IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2017-01-16

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brian|lfsquestion anyone have a port for libcanberra-gtk00:13
brian|lfsdon't recall it being a requirement for pavucontrol before00:13
jaegerI use pavucontrol so I've probably got one somewhere00:16
jaegerLooks like I put it into my 'jaeger' repo at some point00:18
brian|lfsah ok so what do you have it named00:23
brian|lfsjust libcamberra00:24
brian|lfsor libcamberra-gtk00:24
brian|lfsthanks jaeger guess tsaop had gtk 3 disabled in his on kf5 repo00:28
jaegerWas AFK, just libcanberra00:43
brian|lfsalready got it00:47
brian|lfsdon't understand why once in a blue moon my pkgmk user gets permission denied00:47
jaegerpkgmk's output ought to say why00:51
jaegerwell, at least what failed00:51
brian|lfswell yes says what failed speex-3200:51
brian|lfsit gave some permission denied errors00:51
jaegerWhat errors, specifically?00:51
brian|lfswould have to run it again and see00:54
jaegerIf you want to solve problems like that, you should save the error logs... a description like "it gave some permission denied errors" doesn't help00:55
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jaegerI don't say that to be mean, I'm trying to help. :) Troubleshooting always works better with specific info00:58
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brian|lfsno you fine00:59
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brian|lfsthere you different problem speex-32 says its missing a header file01:02
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jaegerI don't see that file in the ports tree, wonder where it comes from01:04
brian|lfsI don't either01:04
brian|lfswell speex-32 port I made but don't see the file in the 64 bit one01:04
brian|lfsI guess for now just install my package already built in the past01:05
brian|lfsgood thing about saving old packages01:05
brian|lfsyou watch football at all jaeger crazy game just ended in Dallas01:17
jaegerI think I see the problem, assuming you based your Pkgfile on the opt/speex one01:17
brian|lfsya I did01:17
brian|lfswhat would the problem be01:17
jaegerwell, regarding the permission denied, not the include file01:17
jaegerspeex for some reason uses prefix= instead of DESTDIR=, maybe it wasn't supported originally01:18
jaegerusing prefix= doesn't work properly and the process tries to write outside of $PKG01:18
brian|lfsah ok01:18
jaegerRomster: mind changing prefix=$PKG/usr to DESTDIR=$PKG in opt/speex?01:19
brian|lfsso if I change mind I wonder if the .h error would stop01:20
brian|lfsmaybe it was trying to look outside the package01:21
jaegerI suspect that comes from somewhere else but not sure. It doesn't happen on my system01:21
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brian|lfsdon't fix the .h error01:28
brian|lfsdidn't think it would but was worth a shot01:29
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brian|lfsjaeger, can you try my skype port please it worked before I reformatted now skype just doesn't open or anything no error or anything01:40
brian|lfsis there somewhere I can dump it01:40
jaegerpastebin, sprunge, one of those01:41
brian|lfsI can pastebin the Pkgfiel but01:41
brian|lfsthen you would have to grab the deb file and retar it01:41
marakubtw brian|lfs, there's pulsemixer if you prefer a cli 'version' of pavucontrol01:42
brian|lfs Pkgfile looking for a link to the latest deb01:44
brian|lfsI thought about just making dpkg as a dep haven't decided on that yet01:46
jaegerno need for that01:46
jaegertry something like this: 'ar p blah.deb data.tar.gz | tar -C $PKG -zxf -'01:46
brian|lfsI've been just downloading the deb packages and extracting and taring them01:46
brian|lfswhats ar never heard of it01:47
brian|lfsanyhow my issue is not sure if I'm missing adep or whats going on skype don't do nothing now just clsoes01:49
brian|lfsno errors01:49
jaegertried stracing it?01:49
brian|lfshow would I trace just run it in a command prompt01:49
jaegerstrace -f skype01:50
brian|lfsok trying01:50
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brian|lfsthanks nice utility it was missing cups01:54
brian|lfsnot sure why skype would need cups01:54
brian|lfsbit surprised nothing else I installed thus far pulled in cups01:54
brian|lfscan you please change my Pkgfile with the new deb to show you what you mean to make sure I"m sright jaeger01:56
brian|lfshopefully that made sense01:57
jaegerIt brings up a blank white window for me but it runs01:57
brian|lfsah ok it opened for me fine01:58
brian|lfsafter installing cups01:58
jaeger <-- I just used that, for reference01:59
brian|lfsinteresting wonder why they dropped the version numbers02:00
brian|lfscool thanks it worked02:07
brian|lfsI guess I'm the only one still using skype on Linux at least on Crux02:08
jaegerI don't use it at all, linux or otherwise02:09
brian|lfsuse anything that does similar things02:09
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brian|lfsnot sure what this means for hexchat compiling
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brian|lfsjaeger, you still around04:55
brian|lfsI'm still getting the ahhh snap on chromium 56 on crux 3.3 can you look at my strace log04:55
brian|lfsI'm still getting the ahhh snap on chromium 56 on crux 3.3 can you look at my strace log
brian|lfs or anyone for that matter04:56
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nwebrian|lfs: I have always get that on chromium on crux :(07:24
nweso when I running crux I using firefox instead.07:24
marakucould it be that you guys didn't mount /dev/shm, nwe?07:36
nweI had /dev/shm mounted..07:36
marakuoh well07:37
marakui'm also using firefox now, mostly for vimfx and userstyles07:37
marakuthe mozilla ppl are also integrating parts of their servo project into firefox07:38
nwewhat I miss with firefox is --app mode07:38
marakuso hopefully it'll get faster07:38
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marakuthat's prett cool07:42
marakui would definitely use the flag if it existed in firefox07:42
marakuhaha same exact reason for me as well07:56
marakuthankfully the people who own the slack setup the irc gateway when i asked07:57
nwethats nice :)08:04
nwewhere they haven't setup irc gateway..08:05
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frinnstisnt slack just a irc frontend?08:32
frinnstthat costs lots of monies08:32
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frinnst Due to the bug fixes, any installations of 1.2.9 or 1.2.10 should be immediately replaced with
frinnstsounds scary17:54
frinnst(zlib, just pushed it)17:54
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onoderacruxbot :')18:01
john_cephalopodaxerces-c and lmms are still broken... I'll write a mail.18:04
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kevi7Hi all18:11
cippp-- Packages with undecidable version difference (use --strict-diff)18:11
cipppperl (5.24.1-RC5-1 vs 5.24.1-1)18:11
cipppwhy rc5 ?18:11
kevi7This is offtopic can i ask question18:13
cipppoh, was rc518:13
onoderakevi7: probably yeah18:14
onoderathis channel is pretty slow most of the time anyways18:14
cipppi cant type to much when i watch porn18:15
cipppso im quiet most of time18:15
onoderathat's uhh, interesting, lol18:15
kevi7If people are leaving a small town how to make people not leaving and make this little town better so other people move inhere18:15
cipppno work, no food. move where can find money18:17
cipppnice place without money is not nice for all18:18
druid_droidcippp it depends on how you define "quality of life"18:18
cippptrue, is not the same for all18:19
druid_droidsmall vilages like where I'm at the moment people grow food, have (is losing) nice pure water, generaly better air quality18:19
cipppmy village is smaller than your village :P)18:20
druid_droidno biolence in streets, at 05:00 or 17:00 ... :D18:20
druid_droidWell the only local coffe in it's picks have like 5 people at night :) just to give an idea :D18:21
cipppno girls, 60 years old women are "wow" ...18:21
druid_droidI even bought my own bottle of vodka that is at the coffe,18:22
cipppdruid_droid: maybe we are neighborhoods ? :)18:24
druid_droidI'm not that pro, but I think you can see that by my IP :D18:30
cipppoh you are from portugal ?18:32
cipppyou are rich, my neighborhoods work for you :)18:32
druid_droidyes :), you have to visit boom festival !!! Ritch ? We also work for the empire ...18:33
druid_droidboom festival at 50:00 speaks about systems, AI and so on :P18:34
jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: I'll look into updating those as their maintainer is too busy18:42
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jaegerbrian|lfs: tonight's updated ISO CI build should fix the EFI issue20:15
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cipppjaeger: i boot fine from stick, uefi. what i lost ?: )20:24
jaegercippp: it boots fine but efibootmgr needs the efivarfs mounted to work20:34
jaegerwhich works fine if you do it manually but I had added it to 3.3 and not 3.2 yet20:34
cipppoh, i have 3.3. anyway is dint mount efi, ... install grub, but how i said, boot fine20:37
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brian|lfshey jaeger you still there21:14
brian|lfstsaop, your missing consolekit as a dep somewhere on kf521:14
brian|lfstook me a while to get an error I could trace to realize I didn't have consolekit installed21:15
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tsaopbrian|lfs: Indeed I mention it in the README, but I never made any package depend on consolekit21:30
brian|lfsahh ok I guess I can't read21:30
tsaopbrian|lfs: but you are correct in that no package in my repo depends on consolekit21:30
tsaopthis could be misleading21:31
brian|lfswell seeing its requried for it to run should it be a dep lol21:31
brian|lfsfor maybe plasma-desktop21:31
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tsaopfair enough21:32
tsaopI noticed that suspend doesn't work with consolekit, but it does with consolekit221:32
brian|lfsI really think you should make your repo more public21:32
tsaopDon't know what switching would entail for CRUX21:32
tsaopbrian|lfs: I would, but it is in a state of perennal work in progress21:32
brian|lfssuspend would be nice for desktops21:32
brian|lfsI mean laptops21:33
brian|lfsugh thought one thing typed another21:33
brian|lfswhat issues would there be with consolekit2 on CRUX?21:33
tsaopI don't really know21:33
brian|lfsI would think as long as you have one not the other you would be safe21:34
tsaopI hard replaced it with consolekit and all seems to work21:34
brian|lfsis consolekit2 on your repo21:34
tsaopno, it's in a folder in my home directory21:35
tsaopbtw pushing plasma-desktop with consolekit dependency in a few minutes21:35
brian|lfsyou subscribed to the mailing lists21:36
brian|lfsjust curious if my emails are even making it21:36
brian|lfsseems I send emails don't get a response21:36
tsaopwell, if they show in the ML logs then everything should be fine21:37
brian|lfsahh where would I look at the NL logs at21:37
jaegerbrian|lfs: off and on, I'm working21:38
brian|lfsthanks found the logs and I see my emails21:39
brian|lfsits cool jaeger still stumped by chromium and now hexchat posted to the mail lists21:39
tsaopdo you still get the snap error with chromium?21:39
jaegerAnyone else running chromium and getting the same problem? I don't use it, myself21:39
brian|lfsyup still stumped tsaop I did a whole reformat to get the same error21:40
tsaopwill try compiling it21:40
brian|lfsand its not my home folder I made a second user same error21:40
tsaopI'm on 3.2 ATM21:40
brian|lfswell when I reformat I started with 3.221:40
brian|lfsand 55 worked fine21:41
brian|lfs56 wouldn't compile at all21:41
brian|lfsI could send you my compiled 56 to try21:41
brian|lfsor romaster has it on his repo under 3.3 I think21:42
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brian|lfswebpage rather21:42
tsaopbut it would be compiled with the 3.3 libs21:42
tsaopso I'd probably get ldd errors21:42
brian|lfsmaybe I'm looking at this wrong maybe I need to pull up archlinux Pkkgfile21:42
brian|lfsmaybe there compiling it still with clang21:42
brian|lfsinteresting archlinux is on 55 still21:43
tsaopI'm compiling with gcc21:44
tsaopwill report back in 40 minutes or so21:45
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brian|lfsso 55 same error ahhh snap21:45
brian|lfs54 seems to work21:45
brian|lfsarch does use a bunch of patches21:48
brian|lfsnot sure if maybe we need some or all patches or not21:49
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brian|lfsNew zlib don't have a to remove21:58
brian|lfslovely just borked myself trying to fix zlib22:04
tsaopdid you accidentally remove zlib?22:09
brian|lfsno didn't think that was an improtant file it need so I removed the line22:10
brian|lfswhich apperantly it is22:10
brian|lfsgot the old zlib back on my system now but it still won't compiile the new22:10
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brian|lfsnot really sure why my system would not have that file thats strange22:13
frinnstChecking for shared library support...22:15
frinnstNo shared library support; try without defining CC and CFLAGS22:15
tsaopwhy remove /lib/
frinnstyour toolchain seems broken22:15
tsaopoh, nevermind22:16
tsaopcheck config.log for the error maybe?22:17
brian|lfshow would I check config.log22:20
brian|lfswould I have to extract manually and run the commands manually22:21
frinnstpkgmk -kw22:21
brian|lfswell in tbhe $PKG/lib fodlder and its empty22:23
tsaopcheck for config.log and paste it22:24
brian|lfswgetpaste configure.log22:24
brian|lfsYour paste can be seen here:
brian|lfsdon't see a plain config.log22:24
tsaop"/usr/bin/ld: ztest26757.o: relocation R_X86_64_PC32 against symbol `getchar@@GLIBC_2.2.5' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC"22:24
brian|lfsso add -fPIC to the Pkgifle and try?22:25
frinnstsomething looks seriously broken22:27
frinnstthe quickest solution would probably be to reinstall all of core from the iso22:28
frinnstjust mount it and pkgadd -u everything22:28
brian|lfsok its mounted22:28
brian|lfseverything in just core or all the repos on the iso22:28
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brian|lfscan I do a wild card or something22:29
frinnstfor i in *; do pkgadd -u $i; done22:32
frinnstor something22:32
brian|lfsI did for i in *; do pkgadd -u $i; don22:32
brian|lfsI mean for p in *; do pkgadd -u  $p; done22:32
brian|lfsok everything reinstalled so should I just trying updating zlib first22:36
brian|lfsthen the rest of my system22:36
brian|lfsugh zlib is throwing the same error22:37
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brian|lfshave no clue very confsued22:49
brian|lfsbut did reinstall everything22:49
brian|lfsmight have to setup CRUX in virtually and test22:49
druid_droidbrian|lfs: I'm learning just that, setup virtual machines for testing...22:50
tsaopbrian|lfs: Try to setup a docker container and see if it throws the same error22:52
druid_droidI was thinking to have a nginx, pmwiki ssh/gitweb open to Internet on my crux, what should I read first (about security and monitoring ?)22:52
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brian|lfssomeone have a guide to getting docker up quickkly22:55
tsaopprt-get depinst docker22:57
tsaop"/etc/rc.d/docker start"22:57
tsaopFYI I just tested the updated iso from in a docker container and there are no errors in the configure phase22:58
brian|lfsand I reinstalled all my core open and xorg and got the same error as before22:59
brian|lfsso wonder if something is pulling over from crux 3.2 to 3.322:59
brian|lfsopt I mean22:59
brian|lfsbut if my toolchain is broking how come everythign except zlib is compiling23:00
brian|lfsdon't see how one of my ports I made could case zlib to bomb out23:01
tsaopwell, try to add -fPIC to CFLAGS and see if it complains again23:04
brian|lfsso would I add that to the configure line or do an export line23:11
tsaopit's the same23:13
tsaoppass it inline to the configure or as an export right before it23:14
brian|lfsso like this export CFLAGS="-fPIC"23:23
brian|lfshey that worked tsaop23:24
brian|lfsno error got a built zlib23:24
tsaopthe problem is it shouldn't be needed23:26
tsaopso probably that indicates some problem in your toolchain23:26
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brian|lfsbut just that one program complaining23:27
brian|lfsI was going to do a docker but I'm missing sooo much crap form my kerenl23:28
brian|lfsand can't find most of it23:28
brian|lfscan you post your kernel config of your machine you use docker on23:28
tsaopthere's a helper script installed with the package23:29
brian|lfsyes I know and most of the stuff it says I don't ahve I search for and can't find23:29
tsaopwell, it outputs the config options to enable in your .config file23:29
brian|lfsyes I know and those options don't exist or were all renamed23:31
brian|lfsI suppose I could just copy and paste them in manually and put =y on them23:31
tsaopwhat's one option you can't find?23:32
tsaopit's there23:32
tsaopcheck with make menuconfig23:33
tsaopuse "/" to search23:33
brian|lfsah ok wow23:33
onoderaif you search for it you will also see what it depends on23:33
onoderausing menuconfig23:33
jaegerIf you can find it with search but not see it in the menus then it likely depends on another option being enabled23:33
jaegerlike onodera says, the deps are listed when you search23:33
tsaopwatch for [=n] entries in the search result to know what to enable23:33
brian|lfscool didn't know about the / in make menuconfig23:35
brian|lfslearn something new everyday23:35
brian|lfscan I ignore - cgroup hierarchy: nonexistent??23:36
brian|lfs    (see
jaegerdruid_droid: a firewall guide would be my first suggestion23:36
jaegerbrian|lfs: yes23:36
tsaopbrian|lfs: I just built chromium and it works23:37
jaegerit's included in the deps and mounted by the docker rc script23:37
tsaoppages are loaded23:37
jaegerdruid_droid: maybe something like this to start:
brian|lfswell your on 3.2 tsaop23:38
brian|lfs3.2 worked for me with 5523:39
tsaopI confirmed it works then23:40
tsaopwill check once 3.3 lands23:40
*** tsaop has quit IRC23:41
jaegerbuilding chromium in a 3.3 container, will upload the package when it's done if you want to test it23:42
brian|lfscool thanks23:49
brian|lfshow about  CONFIG_BRIDGE_NETFILTER23:49
brian|lfsmake menuconfig doesn't find it23:49
jaegerIt's part of the iptables/xtables stuff23:50
jaegeror related, at least23:50
jaegerprobably need bridging and iptables both23:50
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