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xckoI just discovered mpd requires boost as a dependency00:23
onoderaxcko: that's actually ncmpcpp I'm 99% sure00:23
xckohmmm I just tried rebuilding mpd without boost and it complained.00:27
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xckochecking for boostlib >= 1.46... configure: We could not detect the boost00:28
teK_a sec..00:31
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teK_I added the dependency00:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: mpd: 0.19.17 -> 0.20.100:39
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onoderaxcko: I'm wrong sorry00:49
onoderait actually does depend on boost... I never knew00:49
xckoonodera: no big, I was surprised too00:50
onoderaI wonder if it's something recent or if it has always depended on boost00:51
xckoon mpd's website, under compilation boost isn't listed, but on their github it is01:04
xckoso at some point it wasn't01:05
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onoderaHI, is there a tool to check for missing deps of installing packages13:15
onoderasay a port updates, and adds a dependency, can I check for that13:15
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teK_it will fail to build or ldd / revdep will show broken linking13:52
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pedjajaeger, you might want to update docker port :)
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pedjaAMD open source drivers are in the kernel/mesa/linux-firmware?20:22
pedjaand amdgpu pro is non-free part of it?20:23
pedjaI am reading about Fedora's switch to glvnd in F26, and their OOTB support for Optimus.20:25
pedjaI should dust off my libglvnd repo, and play with it :)20:26
pedjasince I already use xorg-1.19 from the upcoming Crux-3.320:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: strace: 4.13 -> 4.1520:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gdb: 7.11.1 -> 7.1220:54
brian|lfsscratching my head20:56
brian|lfsgetting just a black screen when starting plasma after a reformat20:56
frinnstxorg log is your friend21:00
brian|lfsI did complain about pixmap21:00
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onoderaman I'm getting really good at this linux thing21:19
onoderainstalled crux without use of the handbook. wifi worken on very first boot. xorg started on very first xstart (with optimus laptop!!)21:19
onoderawoops wrong channel :321:22
jaegernice progress :)21:28
brian|lfsI usually just look at the hand book to make suere I don't forget to configure anyconfig files21:36
brian|lfscan someone try compiling autofile and see if it bombs out for them on crux 3.3 also21:37
john_cephalopodaI had serious issues with my shitty intel wifi.21:39
john_cephalopodaTook me ages to get it working. Now after every boot, I have to wait 40 seconds until the firmware initialized.21:40
brian|lfsstrange everytime I exit X it just hangs21:41
brian|lfsnevert closes check my processes and its not running21:42
brian|lfscheck the log it says it terminiated21:42
brian|lfscould be the nvidia driver21:44
brian|lfsmoved my config file and no hang now21:44
brian|lfstrying nvidia-sl and nvidia-sl-3221:48
brian|lfsstrange thing I was using nvidia before I reformatted21:49
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vsteveis crux 3.3 slated to have nvme support in the installer media?22:41
jaegerIt's there. I think it was in the updated ISOs, too, actually22:47
vstevewhich ones?  not 3.2 as far as I can tell22:48
jaegerIt was added february of last year22:50
vstevehuh....I can't access my nvme device from the 3.2 iso22:51
vstevebut if I go into my updated, previously installed system, I seem to be able to interact with it just fine22:52
vstevewhen I boot into my updated system, fdisk sees it, when I boot from the crux media, it's not there22:53
jaegerI don't have any NVME devices to test currently, so maybe something's missing. Check the differences between the two kernel configs22:53
vstevehmmm...well even if there is a kernel difference (of which i'm sure there will be many since I butcher mine) what could I do about it?22:55
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vstevei'd need to be able to modify the install iso which I'm not sure I could do22:56
vsteveI'm sure you folks must have some way to package/repackage it though23:02
vstevebut...that shouldn't even be necessary based on what you told me about nvme support anyway23:02
vsteveoh...wait, it looks like my particular board has troubles with nvme anyway23:08
vsteveoye, this should be fun...I'm guessing it's a boot time thing since I was able to format and write to the device23:09
jaegerI don't really know since all my devices are SATA... but I plan to get an NVME drive at some point soon23:11
vstevewell, if you can spare ...80 bucks? intel released some pcie ssds that are pretty cheap23:13
vsteveI think the 128gb "600p" model is like 50 or 60 bucks23:13
vsteveand the M.2 adapters are like 20 dollars23:13
vstevedepending on how my upcoming promotion goes, if there's like...a crux foundation?  or business-entity to which I could donate, I'd gladly donate hardware23:16
jaegerDo those pcie adapters have chips of their own or are they straight copper-to-copper bridges?23:43
abenzlast I checked copper to copper23:43
abenzoh wait23:44
abenzlike the plextor stuff?23:44
abenzACTION reads for context23:44
abenzthey have chips23:44
abenzACTION confused that with PCIe bridges, eg to be able to install 6 gfx cards for mining coins etc23:45
jaegerlike this: or this:
jaegerI've got an m.2 slot on the motherboard in both my main machines, just went looking out of curiosity23:45
jaegerThey don't look like they have any kind of chip on them23:46
jaegerSome others definitely do:
jaegersomething like the latter one probably works with sata m.2 rather than NVME, I'd guess23:50
vstevethe bridges are almost entirely copper to copper23:53
vstevemy angelbird adapter I just got today has a chip on it, no idea what it does23:53
jaegeryeah, looks that way. Definitely preferable23:53
jaeger <-- one of those?23:54
jaegerthose support both nvme and ahci, so yeah. similar too the IO Crest one23:54

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