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marakuoh yes, prt pull doesn't remove source and package files00:05
onoderahmm how do you mean?00:08
jaegerryu0: my team? I'm confused :)00:08
onoderaI'm pretty sure it resets everything to the state the repo is in since it runse git clean and reset00:08
marakuonodera: you don't use the '-x' option of git clean00:10
marakuthat removes untracked files like source tarballs and pkg tarballs00:10
ryu0jaeger: well, the CRUX development team. lol00:11
marakuthe git driver in /etc/ports does that00:11
jaegerryu0: well, there is a bug tracker00:13
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nwehas someone setup btrfs on / with encryption?00:48
nwein 3.3 will git driver be default or is it still rsync and httpup00:48
marakui have btrfs w/encryption00:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pycryptodome: initial commit required for streamlink version 0.2.000:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: streamlink: add missing new dependency pycryptodome for version 0.2.000:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: zabbix_server: fix post-install to use bash00:56
nwedo you use initrd or have everything in the kernel?00:57
marakui'm pretty sure an initrd is required for encrypted root00:58
marakubetter-initramfs is nice for that00:58
marakuonly 'downside' is you don't get to choose the encrypted root name, it defaults to enc_root00:59
marakualthough changing that would be easy, just changing strings in the source code00:59
nullspoonnew: I have the same. You need an initrd that isn't encrypted that also provides the utils to mount an encrypted partition (as well as kernel with statically compiled btrfs and dm-crypt)01:01
nullspoonOoops. that was for nwe01:01
nullspoonmaraku: I'm not super familiar with better-initramfs. Could you perhaps have more than one grub entry that specifies enc_root as a kernel param?01:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pycryptodome: use setuptools01:02
Romsterdamn footprints -_-01:02
marakusorry, i'm not super familiar with grub :D. what do you mean by multiple grub entries?01:02
nullspoonmaraku: No problem. You should be able to copy a grub menu entry multiple times in your /boot/grub/grub.cfg file, providing different values for the enc_root variable as a kernel param.01:04 occurs to me that you probably don't use grub and instead use lilo or something, yes?01:04
marakuif they're separate boot options (for different kernels or configurations) then yeah01:04
nullspoonI think I'm one of those holdovers that still uses monolithic grub.  :)01:05
marakui actually use gummiboot (totally not systemd-boot) for uefi and syslinux for BIOS systems01:05
nullspoonAh. I can't speak to those then.01:06
nullspoonACTION backs away slowly into the shadows...01:06
marakuapparently an encrypted / and /boot is possible with grub01:06
marakuACTION pushes nullspoon back into the light01:06
marakuthis conversation is *not* over01:06
Romsterryu0, i already took care of it. it'll be merged to contrib/3.3 soon01:06
nullspoonI haven't encrypted my /boot, but it should be possible as long as your initramfs is stored somewhere available to the bootloader.01:07
nullspooner, available and unencrypted01:07
nullspoonGotta start somewhere after all.01:08
marakugrub has crypto built in!01:09
Romsterso if you encrypt boot do you store the decryptor in the EFI firmware?01:09
marakuwell assuming a EFI system, just the grub EFI files (and cfg01:09
marakuwould be unencrypted in a vfat system01:10
marakui'm not really too sure how bios works but i think an ext2 partition with grub's config files on it is required (in addition to the mbr bootloader loaded with grub)01:11
nullspoonI haven't played much with grub crypto. I was thinking have two boot partitions. One is decrypted, containing only the initramfs and grub files, the other is encrypted, containg the kernels and pertinent other files.01:11
nullspoonTHough you could really simplify that by putting the decrypted files on their own partitions, with the encrypted files just stored under your encrypted root.01:15
nweitÅ› nice that openbsd has full support for encrypted disk :)01:20
ryu0it has to be explicitly enabled, at least on ubuntu. grub2 won't read LUKS partitions unless expicitly enabled.01:20
ryu0but i make use of it. only my MBR is unencrypted now.01:21
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Romsteri've been thining of stucking a usb header socket on the mobo and putting a flash drive there for just the EFI booting. then the SSD can be left a raw lvm or cryptoblock01:44
Romsteri really dislike partitions now that i am so used to lvm201:45
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marakubtrfs is nice, i don't really use lvm anymore, just a partition for boot, for the luks+btrfs, and swap06:20
marakubut a seperate usb key would be nice for security06:22
marakuhave a bootloader + kernel & initramfs on the usb and use F12 boot menu06:22
marakuthen there could be just luks + lvm/btrfs for more security06:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libreoffice: 5.2.3 -> 5.2.410:53
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th_drknshi, i'm have a laptop with hybrid graphics card (integrated intel gpu and nvidia), i'm trying to setup nvidia as main card but i'm running in trouble setting Xorg with fluxbox as my window manager (i'm running startx to enable fluxbox). can anyone help me? you can download my logs with curl
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frinnstyour xorg log suggest there is something wrong with your nvidia install?12:08
frinnst[  1257.035] (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the GLX module; please check in your X12:09
frinnstdont have any experience with those hybrid setups myself so cant really help more than with the obvious12:09
th_drknsmm i'd tried differents way to install it, through ports and from binary driver. I'm drop the Xorg.conf file and I run the nvidia-xconfig tool to generate new xorg.conf, but it throws the "no screens found error"12:10
frinnstI believe some folks here are running similar setups. suggest you stick around and ask your question again later on12:11
th_drknsYesterday, the desktop works well because I build the modules only through source (make and make_modules) but i lost the GLX extensions (no games ugg)12:12
th_drknsthanks frinnst!12:18
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jaegerth_drkns: does lspci show your nvidia GPU as a 3d controller or vga device?13:51
jaegerIf it's the formet, you'll probably need to look into bumblebee. If it's the latter, it should be configurable with xorg and the binary driver only13:52
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th_drknsjaeger: it's 3d controller14:01
th_drknsit's strange. I deinstall the nvidia driver and i run fluxbox without problem, and some steam games like kotor 2 with mesa-3d, but i'll need the driver to run latest games14:05
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th_drknshave anyone installed bumblebee sucessfully?14:27
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john_cephalopodaI got bumblebee to work.15:54
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SiFuh_pedja: tomorrow will be another episode of Grand Tour as well.16:01
pedjaSiFuh_, it will take me a while to get used to 12 episode seasons of Top Gear, err, The Grand Tour :)16:02
SiFuh_That's good, because many British series are only 6 episodes a season. Even worse Sherlock is 3 episodes a season.16:04
pedjaSherlock final season is 4 episodes, I think.16:06
pedja6 episodes a season works nicely for some series, no filler episodes.16:07
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SiFuh_Season 1,2,3 and the comming 4th of Sherlock are all 3 episodes with the exception of some specials.16:08
SiFuh_IT Crowd 4 seasons 6 episodes and 1 movie ;-)16:08
pedjayou are right, Sherlock is 3 episodes/season.they are aired so far apart that I keep forgetting that :)16:10
pedjaIT Crowd <316:11
pedjamost of the series could be vastly improved by having just 6-8 episodes a season.16:13
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pedjaexceptions: Supernatural16:14
pedjaLethal Weapon is surprisingly fun (the series)16:15
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SiFuh_oh I should check it out16:17
pedjaI was pleasantly surprised16:18
pedjaincredible chemistry between the leads, and just a whole lot of fun to watch :)16:19
SiFuh_Coming soon ;-)16:20
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newcoderAnyone there?16:58
pedjawhere there?16:59
newcoderI've installed elinks from source by hand, but can't browse :
newcoderIs it because of js issue?17:00
newcoderHow can I configure elinks to get usr/include/js-17.0 and usr/lib/   ?17:00
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newcoderI've checked that before.17:05
pedjaafaict, js support in elinks is rather limited17:06
newcoderWhat do you mean by limited? I can browse with elinks in other linux os17:11
pedjayou said you installed elinks by hand, not using the port17:12
newcoderYes from source17:12
pedjaport uses the source, too :)17:12
pedjaelinks works for me17:13
xckousing the port, I'm able to browse with or without ecmascript on google or any other page17:13
SiFuh_pedja: last episode of Grand Tour lost in desert is south of Walvis bay, Namibia. haha17:13
xckoyeah, me too17:13
newcoderBut elinks works17:13
newcoderDon't know why17:13
pedjaSiFuh_, that should be fun :)17:13
xckonewcoder, I'd try making it verbose and seeing what goes wrong17:14
SiFuh_I can't ebelive they don't have a map17:14
pedja'how hard can it be?'17:15
pedjanewcoder, if elinks port doesn't work for you, open a bug.but why your own, self-built one doesn't work is anyone's guess.17:18
pedjajust to be clear, elinks from opt works just fine on my machine.17:20
xckoto be double clear, it works fine for me too17:20
jaegerTo add nothing useful, I haven't tried it17:21
pedjaSiFuh_, no spoilers, please :)17:21
newcoderxcko: Which version of elinks are you using that works for you?17:21
nullspoonnewcoder: Triple clear! Elinks from opt works for me as well!  :)   You might try cracking open the opt elinks Pkgfile and see what you did differently from it.17:21
xckoELinks 0.13.GIT17:24
xckoBuilt on Aug 31 2016 20:39:3417:24
xckooutput of elinks -version17:25
xckoport version=2016020717:25
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xckoelinks is one of my daily browsers - love it.17:25
nullspoonjaeger: About a few days ago, we discussed my firefox issue. I tried installing the binary that comes with the 3.3-rc1 iso, as well as its version of glibc, gcc, and a few other things. Still requires that I have nscd running.17:26
nullspoonjaeger: So we can take those off the list. Good idea though.17:26
newcoderI've installed , may be I needed latest or higher version of js17:27
newcoder , can't install mozjs24 , got error , why? python is installed17:28
nullspoonjaeger: I do have to say, this firefox issue has had one good effect. I'm getting much better at diffing through strace output now. :)  Im starting to map my knowledge of c with its output. Useful stuff.17:30
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jaegergood deal :)17:30
xckoit looks like it needs mozilla virtualenv - I'm not too sure what that means. But I'm using version 1.8.5 for elinks17:31
xckosince elinks doesn't fully support javascript, I figure it's not too important to use a new version17:32
xcko1.8.5 was one of the last (nearly?) all c versions17:32
xckoway smaller17:33
xckocheck spidermonkey in the ports17:33
newcoderxcko: What's mozilla virtualenv?17:34
xckovirtualenv is a tool for python to create restricted environments. It keeps versioning intact among other features17:36
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pedja'python3 -m venv' :)17:36
xckomozilla seems to have a particular virtualenv that is populated with tools that are frequently used17:36
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th_drknsshello, anyone has nvidia optimus working on his laptop under crux?17:38
newcoderOh, I needed to export SHELL=/bin/bash, looks good now17:39
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pedjanewcoder, may I ask, why are you going thru all this trouble instead of typing 'prt-get depinst elinks'?17:41
newcoderpedja: I'm not using crux right now.17:41
newcoderSiFuh_: "SiFuh" , is it related to kung fu panda?17:41
pedjaah, that epxlains it, newcoder .Carry on :)17:42
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SiFuh_No, I taught Martial Arts in for a few years, so the name stuck.17:43
th_drknssSiFuh_: i tried the archlinux wiki and i get xorg crashes (under archlinux i'm not get this crashes) but i miss the alternative configuration under same wiki page. I'll try and comment after that.17:45
SiFuh_pedja: going to watch the first episode of Lethal Weapon now.17:48
pedjahave fun17:49
SiFuh_His girl is nice ;-)17:49
pedja<spoiler>don't get too attached to her </spoiler>17:50
SiFuh_i will hack her email ;-)17:50
SiFuh_saw the Accountant the other day.17:51
SiFuh_excellent movie17:51
nullspoonjaeger: So this is interesting. The strace shows firefox hitting my resolv.conf file, then immediately checking for the nscd daemon. THEN it loads nsswitch.conf, and follows with hosts.conf, /etc/hosts, then libnss_dns, then libnss_resolv, but it never finishes with the actual resolv.conf, per my host.conf file.17:51
SiFuh_nullspoon: pastebin the strace for us17:52
nullspoonSiFuh_: Once second. Let me boot up nscd so I can resolve it... :)17:53
nullspoonThat's the excerpt, starting a few lines before firefox reads my resolv.conf file, followed by nscd, all the way to where it stops reading anything resolving-related and just continues on its merry way.17:58
nullspoonAh shoot. Forgot to strip my Hunter2 password out of there.   ;)17:59
jaegerhow odd17:59
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nullspoonYeah, I'm very perplexed.18:02
nullspoonI checked my resolv.conf file. No syntax errors. It's generated by my dhcpcd daemon, so there shouldn't be anyways.18:02
nullspoonBesides, everything else works, like git, ssh, irssi, gajim, ELINKS :)18:03
SiFuh_nullspoon:  gdb please18:05
nullspoonugh. Gotta compile firefox with debug.18:06
nullspoonoh, you mean attach to the running firefox process18:06
SiFuh_just run                                 gdb firefox18:06
SiFuh_then type start18:06
nullspoondid that.18:07
nullspoonfunction main not defined18:07
nullspoonah, neermind. Got it working.18:07
nullspoonSorry - haven't used gdb on someone else's software before.18:07
nullspoonHad to kill nscd there so I see the error.18:08
nullspoonI'm not seeing anything indicating a problem in here. Just new thread and thread exited statements.18:08
nullspoonAny pointers since this is new territory for me?18:09
SiFuh_yeah  pastebin it for me18:10
nullspoonACTION boots up nscd.   :)18:11
th_drknssSiFu_: i followed the archlinux wiki but i get xorg error with glamor failed to get glsl version. any ideas? :/18:11
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nullspoonI just noticed that stcxx error at the top. Not sure if that's pertinent. It loads system libstdc++ fine. Dunno where the python stdcxx comes in.18:16
SiFuh_nullspoon: An unexpected property was found in the WebExtension manifest.18:17
SiFuh_nullspoon: and yes libstdc++18:18
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SiFuh_nullspoon: don't worry about the libstdc++18:20
nullspoonI'm removing all of my extensions now.18:21
nullspoonCleared out those errors, but the problem persists.18:22
nullspoonI actually tried moving my mozilla cache as well as the .mozilla directory in my home. Didn't work though. I figured that'd work around any extensions that needed to be disabled since I think those are the only two places firefox stores files in userspace.18:23
SiFuh_did you move your  ~/.mozilla folder ?18:23
nullspoonYeah. .cache/mozilla and .mozilla18:24
SiFuh_what gcc are you using?18:26
nullspoongcc (CRUX-x86_64-multilib) 6.3.018:27
frinnstis /dev/shm mounted?18:27
frinnstdo you get the same error if you start firefox as root?18:28
nullspoonyep.    shm on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw,relatime)18:29
nullspoonHaven't tried that one yet. let's see...18:29
SiFuh_nullspoon  xhost +18:29
SiFuh_then run firefox as root18:29
nullspoonfrinnst: Just ran firefox as root. Same problem. Can't reoslve hosts without nscd running18:30
SiFuh_ping localhost18:31
nullspoonSiFuh_: Ran xhost +, then ffirefox. No luck.18:31
SiFuh_and ping
nullspoonOh, I should mention that I can hit my router in firefox via its ip.18:32
SiFuh_xhost +   allows root to access user xorg18:32
SiFuh_ping localhost and ping
nullspoonfrom my user?18:32
nullspoonboth work.18:32
frinnstcan you pastebin resolv.conf ?18:33
SiFuh_thanks frinnst ;-)18:34
frinnstand host.conf18:34
SiFuh_and nscd.conf and nsswitch.conf18:34
nullspoonlol. Yep.18:34
SiFuh_th_drknss: you know that optimus is not fully supported yet. Do you have an option in Bios to disable switching?18:37
SiFuh_it is why I pasted link  as it seems to be a better option.18:37
th_drknssSiFuh_: no, my bios doesn't have any option like that :(18:37
SiFuh_Are you using Nvidia or Nov(how do you spell it)18:38
th_drknssI installed the nvidia driver (the port nvidia)18:38
SiFuh_ok going to ask a stupid question now..18:39
SiFuh_did you upgrade your kernel by any chance?18:39
SiFuh_after installing Nvidia18:39
nullspoonHere you go.
SiFuh_second stupid question, did you use Nvidia from the ports?18:40
th_drknssno. I've installed v4.8.15 at installation time because my laptop is too new for current kernel in crux 3.218:40
th_drknssyes, it's nvidia port18:40
SiFuh_Ok Nvidia Port was installed AFTER the kernel right?18:40
SiFuh_Nvidia support seems to be only limited for optimus in linux18:41
th_drknssyes after kernel build18:41
SiFuh_nullspoon: /etc/hosts18:42
SiFuh_th_drknss: it is a laptop or PC?18:44
th_drknssit's laptop18:44
SiFuh_th_drknss: brand and model, i want to read the specifications of it18:45
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SiFuh_nullspoon: you don't have a hostname apart from localhost?18:46
th_drknssasus R510V18:46
nullspoonEvidently not18:47
nullspoonone sec18:47
nullspoonAdded my hostname in there as, still can't resolve hosts without nscd.18:49
th_drknssintel i5 6300HQ integrated graphics 530 and nvidia 950m18:50
nullspoonJust had a thought. I'm going to strace curl to see if it resolves through libnss18:50
jaegerth_drknss: If you do get it figured out I'd like to hear about your setup, my dell inspiron 7559 is similar but I haven't tried to get it working yet18:51
SiFuh_I am running a NVIDIA GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 G-Sync18:53
SiFuh_using the Nvidia drivers18:53
nullspoonHerm. Curl doesn't use libnss for resolution. Wget does though. It also uses nss, but manages to resolve just fine without nscd. It even checks to see if nscd is running, then proceeds to read nsswitch.conf since nscd isn't running.18:55
th_drknssjaeger: I'm running 4.8.15 kernel to support the recent hardware and I was luck running a simple Fluxbox desktop with nvidia drivers build from source. With this hack I can run X without problem, but no GLX extension, plus no games on my laptop :(18:58
jaegeryeah, that's the whole problem that bumblebee solves, in theory18:59
jaegerthe nvidia card is only used for 3d rendering, otherwise it's using the onboard intel one as far as I know18:59
th_drknssSiFuh_: i've running archlinux on the same laptop with fluxbox and it can running games on it without problem using the same Xorg setup provide in his wiki18:59
SiFuh_nullspoon: you have nscd installed from where?19:00
th_drknssI though that was a kernel setup, so I tried to run the config file from archlinux kernel but i get kernel panic xD19:00
nullspoonSiFuh_: glibc19:01
SiFuh_ahhhhh th_drknss19:01
nullspoonerm, I thought so19:01
nullspoonyeah. glibc19:01
SiFuh_nullspoon: do you have nscd ?19:01
nullspoonI do19:02
SiFuh_where from?19:03
SiFuh_and firefox was binary or compile?19:03
nullspooncompile from the opt port19:03
nullspoonHerm. I left the strace running, outputting to stdout. Firefox is chatty. An infinite and unthrottled poll loop19:06
john_cephalopodath_drknss: I got bumblebee to work.19:06
jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: nice, any tricks to it?19:06
th_drknssjohn_cephalopoda: how?? :) thanks!19:06
nullspoonNearly blows up my terminal, pegs a cpu, and runs up my cpu fan. Looks like this is a known bug in firefox reported several times. I'm gonna dig into this. It may somehow be related.19:06
john_cephalopodath_drknss: What does it output when you use "xrandr --listproviders" ?19:08
th_drknssjohn_cephalopoda: it's only get the intel graphics19:14
nullspoonSiFuh_: Another interesting bit here. I just put a website in my hosts file, and firefox resolves fine without nscd running. It seems to only have trouble when needing to query dns.19:16
nullspoonSiFuh_: Do you have nscd installed on your system?19:16
*** ubuuu has quit IRC19:19
SiFuh_nullspoon: my host file19:21
SiFuh_127.0.0.1               localhost19:21
SiFuh_127.0.0.1      machupo19:21
nullspoonHerm. This is very perplexing. I might just go ahead and completely reinstall my system from the 3.3-rc1 iso19:21
SiFuh_my /etc/resolv.conf19:22
SiFuh_domain yenjie.net19:22
nullspoonThis has gone on for a few days now. I'm getting to the point where I don't care why.19:22
SiFuh_nullspoon: I agree with you, but how will know what happened then?19:23
SiFuh_nullspoon: i mayb have nscd, but I am not running it19:24
SiFuh_I don't need since I am just a small user on a small network19:25
SiFuh_nullspoon: you don't have a server that is accessible to transfer files?19:26
SiFuh_would be good if you can clone your system, change a few passwords, and allow us to download it  s we can run in chroot or virtual machine19:27
*** lounge has quit IRC19:27
nullspoonI could clone my system.19:27
*** lounge has joined #crux19:27
SiFuh_that would be good if you can remove all your private things from it19:28
nullspoonI'm fine with continuing to troubleshoot this. Booting nscd when I need to use firefox isnt a huge pain. I just don't want to waste your time.19:28
SiFuh_i want to know what is wrong19:28
nullspoonalright. We'll keep troubleshooting then.19:28
SiFuh_and I have work tonight, and I plan to sleep soon, and I desire to rip your install to pieces as of Monday19:29
SiFuh_so if you reinstall  clone it, so I can take a look at it19:30
nullspoonTo save the bandwidth, I think what I'll do is clone my system into a kvm vm. I'll just set it up so you can proxy into it over ssh then you can have at it.19:30
nullspoonSaves me uploading my vm across the world.  :)19:30
SiFuh_torrent ;-)19:30
SiFuh_i can open an FTP server19:30
nullspoonIt's more a bandwidth issue. I live in the united states and our upload rates aren't amazing unelss you're paying a load of money for it.19:31
nullspoonMy upload tops out at about 80 KBps.19:31
SiFuh_Australia, download is crap unless you pay billions for it19:31
jaegeraustralia canceled the good internet connection19:32
SiFuh_best internet I ever had was Kyrgyzstan19:32
SiFuh_10mbps up and down never less19:32
SiFuh_jaeger: australia is a nation of fools, being told what to do by corporations.19:33
nullspoonwow. I have 10 mbps down, 768kbps up19:33
joacimcan get decent connections here19:33
joacimbut landlords ruin it all19:33
SiFuh_this country is a joke, a humorous joke.19:34
joacimsince they refeuse to let you install your own connection19:34
joacimthey force you to use their shitty wifi19:34
john_cephalopodath_drknss: Then your driver isn't installed correctly.19:35
nullspoonis 'here' australia?19:35
nullspoonwow. That's unfortunate.19:35
nullspoonMy connecction is crap, but at least I've got my own.19:35
john_cephalopodath_drknss: Or there is an other possibility. Try  "sudo xrandr --listproviders".19:35
SiFuh_lucky country full of smart things, because the government can run amock and the people bend over and smile while being raped in the arse19:36
th_drknssjohn_cephalopoda: but under lsmod i get nvidia and nvidia_modeset19:36
SiFuh_yes that country19:36
nullspooni'm suddenly feeling a little more grateful.19:36
john_cephalopodath_drknss: As I said, try the command with sudo.19:36
th_drknssjohn_cephalopoda: under root i get the same output from xrandr19:36
nullspoonThough my country is slowly going that direction unfortunately.19:36
SiFuh_any democratic country takes the path of tyranny19:37
nullspoonsadly, history has shown us that again and again.19:37
john_cephalopodath_drknss: Ah, I am using it with nouveau.19:37
SiFuh_My father is from USA and he was scared about me living in China, now the entire family misses China. ;-)19:38
SiFuh_so much freedom19:38
john_cephalopodaProvider 1: id: 0x5f cap: 0x5, Source Output, Source Offload crtcs: 0 outputs: 0 associated providers: 0 name:nouveau19:38
SiFuh_China and freedom? Not what we are taught19:38
nullspoonI've discussed it with my wife a little. We both like traveling a lot. I mentioned we might consider moving to the netherlands at some point for a while.19:39
nullspoonYeah, that's a bit unexpected.19:39
SiFuh_i spent half my life in foregin countries19:39
th_drknssjohn_cephalopoda: aaah, i've installed both drivers (intel and nvidia, propietary). nouveau is not great for gamming, isn't it?19:39
SiFuh_Australia and USA are the most strict19:40
nullspoonI've only traveled through for a couple of weeks at a time. never enough time to learn what it's like to live in any given country.19:40
SiFuh_i had a lot of freedom in Myanmar but some rules, such as where I can and cannot go.19:41
nullspoonNever looked into that place. Don't know much about it.19:41
nullspoonSo what's your favorite place to live so far?19:41
SiFuh_my home19:41
john_cephalopodath_drknss: Depends on your model. On new GPUs, nvidia is way faster than nouveau. Nouveau works better on some older GPUs though.19:41
SiFuh_and second Thailand, because of family (dirty place)19:41
nullspoonHeh. I've heard that before. A friend visited it. He loved it, but did remark on how dirty it was.19:42
SiFuh_thailand is filthy19:42
SiFuh_good for relax19:42
john_cephalopodath_drknss: Btw, don't forget to add yourself to the "video" group. Else you will only get the CPU renderer, which is extremely slow.19:43
th_drknssjohn_cephalopoda: oh. Anyway, how did you installed bumblebee? i follow crux's wiki but i get a lot of errors from here19:43
SiFuh_nullspoon: i lived there half my life, love everything including the filthiness, speeak, read and write Thai.19:43
nullspoonSiFuh_: That's good input. I plan on visiting thailand at some point. My wife doesn't care to visit, so I might just end up goign by myself.19:44
john_cephalopodath_drknss: Oh, I am using bumblebee from the 6c37 repo btw.19:44
onoderaSiFuh_: what's the reason you've lived in so many differenct countries?19:44
SiFuh_nullspoon: slow lazy life19:44
onoderawork, just for fun?19:44
th_drknssjohn_cephalopoda: yes, my user is on video group, only see intel gpu through .. :/19:44
SiFuh_i can legally work in every country but the country I am born in19:45
SiFuh_as an Electrical Engineer19:45
th_drknssjohn_cephalopoda: oh i don't know about the repo, i'm trying right now :)19:45
john_cephalopodath_drknss: That sounds like something isn't right with the driver. If sudo can't access it, then there is some problem.19:45
SiFuh_I have Master from MIT in USA but to work in Australia I must have a TAFE cert III in electrotechnology19:45
john_cephalopodaYeah, try out 6c3719:45
SiFuh_idiot country19:45
john_cephalopodath_drknss: is the file to use for prt19:47
SiFuh_refuse to go to TAFE for a cert so i prefer to offer my skills to the rest of the planet19:47
th_drknssjohn_cephalopoda: i don't know, because i'd tried the driver from ports and the binary downloaded from nvidia ftp :(19:47
*** tsaop has joined #crux19:47
tsaophello all19:48
john_cephalopodath_drknss: As I said, I am using nouveau, so can't say anything about nvidia.19:48
SiFuh_onodera: nullspoon it is the same as saying Bill Gates cannot touch a Windows computer in Australia because he has got a certificate from a cheap government funded educational institute.19:48
john_cephalopodaIn the end, I get 60 fps with my Intel Haswell GPU, so I am happy.19:48
john_cephalopoda(That's without the nvidia accel)19:49
nullspoonSiFuh_: I gotta take off here. I'll keep testing and will let you know if anything changes. I'll also pull an image of my laptop here so you can test it out.19:50
nullspoonThanks very much for the help everyone!19:50
th_drknssjohn_cephalopoda: wow, i'm always read that intel gpu sucks. i never tried though haha19:51
SiFuh_nullspoon: just tar it all19:51
john_cephalopodath_drknss: What is your "lspci | grep VGA"?19:51
SiFuh_nullspoon: remove passwords and secret info and /proc /dev19:51
th_drknssjohn_cephalopoda: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Device 191b (rev 06)19:52
john_cephalopodath_drknss: The old intel GPUs were crap, the new ones like Haswell are great.19:52
SiFuh_nullspoon: no need  /home  just tar it     tar -czpvf19:52
john_cephalopodaNot sure if your model is good or bad, just try if it gives you a reasonable amount of frames per second.19:52
john_cephalopodaA 3d accelerator uses quite some power.19:52
joacimi wouldnt mind an i74019:53
joacimthe pci version19:53
joacimi hear teh agp version is pretty bad since it uses teh system memory instead of its own onboard memory19:53
john_cephalopodaSo if you don't need the extra frames, then you can just use the Intel and have lower power usage.19:53
jaegerkori, onodera: should I file a bug on the 6c37 github tracker for a bumblebee tweak or let you guys know here?19:55
SiFuh_pedja: ok you win, series is good19:55
th_drknsswell i'll give a try. only have 4 games or linux right now (one of them is madmax, i don't know how intel will work with this game haha)19:56
th_drknssjohn_cephalopoda: the driver's port for intel is xorg-xf86-video-intel right?19:57
onoderajaeger: if you have a github acc I think an issue is better19:58
SiFuh_th_drknss: i use nvidia for X-Plane 1019:59
th_drknssSiFuh_: do you need bumblebeed like me or is your only graphics card?20:00
SiFuh_I told you that your best choice is bumblebee20:03
jaegeronodera: ok20:03
SiFuh_you have optimus20:03
jaegeronodera: perhaps a pull request in this case, actually20:03
onoderaI gave on bumblebee, I now forced my laptop to always use my nvidia card for everything20:04
jaegermy laptop and th_drknss' laptop don't have that option20:04
SiFuh_onodera: that is what i recommend20:04
SiFuh_post it to me Jaegar ;-)20:04
SiFuh_I'll get the fscker workin'20:05
SiFuh_jaeger: I got debian, slackware and crux working on
*** ubuuu has joined #crux20:06
SiFuh_ 15.6" QFHD (4K) 3840 x 2160 IPS WVA Matte 60Hz LED with G-Sync $349.0020:07
*** blueness has joined #crux20:09
jaegerhrmm, maybe I did get it working20:11
th_drknsswow! i'll try right now! :)20:12
jaegerthere are a couple small bugs in the 6c37 bumblebee and bbswitch ports20:15
jaegerth_drknss: for the diff20:16
th_drknssjaeger: i get an X error (BadWindow invalid Window parameter) when i run optirun glxspheres64, do you need any special configuration or something?20:19
th_drknssjaeger: im install nvidia driver, intel driver, bumblebee and my common user is on bumblebee group20:20
jaegerth_drknss: also run sudo gl-select use nvidia20:24
jaegeronodera: made a PR20:25
th_drknssit's work!!20:27
th_drknsstrying to run steam right now! :)20:28
jaegerSiFuh_: that seems like a really good price for 4k with g-sync20:30
jaegerlike too-good-to-be-true-good20:30
th_drknssby the way, anyone have steam installed on crux?20:31
jaegerI have in the past, not recently. Maybe I'll give it another look now that I've tried bumblebee20:31
jaegerSiFuh_: oh, I see, that's the "add it to this config" price20:32
th_drknssoh, i will ask about the error it gives to me, abount no opengl is found :(20:32
th_drknssi'll try run the steam-native option ..20:33
jaegerSiFuh_: that seems like a pretty beastly laptop. I've not had a gaming-grade laptop in ages, since an old Sager NP-something20:35
*** lounge has quit IRC20:36
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*** newcoder has left #crux ()20:40
*** druid_droid has quit IRC20:42
jaegerSiFuh_: I have one of the cheap monoprice 4k monitors for work but haven't used it with a linux system much20:45
*** ubuuu has quit IRC20:45
tsaopare 4k monitor worth it?20:46
joacimended up getting a 2560x1440 monitor here. figured that would be better for my games20:47
jaegerDepends on your preferences and what you do on it. I don't think it's important for gaming, personally, but I like it for productivity and work20:47
jaegerI just switched from 2560x1440 to 3440x1440 for gaming, though, and I love that20:47
jaeger21:9 curved 24"20:47
tsaopI occasionally game20:47
joacimi read that as accidentally20:47
tsaopI still use a 1680x1050 20" Samsung from 200820:47
tsaopsaw no reason to upgrade20:47
jaegeraccidental gaming :D20:48
tsaopmore or less20:48
joacimthinking about getting a second identical monitor20:48
tsaopso, I more or less reviewed all the base KF5 ports using a docker container20:49
tsaopframeworks and plasma should be good and compile without problems from scratch20:50
*** ubuuu has joined #crux21:10
th_drknsswell i'd tried steam but i get the GLX not found error xD21:20
th_drknssi've run with optirun or without it21:20
jaegerIt's likely that 32-bit versions of bumblebee/optirun are needed for steam21:21
th_drknssmmm yeah, steam is 32-bit program ..21:27
korijaeger: file an issue for more permanence :D21:33
koriOh onodera answered21:33
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