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xckohow goes it?16:26
SiFuhit goes well16:27
SiFuhand you?16:27
xckonotbad. We got a ton a snow here so most everything is closed.16:33
xckoexperimenting with an irc client I've been working on16:33
xckoadd ssl support to
SiFuhhe I just moved var from a folder to a partition and suddenly LILO won't boot16:36
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xckosounds like a need for an initramfs16:37
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xckolfs has a script available that helps for making one.16:43
SiFuhsome how I lost everything in boot16:43
SiFuhno problems16:43
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teK_is it mounted?16:51
SiFuhteK_: I was just looking to see if I made a mistake16:57
SiFuhwhat I did was  mkdir /boot.0 && umount /boot16:58
SiFuhthen I did mount /dev/sda6 /boot.016:59
SiFuhsda6 was originally boot...  I tar'd up the contents of boot.0 and pipe extracted them to /boot/16:59
SiFuhthen I when to init 117:00
SiFuhand this time I made /boot.0 /var and /var to /var.0 and did the same.  Some how 90% of the contents of /boot vanished ;-) but all is good, I have backups of backups of backups of backups17:01
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][_R_][SiFuh: are you telling lilo to boot from / or /boot?  Because you should be doing the latter.18:02
][_R_][Also use syslinux (extlinux specifically) instead, so much nicer.18:02
SiFuheverything is fine. I just found it curious that whilst moving /boot (partition) to /boot (folder) I lost 90% of the /boot/ contents...18:03
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][_R_][What command did you use?18:07
][_R_][(Also there was enough disk space?)18:07
SiFuhmkdir boot.0 && umount /boot && mount /dev/sda6 /boot.018:13
SiFuhcd /boot.0 && tar -czpvf - * | ( cd ../boot && tar -zxpf - )18:13
SiFuhas I said, strange I was missing _90%_ of /boot/18:17
SiFuhbut also not caring as I have a back and I thought I would just mentioned it18:17
SiFuhand diskspace is fine unless 76 GB of unused space is too small? ;-)18:19
jaegerDepends, do you have 77GB of kernels installed? :D18:29
SiFuhYeah i wanted to suggest that ;-)18:30
][_R_][FYI, the "-f -" option is redundant, and the -z option would just make it pointlessly add CPU load18:35
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SiFuh69 GB of ram with an i7 cpu. I typed out of habit ;-) haha18:37
SiFuhoops  64GB of ram18:37
][_R_][Also I suspect your use of -v hid errors from you18:38
SiFuhI checked boot and boot.0 contents before deleting boot.018:40
SiFuhit was just intersting. That is why i reviewed my commands and found no error18:42
SiFuhit was like it hadn't synced anything18:43
SiFuh][_R_][: and I should add, when doing serious things, like copying, cloning, deleting, moving, renaming, large amounts of files, I prefer to cat the command into a text file, and reviwing the output before running.18:46
pedjaall applications pick up system-wide font change just fine, apart from Firefox, which requires a restart.special snowflake.18:47
SiFuhyes pedja unless you install theme font & size changer addon in firefox18:48
pedjaI never heard of that, thanks for the tip, SiFuh18:49
SiFuhpedja, it likes to open a tab to itself every week or so, and it pisses me off. So, I used it to get what I wanted, then I stopped using it.18:50
SiFuhI only install it when I want to configure the appearance fast, steal the code, and uninstall it ;-)18:51
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pedjaI installed it, but I can't find it anywhere :)19:00
pedjaIt's not in the Tools, or next to the adress bar.19:01
pedjait could be because of Classic Theme Restorer extension19:02
SiFuhright of search bar19:02
pedjanope :)19:02
SiFuhlooks like a palette (for painting) and the letter A19:02
SiFuhhold on19:04
SiFuhhmm you are right19:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: bind: 9.9.9-P4 -> 9.9.9-P5, fixes CVE-2016-9131, CVE-2016-9147 and CVE-2016-944419:21
SiFuhpedja: seems to have not been working since firefox 44 :@19:24
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samsepi0lhello anyone have wine installed and running? I run a lot of errors about wineboot trying to run winecfg ...19:37
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samsepi0lim trying to google the error and i've tried remove .wine directory and launch it again but still no luck19:41
samsepi0lmy bad, running with WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 winecfg do the trick, but it's a 32-bit exe19:47
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jaegerI haven't used wine in some time myself, check with Romster when he's around21:10
][_R_][ACTION can't even get glibc-32 to compile (was going to test to see if he was getting same issue as samsepi0l)21:16
samsepi0lwell, my wine installation was fine under opt/wine ports :/21:18
samsepi0ljust works21:18
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][_R_][ACTION did prt-get depinst wine, then prt-get depinst glibc-32 wine when the former failed due to not being able to compile 32-bit21:43
][_R_][Oh he left, *shrugs*21:44
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jaegerYou should never remove glibc-3222:42
jaegerThat will definitely break the toolchain22:42
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onoderajaeger: I *think* I learned that the hard way23:17
onoderawhen I just started  using crux23:18
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jaegerI imagine most or all of us have broken a system by removing an important package at least once23:21
Workster which is why i got that there just in case someone else does it again.23:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: chntpw: initial commit23:43
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