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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: flac: fixed md5sum00:38
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: libpng-32: 1.6.26 -> 1.6.2701:32
rmullAny idea what changed about the flac tarball that caused an md5sum change? I updated flac successfully a day or two ago01:38
rmullwithout md5sum error01:38
rmullI don't still have the tarball to compare unfortunately01:39
onodera rmull upstream changed the tarball I think01:40
Romsteri have both but i haven't looked yet01:44
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rmullOh wait, that change was for compat-32 - that doesn't apply to me02:31
Worksterflac is in opt as well.02:33
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brian|lfsWorkster, zlib and zlib-32 are still messed up02:39
brian|lfs+ rm /home/pkgmk/work/zlib/pkg/lib/libz.so02:39
brian|lfsrm: cannot remove '/home/pkgmk/work/zlib/pkg/lib/': No such file or directory02:39
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Workster-_- worked for me02:51
Worksterrebuild it again if you are doing more than 1 make job.02:51
Workstersometimes there can be a race if the makefile is not done right.02:52
Worksterpastebin the /var/log/pkgbuild/ somewhere if it wont still package cleanly.02:54
brian|lfsok pasting02:54
brian|lfsstill no go02:54
brian|lfssignature missmatch on zlib-3202:57
Worksteron just the file?02:59
brian|lfsjust on zlib-3203:00
brian|lfsand zlib bombs out on me everytime03:00
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Worksterzlib-32 file footprint pkgfile?03:18
Worksteri did fix that03:20
Worksteri need to see the output of what failed exactly brian|lfs03:23
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brian|lfsI posted it03:33
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emmett1ERROR: Downloading '' failed.03:56
emmett1imlib2 port should be update to 1.4.9 now03:57
rmullemmett1: It already is04:03
emmett1ok its 1.4.9 now after ports -u04:08
emmett1xerces-c should be update too04:09
emmett1error 404 not found04:09
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brian|lfsWorkster, I really don't understand the issue with zlib04:13
brian|lfswhy the normal zlib says its missing that file it tries to delete04:14
brian|lfsI commented that line out and ended up hoseing my system04:14
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brian|lfsI had to pull a old zlib package from the iso04:14
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brian|lfshey jaeger you there?04:52
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brian|lfszlib package don't seem to work for me on 3.305:15
brian|lfsit says is missing when it tries to remove it05:15
brian|lfsthen if I get rid of that line from the Pkgfile my whole system becomes hosed and I'm forced to go back to the old zlib05:16
jaegerpastebin a log if you can05:16
brian|lfsI did earlier05:16
brian|lfsbut there it is again05:17
jaegerIt builds fine for me on 3.3, tested on 2 machines05:46
cipppwhere is 3.3?06:02
jaegernot yet released, there's a release candidate for testing06:02
cipppwhere ?:)06:03
jaegerbrian|lfs: line 11 is your problem, I think.06:15
jaeger"No shared library support; try without defining CC and CFLAGS06:15
jaegerbrian|lfs: here's a successful build for you to compare output:
jaegeron that note, time to sleep06:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: chromium: 54.0.2840.100 -> 55.0.2883.10306:47
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Worksterchromium for 3.3 will be done shortly06:48
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Romsterpkgadd -u those07:30
marakuis the crux team going to enable rust for firefox?07:34
marakuthe mozilla people said they'd start shipping firefox with servo components (and servo's built with rust)07:34
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frinnstim not looking to add more deps to firefox for as long as i can hold out07:49
Romsteri built a older version of rust already i might mess with it maraku07:50
ryu0ever wondered if they should rename firefox to firepig, for the sake of realism? :)07:52
ryu0though i suppose that's nothing compared to chrome.07:53
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frinnstseems its the fate of all browsers to grow into huge behemoths after a few years09:22
frinnstfirefox started out as a 5mb binary, chrome was lean at first09:22
xckothere's surf09:23
frinnstedge is probably the less fat browser at the moment but it surely will grow09:23
frinnstsorry, fate of mainstream browsers :-)09:23
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cipppfirefox its ok with ram usage compared with chrome browsers09:25
frinnstyeah its mostly extensions that suck all the ram09:25
cipppi like vivaldi but i cant use it coz i have "only" 4gb ram09:25
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SiFuhwhat kind of d1cksquatter puts a 240 volt line mm's from a coper plumbing pipe12:02
SiFuhor visa versa12:03
brian|lfsthanks Romster for uploading zlib and zlib-3212:27
brian|lfsobviously at least normal zlib is very strange issue which borks my system without being built already12:28
brian|lfsII'll downlaod them and update them after work I must head to work for now12:28
frinnstSiFuh: someone trying to ground something?12:31
SiFuhno  just too close12:31
frinnstah mm = millimeters12:32
Romsterbare wire or in conduit or what SiFuh ?12:33
SiFuhyou never put anything electical near coper pipes12:33
SiFuhshielded or not, you just dont do it12:33
frinnstback in the 90's grounded outlets were very uncommon in residential homes here in sweden. except kitchen and bathrooms12:33
Romsterif it's in conduit it's fine, but if that is a gas pipe then no...12:34
SiFuhpre-50s we ground all though lead pipe12:34
frinnsti remember a forum where computers were discussed. the tip to use plumbing to ground stuff were too common12:34
SiFuhRomster you should never put electricity near plumbing  both plumbers and electricians know it12:35
Romsteruntil ya start to replace rusted out pipe with plastic pvc and then suddenly all taps and facets are shocking.12:35
Romsterthere are rules and regulations regarding distance etc...12:35
SiFuhi got a masters from MIT and I am not allowed to touch electricty over 50v dc or ac in Australia since I don't have a cert 3 in elctrotechonolgy12:36
Romsteri can only legally work on anything that can be unplugged12:37
SiFuhi refuse to get the cert because i find it offensive that a UNI degree is valueless in comparrison to a Tafe Cert.12:37
SiFuhi really hate this hole of arrogance.12:37
frinnstsurely its like that in most places?12:38
Romstereh it's to difficult for those that can manage to do safe work. all the tape and crap.12:38
SiFuhand yet, I go to change a light globe, and have to be careful because some nit-with put 240v next to a copper a pipe.12:38
SiFuhi am legally allowed to work in EVERY country bar Australia12:39
Romsterstupid regulations...12:39
SiFuhand the funniest part is I am Australian!12:39
SiFuhIt is like saying 'hey, Bill Gates, you can't touch a computer in Australia, because you don't have a certificate from Tafe'12:40
frinnstinstalled by SiFuh ?12:40
SiFuhexactly romster!12:40
SiFuhfsck you frinnst12:41
SiFuhi seen it in real12:41
SiFuhin Kyrgyzstan12:41
frinnstlots of glorious images in that subreddit12:42
Romsterabove a bathtub wth12:42
Romsternope so full of nopes12:42
SiFuheven earth/ground is escaping12:42
frinnsti could spend all day there12:43
SiFuhi have worked in 13 countries, and I have seen some funny sh17. But these regulations in Australia, nothing changes, still same old same old.12:43
Romsteryeah its stupid but what do you do...12:44
SiFuhi never saw that frinnst12:44
SiFuhi remember in 90's doing most of the antenna installtions and wiring around the Maroochy region. No I can't step on a roof with out a certificate that says 'dont fall' and a cert that says 'be careful you are in a confined space'12:45
RomsterACTION facepalms12:46
SiFuhwarning labels are designed for people who read12:48
SiFuhlets reduce the population but not teach people how to read12:49
SiFuhim stuck12:50
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dansimonHi guys, I'm trying to install CRUX on a qemu virtual machine, but it doesnt boot... does qemu need some special kernel moduels/config to work..?13:09
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ryu0dansimon: does your bootloader load?13:40
ryu0dansimon: wait... what part won't boot? you're not explaining whether it's the ISO or the installation.13:41
dansimonryu0: exelent question, now that I think about it lilo doesnt seem to boot (the install cd does).13:42
dansimondo you need to run lilo outside of the chroot?13:42
ryu0No... you always run the bootloader setup from inside.13:43
ryu0i'm not a fan of using lilo in this day and age anymore, but they won't switch to something better like syslinux.13:43
dansimonHm... Then im pussled... lilo seems to install just fine, with an "Added CRUX" message...13:44
ryu0you should at least get a kernel panic or so if it can't boot your root partition.13:44
ryu0perhaps try installing syslinux? assuming your root/boot partition is a supported filesystem.13:45
ryu0yea, that's supported.13:45
ryu0it requires some manual work, but it doesn't require you to reinstall it every time you change kernels like lilo does.13:46
ryu0does the crux ISO come with it? if so, install it from there.13:46
ryu0and there's 3 steps to get it running.13:47
ryu01) running extlinux to install the filesystem stuff.13:47
ryu02) using dd to copy the syslinux MBR to your MBR13:47
ryu0no way 4.13:47
ryu03) mark your boot or root partition as 'active' or 'legacy boot' (semantics depend on if it's DOS or GPT)13:48
ryu04) write the syslinux.conf configuration file.13:48
dansimonryu0: Thanks, I'll give it a go :)13:49
ryu0dansimon: oh, i forgot, #5. copy the syslinux modules needed to launch your program. syslinux became modular in 6.x or so.13:49
ryu0extlinux only installs the core.13:49
ryu0copy them to /boot/syslinux i believe.13:49
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dansimonI am still puzzled about why it fails, Slackware boots fine in qemu so it cannot be a lilo+qemu issue... Has anyone here booted CRUX on qemu?13:52
dansimonOk, found the answere: You need to run 'lilo -M /dev/sda' to update the mbr (not just lilo...). Someone should *really* add this information to the install guide ;)14:02
jaegerIs that a qemu quirk or something? I can't recall ever needing it on a physical system14:12
dansimon jaeger: I have no idea, I just saw14:15
dansimonit on a youtube video of someone installing crux14:15
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jaegergot a link to the video?14:20
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dansimon (skip to about 13:50)14:22
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dansimonMaybe this is because a qemu hdd image has no mbr by default, whereas a real hdd would have one (I am guessing wildly here...)14:23
jaegerCould be14:24
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ryu0dansimon: a real hard drive may not have a partition table at all. most likely if it's never been used.17:08
darfoThe MBR is separate from the partition table. Some phys. drives come shipped with an MBR. But a qemu drive will not have one so lilo -M is required.17:31
darfoI boot a qemu img with LILO and CRUX regularly.17:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nss: updated to 3.28.119:19
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john_cephalopodacontrib/lmms has a broken source link21:05
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brian|lfsRomster, you didn't happen to upload latest chromium package did you lol23:54
brian|lfszlib seem to be happy on my system23:54

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