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elderKHey peeps! Has anyone else noticed Wine no longer antialiases correctly?00:18
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jaegerI haven't used it recently, myself00:27
elderKWho knows, maybe it'll fix itself over time. I did some preliminary googling to no solution.00:28
elderKI'll try harder later.00:28
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vstevedoes anyone know what file it is that alsamixer modifies when controlling the volume?02:10
vsteveI'm hoping I can save it at a certain volume and lock the file so that my son can't make it crazy loud again02:11
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ryu0vsteve: it doesn't modify a persistent file. but you could look under /dev/snd.02:32
jaegerI think alsamixer won't store state on its own but you can set up levels and then store with alsactl store02:34
jaegerwhich if I recall correctly uses /etc/asound.state02:34
jaegeror /var/lib/alsa/asound.state or something. Just look for asound.state :)02:34
ryu0that only works for reloading it... it won't stop modifications during runtime.02:34
ryu0that requires some kind of device level restrictions.02:35
jaegerhrmm, true02:35
ryu0no idea if alsa allows you to restrict configuration of it while still allowing playback.02:35
ryu0it may be an all or nothing.02:36
ryu0hm. but, maybe pulseaudio...02:36
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vsteveI wonder what I could do with pulse?02:37
ryu0vsteve: i don't think ALSA is sophisticated enough to provide that much granularity in the controls. but, you could look into a sound server like pulseaudio that has exclusive direct access to ALSA.02:37
ryu0just make the user have limited access to pulse, with no direct ALSA privileges.02:38
ryu0that should do it, assuming pulse has the granularity.02:38
vsteveI think that's my situation, peppermint is what's installed on the laptop in question02:38
ryu0... peppermint?02:39
vstevebehold :
ryu0but the description sounds like chromeos.02:41
vsteveI guess it's pretty similar02:41
vstevebut it's GREAT for kids02:42
ryu0why? easy to restore to a good configuration?02:42
vsteveit's also a great replacement for ubuntu in general02:42
vsteveit's just a really thin, fast gui-laden linux02:42
ryu0and that makes it good for kids, why?02:43
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vstevewell not for those reasons specifically, but mostly because it's easy to remove things from the gui02:43
ryu0so they don't get confused or to lock it down?02:43
ryu0lock it down?02:44
ryu0do you also disable VTYs?02:44
vstevethe fewer things going on the better02:44
vsteveI should, but he's not likely to find those02:44
ryu0ACTION snickers.02:44
ryu0don't underestimate the power of a bored child.02:44
ryu0i assume you also disable terminals.02:45
vstevealso not yet, i'm crossing bridges as they become issues02:45
ryu0and the ability to run arbitrary commands, like with alt-f2.02:45
ryu0ok. just some advice if i were locking it down.02:46
vstevea big part of this is "if you go out of your way to break it, it's your only one"02:46
ryu0lock the BIOS too. don't allow external media boot. :D02:47
ryu0though they may not understand that yet. lol02:47
vstevethey SURE don't02:47
vstevebut that goes back to the "see this?  don't touch this...because if you do, bad things will happen"02:47
vstevesome aspects are a learning experiment in "if you break it, life is hard"02:48
vsteveother aspects, like volume control, are my best attempt at stopping him from destroying his ears02:48
ryu0options, either lock volume control or set a limit.02:49
vstevesetting a limit sounds ideal02:49
ryu0ACTION limits the number of limitations vsteve can set.02:51
vstevewhat I should do is just install netbsd on his laptop and let him figure it out the hard way02:51
vsteve<3 xkcd02:53
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vstevecrap, i'll be reading xkcd until 4 in the morning now03:18
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pedjait's snowing heavily outside, and I am out of tobacco.well, shit.19:57
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ryu0there's snow place like home.20:42
pedjayou're killing it with puns these days, ryu020:55
tilmani got that one21:03
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brian|lfshey all21:28
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brian|lfsso Romster do you get all snap with Chromium 56 I jsut tired you package and still got ahh snap21:59
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pedjaI am curious, why use Chromium instead of Chrome?22:18
pedjaI use Chrome for sites that still use Flash and for sites that I can't be bothered to tweak uMatrix for.22:21
pedjathat's about it.22:22
frinnstless google crap?22:25
pedjaso why not use something like, then?even less crap :)22:35
][_R_][Does that have a build system that actually works?22:42
pedjaI am wondering if it builds on non-Debian/Ubuntu systems22:44
pedjait requires python3, though :)22:46
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pedjait might be possible to use Miniconda3 for the build, if you don't want system-wide py322:48
pedjaI have python3 installed, but I don't care about Chromium, so22:49
cipppfirefox is better :)22:51
pedjafor now...22:51
cipppchrome store is full with extensions with ads22:52
cipppis strange22:52
tsaopdigikam port added22:52
cipppfull/ a lot22:52
tsaophowever, it needs a version bump from exiv2 to be able to compile22:53
cipppi did a script, to check pkginfo -i vs fedora packages, output:
onoderaall browsers suck22:56
onoderabut firefox is the best of them imo22:56
cipppRomster: ^22:56
john_cephalopodaHTTP is a dying protocol, use gopher ;)23:11
cipppi have no idea what is gopher :)23:13
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cipppjohn_cephalopoda: i saw, a bit23:37
cipppa long text23:37
cipppwith no photos :(23:37
john_cephalopodaWell, it's not beautiful but it works very well.23:38
john_cephalopodaI can find information quite well with it.23:38
john_cephalopodaWhen I visit HTTP websites, I always got to de-block 20 JS APIs and 30 CDNs before the site starts to work.23:39
frinnstelinks ftw23:41
john_cephalopodaI wish, websites would focus more on information. I sometimes see single-page websites that take ages to load and scroll with 10 fps due to all the JS magic going on, the text on that page could be displayed in 2 lines though.23:41
WorksterI have ot ran crux 3.3 yet as a desktop to test chromium, it worked for frinnst23:45
WorksterI just packaged it23:45
brian|lfsahh ok Workster no problem23:49
brian|lfsI do no I need to update my packages in my gst-plugins-good-3223:50
brian|lfsthat I made23:50
brian|lfsdon't think that would cause chromium issues23:50
brian|lfsam going to make a test user and log on with it and see what happens23:50
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