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abenztop posting?02:38
abenzoh, he's gone.02:39
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mdadm: update to 4.010:23
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: hdparm: update to 9.5110:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] php: update to 5.6.3011:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-fcgi: update to 5.6.3011:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-fpm: update to 5.6.3011:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-ftp: update to 5.6.3011:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-gd: update to 5.6.3011:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-gettext: update to 5.6.3011:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-mysql: update to 5.6.3011:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-sockets: update to 5.6.3011:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-sqlite3: update to 5.6.3011:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mod_php: update to 5.6.3011:14
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jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: I've got an lmms package if you want to try it14:06
pedjait is safe to say that I am using maybe 12% of libvirt capabilities :)14:24
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jlephola, i want to connect to internet but, i get tg3: invariant chip , and my interface doesn't show, kust lo14:27
jlepcan i load broadcom module, and fix it?14:28
jaegergive it a try and see14:35
pedjaquick googling suggests that you should modprobe broadcom before tg3.14:37
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jlepehm, still can't detect my interfaces14:49
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pedjapaste the output of dmesg and lspci -k somewhere ( or pastebin)14:54
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pedjain my (limited) experience, Broadcom has shitty wifi drivers on all platforms :)14:56
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jlepok i'll do it again15:04
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pedjaI have a Broadcom wifi in my netbook, so I went and bought cheap USB WIFI Ralink dongle :)15:14
pedjaworks with Linux and FreeBSD, iirc15:15
abenzI thought ath9k were the best for OSS no?15:23
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onoderaHi, andyone here using libinput?15:26
pedjaAtheros and Ralink based ones were always very reliable for me.15:26
pedjab/g/n, havent played with ac yet15:27
pedjayes, onodera ?15:27
pedjaah, libinput.yes, me.15:28
onoderado you use libinput, I though I saw you talking about it yesterday15:28
onoderaso I just uninstalled input-evdev, and installed libinput15:28
onoderabut now my Xorg wont start, nvidia is complaining15:28
onoderadid you make changes to your xorg.conf?15:29
abenzits official15:29
pedjaonodera, I just (dep)installed xorg-xf86-libinput.I didn't remove imput-evdev, there is no need for that.15:30
pedjaand it just works.15:30
pedjano changes to xorg.conf, nvidia works (no warnings/errors in Xorg log)15:31
pedjaI think jue is using it for quite some time, on several boxes, without any issues.15:32
pedjathis is with xorg-
onoderacould you please post your xorg.conf?15:35
pedjathere is nothing special in it, but OK.15:36
onoderayeah I thought maybe *I* am the the one with something special in mine :p15:37
onoderathat breaks it somehow15:37
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pedjayou ran libinput post-install script, right?15:45
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jlepas you wish pedja,
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: util-linux: update to 2.29.117:13
onoderaRomster: when you have the time, could you maybe add firefox and glibc to
cipppi have firefox from official site in ~/ , so i can update with a click17:57
cipppmaybe more clicks :)17:58
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druid_droidevery time I have a meeting with a new wireless network I get cold's19:05
druid_droidI setup wlan by a rc.d/wlan and wpa_cli and so on... today I was lucky, I get the thing working without sweting to much19:05
druid_droidin the past I used a python based thing, easy, I will look at it again...19:06
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onoderayeah wpa_cli is nice19:09
onoderaI'm happy the wifi is the same in all my uni buildings19:09
druid_droidI  was stressing with command iwlist wlpXnY scan giving something like "not support"19:15
druid_droidI don't quiet understand how I end up connected, but is ok XD it works19:15
druid_droidand to stress a bit more the name of the network was a french word...19:16
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druid_droidwow at home I have +- 200kb here I have -+5Mb mirroring 33c3 from youtube :>19:48
druid_droid33c3 have copy right violation ???20:45
druid_droidI'm in Orwellian/Fascist state, can anyone help me in this issue ?20:46
cipppuse opera with vpn active ?21:09
druid_droidI get from swiss mirror mit lots of love21:10
druid_droidsome one call Stazy police, I have the vid21:10
druid_droidI start using crux becouse of this, having all the sources localy helps me sleep at night21:11
druid_droideven if some corp try's to block free software I can make copy's and distribute in same style of WWII21:12
druid_droidnow I'm working on a python project, I will try to develop something simple that can connect to opencog,21:13
druid_droidso watson can profile us, but at least I will have a friendly A.I. at my local machine21:13
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druid_droidhey, sorry my very verbose output today...21:49
druid_droidI will try enlightenment, but not sure witch package21:50
druid_droidI have the driver of ports at /etc/ports/21:50
druid_droidI give a ports -u enlightenment ...21:50
druid_droidnext step is a prt-get depinst ... not sure what...21:50
pedjaIs Watson really an A.I?21:54
druid_droidby it's corporate API I don't think so, but the army is miles from that21:56
druid_droidby installing enlightenment I see that luajit is being installed, finally I can get neovim from 6c3721:57
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druid_droidsad, I have to let this lovely net and get back home XD22:00
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pedjaif you are target valuable enough to get the attention of TAO, you're fucked.22:03
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pedjapeople just don't realize that they are not that interesting of a target for TLA :)22:06
pedjaGoogle, OTOH22:07
pedjaname of my new band22:14
pedjaI wonder if jaeger is drunk yet, celebrating a new president :)22:17
pedjawe had our share of shitty ones, but they didn't have nukes, luckily22:18
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pedjaand new presidential elections are in the spring, most likely.that will be 'fun'22:20
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pedjafrinnst, is a new home for up and running yet?or are you still waiting for some parts?22:25
frinnstall the hardware is in place22:25
frinnsttek & the rest of us just needs time to get it up and running22:26
pedjacool :)22:26
pedjaI converted wiki to use mkdocs (I was bored).22:29
pedjaonce I clean it up, I'll ask tek to take a look, as an option for new wiki.22:32
pedjamaybe he will like an ability to revert when someone deletes an article by mistake, since it's using git.22:35
pedjaspeaking of git, is it cpu bound?it's kinda slow when I pull from repo that has ~2000 branches :)22:39
pedjaor nearly 3 million commits22:40
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frinnstits not the fastest beast23:27
frinnstbut a lot faster than the old server23:28
frinnst8x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5320  @ 1.86GHz23:28
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ryu0makes me wonder if those ARM servers AMD was going on about in years past will ever amount to anything.23:40
ryu0found this, but it's not even a standard form factor?23:43
frinnsthp moonshot23:56
frinnstnow that was a success story!23:56
frinnstseems like they still are selling it. that was a surprise to find out23:58

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