IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2017-01-15

vsteveyeah, that's the one00:03
vstevethe px1 is a strange thing, it's so visibly well made, I felt like I was marring it while installing the SSD00:19
vsteveits one of those things where getting a finger print on it feels like you've done it a disservice00:20
jaegerI just moved my main box to a tempered glass case today, I sympathize00:20
vsteveon that note, I've found it's becoming increasingly difficult to find good cases that don't have windows00:21
vsteveI'm thinking of getting the phanteks 400s because it's one of the few that comes windowless and just lets me wrap a great computer in steel00:22
jaegerI'm a big fan of phanteks cases. I've got 3 in the room with me right now, heh00:23
vsteveI love the look of the evolv...but I don't think you can get them windowless00:24
vsteveso I'd have to two and flip one of the sides00:24
jaegerI wonder if they're interchangable. I might test that sometime00:25
jaegerjust eyeballing the windowed side of the ITX, it looks like it might be00:29
vsteveI know the itx is one of the few that comes windowless00:32
vsteveit's the biggun's that seems to be the problem00:32
jaegerI don't think even the itx has a windowless option, though maybe I'm wrong00:33
vsteveperhaps I hallucinated00:33
vsteveI wish I had a warehouse or something where I could just make my own cases, each one a giant angry steel box - a testament to permanence and invulnerability00:34
jaegerMaybe you could find a fab lab or machine shop to make some00:35
jaegerOr make one yourself, if you've got the tools and time. Wouldn't be too tough, I think00:35
vstevewith aluminum, I could absolutely, but if I'm going all in, I wanna go steel, for which I'd need some pricey tools00:36
vsteveotherwise I could just as easily get some lian-li cases which are almost perfect to me..always...except that they're always aluminum00:37
jaegerWhat about something like a Fractal Design Define R5 or Corsair Obsidian 350D?00:38
jaegerThe former is ATX, the later mATX00:38
jaegerBoth available windowed or non00:38
jaegerNot all steel but they're cleanly designed00:40
joacimthinking about moving my current system into this one00:40
jaegerThey have some nice designs00:40
joacimneed a much smaller graphics card first tho =)00:41
jaeger <-- there :)00:42
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joacimgot this atm00:46
joacimnot many cases can hold full length cards anymore00:47
jaegerThat thing looks huge00:47
joacimit is00:47
jaegerIt's almost 2" longer than my gtx 108000:47
joacimquiet tho00:47
joacimnext time i upgrade, ill get a smaller card =)00:48
joacimi'll probably maintain this computer with a much weaker card eventually00:50
joacimwant a 6 core setup for my main computer00:50
vstevejaeger, I saw those cases and i've considered them, I'm trying to find cases that have as few holes as possible in them so I'm bouncing around between cases when I shop00:59
vsteveI see putting fan holes in the top now is like the 'in-thing' which drives me nuts00:59
vsteveantec loves to make great cases with holes on the side panel where I never, ever need them00:59
joacimif i need a hole, i'll just buy some grilles and a hole saw01:00
vsteveso I can almost always find like 90% of what I want, but there's some...thing they added In a place I don't want it01:00
vstevejoacim - right?!01:00
joacimi quite like traditional simple cases with front or bottom intakes01:00
joacimand rear exhaust01:00
joacimtho top mounted vents can be convenient for watercooling01:01
joacimtho i've never been too interested in that01:01
joacimpossible to make a case with a stealthy looking top panel that can still fit fans there too01:01
jaegerI like how the phanteks evolv cases handle top fans. Little vents01:09
jaegerOn the sides rather than the top panel01:10
vsteveI like the supermicro cases, actually, front-back cooling, big steel box, no glitzy shit01:10
vsteveI may end up just getting another one of those01:11
vstevethey just look so...unwaiveringly utilitarian01:11
vsteveit's like the 90s threw up into a steel mill01:14
joacimlooks heavy01:14
vsteveoh, and it is01:14
vsteveI have two matx versions of these, they're quite heavy01:14
joacimi have this sitting around01:15
jaegerI worked with a few at the previous job. They're sturdy01:15
joacimit is way annoying to build in01:15
vsteveoh wow01:15
jaegerreminds me of the enlight 7237 that was so popular01:15
jaegerin like 199501:15
vsteveahh yes01:16
joacimthese days i just want the smallest case possible01:18
joacimwithout extra space for 10 drives or whatever01:18
jaegerI like a little of everything, heh01:19
jaegerfrom custom cooling loop in a glass-sided case to Nuc/Rpi HTPCs :)01:19
vsteveI wish I could have a case with lots of airflow and no drives up front, I do everything in pcie now01:20
jaegerpedja: done, thanks01:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: [notify] docker: updated to version 1.12.601:20
vstevethe silverstone RL06 is close01:20
vsteveit looks like the sides are interchangable, but its sold window-only so I've been considering buying two to get two windowless panels01:21
joacimwas looking at this one01:22
jaegerMaybe you can buy one and an extra panel from them01:22
joacimtbut it is big01:22
vstevewow, that is pretty good actually01:23
vsteveonly 85 bucks....hmm01:25
vsteveuhh...huh yeah I think you sold me on this01:25
joacimyou can buy it now?01:27
joacimim glad it doesnt have their 180mm fans01:31
joacimthose were a little too loud i think01:31
joacimhard to find replacements01:31
vstevewow, yeah this is like the perfect case01:34
vstevehello, future01:34
vstevegounna check ye olde bank account and see if I can do this right away01:37
vsteveugh, stupid adult responsibilities01:38
vsteveit'd be wise to wait, but when I get paid, that's number one on the list01:38
vstevethanks for the suggestion, that's basicially exactly what i've been looking for01:38
vstevebetween this and the mammoth, silverstone is going to be making some fat cash off of me in the days to come01:42
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joacimwould like one without the plastic bits01:42
joacimand i think the steel might be somewhat soft too01:43
joacimif it is anything like the steel in my tj08e01:43
vsteveas long as it's not aluminum, we're good here01:44
vsteveI don't plan on throwing it in front of an oncoming train, but it does need to survive being possibly hit with another steel case machine01:44
vstevelots of rearranging and moving, etc01:45
joacimthe paint is rather soft too i think01:57
joacimso it scratches easily01:57
vsteveI may be able to chemically treat it01:58
vstevespray on epoxy or something01:58
vsteveI don't care so much what it looks like as long as it's uniform02:00
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vstevehey so, I retried the 3.2 installer on my system with the nvme device03:11
vsteve"/dev/" doesn't show any nvme devices, and the kernel config has "CONFIG_BLK_DEV_NMVE is not set" in it03:12
vsteveso ....i'm thinking those are related in a cause/effecty sort of way03:12
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brian|lfsscratching my head xorg or sddm gives no clue to why kde isn't working03:41
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jaegervsteve: is that the original 3.2 ISO or the one from
][_R_][What's special about the updated ISO?05:31
brian|lfsapperantly efi is fed up on 3.2 updated iso05:32
jaegerit's just got updated packages and sometimes updated kernels05:32
jaegersaves some time05:32
brian|lfswell its not working its giving an error something about beign set to firmware05:32
jaegerWhat's the exact error?05:33
brian|lfsdont' recall right now but seemed like it thought I wasn't running efi running normal05:33
brian|lfsand I picked efi even rebooted and tried again05:34
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jaegerI'll see if I can duplicate it05:36
brian|lfsseems to be fine on the 3.3 rc2 iso05:38
brian|lfsbut now I have to remount all so I can install my efi grub entry05:38
brian|lfsin my biios05:38
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jaegerbrian|lfs: It boots properly but fails when you try to run efibootmgr, is that correct?05:52
jaegerThe updated 3.2 ISO is locked at the commit before the commit that fixes that :)05:54
brian|lfsyes correct05:54
jaegeryou can work around it using 'mount -t efivarfs none /mnt/sys/firmware/efivars'05:54
brian|lfsah ok aldready around it05:54
brian|lfsit was a more letting someone know05:55
jaegerI haven't put much time into the 3.2 updated ISOs with 3.3 coming hopefully soon05:55
brian|lfsunderstood was having weird issues with 3.305:55
brian|lfsfigured try 3.205:56
jaegerWhat issues are you seeing with 3.3?05:56
brian|lfsnot sure if its my kernel or nvidia driver issue or what06:09
brian|lfsbut if I used normal X with twm it would hang on exit06:09
brian|lfsthen with plasma 5 I would just get a black screen06:09
jaegerWhat kernel version?06:10
brian|lfscheck sddm log file and xorg both had no errors releated to video06:10
jaegerI don't use KDE or plasma but in general I don't have issues with nvidia on 4.4 kernels06:10
jaegerUsing MATE or i3 on various machines with various nvidia GPUs06:10
brian|lfsI have a titian Z which was working fine until the reformat to try to fix chromium06:11
brian|lfsseeing I rebuilt like half my system and chromium versions newer then 54 woudln't work still I figured it was time for a reformat06:12
brian|lfsthen thats would the new issues appeared06:12
jaegertitan z was 700-series, right? That should be well-supported by now06:12
brian|lfsforget what series but it has 12gb of ram on it06:13
brian|lfsI would never buy a video card with that much ram came with this comptuer on a Xmas deal at the end of 201506:13
abenzyes 700 series06:13
jaegerIt was a $3000 card new, heh06:14
brian|lfsI know lol06:14
abenzmy whole PC isn't worth half that06:14
brian|lfswoudl never pay that for a video card lol06:14
brian|lfssad thing is I could of got 2 of them in SLI06:14
brian|lfsthats the way this system came stock06:14
brian|lfsbut I took a video card off and added more hard drives06:14
brian|lfsever hear of cyberpowerpc06:15
brian|lfsthats who built it06:15
abenzhow much ?06:15
brian|lfsit was like 7k06:15
brian|lfsbecause of the processor board and ram and hard drives06:16
jaegerSome wahoo x99 build?06:16
brian|lfsya x9906:16
brian|lfsdon't care what they say still blows away the new shit06:17
brian|lfscertainly kills my skylake 670006:17
abenzwhat about power bills06:18
brian|lfsnot sure don't pay electricity just rent06:19
brian|lfsand cable which includes phone and internet06:19
abenzis all that horsepower being utilised though?06:20
brian|lfswhen I compile for crux or running virtual machines06:21
brian|lfsor both at the sametime06:21
brian|lfsright now waiting on qt506:22
brian|lfsand nvidia and nvidia-32 to install06:22
brian|lfsthen will reboot and test06:22
brian|lfsok must be my kernel06:35
brian|lfsbecause I exit X and get a black screen and can't do anything06:36
brian|lfsexcept ssh in06:36
abenzssh in and check logs for clues06:44
brian|lfsdid that before I reformatted again and there was no errors I could see06:44
abenzwhat logs did you check?06:44
abenzkernels, and Xorg ?06:44
brian|lfs kernel config06:45
brian|lfsI'm not seeing the issue find it interesting that xorg has my nvidia card in it twice06:47
brian|lfsdon't think that would cause problems who knows06:47
abenzI think thats needed06:47
abenzsince the titan z is a dual gpu card?06:48
brian|lfssame here06:48
abenznot sure though06:48
abenzI was referring to log when the blank screen appears06:49
abenzie ssh in and:06:49
abenzcat /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:49
brian|lfsah ok will start x in a second to get that log06:51
brian|lfsI couldn't find anything in the log06:53
brian|lfswhen I looked earlier06:53
brian|lfsYou still there abenz06:56
abenzyea can't find any errors (EE)07:00
brian|lfsmaybe its a bug with twm07:04
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brian|lfswell we shall see if plasma has better result then twm08:14
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john_cephalopodaNews headline: Federal voting conductor expects hacker attacks. Image:
john_cephalopodahtop is a dangerous hacker tool.09:53
john_cephalopodaImage alt text: "Computer monitor, on which source code is displayed"09:53
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tilmanjohn_cephalopoda: maybe their point was that the system is running several VMs10:42
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pedja'The system is now unavailable again.'10:49
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newcoderDoes crux install packages from source code?12:57
tsaopyou can also install precompiled packages13:00
newcoderWhere can I get precompiled packages?13:02
newcoder $ pkgadd bash#2.05-1.pkg.tar.gz13:04
tsaopfrom other users, if they upload them13:05
tsaopor you can just save the ones you compiled13:05
newcoderIs there any mirror to get precompiled packages?13:06
newcoderrepository url?13:07
newcoderpkgadd bash#2.05-1.pkg.tar.gz , if I run this command, where would it get the bash#2.05-1.pkg.tar.gz from?13:08
tsaopthe current directory13:08
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frinnst ~.13:55
tilmannice try13:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nano: update to 2.7.416:34
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vsteveso i've discovered this:  and I'm at the bootstrap portion...what does the 'make bootstrap' command do?  it's been going for about an hour16:49
jaegerIt builds all the packages on the ISO 3 times, the latter 2 in chroot with the packages built in the previous stage16:51
jaegersimilar to gcc16:51
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jaegerIf you just want to rebuild an ISO kernel or something like that and don't need to rebuild all the packages, you can just copy the packages from an ISO you already have and skip the bootstrap step16:52
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jaegervsteve: is that the original 3.2 ISO or the one from
vsteveI think it's the original one from 3.216:55
vsteveand I'm just doing a run through of the steps to see what to expect when I start breaking things16:55
vsteveI tried the 3.2 image last night, and I still very much don't seem to have nvme support in there, so I'm not sure what's going on16:56
vstevemy current plan is to take the brute force approach and build my own install media16:57
jaegerThe original 3.2 ISO definitely did not have NVME support16:58
jaegerthe updated one does16:58
vstevewhat's the updated one?   when you go to and then to 'downloads' they didn't put the newer iso there?16:59
jaegerThe updated ISO is unofficial.
jaegerIt's built weekly with updated packages and sometimes newer kernels17:00
vstevethank you17:00
tsaopproblem solved17:00
jaegerIf you still want to build your own, that's fine :) Just wanted to make sure you knew of this one as well17:00
vsteveam I blind or is there no mention of that on the main page?17:00
jaegerIt's not mentioned, being unofficial17:01
jaegerBut I keep that one and an i686 one at
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vstevethe wiki is unofficial though, isn't it?17:01
jaegerThe wiki is official but also has contributed docs in it17:01
vsteveI see17:01
jaegerMaybe I should add a doc that points to it17:02
vsteveI'll likely still want to build my own install media, I'm going to have some weird situations coming up that might require it17:02
vstevebut it's nice to know about the updated iso17:02
vstevegrabbing that now17:03
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: libinput: update to 1.5.4, move udev stuff to /lib/udev resp. /etc/udev, add post-install to update the udev hwdb17:10
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vstevehuh, so i've hit a wall.  one reason among many my system wasn't booting was that the bios won't talk to nvme devices18:23
vsteveI didn't realize how recent of a revelation nvme was18:23
vstevebut the device still works in the system once crux has booted from something else18:24
vstevewhich..baffles me, but I guess the bootup stuff is handled differently somehow18:24
vstevewould it be illadvised to get something like a sata-dom, boot from that, and just chroot into my pcie card each boot?18:26
jaegerbootable nvme support is pretty new, yeah18:28
jaegerfrom the motherboard side18:28
jaegeryou could even boot from a USB device with an initrd or something18:28
vsteveyeah, usb would be fine18:28
vsteveI've never set up an initrd though18:29
jaegerUse something like better-initramfs, should be pretty easy18:29
vsteveah ok18:29
joacimcan just install the bootloader on a floppy or something18:34
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vstevethe only problems there are having floppy disks, drives, and cables :p19:15
vstevei'll grab some cheapo usb drive off amazon19:16
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wildefyrhey guys, trying to get back into crux but can't even establish internet connection... managed to get the right driver as ip link reports that eth0 is there, but when i start dhcpcd manually it says no interfaces have a carrier19:49
wildefyreth0 has been set to up as well19:50
*** vsteve has quit IRC19:52
onoderawildefyr: try dhcpcd eth019:52
wildefyrhey presto...19:52
wildefyrfuck dhcpcd19:52
wildefyrthe interface is right there!19:53
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onoderawildefyr: also you should be using rc.d/{wlan,net} probably19:57
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux20:01
jaegerwildefyr: dhcpcd almost always says that. give it a few seconds20:03
wildefyrjaeger, i did20:06
brian|lfsso look in my kernel it only had support for one graphics card and agp wasn't even on20:11
brian|lfskind of strange don't see an option for PCI express graphics support lol20:12
jaegerwildefyr: and it doesn't work even after a few seconds?20:19
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brian|lfsdid I miss an other options for graphics?20:22
wildefyrfunny brian|lfs trying to get my nvidia graphics up now :p20:23
brian|lfsmy kernel was set for only one gpu20:23
brian|lfsand no agp20:23
brian|lfsnot sure agp would matter with pcie20:24
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brian|lfsdrm on would be good20:25
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cipppim on 3.3, all good so far20:27
cipppi saw a error if i build with -im20:27
cipppif i can reproduce ... coz i forgot :)20:27
*** tsaop has joined #crux20:33
cipppi have no idea why i used "so far", i hope mean : until now. :)20:34
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brian|lfsthis is driving me nuts cant figure out my black screen of death20:50
brian|lfscan someone post their kernel config that is running a nvidia card20:50
cipppbrian|lfs: you have nvidia and intel on laptop ?20:53
brian|lfsno desktop only nvidia20:54
brian|lfsso very confused20:55
brian|lfsabout to use jaeger kernel config and add my nic and sound card back annd recompile20:55
brian|lfsalso maybe try kernel 4.4.43 must of just came out20:55
cipppyou can try with kernel huge from slackware20:55
cipppi use nvidia right now, work fine20:57
jaegerThat config came from my skylake box with gtx 1080, no problems with 4.4.43 so far in short tests20:57
cipppi have 4.9.120:58
cipppnvidia 375.2620:58
cipppa bit different pkgfile for nvidia, but i think is not so big difference20:59
cipppi forgot to use gl-select and work anyway, i did it now, i think i need to restart X21:01
cipppto stop mpv from complain21:01
brian|lfsthanks jaeger added a few things like sound and bridge you didn't have bridge enabled21:12
brian|lfsand camera21:12
jaegerYeah, I don't need bridging on that system21:13
*** tsaop has quit IRC21:15
brian|lfswell rebooting hopefully didn't miss anything21:15
brian|lfsbooted fine reinstalling nvidia21:17
brian|lfsok not the kernel still fed up21:22
*** cruxbot has quit IRC21:29
brian|lfsstrange now X don't start at all but no error21:33
brian|lfswell figured out plasma so my system is usable for now21:42
brian|lfswould have to think the black screen on logoff has to do with my 4k 30 inch display then21:42
brian|lfstsaop is missing consokekit from a dep in something21:43
jaegerTest it on another monitor? Or a TV or something21:43
brian|lfsI finally had an error spit out I could trouble shoot21:43
brian|lfsand saw I was missing consolekit21:43
brian|lfsI need to shave and go to Costco to get laundry detergent21:45
brian|lfswell either way thanks for the kernel config jaeger mine was bloated before21:47
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