IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2017-01-08

marakuit's a framework for dev's to build guis00:00
vsteveahh ok00:01
marakuthe crux packaged virtualbox in contrib builds with qt version 4 (aka qt4)00:01
abenzhi vsteve00:01
vstevehey abenz00:01
abenzare you on 4.9 ?00:01
abenzhow is the nano ?00:01
vsteveI'm not on 4.9 yet, got pulled away on other projects, but I'm hoping to return to that real soon00:02
vstevemaraku, are you modifying the pkg file to point to qt5 instead or what are you doing?00:02
marakuyeah vsteve, trying to build virtualbox with qt5 instead00:03
marakukeyword: trying :)00:03
vsteveis there some evidence somewhere that you're sure it even works with qt5?00:04
marakuyeah, archlinux and most major distro's use qt5 now00:04
vstevesounds good, and are they on the same version of virtualbox as we have in contrib?00:04
marakuthe virtualbox upstream switched to qt5 (
marakuqt5 was 'default' after the 5.1 release00:05
vstevewell, I can take a stab at it tonight and get back to you00:05
vstevei haven't used virtual box in ages00:05
marakuthanks vsteve00:05
vsteveso this'll be fun00:06
marakuqemu destroys my disk io compared to virtualbox00:06
vstevegot enough ram for a ramdisk?00:06
marakuprobably because i have a spinning hard drive00:06
marakuwindows eats too much space00:07
marakui think when i installed windows 10 it used 25G by default!00:07
vsteve....forget that00:08
vsteveI'm only running crux these days00:08
marakuit's insane comparing it to a fresh install of fedora which is ~3G (and that's with gnome!)00:08
vstevegood lord00:08
marakubut yeah, i'm want the windows vm for games :)00:10
marakumostly old stuff like baldur's gate and the dreamfall stuff00:10
abenzmaraku: gpu passthru setup?00:10
marakuno gpu passthrough abenz, i use a laptop00:11
onoderaRomster: can you please udpate libass to  0.13.600:21
vstevePlayOnLinux won't work for you?00:22
vstevemight be thinner than a whole vm00:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libass: 0.13.3 -> 0.13.600:58
Romsteronodera, done00:59
Romsterhah frinnst01:03
Romsterwhat good parts :D01:03
vstevemaraku - holy crap qt5 is enormous, it's STILL building01:15
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vstevethere's no way this virtualbox process is easier than wine01:27
Romstervirtualbox with native windows will run more things than wine currently01:32
vsteveoh i'm sure, but I wonder if there's an application specifically in mind for maraku01:32
Romstervsteve, and qt5 is one of the many things i compile regularly01:33
vsteveRomster, you have my condolences01:33
Romsterccache helps a lot01:33
vstevewhat is ccache?01:33
Romsterprt-get info ccache01:33
Romsterit caches built objects from gcc/g++01:34
vstevebut if i'm only rebuilding new versions...will this be of use?01:34
Romsteryes because changes are not to all the source files between versions01:35
vsteveahh, I suppose01:35
Romsterit depends on how intrusive the changes are.01:35
vstevenormally I'm on a computer fast enough where I can do a full on prt-get sysup in a few hours01:36
Romsteralso if the compile bombsout due to some mistake youc an fix the mistake and recompile and it'll get to that spot a lot faster01:36
vstevemy laptop is another story01:36
Romsterwell you could distcc to a desktop for the laptop01:36
vsteveI hear good things, i've never set it up before01:37
Romsteror use docker witha  crux image and build in there and pkgadd that to the laptop01:37
Romsteronly catch with distcc make sure every host has the same glibc gcc binutils versions01:37
Romsteror you will get weird compile errors01:37
vstevestill good to know01:38
Romsterit's not magic and has that limitation01:38
vsteveif it were magic I'd be concerned01:39
Romsterand not everything will distribute as well.01:39
vsteveI mean, I don't mind my current compile situation, i'm only doing qt5 to try and help out maraku01:39
Romsteri'm going out for some lunch01:39
Romsterunderstood just saying there is options01:40
Romsteralso i do have qt5 built packages
Romsterafk now01:40
vsteveso what originally brought me in here a few hours ago was that a server of mine running crux 3.2 seemingly randomly rebooted itself like a day and a half ago02:18
vsteveit's a relatively clean/recent install too02:19
vsteveI'm not sure what would have triggered the reboot, and I'm not getting anything incriminating from the logs02:19
vstevethere are weird gaps in some logs, though02:19
vstevebut what logs would you check first if a system seemed to mysteriously reboot?02:20
abenzI'd check temps to see if it wasn't overheating02:21
abenzthen perhaps stress test the system02:21
vstevetemps are good, no thermal events logged02:22
vsteveI'll try a stress test, interesting idea02:22
vsteveit's been at really low load though02:22
vstevelike...between 0 and 1%02:22
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abenzI usually rule out hardware first before checking logs02:23
vsteveI like it02:23
abenzcheck power supply also02:23
vstevepower supply BETTER be ok, it's a platinum seasonic02:23
abenz1k or 860 ?02:23
vsteve1000 watts on a system that can't be pulling more than 30002:24
abenzdo you by any chance have the hybrid fan on "hybrid" mode?02:24
abenzI always turn it to on on those PSUs, to have some airflow is always better02:24
vsteveoh, it's got tons of airflow02:24
abenznot the case, the PSU itself02:25
vstevethat does too02:25
abenzanyways its unlikely the PSU thats causing the trouble02:25
vstevewhat's creepy is the seemingly random blackout in some of the logs02:26
abenzblackout how? big time gaps unaccounted for?02:26
vstevelike..days in some cases02:26
joacimbrownout or short powerloss?02:26
abenzthat be the case, I'd do it windows-style wipe and reinstall lol02:27
vsteveI wondered about a brownout, but my wife was home at the time and says nothing weird happened with the power02:27
vsteveher computers would have wigged out too02:27
abenzthat doesn't explain the log blackout02:28
vstevebut yeah, I'm thinking about a reinstall anyway with 3.3 on the horizon02:28
abenzI do lint cleanup and reinstalls with every crux release..02:28
abenzeg last time I did a clean reinstall was from 3.1 to 3.202:28
abenznot exactly a "clean" as my home and other partitions are intact02:29
abenzbad habits die hard?02:30
vsteveseems so02:30
vsteveI'm reading the kernel logs02:31
vsteveit just....looks like it cleanly came up at 11am yesterday02:31
abenzreboot after rootkit install ?02:31
vsteveand there's nothing prior to that, and the server has been up for at least a week02:31
vstevemaybe?  I dunno, this is weird02:31
vsteveis there a log that shows reboots or failures?02:34
vsteveahhh here we go02:45
vstevethere were 7 crashes, and I run 7 minecraft servers from that box02:45
vstevewait...this is still weird02:47
vsteveit says they crashed out on the 29th of december02:48
vstevekernel reports a reboot yesterday, out of nowhere, at around 11am02:48
vsteveor, sorry, "system boot"02:48
abenzOT: what other games besides minecraft do you play?02:52
abenzOpenRA ?02:54
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vstevewho me?03:32
vsteveQuake 3 and Quake 203:32
vsteveI mix classic doom in there from time to time03:32
vsteveall other times I'm watching my wife drive recklessly in GTAv03:33
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vsteveand I still have no idea why or what rebooted my server, so that's off for now03:34
vsteveand slated for chainsaw brain surgery tomorrow03:34
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vstevemaraku - qt5 still building - this might turn into a tomorrow thing04:24
jaegera 1000 watt PSU isn't running at peak efficiency for a 300 watt load, certainly04:38
brian|lfshmmm wish I knew what the issue was with chromium 5604:43
brian|lfseven with kerberos on still same bs04:44
vsteveit's not, but it's the only one I have laying around04:44
jaegerfair enough04:45
vstevemaraku - build failed on qt5, so i can't even get far enough to knock down dependency #1 for you, I might try again on a faster machine but it'll be a while04:46
brian|lfsI'm sure one of us can upload a qt5 package04:47
joacimtempted to get one of these04:48
jaegerare you guys trying to build opt/qt5 or some other?04:49
joacimdont know how quiet that power supply would be tho04:50
jaegerRomster's already got one built04:52
joacimgot some lian li case right now. has backplanes, but requires that i remove the side panel to access the drives04:53
jaegerI ordered a new case for my ATX box today, should be neat. Phanteks Evolv Tempered Glass04:56
joacimlooks nice with the glass i think04:56
jaegeryeah. I've got a friend who has one and likes it a lot04:57
jaegerThat little NAS case is neat04:57
joacimbeen thinking about the jonsbo umx4 with the glass panels04:57
joacimbut harder to find here04:57
joacim+ my graphics card is full length04:57
joacimsurprised by how many cases that don't have enough room for full length graphics cards04:58
vsteveI'm not sure, maraku was having a hard time getting virtualbox to build with qt5, so I tried to build it too to see what he was up against04:58
joacimguessing you really like those evolv cases =)04:59
joacimthey do look pretty neat04:59
vsteveevolv cases are pretty great04:59
jaegerYeah, I like them. My mini-ITX build is in one as well05:04
jaegerthough I've linked pics of that one already05:04
vstevewhat motherboard did you go with?05:06
jaegerFor which build?05:07
vstevethe mini itx05:07
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jaegerAsus Z170i Pro Gaming05:08
joacimthe cables start looking messy in some of those u-nas builds05:08
vsteveah nice05:08
jaegervsteve: if you didn't see it already,
vstevedamn, that's nice05:10
jaegerThanks :)05:11
vsteveI don't have the requisite balls to do custom water cooling like that05:11
vsteveI got a closed loop for my 8350, which I love, but that's about as watery as I can get05:11
jaegerMy ATX box is also a custom loop but since I'm about to move it to a new case I'll take new pics of it after that05:11
joacimthe server before i added the power supply back in05:12
joacimit looks very messy with the psu cables everywhere05:12
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vstevemy monster:
vsteveshowing off the layer of copper I added before painting:
vsteveI live next to an airport and everything gets saturated in all bands of intereference, so I took a militant approach to it on that rig05:17
vsteveI modded in a power filter on the 120v input too, because our power grid is filthy05:19
vstevethat's the machine I use for opencl testing, that's an R9 nano in there, in one test I was able to hit 2.1TB/s in a vram benchmark05:20
joacimlooks pretty neat05:30
vsteveI resized all the cables too so they fit the contours of the case05:31
joacimshould do that with the server05:35
joacimshorten all the cables to short little stumps05:35
vsteveand I ended up wrapping those in copper tape too05:35
joacimand use extensions for atx, 12v, and sata power05:35
vstevethen sealing them with heat shrink tubing05:35
vstevenow they're like angry little pvc pipes with little to no flexibility, but there's electrical noise in my system05:38
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vstevealright, sleep time, have a good one05:46
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jaegerI was able to build qt5 in a container without trouble07:54
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tsaophello all08:40
tsaopRomster: can you bump qtwebengine to 5.7.1 when you have the time?08:40
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mupdf: build library with -fpic, FS#136313:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libgphoto2: update to 2.5.1213:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: sqlite3: update to 3.16.213:24
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john_cephalopodaFun fact: "Arduino" is an anagram of "U r a dino".14:36
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SiFuhpedja, it is a drama series that has been inserted into a scifi16:42
SiFuhwhy do they do this? I would be great if they just removed the drama16:43
pedjaSF, fantasy, whatever, is just the backdrop, it always was.It was always about the inter-personal relations.16:48
pedjamagic, advanced tech, what's the difference :) ?16:49
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pedjaread, if you have the chance, Daemon/Freedom series of books.all the tech is here, or a few years in the future.16:50
SiFuhpedja: i just like scifi and hate drama16:51
SiFuhbecause of you, I am watching this series. Yes, it is very good but it is also bad.. ;-)  Lethal Weapon was better that is relationships16:52
tilmanwhat series are you talking about?16:52
pedjasome examples of 'pure scifi', please, SiFuh :)16:53
pedjatilman, Travelers16:53
tilmanok, never heard of it16:53
pedjaI stumbled on it, pure by chance :)16:55
pedjagoogled what the creator of Stargate is up to these days16:56
pedja'Incorporated' is slick, has an interesting premise, but soulless/boring as hell.17:02
SiFuhStargate was good17:04
SiFuhpure scifi outer limits17:05
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vstevehey is down?17:05
SiFuhno he is returning with his gun to bring me down ;-)17:06
vstevewell then17:06
SiFuhvsteve: no access QLD Australia17:06
vstevehmmmm no bueno17:07
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jaegerIt seems to be back now17:21
pedja7 seasons/154 episodes?damn :)17:22
tilmanpedja: there are two series iirc, one from the 60s(?) and one from the 90s ;p17:23
pedjathe cast list on the imdb is huuuuge17:24
tilmandifferent setting every episode17:24
pedjalike The Twilight Zone ?17:24
pedjahow the hell didn't I hear about it until now :) ?17:26
tilmani haven't watched either though (except 1 or episodes of the 90s version of outer limits)17:26
pedjathat's about 5 days of binge watching17:29
tilmanyou know about the expense, right?17:30
pedjaI know about the 'The Expanse' ;)17:33
pedja(apologies for lame 'joke')17:35
jaegerIt starts up again in a few weeks17:35
pedjaFeb 1, iirc17:35
tilmani think i need to figure out how to netflix17:36
tilmanpedja: oops, didn't notice :D17:37
pedjawatchespisodes is poor man's Netflix17:38
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jaegerFor those interested in gaming speedruns, AGDQ 2017 has started17:39
pedjaNetflix is available in .rs, but a lot of people complain about the rather limited catalog17:39
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tilmanbefore netflix was available in germany, they sold the broadcasting rights of house of cards to a german pay tv provider17:40
*** just_fun has joined #crux17:40
tilmanso now you cannot watch HoC in netflix here17:40
tilmand e r p17:40
pedjasame here17:40
tilmanit wasn's even that long before netflix became available here17:40
pedjathey currently air season 2, or something like that17:41
pedjain the prime time 'Saturday just before midnight' slot17:42
pedjaI don't think my 20/2 connection is suitable for streaming, anyway.17:45
tilman20 what?17:45
tilmanshould be plenty17:46
crash_i have 24Mbit i can stream from netflix and such services :)17:46
pedjaI keep getting 'buffering' from some streaming sites, and some work fine.17:47
pedjawith 480p/720p video :)17:47
tilmani'd say these sites suck then17:48
pedjathey maybe throttle the traffic17:49
pedjaor my poor VDSL modem get's overwhelmed17:49
pedjaI have to reboot it once a week, it just hangs, blinkenlighting17:50
crash_that is not fun :(17:51
pedjaIt will have to do until I get some kind of pfSense box17:56
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tsaopopencv is a pain to build18:19
john_cephalopodaBroken port! /usr/ports/contrib/xerces-c18:21
john_cephalopoda=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.18:21
john_cephalopodaThat version isn't available any more, new version is xerces-c-3.1.4.tar.gz18:21
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john_cephalopodaUpgrading xerces-c to 3.1.4 fixes the problem18:30
pedjatsaop, which one?2.x or 3.x?18:52
pedja2.x has numpy and ffmpeg as deps, so not *that* bad :)18:54
pedjaunless you want OpenCL and stuff, then it gets interesting18:55
pedjaI usually use OpenSuse .spec and Arch as references for dependencies.18:58
tsaoppedja: I was trying 3.2.0, latest version available18:58
tsaopbut somehow it didn't find gtkglext18:58
tsaopwill work on it tomorrow, when I'm less tired18:59
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frinnstp ~.19:29
frinnstpro tip: you should keep your rpi running the apc daemon on your ups or it is kind of pointless19:30
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pedjatsaop, for some reason, opencv doesn't enable OpenGL for GTK, but does if QT is enabled20:22
pedjabut if gtkglext is gtk-2.x, it makes sense, since opencv picks gtk3 by default, afaict20:23
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vstevemaraku - did you get anywhere with virtualbox?20:49
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vstevehow do you guys take screenshots?21:32
frinnstscrot usually21:34
onoderamaim + slop, and a wrapper script I wrote21:35
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vsteveinteresting, thanks21:44
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rmullAre there any non-libtorrent CLI torrent clients that people like? rtorrent is acting weird for me21:55
rmullI guess I could try a different libtorrent client as well21:56
abenzweird how?21:57
marakutransmission-daemon & transmission-remote-cli?21:59
abenzrtorrent is far more efficient than those.. but if running on a desktop PC that won't be relevant21:59
marakui think aria2 also has a built in torrent downloader22:00
marakubut that's not much of a client22:00
abenzthere's also deluge22:01
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joacimalways had issues with rtorrent when trackers were overloaded22:08
joacimthe ui would hang while waiting for a response from the tracker22:09
joacimtransmission works ok for me tho22:09
joacim+ transmission-remote-cli22:09
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vsteveif my hardware is set up right, mounting a CF card should show up in fdisk -l, right?23:03
jaegerfdisk -l will show you if the kernel sees the card's partitions, not if it's mounted23:09
vsteveoh, right23:10
vstevethat's what I meant23:10
jaegerthen yes, if you have the right drivers in your kernel23:10
vsteveso I can't even get fdisk to see my cf card, i'm not sure what I'm missing23:11
vsteveall the guides I can find are based on ancient kernels23:11
jaegerCan you see the device with lspci or lsusb?23:12
vsteveI think so I'm assuming it's the CardBus bridge 02 micro Memory CardBus controller23:13
jaegerThat doesn't say much about it, sadly23:13
vsteveit shows up next to an SD host controller23:14
vsteveI have to imagine the other thing is for CF cards23:14
vsteveoh....well google says that's a PCMCIA bridge23:15
vsteveand that's probably what's between me and the CF adapter23:15
*** john_cephalopoda has left #crux ("Trees can see into your soul.")23:21
marakuvsteve, you could try this page ( for finding the right driver for your card23:26
*** bulletfreak has quit IRC23:36
ryu0or, perhaps even easier, grep for the usb vendor and product id in the kernel source.23:37
ryu0it's used to determine which kernel module should be used for the devices. a similar id pair exists for pci devices.23:38

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