IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2017-01-09

vstevemaraku, they don't even list O2 Micro as a vendor00:17
vsteveso that might be out for me00:18
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marakuthat's unfortunate vsteve00:44
marakubest to try ryu0's method then00:51
vsteveIt looks like I had to enable some more drivers in the kernel...hopefully I got the right ones00:54
vsteveI found some cardbus stuff in the busses section that looked promising, so we'll see00:54
vstevethough I do like ryu's method00:55
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vsteveI'm recompiling the kernel now, and it's on a pre-atom single core chip so...see you next week01:01
marakuACTION salutes vsteve01:03
marakuyour sacrifice was in vain, why not try cross compiling?01:04
jaegerWhy not build it on your faster box?01:04
jaegeror have one of us build it? heh01:04
maraku^ what jaeger said01:04
marakui'll just give you this binary and you should definitely trust me and run it01:04
vsteveehh...the little machine doesn't do anything of immediate import01:04
vstevealso that01:04
marakubut you could use your own faster machine01:04
vsteveI could, I haven't tried that yet01:05
vsteveif I built it on an AMD 8350 would it still work on a weird off-brand, wholly unloved intel chip?01:05
marakujust make sure the arches are the same01:06
jaegerIf you built it with the same CFLAGS and toolchain arch01:06
marakue.g. compile x86_64 for x86_6401:06
vsteveand I guess the same would be true for i68601:06
marakui686 is 32 bit01:07
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vsteveso I can't build a 32 kernel on a 64 bit system?01:08
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marakuso assuming your faster machine is 64-bit then you have to do a little setup01:08
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vstevewell how much is a little?01:09
marakui think you can make a chroot (which is some work)01:10
marakuor even use a vm if you have a 32-bit one and multiple cores available01:11
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marakutake a look at that01:12
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marakuno chroot needed i guess vsteve01:12
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vstevethat...was odd01:13
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vstevewhy did like 10 people all leave and rejoin at once?01:13
vsteveahh I see01:13
mahakalvsteve i you can program 64 bit system to use 32 bit mode will not just use the extra capablity provided..Thats how campatible mode works01:14
mahakali think*01:15
vstevethanks mahakal01:15
vstevethat might be more trouble than it's worth, I'm ok just banishing the computer to a corner for a while01:15
vsteveit's not actually a week, it's more hour or two01:15
marakuanyways, i'll be afk for a while01:16
marakusee y'all01:16
vstevesee ya01:16
mahakalo,ya right vsteve01:17
Romsterrmull, aria2 in contrib can download torrents01:21
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pitillo_SiFuh: I've been playing with e19 and updated evas_generic_loader to 1.17.0. I can't reproduce the error on the ibar in any of my devices. I removed old e17 ports but I haven't tested e18. If you are able to give a try to e19 and confirm if the error persists it'd be great03:59
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rmullRomster: Thanks, contrib/aria2 can be bumped to 1.30.0 btw15:33
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pedjaabenz, I wonder how many of these vulns is just openssl ones ;)16:08
pedjabut yes, Android security is atrocious for 90% of devices.16:10
xckoIt's interesting to see debian so high up.16:10
pedjait has a huge pool of packages, so it makes sense16:11
xckoI want to think it's because opensource publishes more bugs as opposed to windows or osx16:11
xckothough I suppose the closed source os's don't include packages16:12
pedjabut they do use open source libraries16:12
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pedjaand Apple prefers to silently patch stuff, 'it just works' image being one of the reasons :)16:13
pedjasomeone posted 'you should just buy all the Apple for the's a huge investment, but it pays off in security' on twitter.I LOL'd.16:15
xckowell by that chart it'd be windows 8 - though it's not a very good measurement16:16
pedjathat chart is meaningless without the methodology they used.16:18
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xckomy impression is openbsd has the greatest security16:22
pedja'secure, usable.Pick one.'16:25
pedjathey are inversely proportional, it seems.16:28
john_cephalopodaThere is actually usable security.16:28
john_cephalopoda"But why should I encrypt my mail? Who would want to read them? Haha!"16:29
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xckodo you encrypt your mail?16:29
pedjausable, but reasonably secure.the holy grail.16:29
xckoI want to, but most others dont16:29
pedjaeven gpg signed email is rare :)16:30
john_cephalopodaxcko: Nope, I don't encrypt my mail. Nobody I am writing to has a public key. And when I say that we should encrypt the mail: "But why should I encrypt my mail? Who would want to read them? Haha!"16:30
pedja'if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear' line of 'reasoning'16:31
xcko"Not caring about privacy when you have nothing to hide is like saying you don't care about free speach because you have nothing to say"16:32
xckoidk actually16:32
xckoThough watching citizen 4 was really good16:33
john_cephalopodaWell, sending encrypted messages only works if both sides encrypt their messages.16:33
xckoIf I want gcc to fail if there's any warnings like go's compiler, what flag would I set?16:35
pedjaok, encrypting e-mail is hard.what about using Signal?It's transparent, and it just works.why aren't people using it?16:35
pedjano one I know, at least.16:35
ryu0xcko: which gcc frontend are you using?16:36
xckoah -Werror16:36
xckoryu0: uh a Makefile?16:36
ryu0ACTION facepalms.16:37
ryu0that's a form of build system.16:37
ryu0xcko: a gcc frontend is the language frontend.16:37
xckooh it's for c16:37
ryu0ok. -Werror for C, C++.16:37
ryu0not sure about the other frontends though.16:37
ryu0gcc supports C, C++, Ada, Fortran, Go, and maybe even Java still.16:38
ryu0and, there's also 'D' if you patch GCC. it hasn't been upstreamed successfully.16:38
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xckoThanks - I didn't know gcc compiled other langs16:39
ryu0oh, i guess i forgot objective-c.16:39
ryu0it can, but not all distros enable the other compiler frontends.16:39
xckodoes crux?16:39
ryu0no idea. probably not.16:39
ryu0ada/fortran don't see much use.16:39
ryu0mostly you need C or C++.16:40
ryu0Java is usually provided by openjdk now.16:40
pedjagcc='The Gnu Compiler collection'16:40
ryu0And most seem to prefer the upstream Go to GCC's version, which ships older versions by comparison.16:40
ryu0and... objective-c... who cares?16:41
ryu0it's not really used outside Mac OS.16:41
xckoI assumed 'Gnu C Compiler' lol TIL16:41
ryu0it used to be called that.16:41
ryu0but now it compiles other languages too.16:42
ryu0just, the other languages aren't particularly useful if you're just building packages.16:42
pedjaI planned to build gcc-fortran, so I can build R.but I've given up and use Anaconda provided packages for R now.16:44
ryu0tbh, i'm somewhat disappointed they don't provide gcc's other languages with crux.16:44
pedjas/use/installed them until I figure out what to do with them/16:45
ryu0ada/fortran compilers are only available from gcc, basically.16:45
pedjathere is gcc-fortran port.16:45
ryu0in unrelated news, i've started working on development of scripts to package CRUX images for LXD containers.16:46
pedjahow are they different from Docker?16:47
ryu0might be useful for making build containers or so.16:47
ryu0pedja: i don't know docker, but the difference i've read about appears to be in their focus. docker is more focused on applications, while LXD is more focused on distributions.16:48
ryu0LXD is closer to something like a VPS.16:48
pedjathere is a in Docker source, iirc.16:48
ryu0perhaps, but LXD isn't docker.16:48
ryu0i've found i need to apply some configuration patches to make crux work correctly in LXD.16:49
ryu0still experimenting.16:49
ryu0like, configuring inittab so you can "shutdown" the container properly.16:49
pedjaryu0, so LXD containers are lightweight VM's?16:50
ryu0that seems to be the case, basically.16:50
ryu0images are used to spin up an instance.16:50
ryu0they are the initial state it starts from.16:50
ryu0i've been working with Romster to make a system for building them from a CRUX cd.16:51
ryu0i have LXD setup on a ubuntu server at home.16:51
ryu0it's been awhile since i actually worked with sysvinit, but even so... not too difficult.16:52
ryu0glad i don't need acpid.16:53
ryu0to send signals to the container about "power" events.16:53
pedjaI am currently researching if I can use openvswitch for both Docker containers and libvirt images.16:53
pedjathat would be neat,16:53
ryu0ah, have fun. i just thought people might like to have ready-made CRUX images for their LXD.16:54
pedjathe more the merrier :)16:54
ryu0right now i'm working on patches to "configure" them...16:55
ryu0couple things to make them work smoothly.16:55
pedjamaking Crux image so it can be used with virt-builder is on my TODO list16:55
ryu0i hand-made an initial one to use for testing.16:55
ryu0now looking into automating.16:55
ryu0i'm thinking it'll only support a barebones core image initially... hm.16:56
ryu0think i'll try to make this able to work from any set of crux packages.16:56
ryu0as long as the core set is included.16:56
ryu0also would be nice to include images updated for changes to core.16:57
ryu0GCC got bumped? new image generated to include it out of the box.16:57
ryu0etc.16:57 LXD is to LXC like libvirt is to qemu/kvm, it seems.17:01
pedjaand libvirt has LXC driver, so virsh can control LXC containers.Nice.17:02
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tsaopRomster: thanks for the qtwebengine update!19:18
mechaniputerTo whoever handles this: The location that hosts my ports collection will be kicking me off soon, and due to lack of time I will not be migrating it yet. I suggest that my ports collection be unlisted in the near future.19:23
ryu0How is a college professor like CentOS? They both got tenure (10 year).19:37
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xckoryu0: that's a terrible pun.19:49
xckoespecially after you explained it19:49
tilmanACTION is only getting it now :(19:49
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jaegermechaniputer: thanks for the notice. It'll get delisted automatically if it can't be contacted, I believe20:08
mechaniputerjaeger: Ok20:09
*** cruxbot has quit IRC20:14
jaegerIf it doesn't, I'll take care of it20:14
jaegermechaniputer: you could move it to github if you want a pretty simple hosting spot without needing to worry about your own20:14
mechaniputerjaeger: Yeah that's my plan. Just too busy and/or lazy for the forseeable future.20:17
jaegerfair enough20:17
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just_funHi! Why do you use Crux instead of other distro?20:30
Anselmobecause its fun20:30
just_funI'm thinking to switch to Crux, but I am caution.20:31
ryu0s/fun/&, if you can stand the blood, sweat, and tears that might go with it/20:31
just_funToo much fun ca be bad .20:31
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ryu0the maintenance cost is higher than a regular binary distribution like linux mint.20:32
Anselmowell, its defenitly not as straightforward to run as some distros. . . where you can download packages for things20:32
ryu0but, you get more control, if that means anything to you.20:32
jaegerIt's a hobby, it's enjoyable (for me)20:33
just_funI am not afraid of that. Linux was always hard to setup, but paid off in the long run.20:33
Anselmobut you also need to be able to debug things, and have the time to do it20:33
jaegerJust using linux for work or whatever without tinkering is pretty easy but less interesting than hobby use :)20:33
ryu0hence, the higher maintenance cost. more work if you just want to get shit done that isn't fiddling with the OS.20:34
just_funMy main concern is why did people gave up on Crux? The fun fades against time apent?20:34
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Anselmobut thats not to say it cannot be perfectly good for real work20:34
ryu0i never said that it wasn't, but that it can take valuable time away from doing that "real work".20:35
AnselmoI've not talked to many people who used to use crux and then quit20:35
ryu0i run linux mint these days for that reason. i want to focus on writing software, not debugging package bugs.20:36
*** tsaop has joined #crux20:36
AnselmoI was interested n using it for a while before I started, however, the main issue was just that I needed time to figure out how to set it up as I needed it20:36
ryu0but, i still like writing distribution software, and hence why i still hang around here.20:37
ryu0ACTION runs CRUX containers now.20:37
tsaopACTION runs a CRUX container to test packages20:37
AnselmoI usually use vm's when I need to test stuff20:38
just_funI am looking into a new distro for the following 10-15 years.20:38
Anselmobut I'm not much of a developer20:38
ryu0i would be surprised if they were a majority here.20:38
Anselmowell, of course20:39
just_funCrux can be mixed with binary packagers, like linuxbrew,  for those with little patience20:39
ryu0believe it or not i run XFCE. mostly because it leaves more resources for my other processes.20:39
Anselmowell, I run ratpoison, largley out of habbit I suppose, I certainly have the resources to run something fancier20:40
just_funI use acme as an editor and file manager,20:41
just_funand the wm or de is less important.20:41
AnselmoI've not used acme in a while20:41
ryu0Wile E. Coyote vs. ACME20:42
Anselmowell, acme certainly seems to work for a lot of things20:42
Anselmobut its annoying if you don't like mice20:42
just_funI did liked kbd over mouse20:43
just_funbut I just tried acme20:43
just_funand I couldn't give up20:43
Anselmohmm maybe I should try it again20:44
just_funit was a sense of more freedom for my mind20:44
just_funat least switching from vim20:44
ryu0just_fun: so the reason you're poking around here is to find a new distribution?20:44
just_fun i am searching for 2 years20:45
ryu0anything you're looking for?20:45
just_funit sounds weird20:45
ryu0is there something in particular that you're looking for?20:45
ryu0there, happy? lol20:46
just_funi am fed up with the debian layers20:46
pedjaswitching *from* vim? blasphemy!20:46
ryu0ACTION gets the sedative.20:46
ryu0ACTION sedates pedja.20:46
Anselmowell, have you tried something like arch/void?20:46
tsaopor Alpine20:47
Anselmoor . . . what ones have you tried and what are your thoughts on them20:47
just_funarch , i thought it was simple20:47
ryu0his comment makes me think he's fed up with distributions that "do everything for him"20:48
just_funbut is not20:48
tsaopwell, crux IS simple20:48
Anselmobut its not simple to maintain20:48
tsaopin fact, Arch took inspiration from CRUX20:48
pedjaLFS, then?20:48
tsaopremember when it still had its /etc/rc.conf20:48
just_funArch lost its way20:48
Anselmotsaop: yes, of course20:48
just_funis not simple20:48
tsaoptry out CRUX and see if it is simple enough20:49
ryu0just_fun: have you considered something away from Linux?20:49
ryu0a *BSD.20:49
just_funi would like crux over lfs20:49
AnselmoOpenBSD was very nice last time I used it20:49
ryu0crux takes a lot of its design ideas from BSD family.20:50
just_funI think i would need linux programs20:50
Anselmowell, many can be or are ported to BSD's20:50
ryu0define "linux programs". many of them are posix specified or can be compiled from a BSD port.20:50
ryu0if you mean Linux proprietary, then you'd have a point.20:51
just_funi find bsd somewhere between plan9 and linux20:51
ryu0but then FreeBSD does have a Linux ABI compatibility layer.20:51
AnselmoBSD seems far more linuxy than plan9y to me20:51
just_funmaybe libwinedive, the drm stuff20:51
ryu0widevine... only available as a proprietary extension for Firefox, Chrome, or Chromium.20:52
Anselmowell, you could see if you can finagle freebsd to handle it20:52
ryu0the Linux compatibility layer might help there, but i don't know if anyone's tried it.20:53
just_funThe problem with current distros is when something goes wrong20:53
just_funand i have to fix it20:53
just_funthe simple the better20:53
just_funthis is why i am thinking of crux20:53
ryu0just_fun: how long have you used linux?20:54
just_funi couldn't find something simpler20:54
pedjaSmartOS, then run Linux in the Zone :)20:54
just_fun15 years qith debian20:54
ryu0how down into the details did you get with debian?20:55
Anselmo(I started using crux having used *nixes for two years)20:55
just_funalpine seams the new arch, for me, like without a goal20:55
tsaopjust_fun: have a look at CRUX init scripts and see if that looks like something you could fix on your own if it breaks20:55
Anselmoalpine is the gnu-free one?20:55
ryu0do you mean, they don't use glibc?20:56
AnselmoI don't recall, I was asking20:56
ryu0alpine linux is specialized for security.20:56
ryu0and lightweight too.20:56
Anselmo'based on musl and busybox'20:56
ryu0i figured it was focusing on small deployments.20:57
ryu0like containers or VMs.20:57
Anselmowell, crux is pretty lightweight for most systems you can find today20:57
just_funnut sure what yiu mean by debian and details20:57
ryu0just_fun: did you ever have to go poking around a lot in /etc?20:57
just_funYes, and i hate losing etc stuff with reinstalls20:58
Anselmoor fix things that have horribly broken, or install things from source and recompile. .20:58
ryu0and people wonder why i started documenting my system configuration steps...20:59
Anselmowell, I guess the main thing I'd suggest is to try to install a crux system like you'd want it either on a vm or on a spare computer, and see whether it fits20:59
just_funand i hate systemd. i like it first. then the problems...20:59
ryu0just_fun: course, there's another option. use distributions with a longer shelf life, assuming you can live with older software.20:59
Anselmoand maybe do that with a BSD or alpine or whatever20:59
ryu0examples: ubuntu LTS, centos.21:00
just_funno ubuntu. no more21:00
ryu0though i'm not going to pretend they're "simpler"21:00
ryu0which i assume you mean "simpler to understand"21:01
just_funno. simple to fix things21:01
tsaopI think CRUX fits pretty well21:01
ryu0not "simpler to get runing"21:01
tsaoponce you know the system layout21:01
just_funwithout too many layers21:01
ryu0crux is pretty devoid of "layers"21:01
Anselmowell, yes, crux is not really complex in that way21:02
just_funi have watched crux in the last 2 years21:02
onoderaonly thing with less "layers" is probably lfs21:02
just_funfrom time to time21:02
just_funcrux is fine on layers21:02
ryu0wait. i just thought of something.21:02
AnselmoI need to use lfs some day21:02
ryu0just_fun: have you looked at gentoo?21:02
just_funis fine as simple to fix21:03
Anselmojust to see21:03
just_funwhen i compare the build scripts, crux has no rival21:03
jaegerTry crux in a VM on your current system, see if you like it :)21:03
just_funis that simple that is beautiful21:03
onoderajust_fun: yup, that is *the* reason I use crux21:03
tsaopjust_fun: you can write buildscripts with ease21:04
Anselmohave people here used smgl much?21:04
tsaopAnselmo: booted up the ISO in a VM once21:04
Anselmoit seems fairly simple, but I've not really looked closely at it21:04
ryu0wth is smgl?21:04
onoderaAnselmo: I tried it in chroot for a bit21:04
onoderaryu0: source mage linux21:04
tsaopwhen it started compiling, it asked so much stuff that i couldn't wrap my mind around it21:04
tsaopso I deleted the WM21:04
Anselmooh ha21:04
tsaopthe end21:04
just_funstill, what are the hidden costs? why do people go away from crux?21:04
onoderait's somewhere in between gentoo and crux21:05
Anselmowell, its nice to get all the configuration options21:05
onoderait has "use-flags" but ina much simpler way than gentoo does it21:05
Anselmoin crux you need to read all the documents and figure it out yourself21:05
tsaoponodera: for me, Gentoo was simpler to use21:05
ryu0just_fun: i could tell you why i moved away from CRUX.21:05
ryu0just_fun: but i'm only one.21:05
just_funbetter than no opinion21:06
ryu0just_fun: it's not a flaw with CRUX per say.21:06
ryu0just_fun: back in the day, i ended up working for Frugalware. i liked them better because they had things like more advanced dependency handling for packages.21:07
tsaopohhh, frugalware21:07
tsaopI remember it21:07
ryu0they still exist.21:07
ryu0in some form.21:07
ryu0but, they're smaller than crux, on irc. :)21:07
tsaopnot in the one I sawm perchance21:07
ryu0just_fun: but now, it's more about my time. i've learned the majority of what i wanted from messing with low level details, so now i prefer to automate most of it. i remember enough to "fix" shit in distros like ubuntu.21:09
ryu0once you get past the distribution, you find most of the software works the same.21:09
*** Kruppt has quit IRC21:10
just_funisn't the missing of binary packages a stress that matters in time with crux for most?21:10
onoderanah I don't care21:10
Anselmoits always irked me when I have to fix something on say, mint,21:10
onodera90% of the packages compile in seconds21:10
Anselmowell, it depends on your computer21:11
tsaopjust_fun: well, if you install all the packages on the livecd you have a pretty basic distro with X and some utilities like firefox preinstalled21:11
onoderagcc, firefox, and llvm I grab from crux.ster.zone21:11
Anselmoif you use a 10 year old laptop, then things are slow21:11
tsaopyou can install blackbox as a WM and be operative in seconds21:11
ryu0we're just lucky most packages support parallel builds. :)21:11
tsaopalso ccache21:11
Anselmowell, ratpoisson is fast too,21:12
ryu0blackbox isn't even maintained anymore.21:12
onoderaI used bblean back when I used windows :')21:13
onoderaa fork of bb4win21:13
tsaopryu0: it's better than twm21:13
tsaopwhile I wait for KF5 to compile21:13
ryu0tsaop: even so, i would suggest openbox instead. i don't see the point in a WM that has been abandoned.21:14
tsaopryu0: that's also true21:14
ryu0afaik, openbox is close enough that it's a good blackbox replacement.21:14
ryu0either that or fluxbox.21:14
tsaopmore of a fluxbox guy, if I have to choose21:15
ryu0i suspect crux chose to be source based for strategic reasons.21:15
*** Kruppt has joined #crux21:15
ryu0the cost of package rebuilds is decentralized.21:16
tsaopryu0: indeed21:16
onoderaI've been using openbox forever now21:16
just_funtsaop: but you still have to build from time to time at least for security reasons.21:16
onoderabefore that I used fvwm for a long time21:16
ryu0makes me wonder how you deal with cyclical dependencies in crux, if at all.21:17
just_funryu0: but the stress seams to burnout people in time21:17
ryu0just_fun: what stress?21:18
tsaopryu0: compiling qt5, qtwebkit and qtwebengine can be annoying21:18
tsaopwe're talking of almost an hour buildtime for qtwebengine21:18
just_funyes that21:18
ryu0i used to do that all the time when i worked on frugalware.21:18
tsaopon my i5 4690k21:18
Anselmoand downloading can be frustrating21:19
tsaopluckily there's ccache21:19
ryu0downloading? really? does your connection suck?21:19
Anselmoyes it really does21:19
ryu0how bad?21:19
tsaopAnselmo: speed?21:19
AnselmoI am lucky when I get like, 150Mbps Down21:19
just_funryu0:  the decentralized build stress21:19
tsaopAnselmo: what?21:19
Anselmowait, let me check21:20
tsaopand 150 Mbps is too low?21:20
ryu0just_fun: the alternative is rebuilding shit centrally, which can be even worse.21:20
Anselmooh gersh21:20
Anselmo1.5 Mbps excuse me21:21
tsaopAh, ok.21:21
ryu0ACTION gets 50.21:21
AnselmoI'm a horrible typist21:21
Anselmoits high speed internet from 200621:21
tsaopAnselmo: get VDSL221:21
Anselmoooh thats interesting looking21:22
tsaopIs it available in your country?21:22
ryu0Anselmo: is cable in your area?21:22
ryu0or even fiber?21:22
tsaopHere they are experimenting with FTTH 1000/20021:23
AnselmoI could defenitly upgrade, but not to something like fibre21:23
Anselmochecking my isp . . .21:24
*** snux has quit IRC21:24
Anselmoit looks like they offer only up to 3Mbps21:26
Anselmo*grumble* *grumble*21:26
ryu0so... cutting edge. :)21:26
AnselmoI live in a forest so . . .21:27
ryu0Anselmo: there's nothing better in your area?21:27
Anselmothere are two ISP's21:27
ryu0at least it's not satellite.21:27
tsaopAnselmo: you could set up satellite internet, but ad a hefty cost21:27
Anselmochecking the other21:27
Anselmosatelite would be cool21:27
ryu0satellite is probably worse. it's metered heavily.21:27
ryu0not to mention the latency.21:27
Anselmoyes, but its also like, terribly fancy and high tech feeling21:28
Anselmoother ISP allows  higherspeeds, but with caps that I would blow though21:30
Anselmooh, wait. . .they have a cap-free one,21:30
ryu0is there a reason you don't upgrade to 3.0 with the one you have now?21:30
Anselmothe fact that I live with other people who don't seem to care about it21:31
Anselmowhich is weird because they stream video and its gets bad, I can tell21:32
Anselmoand they otherwise use the internet and run into the limit very fast21:32
Anselmomaybe I just need to sell them on it21:32
john_cephalopodaLaunch your own sattelite into space!21:34
john_cephalopodaCommunicate with it!21:34
john_cephalopodaMuch cooler than normal internet!21:34
tsaopinstall radio tower on top of building21:35
tsaopcommunicate with nearest ISP21:35
tsaoptake into account the trees21:36
AnselmoI could just set up a fibre connexion to someone with good internet and a connexion to hyperboria, and route all my traffic over cjdns21:36
Anselmomeh, maybe I can just change ISP's21:38
ryu0ACTION buries Anselmo in red tape.21:40
abenzACTION holds Anselmo down21:40
AnselmoACTION writhes around, feebly fighting the unending cascade21:40
Anselmomaybe launching my own satelite would be easier, after all21:41
abenzthe lag tho21:41
*** isidore has joined #crux21:41
john_cephalopodaIn the UK, some farmers are putting their own fiber into the ground to get cheap high-speed internet for their villages.21:42
tsaopRemember that article21:42
Anselmowell, I don't have much money, might move away from here before too long, and can survive with these speeds21:42
tsaopAnselmo: you could sacrifice your mobile data if you need more speed momentarily21:43
AnselmoI don't have a cellphone21:44
just_fun10x to all. You've been kind to me and you're funny. I couldn't type fast enough on my phone. just reread the chat. i do plan to install crux,21:45
*** isidore has quit IRC21:45
Anselmojust_fun: well, good luck!21:45
just_funIs not luck that i want :)21:46
tsaopjust_fun: have good experience, then21:46
*** lounge has quit IRC21:46
Anselmoand fun21:47
just_funStrage and foolish but i want to know why people leave crux. sorry.21:47
Anselmowell, it makes sense,  I just don't have that particular experience :P21:48
just_funweĺl, I will test it on me.21:50
jaegerI haven't left it for over a decade, for what that's worth21:52
jaegerThough I do use other distros for work and testing21:52
just_funYou are an exception.21:53
Anselmowell, I've been using it on and off for like ~18 months21:54
Anselmoand as my main for close to six months21:54
Anselmobut then thats rather a long time in my overal use of linuxes21:55
just_funI tend to stick to what works, and make plans for long terms. i have a fileserver that boots from usb for 5years. debian upgraded.21:58
just_funwhen i will switch it to crux, i hope to keep it at least 5 more21:59
just_funsomehow debian seams more simple than arch22:00
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