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vsteveany bspwm users around?01:02
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newcoderWhat is the extension of a package of crux?01:05
newcoder"CRUX is a lightweight, x86-64-optimized Linux distribution targeted at experienced Linux users and delivered by a tar.xz-based package system with BSD-style initscripts."01:07
newcoderThey didn't say pkg01:07
jaegerBecause they are tarballs without metadata01:07
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newcoderjaeger: What do you mean?01:08
jaegerI mean you could decompress a .pkg.tar.xz archive with just tar, it doesn't require package utilities for that01:09
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jaegerpackage utilities do other things that are nice, such as handling a package database, but the "package format" itself is dead simple01:09
ryu0newcoder: it's there in the actual package name structuring.01:09
jaegerso the description of "tar.xz-based" is correct01:09
newcoderWhat is the difference between file.tar.xz and file.pkg.tar.xz? What is more inside file.pkg.tar.xz?01:10
ryu0nothing. it's just a naming convention.01:10
ryu0it tells more about it but that's it.01:10
jaegerwell, the .pkg.tar.xz will be organized by pkgmk as if it were / on a live system01:10
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jaegerbut otherwise it's just the name, so you know it's a package01:10
newcoderBut in archlinux I think, file.pkg.tar.xz has something more than the original source file.tar.xz.01:11
jaegerfor example, if your package has only the file /usr/bin/grep in it, the .pkg.tar.gz will contain only usr/bin/grep (leading / stripped)01:11
jaegerarch uses different package utilities01:12
ryu0crux packages no internal metadata beyond what TAR provides.01:12
ryu0afaik, dependencies are resolved using ports instead.01:12
jaeger.pkg.tar.xz doesn't contain the source, it contains the compiled binaries/libs/whatever01:12
newcoderIf the source is same in both file.tar.xz and file.pkg.tar.gz then .pkg is extra and not necessary.01:13
jaegerwhy would a source file have "pkg" in its name?01:13
jaeger(unless it's actually something called "pkg", heh)01:13
newcoderOh, you should have told that before.01:13
newcoderfile.pkg.tar.xz is the compiled binary01:13
jaegersorry, figured that was evident because it's a package01:13
newcoderfile.tar.xz is the original source code01:13
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ryu0and these are just arbitrary naming conventions. they don't necessarily having the same meaning everywhere.01:14
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newcoderAny repository I can download binaries from?01:17
newcoderI heard, crux compiles from source code like gentoo01:17
jaegerNo official package repo but Romster has some at, I think just the big stuff that takes a while01:18
jaegeryes, it's source-based, though when you've built a package you can move it to another system with the same architecture01:18
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newcoderHere I don't see the curl.pkg.tar.xz01:20
newcoderWhy isn't there official repository to download compiled binaries?01:21
newcoderIs it a repository?
jaegerlack of resources, time, and desire01:21
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newcoderI got this from here:
jaegerthat's a ports repo, not a package repo01:21
newcoderWhat is that then: ?01:21
jaegera port database01:21
newcoderWhat is ports repo?01:22
jaegerthink of a port like a gentoo ebuild and a port repo like an overlay, if that helps01:22
newcoderWhat's the difference between ports repo and package repo?01:22
jaegerports define how to build. packages are built01:22
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jaegeryou should read the handbook, it will explain a lot01:22
newcoderOk, so ports repo contains only the shell scripts to compile the source code, right?01:22
jaegerPkgfile plus whatever supplementary files are needed01:23
jaegerthe Pkgfile defines the build01:23
newcoder , it says, crux is only for 64 bit, why is that? Why not 32 bit also?01:23
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jaegerCRUX is multilib, it does support 32-bit01:24
newcoderWiki says: Platforms x86-64 at right side div01:25
ryu0newcoder: it means it only supports amd64 kernels. 32 bit applications can still be run.01:25
ryu0it just means you can only run crux on a 64 bit x86 cpu.01:26
ryu0you can still use 32 bit applications.01:26
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maraku"you should read the handbook" nice one jaeger03:30
jaegerI meant that seriously, not to be rude. :)03:30
marakuit's kinda sad though, a lot of people don't try finding answers by themselves anymore03:31
marakuthey expect it to be given to them on a silver platter03:31
marakuall though newcoder was pretty polite, so that's nice03:31
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brian|lfssomething change on crux 3.3 over the weekend getting million compile failures05:41
jaegernothing big that I'm aware of05:42
brian|lfsseems like I'm getting a million signature errors05:42
brian|lfsis there a way to ignore signature errors with prt-get05:43
jaegerprt-get doesn't care about signatures, look at pkgmk's options (-is I think)05:49
brian|lfsyes I see that that's why I asked.05:49
brian|lfsdon't want to have to update a million packages manually05:51
jaegerwhich ports are giving you signature errors?05:55
Worksterwhich ones are failing brian|lfs ?05:55
brian|lfslooks like bad link for zlib and singinatues messed up for flac and flac-3205:56
Worksteri've been testing and fixing stuff05:56
brian|lfsits cool man05:56
Worksterhow i updated them the other day05:57
Worksterand tested05:57
brian|lfsjust have been on my computers lately with the holidays and I05:57
jaegerseriously? I think we're all guilty of some hyperbole now and then but damn :P05:57
Worksteri'll test again05:58
brian|lfstrying to figure what got borked on my system06:00
brian|lfsthinking QT5 needs a rebuild maybe06:00
jaegerI get a 404 for both flac and flac-3206:00
brian|lfsthats what I"m seeing with revdep06:01
Worksterit downloaded just yesterday06:01
brian|lfsnothing else really that important besides qt506:01
jaegermaybe it got removed upstream or there's some desync06:01
jaegerbecause it's not in right now06:01
Worksterand i had a sourceforge email for that version06:01
brian|lfsyiou all have fun this weekend06:01
brian|lfsbringing in the new year06:01
Workstereh i see
WorksterACTION scratches my head06:03
jaegerdo you get the osuosl site or some other? I'm gonna guess it's another sourceforge shitty mirroring thing06:03
jaeger mirrors what I see at the other url for reference06:04
Worksterame url as that06:05
Workstermaybe there mirror is but i don't see it.06:05
ryu0Workster: like here?
jaegerThere's probably some geolocation going on there for mirror selection06:13
ryu0i remember playing mirror roulette with sourceforge. it felt eeriely similar to russian roulette.06:14
Worksteryeah we had in the past issues with sourceforge downloads hanging.06:27
Worksterbbs heading home06:28
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: zlib: updated to version 1.2.1006:38
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: zlib-32: updated to version 1.2.1006:39
Romsterand i only updated zlib-32 the other day to...06:42
Romsterzlib seems to be moving fast06:43
Romsteroh only 5 minutes ago in core...06:43
Romsterbrian|lfs, a million signature errors is 3?06:45
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Romsterjaeger, can you push that zlib to 3.3 please, i can do contrib-32 if you don't wanna push that to 3.3 as well07:23
frinnstouch. nasty zlib bug07:43
frinnst"Fix bug in gzwrite.c that produced corrupt gzip files"07:43
frinnstpushed it to 3.3 Romster07:43
Romsterta frinnst07:46
Romsterand i meant to say compat-32 not contrib-32 was thinking of food.07:47
ryu0Hm. Is it common practice now for retailers like newegg to bundle ADs with their pages?08:16
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frinnstwee, new workstation at work08:49
frinnstnow to figure out uefi-boot for the first time08:50
ryu0frinnst: first time using uefi?08:50
ryu0ok. you'll need to include a special partition with your GPT or DOS partition table.08:50
ryu0the EFI System Partition (ESP)08:50
ryu0it's a FAT16 or FAT32 partition.08:51
ryu0with a special partition type.08:51
ryu0then after installing, you'll need to set it up with efibootmgr.08:52
ryu0you must be booted from UEFI media to do all this.08:52
ryu0i mean, to configure UEFI.08:52
cipppi have uefi,grub from other distro, i use crux with nothing special for uefi08:53
cipppi supose /boot/efi is need only if i want grub on crux08:53
frinnst seems to cover most things?08:54
ryu0it'll probably work.08:54
cipppi like uefi, is nice to chose bootloaders from bios08:59
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ryu0i consider it a burden for my server, but then that's just me.09:00
frinnstyeah seems like more stuff can go wrong09:03
frinnstand unless you need fancy features or >2TB boot disk there arent really any need for it09:03
ryu0cippp: i don't need dual boot and  legacy just works. i don't need to configure the BIOS really to boot from it.09:06
cipppmaybe, if is only 1 os, need to mount 1 partition more for nothing09:06
cipppbut if i have windows + linux, windows cat broke grub, if grub go wrong i can boot on windows from bios09:08
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cipppfrinnst: im not sure if with you i talk about nvidia, to use it vs intel from cpu10:33
cipppanyway someone said i cant if ... im not remember what10:33
cipppbut works :)10:33
frinnstthink it waas jaeger10:39
frinnstbut good news :-)10:39
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druid_droidI have to cd /usr/ports/opt/flac && pkgmk -um , only me ?11:47
druid_droidsorry I say this before check ports -u opt, I updated yesterday ...11:47
druid_droidno updates :)11:48
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frinnstgah. setting up alsa is a pain13:37
frinnsthavent done that in ~5 years13:37
frinnst2 stupid hda devices - cpu/gpu and onboard13:37
frinnstcpu/gpu has become the default..13:38
frinnstand alsaconf doesnt seem to work anymore13:38
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SiFuh__Kevin Hart is a comedian?13:47
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ryu0frinnst: let me guess. one is HDMI and the other is the analog onboard.13:49
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frinnstfucking pita14:00
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ryu0frinnst: you can use asound.conf or so to change the default card.14:08
ryu0frinnst: sanest choice if you only want to use one.14:09
frinnstyeah just trying to figure it out14:09
frinnstbtw i get "error: no soutable video mode found. \nBooting in blind mode" in grub with uefi14:17
frinnstno gfxterm with efi?14:17
ryu0uefi should have one.14:17
frinnst[AO_ALSA] alsa-lib: pcm_hw.c:1601:(snd_pcm_hw_open) open '/dev/snd/pcmC1D0p' failed (-16): Device or resource busy14:24
nwehmm does the crux iso has initramfs included? and if how is that build?14:26
cipppfrinnst: i have some stunff and in modprobe.d for alsa but i think .asoundrc was for good14:29
cipppim not remember why i have and ossmix, but work14:30
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frinnst solved it14:57
frinnstI should package that for future usage14:57
frinnstsupid alsa :>14:57
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joacimshouldve used ossv4 =)15:11
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juefrinnst: to reorder the sound-cards I have 'options snd-hda-intel index=1,0' in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa.conf16:06
juesomething like that should work for you as well16:06
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cipppi have also16:19
cipppoptions snd-hda-intel model=linux16:19
cipppoptions snd-hda-intel index=1,016:19
cipppim not remember if is usefull, i put it some time ago16:19
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onoderaI pretty much finished the port utils I'm making, it has manpages and everything now :D18:21
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: flac: fixed md5sum20:32
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pedja'Incident Response Docs'21:27
pedjathe documentation is interesting, but the more interesting is MkDocs which they use to generate it.21:28
pedjacould something like that be used for the wiki on
pedjahaving docs in the git repo would prevent accidental deletes.21:31
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wildefyrwhat's the eta on crux 3.3 ?22:30
wildefyrgonna be reinstalling tomorrow hopefully anyway22:30
onoderathere is an rc iso already22:34
onoderaim on 3.3 now22:34
onoderaanyways I don't know the eta22:34
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pidsleywildefyr: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY pidsley OscarTheGrouch22:43
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frinnstthen quitting before hoping anyone saw it22:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: imlib2: updated to 1.4.922:55
frinnst3 cve's squished22:56
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