fast.and not the fun kind of messy21:37
pedjahm.if libvirt uses openvswitch and docker can be made to use it too, does that mean containers and VM's can communicate?21:45
pedjathat would be interesting.21:46
pedjabut before that I have to rewrite openvswitch rc script which I shamelessly stole from teK_ and slackware.21:50
*** lounge has quit IRC21:50
pedjathat makes me Dr.Frankenstein, I guess, piecing several scripts into one :)21:51
ryu0pedja: just don't import brains.abnormal and you'll be fine. :)22:14
*** ubuuu has quit IRC22:20
onoderaHI guys, my port management util is nearing 1.0, if people could try it out or even give feedback (both technical and user-experience is appreciated) that would be really great!22:49
*** dyrone has quit IRC22:51
marakuhave you guys been watching 33c3?23:02
pedjaonodera, you could use to demonstrate it :)23:06
*** emmett1 has joined #crux23:10
marakuonodera: maybe have a -v option to show more detailed errors23:23
marakubecause the default config.toml has two 'darkcolors' defined and that causes an error23:23
onoderadoes it really23:23
onoderaoh shi, thanks23:23
onoderafixed, thanks23:27
ryu0jaeger: has it occurred to your team to setup some kind of bug-tracker so users can report issues? you could setup a github mirror of your current git repos and get issue tracking included for no additional cost.23:39
ryu0jaeger: oh nevermind. wth was i thinking.23:40
marakunice onodera23:44
marakudoes prt depends work on your machine?23:44
ryu0who should i report this issue to? the ancient port zabbix_server's post-install uses bashisms which cause it to fail in an infinite loop. it's using /bin/bash.23:44
onoderamaraku: yes23:47
ryu0last commit in 2011.23:47
*** admincomplex has quit IRC23:47
john_cephalopodaIt's from contrib repo, so mail goes to: crux at crux dot nu23:49
*** admincomplex has joined #crux23:49
onoderamaraku: it doesn't for you?23:50
marakunope. :(23:51
marakugives a '!  open Pkgfile: no such file or directory'23:51
marakui think it happens in line 22 in cmd/depends.go23:52
marakulooks like 'l' is defined as './'23:53
onoderamaraku: you need to run the file in a port dir23:53
onoderalike how pkgmk works23:53
onoderait's like that on purpose23:53
marakuoh, ok23:56
marakujust curious, why not from any directory?23:58
onoderaI wanted it to behave like pkgmk23:58
onodera+ I use this prt loc wrapper
marakuso prt is a replacement for pkgmk, not prt-get?23:59
onodera maraku23:59
onoderacheck the second bullet point under differences23:59

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