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marakuanother port that needs to be changed to https is core/rsync07:22
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timcowchipwhat is a signature file?07:49
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timcowchipSignature file not found, falling back to old md5sum checking08:19
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juemaraku: thx, will do08:49
Romsteri've been moving some to https that i look over, but no where near complete yet08:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: tdb: fix download URL08:54
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: rsync: fix source URL08:56
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juesamba switched to https-only lately, so the ports are broken08:58
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john_cephalopodaHmm, firefox and chromium are horrible to use...13:55
john_cephalopodaFirefox doesn't seem to work well with webrtc.13:55
john_cephalopodaAnd chromium does work with it - but it takes ages to compile and crashes at startup for dbus reasons.13:55
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john_cephalopodaI wish there was an easy way to flag packages as out-of-date. AUR does it pretty nicely.14:35
frinnstits not a reporting problem, its a manpower problem14:38
frinnstcrux is pretty much maintained by ~5 people14:38
frinnstfeel free to contribute, adopt a port and send in an application to the contrib mailinglist14:39
frinnsti think we have had 1 new contributor in the last 5 years or so14:40
frinnstmeanwhile 3-4 people retired during that period14:40
frinnstcore is in good shape but lots of ports in contrib/opt - not so much14:42
pedjaspeaking of core, you might want to update bindutils to 9.10.4-P5 :)14:53
frinnstmany security fixes in dig, eh? :-)14:55 never know, with the complex beast that is bind.14:57
joacimfrinnst: that's badly formated14:59
joacimwhere does the rant begin?14:59
joacimmissing the starting tag14:59
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pedjafrinnst, bind-10+ ships with a dig 'successor' tool (it understands DNSSEC better).
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pedjawrt out of date ports: 1.git clone git://{core, opt, contrib}.git 2.update_the_port 3.git commit -m 'yeah' 4. test 5.git format-patch 6.rejoice!15:07
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pedja7. attach the patch to FS 8. pat yourself on the back for being part of the community15:08
frinnst9. receive blowjob from frinnst15:09
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pedjanow, *that's* an incentive! :)15:10
SiFuhoh the corrupted youth of today15:14
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pedjabut's not hard/time consuming, it teaches you valuable skills, and it's The Right Thing To Do[tm]15:15
SiFuhjoacim: haha15:15
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pedja, node.js/Electron 50Mb GUI for dd.because why not.16:30
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joacimguessing i'll see a lot of node.js desktop applications now16:34
pedjaIsn't Atom editor node.js?16:38
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joacimit sure looks like one16:40
pedjaI get using node.js for non-trivial applications, but using it for dd GUI wrapper is insane, imho16:40
joacimi could see a use for it tho16:45
joacimdrag-n-drop image files16:45
joacim58 MB for that16:46
joacimgot several more advanced applications that takes up less space16:48
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tilmanpedja: IIRC atom is built on top of the chrome-something-runtime17:41
tilmanpedja: ie it's basically a webapp that can be deployed locally? ;)17:41
pedjaisn't that what node.js is about?17:41
tilmannodejs is about writing event-driven web-enabled applications in javascript17:42
tilmanor something like that17:42
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SitriAtom is built on top of Electron, which is a node.js module that provides said chrome-something-runtime.17:42
SitriThere's actually quite a few things built on Electron.17:43
tilmanSitri: is my info outdated, or was thisalways the case? :OOO17:43
tilmanadmittedly i've only briefly looked at atom when it was first announced17:43
SitriI think it was always the case17:43
SitriGiven the similar theme of their names17:43
tilmanyeah, i probably got it wrong back then17:45
Sitripedja: node.js is primarily aimed at writting server-side things.17:45
pedjalike Joyent cloud thingie17:47
tilmanconventional webapp:17:48
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tilman$http_server (apache, lighttpd, nginx) runs a fastcgi/whatever module to call your php/ruby-on-rails/django/flask webapp code17:49
tilmanwith nodejs, (i think) your application contains the http daemon17:49
tilmanwhcih implies that you don't *have* to write a webapp if you're using nodejs...17:49
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pedjaI always forget to pass 'status=progress' to dd17:52
tilmanthen use the old-school way of requesting progress info by sending SIGUSR1 to it17:53
pedjaby the time I remembered that, the transfer finished :)17:54
pedjaI dd'ed crux-3.3-rc3, the label says rc2.well, that's slightly confusing17:57
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pedjasee you in a couple of hours/days, depending on how this upgrade goes :)17:58
jaegerThat was a mistake on my part but it is indeed rc317:59
pedjaI know, but it got me for a second :)18:01
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dlcusafrinnst, <rant> I'm still waiting to learn how to get a Wiki account, and the last message on contrib was a May application to join.</rant>18:16
brian|lfsI saw all the mail about the dual booting Ubuntu and CRUX18:33
jaegerThat thread was very hard to read18:40
jaegerBut of course grub from ubuntu can boot crux, it's just a matter of the right configuration18:40
brian|lfsvery true18:46
brian|lfsnot sure why anyone would dual boot ubuntu and CRUX lol18:46
frinnstdlcusa: send an email to tek@crux.nu18:57
teK_also, send nudes18:58
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onoderabrian|lfs: for when you both want to be a linux tinkerer and also a casual user19:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: go: updated to version 1.7.519:43
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] openssl: updated to 1.0.2k. Fix for CVE-2016-7056, CVE-2016-8610, CVE-2017-373120:37
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saptechhello all22:03
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timcowchiptimcowchip> alsamixer22:11
timcowchipcannot open mixer: No such file or directory22:11
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saptechupdating cups-filter fails because it needs mutool, which I cannot find22:28
saptechconfigure: error: Required mutool binary is missing. Please install mutool.22:29
frinnstits part of mupdf22:30
frinnstprt-get fsearch ftw22:30
saptechsearch for mupdf?22:30
frinnstits in opt and listed as a dependency of cups-filters22:30
frinnstprobably wasnt a dep when you installed it22:31
frinnstand prt-get sysup won't install new dependencies22:31
pedjadoes ocaml break llvm rebuild for anyone else?22:31
saptechfrinnst, thanks22:33
pedjajaeger, you forgot to push docker-1.13.0 to 3.3 contrib branch, I'd say :)22:35
jaegerI didn't forget, just didn't have my 3.3 dev box handy with the keys to update sigs22:36
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pedjaah, yes, the signatures.apologies.22:38
pedjaRIP, Tab Groups22:39
timcowchipusermod -aG users,wheel,audio timcowchip22:40
pedjafirst FF extension that I use that bites the dust because if Mozilla's new extension framework22:41
pedjatimcowchip, wrong window?22:41
timcowchipI can remember TWEEDLEE DEE by LaVern Baker and the Gliders from 1954, but I can't remember to add myself to the audio group22:43
timcowchipjust answering my own question about alsamixer22:43
pedjaI have a notes dir in ~ for that kind of stuff22:44
timcowchipsorry for the interruption :)22:44
pedjaI just sometimes forget to actually add a note...22:44
saptechtimcowchip,   hahaha22:45
saptechI've gotten that way22:45
timcowchipI'm losing "medium term memory" now22:46
saptechsame here. you must be 55 or older22:46
saptechyou got me beat22:47
saptech62 next month22:47
timcowchipthe sixties are the new forties22:47
pedjawe should start a #crux-oldFarts channel :)22:49
saptechafter doing a prt-get sysup, I have 12 files I need to fix22:50
saptechmost are bad footprint msg22:50
pedjaNEW is ok, MISSING not so much (most of the time)22:51
jaegertimcowchip: I've got civilization stuck in my head today for some reason (danny kaye and the andrews sisters)22:52
pedjaand I got this on loop all day
pedjaSpor rulz22:55
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timcowchip                kaye and the andrews sisters22:56
timcowchipI remember my parents liking them22:57
jaegerThe song was written 31 years before I was born but it's one of my favorites22:57
saptechwhat does this mean, "Address family not supported by protocol"22:58
saptechfailed talloc22:58
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pedjawth.I don't have to close all other apps using audio so FF can play sound?when did they fix that?23:02
timcowchip The Quemist - Stompbox (Spor Remix)23:08
timcowchip TWEEDLEE DEE by LaVern Baker and the Gliders23:08
pedjahm, revdep list is much shorter than I expected.nice.23:09
saptechI downloaded talloc-2.1.8.tar.gz manually and it compiled successfully23:12
timcowchipI saw samba has gone https only23:17
timcowchip@jue said "samba switched to https-only lately, so the ports are broken"23:18
timcowchipso I guess that's why "ERROR: Downloading '' failed"23:20
saptechhmmm, yep manually it had https23:22
saptechusing prt-get sysup and after updating fixing errors, are there some other command to run?23:45
saptechtimcowchip, are they going to fix the talloc pkg?23:46
john_cephalopodasaptech: What kind of commands?23:46
saptechlike a final command23:47
saptechafter running sysup, i had around 15 files need fixing23:47
john_cephalopodasaptech: Updating packages consists of two steps. "ports -u" and "prt-get sysup".23:48
john_cephalopodaWhich files need fixing? Can you post the output to a pastebin like ?23:48
saptechi'm fixing them now, most where footprint mixmatch23:48
saptechI had restored a 5 month old backup23:49
saptechlook like this last one is giving me problems, "gst-plugins-bad"23:53
frinnstsaptech: broken ipv6 support?23:54
john_cephalopodasaptech: "NEW" in footprint mismatch can be ignored usually. That's when you got some extra dep that is added.23:55
timcowchipsaptech, it looks like Romster was working on it23:55
john_cephalopoda"MISSING" means that something is broken.23:55
saptechlet me check the log it just finish recompiling23:56
saptechgst-plugins-base, good & ugly all finished successfully23:56
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saptechoops, never mind, it was a footprint msg23:59

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