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abenzis this real or scripted? lel00:22
abenzhow can the chat be real?00:23
abenzcan someone even read and respond in time before the page scrolls 5 times00:23
Romsteronodera, no https or not forced
Romsterwhat the heck is that jaeger ... how can it have some many viewers00:54
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: scons: 2.5.0 -> 2.5.107:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: serf: 1.3.8 -> 1.3.907:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: subversion: 1.9.4 -> 1.9.507:24
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: fix compile for flex-2.6.308:18
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druid_droidWish Good Day <3 Crux'ers !!!15:20
john_cephalopodaHeey druid_droid15:20
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: Revert "gperf: update to 3.1"16:00
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brian|lfstsaop sup man19:20
tsaopbrian|lfs: hello there19:34
tsaopbrian|lfs: I am pushing a lot of stuff to my KF5 repo19:34
brian|lfsyou been adding apps to KF519:34
tsaopbrian|lfs: now trying to package krita19:34
brian|lfsso you going to put your repo on the database eventually19:34
tsaopbrian|lfs: I've been using a clean docker container for each package, so hopefully now things should install a bit more cleanly19:35
tsaopbrian|lfs: when I finish it to an acceptable degree19:35
brian|lfsjust doing a prt-get -fr depsint to pull everything new in19:35
tsaopbrian|lfs: feel free to try out some stuff and let me know if stuff breaks19:35
brian|lfsshould be interesting I'm running CRUX 3.319:35
tsaopbrian|lfs: some things were added, so you need to pull in the applications individually19:35
tsaopbrian|lfs: I'm basing it on CRUX 3.219:36
tsaopbut it shouldn't matter19:36
brian|lfswoudln't think it would what part of the woorld are you in19:36
tsaopbrian|lfs: Italy19:36
brian|lfscool least your not in Trumpland19:36
brian|lfsjust switched ISP today I have gigabit cable service now19:37
tsaopbrian|lfs: so it appears no one will be present to Trump insediation on Jan 2019:37
tsaopbrian|lfs: lucky bastard19:37
tsaopbrian|lfs: in Italy there are a few gigabit services, but only in major cities19:37
brian|lfssame here I live in Washington DC19:37
tsaopbrian|lfs: my ISP in particular is experimenting a 1000/200 profile in a few select cities19:37
tsaopbrian|lfs: we'll see in 5-10 years19:38
brian|lfsthat would be better then I have 1000/20 lol19:38
brian|lfsglad I don't upload much19:38
tsaopbrian|lfs: for now using a simple 100/20 VDSL19:38
tsaopbrian|lfs: which nets out at 60/20 due to saturation and noise from other customers19:38
brian|lfsDSL is dead over here we never got highend DSL like that here19:38
brian|lfsmaybe 8 megabits max19:39
tsaopbrian|lfs: they figured it would be cheaper to lay fiber up to the street cabinet than to cable every individual building19:39
tsaopbrian|lfs: but you have coax tv and internet in America19:39
brian|lfsthats true19:39
brian|lfsyup I had fiber before19:40
tsaopbrian|lfs: that DOCSIS stuff19:40
brian|lfsyup DOCSIS 3.1 does the gigabit19:40
tsaopwhat about that fancy google fiber19:40
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brian|lfsin certain areas not in DC19:40
tsaopI suppose the other ISPs are trying to prevent google from expanding coverage19:41
tsaopor are they offering fiber on their own?19:41
brian|lfsyes they are law suits google keeps losing its very sad19:41
brian|lfsII don't think google fiber will last19:41
tsaopis it true you have metered internet?19:41
brian|lfscomcast just implemented it19:42
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brian|lfsthere the biggest ISP in the USA19:42
tsaophere is unmetered, of course if you download 2 tb per month they will complain, but there aren't any limits19:42
brian|lfsRCN isn't metered at this point and  verizion and google aren't either19:42
tsaopwhat if you use a lot of netflix19:42
brian|lfsI"m sure if I used 1 TB or more they would say something19:43
brian|lfsor more then the top 3%19:43
brian|lfsWhat they meter on bably here is cell data19:43
tsaopyes, we get that too19:44
brian|lfsone big carrier Tmobile jsut ditched all their data plans for a $70 per line19:44
brian|lfsthey claim its unlimted19:44
tsaopi have 2 gb per month of mobile internet traffic19:44
brian|lfsbut say they will throttle if you use more then 28 GB and the video is throttle to non high def DVD quality19:44
tsaopis it included in my landline phone bill19:44
brian|lfsIts crappy DVD quakltiy on HD smartphoens19:45
frinnsthow do they throttle "video" ?19:45
tsaopjust watch videos at home19:45
frinnstlike, streaming video?19:45
tsaopand browse text websites on mobile19:45
frinnstover https?19:45
brian|lfsI have an IPhone 7 Plus the screen kind of sucks but it still has HD19:45
frinnstthat sounds scary as fuck19:45
brian|lfsnot sure how they throttle19:46
brian|lfsbut yes how is it a good deal to pay more for the same service19:46
brian|lfsso I'm keeping my grand fathered plan19:46
brian|lfsit has roll over and all anyhow19:46
brian|lfsanyone use chromium besides me19:47
brian|lfsI could be wrong but I think 56 is just broken on linux19:48
frinnstworks for me19:48
brian|lfsit compiels and installs but all it does is says Ahh Snap for everything19:48
frinnsti did the push to 3.319:48
frinnsti had that issue with all other versions besides 5619:48
brian|lfsmaybe I should try romsters package of it then19:48
tsaopbrian|lfs: maybe that nss problem?19:48
tsaopor did it get rolled back for 3.3 too?19:49
brian|lfsI was thinking that and Nss wass pull backed and I rebuilt and still same prtoblem19:49
brian|lfsrolled I mean19:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: adwaita-icon-theme: added gtk3 to the dependencies19:50
brian|lfshmm do you have a copy of 56 frinnst you can post somewhere19:51
brian|lfsof the package compiled19:51
brian|lfsRomster, only has 54 and 55 on his site19:51
frinnstsorry no, I only use chromium at work19:51
frinnstI can do a build in a vm but it will take a few hours. all cores are busy right now :-)19:52
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tsaopokay, krita is packaged now20:41
tsaopshould build fine20:41
onoderanice, krita is very nice20:53
onoderanow that I think about it, it was the reason I switched to linux, because it served as a photoshop replacement20:53
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abenzACTION googles krita21:10
abenzI always found gimps controls a bit strange.. but its not bad after getting used to it21:11
abenzthen there's inkscape (illustrator like) and that strangeness is more evident21:11
abenzACTION uninstalls21:21
abenzlol who am I kidding, big learning curves21:21
tsaopI can barely draw a sticky figure on paper21:22
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brian|lfsI installed Krita don't recall ever seeing it in my life23:06
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john_cephalopodaKrita is awesomoe.23:07
brian|lfsanyone have a package of updated chromium23:07
brian|lfsI don't get it I've done recdep rebuilt all of the stuff it compiled about besides binary stuff and still 56 says all snap for everything23:08
john_cephalopodaI had some problems with kf5 in the past, so it was hard to get it running. Currently using the platform-agnostic binary release.23:08
john_cephalopoda(Of Krita)23:08
brian|lfsits crazy because 54 works fine on my system23:09
brian|lfsRomster, you alive man23:09
ryu0brian|lfs: he's a zombie! AHHH23:11
brian|lfsoh ok23:12
brian|lfsjust proved my theory 55 and 56 are broken23:13
brian|lfswell more then a theory I seen on google others with the same issue after 54 everyone getting ahh snap23:13
brian|lfsis there a way I can block 56 from trying to install for now?23:13
brian|lfseverytime I do prt-get sysup23:14
jaegerprt-get lock23:17
brian|lfsahh ok is that new prt-get lock23:18
brian|lfsI"m guesing unlock to unlock it latter23:19
brian|lfswish I had another CRUX box I could physically open chromium 56 open on and see if I get the same result23:20
brian|lfsdon't think any of that would break chromium23:22
brian|lfsand I've recompiled all the non binary there23:22
brian|lfslooking at archlinux pkgfile dosen't give me any insight crapload of patches23:29
brian|lfsI"m wondering however if they are requiring 'use_kerberos=true' now23:29
brian|lfsto browse at all23:29
john_cephalopodabrian|lfs: gst looks like iit could be inside of ff.23:30
john_cephalopodajdk might also be involved.23:31
brian|lfsok I can recompile thsoe again23:32
brian|lfsalso going to try compiling with kerberos on23:35
brian|lfsrebuilding deps for gst-plugins-good-3223:38
brian|lfsbecause it fialed to compile23:38
brian|lfsstrange had a permission denied error with speex-3223:44
brian|lfsdon't get why that happens using pkgmk for a few packages23:44
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marakuhas anybody got virtualbox to compile with qt5?23:59
vsteveI can try it, but you're gounna have to tell me what qt5 is and what steps you took23:59

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