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brian|lfsanyone have a borked chromium 56 besides me00:34
frinnstwhats wrong?00:46
frinnstnss seems to have fucked up some stuff earlier today. if you havent already, ports -u & rebuild00:47
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: nss-32: 3.28.1 -> 3/27/2 downgraded to match opt00:48
Worksterfor gods sake i should't commit when i feel like crap :/00:49
Worksteror you can pkgadd -u older nss00:50
Worksterand close and open your browser00:50
Worksterblueness, if it makes it any easer to use file for us to run before ./configure to pre-generate configure or we can just run autoreconf on it. so that the header can be done on the machine it'll compile on.00:55
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brian|lfswe are all human Workster01:29
brian|lfsnot sure if its nss or what becasue chrome just says all snap for everything and wouldn't open anything01:30
brian|lfseven after rebuilding it01:30
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brian|lfsdon't get it about chromium it opens and don't do jack01:49
brian|lfsand I don't see any errors in a console01:50
brian|lfseven after several rebuilds firefox seems fine01:50
brian|lfsbrb rebooting01:50
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xckoI think romster has a precompiled version of chromium available01:50
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Worksteri do at
Worksterbutthe 3.3 one wont run i need to rebuild the beta02:09
Workster3.2/ chromium is fine02:09
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: eudev: update to 3.2.1, fix build with gperf 3.111:26
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: gperf: update to 3.111:26
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abenzconfigure: error: cannot determine icu version number from uvernum.h header file12:29
abenzERROR: old-configure failed12:29
abenzhi frinnst12:29
abenzfirefox failure12:29
rmullteK_: New irssi (1.0.0!) is out12:54
tilmanteK_: including sec fixes iirc12:55
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deus_extraditional 'snow?in January?wtf?' collapse in Serbia <313:21
pedjajust in time for xmas13:23
tilmanpedja: merry (weirdishly late) christmas! :]13:50
pedjathank you :)13:51
pedjacalendar of the ortodox church is weird that way.13:55
pedjabut, on the plus side, double xmas presents :)13:57
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frinnstabenz: i take it you have icu installed ?14:45
frinnstcan you paste the buildlog somewhere?14:45
frinnstanyways, firefox doesnt link against the system icu libs. we use the bundled library. so an internal failure sounds very strange14:50
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vstevewhile compiling kernels, it seems like i cant give a ton of consideration to what chipset im using, just the devices it attaches to16:09
vstevewhy isnt there a SB750 or X58 driver in the kernel like youd have in windows?16:10
vsteveim reading that it seems like the bridges north and south are more or less transparent to the kernel, but for some reason windows needs additional i guess its more of a question of what's wrong with windows?16:15
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jaegerIt's just a different design16:22
vstevefair enough, i was worried i was missing adding vital things to my kernels16:23
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frinnstabenz: roll back sed17:08
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abenznot in a rush17:27
abenzwill wait for a proper fix ;)17:27
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pedjacitywide power outages are fun17:49
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abenzsometimes they really are18:02
abenzespecially when people go out of their houses wondering if its only them and then have a chat with the neighbour18:03
abenzreminiscent of an era long gone..18:03
pedjain the spring?perhaps.during cold winter day?not so much :)18:30
pedjathere were quite a few days without power and water in the 90's...18:32
pedjawith bonus F-16's flying over my head in '99.'fun' times18:33
pedjabut that's a story for another time/channel :)18:34
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: Revert "sed: update to 4.3"19:02
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onoderahi, on my vps I accidentally removed openssl, not nothing works because it's missing21:51
onoderaanyways I can fix it if I could somehow grab the wget sources21:51
onoderadoes anyone know I can do that in a way that doesn't make use of rsync/git/ssh/wget/curl?21:52
frinnstnot really. Do you have the sources for wget or curl ?21:53
frinnstyou might be able to scp the source to the host too21:53
onoderatreid that, requires openssl to be installed :(21:53
frinnstand no sources for curl/wget on the host?21:54
onoderafrinnst: nope ;_;21:55
onoderaI thought I downloaded them beforehand but I didn't21:56
onoderathat's why I'm in this mess now :p21:56
onoderaoyhh right21:56
onoderaI can boot from the iso maybe, I'll try that21:56
frinnstor just mount the iso21:56
joacimi had a similar issue a long time ago22:01
joacimborked my system. mounted the iso and installed the package from there22:02
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tilmanjaeger: not sure if funny or annoying ;D23:01
jaegertilman: a bit of both, honestly23:02
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