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vstevewhat are your favorite window managers?03:44
koribeen my daily driver for two years now :D03:48
vstevelet's take a look03:48
koriwell, not really two years, but a year and some03:49
jaegerI'm a fan of i3 for standalone WMs03:51
vstevewindow mangler looks....different03:53
vstevei3 looks interesting03:54
vsteveawww but the baguette i3 fails03:55
vstevei've been having problems with icewm lately and I think they're age related03:57
vstevemain icewm hasn't been touched in a few years and I'm getting weird behavior on some games, one of which I could fix by just running it without a window manager03:57
vstevebut another one needs a window i'm on the hunt03:58
cipppvsteve: see
vstevecippp, I like that option, but it wont' compile on my system, I get some weird error about fuzzy translations04:03
korivsteve: its very different yes04:06
vstevekori, do you play any games through this wm?04:07
koriwell... what are you looking for?04:08
vstevequake 3, by chance?04:08
koriI haven't written wm for public use yet04:08
koriah... there's a fullscreening problem that I haven't managed to iron out yet04:08
korivsteve: what are you looking for?04:08
koriI'm an Expert in window managers04:08
koriI've tried 'em all04:08
vsteveI just want the thinnest possible layer between quake3 and whatever wm functions it thinks it needs04:08
vsteveyamagi-quake2 is fantastic, and runs happily (perfectly) without one, ioquake3 is pickier for one reason or another04:09
vsteveso I'm stuck having to find some alternative, because icewm seems to be pitching a fit about all the mouse activity that goes on in quake2/304:09
korimaybe this?
korithat's the smallest I can think of04:10
koriit's probably not useful for anything else04:10
koribut you can run quake directly without a WM...04:10
koriand it's probably better that way. I spawn a new X server for OpenArena04:10
vsteveioquake3?  I haven't had any luck04:10
koriit'd work, yeah04:11
kori xinit $(which ioquake3) -- :104:11
koritry this04:11
vsteveI did04:11
vstevethe mouse doesn't work when I do that04:11
vsteveand gamma is all weird04:11
korithat's weird04:11
koriit should work04:11
vsteveyeah, I'd assume so04:11
vstevemaybe I compiled it weird04:11
koritry swm maybe?04:16
vstevei'll give it a shot04:16
vsteveI'm recompiling ioquake3 just to make extra sure at the moment04:16
koriif that doesn't work, maybe you can use openbox04:16
vstevedo you not provide sources for window mangler?04:17
koriwell... you need04:20
koriput the "lad" script somewhere in your $PATH04:20
koriexec wew | lad in your .xinitrc04:20
koriand before that, ioquake &04:21
vstevecan I prt-get install any of that?04:27
vsteveprt-get install wmutils didn't work04:27
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korivsteve: you need enabled04:30
vsteveI have it04:30
vsteveI forget what else I needed 6c37 for, but I've used it previously04:30
koriIf you use prt-get you may also want to add a 6c37 and 6c37-git prtdir to /etc/prt-get.conf.04:30
vsteveyeah I've done all that04:31
korithen you should be able to prt-get both of them...04:31
vsteveI just ran ports -u like 20 minutes ago04:31
vsteveI saw 6c37 in there04:31
koriya sure ur prt-get.conf has 6c37?04:31
vstevelemme double check04:31
vsteveyeah, it sure does04:32
korido you have 6c37-git04:33
koriduhhh forgot about that04:33
korisorry I havent been on crux for a while04:33
vsteveoh, nope04:33
koriyeah wmutils/wmutils-opt are part of 6c37-git04:33
vsteveis there an httpup for that?04:34
korinot sure. the git driver is faster anyway04:34
vstevefair enough, what do I do with it?04:35
koriwell, if you have git installed04:35
koriyou just put the files in the same dir as your httpup files...04:35
koriI dont remember, thats /etc/ports, right?04:35
vsteveit is04:35
vstevethere it goes04:37
koridisclaimer: I do NOT recommend wm04:37
korifor daily usage04:38
koriI do use it, it's stable, but idk04:38
koriI can't Guarantee04:38
vstevehuh...well I've got another issue04:38
vstevewmutil-opt doesn't install04:38
vsteveFootprint mismatch04:38
korido you have a gh acct?04:38
korican you open an issue?04:39
korinothing too formal04:39
korijust, "Footprint mismatch: wmutils-opt"04:39
koriand then add the footprint mismatch to the description04:39
vstevein the mean time, i'm fried and it's sleep time04:41
vsteveI'll be back for more WM goodies tomorrow04:42
korialright cheers04:42
vstevethanks for your help04:42
vstevehave a good one04:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: flac: 1.3.1 -> 1.3.204:48
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: flac-32: 1.3.1 -> 1.3.204:57
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: zlib-32: 1.2.8 -> 1.2.909:35
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frinnst<customer> My password no longer works09:49
frinnst<me> did you follow the onscreen instructions and change your password?09:49
frinnst<customer> no09:49
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SiFuh__Onscreen instructions?11:11
frinnstyes, intructions that appear on the screen11:12
john_cephalopodaLike "Forgot your password? Click here!" -> "Enter your account name:" -> "You got an E-Mail, click the link to set a new password."11:36
frinnstit was even worse. after you enter your password you are prompted to select a new password. the application was updated and now requires stronger passwords..11:41
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chatterhey guys11:47
chatterallah is doing11:47
chattersun is not doing allah is doing11:48
chatterto accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger11:48
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ryu0oh great more and this hit and run spam bot.11:50
ryu0of this*11:50
ryu0he's been seen in #d before.11:51
SiFuh__I live with Muslims, and my girl is muslim but holy shit bots?11:52
SiFuh__anyways, frinnst like when you forgot a password in your email?11:52
SiFuh__They have this for computers?11:53
SiFuh__i just go to run level 111:56
SiFuh__if... i forget11:56
Romsterreported that to the freenode staff11:56
SiFuh__oh yeah understood11:56
SiFuh__Nairobi Kenya11:57
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frinnst"IPv4 only ever offered a theoretical maximum of around 4.3 billion host addresses.[3] By comparison, IPv6 provides 3.4x1038 (or 340 trillion trillion trillion)."13:26
frinnsti still cant wrap my head around the huuuuge numbers you have to deal with in ipv6 :-)13:26
frinnstgood thing you dont really need to13:27
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rmullI got jack working with my midi keyboard. Pretty neat!16:39
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vstevekori, are you around?17:24
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pidsleyvsteve -- i see you are looking for a simple window manager17:32
pidsleyhave you tried evilwm?17:32
pidsleyit's in the "opt" ports, so easy to install17:33
vstevepidsley, I have not, I'll give that a shot17:33
pidsleycool. read the man page, it has simple keybinds17:34
pidsleygotta run now, but I read the logs if you have questions I will be back later17:34
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vstevethank you17:34
korivsteve: aye17:35
koriXeirrr pushed the fix for wmutils-opt17:35
koriPull the repo again17:36
vsteveI did, I actually came here to tell you tha17:41
vsteveso, now that I have that, what do I do with window mangler?17:41
korivsteve: well, again, I don't really REC using this17:45
vsteveoh ok17:45
koribut if you want to, you need a way17:45
korito launch applications17:45
koriyou can use sxhkd + dmenu17:45
koribut as you'll shortly see (or have already seen)17:45
korithere's wayy too many moving parts17:45
vsteveI....can't even open it yet17:45
vsteveI have a /bin dir with things in it, and when I run gm (which I assume is the core application) it wants a config file I don't have in the right place17:46
koriit's not17:47
koriyeah, first things first, right...17:47
koriyou need to move wm.conf to $XDG_CONFIG_DIR17:47
koriwhich is usually ~/.config17:47
koriunless you changed it17:47
vsteveah, i have not17:48
korithen yeah17:48
vstevestand by, brb17:50
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SiFuh__pedja: I am not liking travellers18:27
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pedjaSiFuh__, oh well :)18:33
SiFuh__we shall see18:34
SiFuh__im almost ending episode 118:34
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SiFuh__pedja: what do you like about it?18:37
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pedjaSiFuh__, it relies on characters much more than on special effects to tell a story, which is rare these days.and the cast is incredible.19:41
pedjait took a few episodes before I got full hooked :)19:42
pedjait has a few wtf moments, tbh, but it's still one of the best SF I've watched in a long time (The Expanse is awesome, too)19:44
jaegerI really like The Expanse and Dark Matter both19:45
pedjahave you watched Killjoys?19:46
jaegerYes, I really like it as well... but they're all a bit different, good in their own ways19:46
pedjaI am looking forward to Legion, it looks like fun.19:47
pedjaStar Trek is moved to spring, iirc19:49
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vstevekori, sorry about that, been an eventful day20:04
vsteveyou were saying I need to move wm.conf to ~/.config?20:05
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frinnst18:48 <kori> you need to move wm.conf to $XDG_CONFIG_DIR20:39
frinnst18:48 <kori> which is usually ~/.config20:39
vsteveso if XDG_CONFIG_DIR isn't set, that'd be an issue, wouldn't it?20:40
vstevethanks for the copy/paste, my laptop died earlier while trying to fix yet another thing20:41
vsteveI think perhaps I should leave wm to kori and I'll get back to swm...see how far I can get with that instead20:41
vsteveholy crap is this all in one C file?20:44
vsteve....color me suprised20:45
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] libpng: updated to 1.6.27. Fix for CVE-2016-10087.20:59
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druid_droidhello, I have an email about ico port and runing revdep and rebuild,21:56
druid_droidI know revdep, is rebuild also a command or is short for prt-get -fr $(revdep) ?21:57
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onodera druid_droid you mean icu?22:21
druid_droidsorry yes icu22:27
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druid_droidalso zlib fails to download, will try manualy22:34
onoderadruid_droid: I only rebuild revdep22:40
onoderaeveyrthing works fine but yeah I don't know22:40
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druid_droidI download from git and made a tar.gz :)23:31

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