IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2017-01-28

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saptechwell, they are all done successfully00:02
pedjaACTION is waiting for one more patch to vim, so it would be 8.0.025000:03
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pedjajaeger, this might be interesting to you
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pedjaif you get 'This version does not have support for IRIs' error with wget, rebuild it.00:29
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Romsteryou know what sucks the most is xfce4 kde4 and enlightenment are not even on crux 3.2 and crux 3.3 is not far away.01:13
Romsterif you wanna rant i can so rant about more things -_-01:13
brian|lfsKDE4 is old as shit Romster01:15
pedjanow I moved to 3.3, I'll clean up my xfce4 repo and put it on Bitbucket.01:15
Romsterthat would be nice for others and get it listed on portsdb01:16
pedjathat's the plan :)01:16
Romsterkf5 takes over kde4 we need pitillo to get up on his enlightenment.01:16
pedjaRomster, will you wait for official release to push 3.3 Docker image to Hub?01:17
Romsterwhat's more rant worthy is when tek introduced another person to xfce he was actually fixing stuff then sepen arks up and he left... now xfce is sitting rotting away.01:17
Romsterso many things piss me off here01:17
Romsterthat other guy could of had xfce working and updated.01:17
pedjafrinnst ranted about man power few hours ago :)01:18
Romsteryeah that's another one, i am doing to much so the rest are too.01:18
Romsteri'm going to end up dropping some ports01:18
Romsterand -compat for gstreamer is going to go soon as i have moved anything remaining off those.01:19
Romsterand if anyone else needs that well they can fork them.01:19
pedjaI suggested moving unmaintained ports to attic repo a while back.01:19
Romstereh just drop them and people can get them out of git easily enough?01:20
ryu0how about the "deported" repo? :)01:20
pedjaor 'zombie'01:20
Romster i ended up with attic testing and other crap :/ it's a total mess.01:21
Romsterheck i saved all of yhafri ports even01:21
pedjai have a several, mostly self-contained, repos01:23
pedjaFreeBSD ports tree style :)01:23
pedjaI'll have to figure port signing first.01:24
Romsterjust setup docker or lxd and sign that way just don't ever push that container with the private keys in it01:25
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pedjapub key goes into the repo, but I am confused about private key.01:26
Romsterand i asked to get my romster key on portsdb but seems to much work to get signnature pub keys for 3rd party repos on there, not enough man power.01:26
Romsterboth go in /etc/ports/01:26
pedjaeven for my repos?01:27
Romsterof course you keep the private key to yourself. and users copy the pub key from the repo to /etc/ports/ when they add the /etc/ports/foo. file for rsync git or httpup01:27
Romsterall your repos should have the public signature file in the repo. be it one key for all or different pub keys for each01:28
Romsterbut afaik each repo has to have the same public file name as the repo name itself01:28
pedjaso something like 'fakeroot pkgmk -us'?01:30
pedjayay.thanks, Romster :)01:31
Romsteryou could do pkgmk -r -us01:31
Romsterfor the initial run01:31
Romsterbut do make sure the footprints have no missing files for 3.3 and do build.01:31
Romsterhandbook might need some work on signatures maybe i have not looked it over.01:32
pedjathat's my reference01:32
jaegerpedja: looks interesting01:36
pedjaI ran it, a few warnings and lots of suggestions :)01:36
Romsterbrian|lfs, indeed01:37
Romsterpedja, i'm not sure what is happening with our docker official images, i has soem strange errors that i could solve and they mystery fixed them self01:38
pedjaheisenbug :)01:38
Romsterso i don't know if i should still apply or just keep my own images in my docker profile or see if jaeger wants to take over the official crux docker hub01:39
pedjathere is a in Docker source.01:39
pedjahaven't tried it.01:40
Romsterand crap my typing and sentence sucks there.01:41
Romsterhate heisenbugs -_-01:42
pedjaheh, don't we all.01:43
pedjadmtx-utils requires imagemagick6.well, fuck.01:44
Romsternot hard to add...01:44
Romsterjaeger, you should do the crux official images on docker, it whouldn't be much work and you do the iso as it is now.01:46
Romsterit may lead to more crux users having the image updated.01:46
jaegerhow does that work?01:46
Romsteryou just use a github account with the stuff in there for the docker image and when you push to github dockerhub builds a new image for you01:47
Romsterthen uses just pull the updated image off dockerhub01:48
Romstermight even work with git on i never looked at that.01:48
Romsteri can't see why not.01:48
Romsterif you look for prologics github account you'll see it jaeger01:49
jaegerI'll look into it01:49
Romsterand _crux on docker01:49
Romsteri can get you started if you get stuck01:49
Romsterif you are keen on doing that, that is.01:50
Romsteryou use docker in production01:50
jaegerI don't have a strong preference. If it's not a big pain in the butt, I'll do it, or help with it01:50
Romsterand i use it at home but i might use some lxd as well.01:50
Romsterit's actually easy git commit push and once you have the git tree setup to the dockerhub it'll see the change and rebuild for you.01:51
Romsterand you git push lots now so no real extra effort.01:51
Romsteryou would just have to push a new updated image once in awhile for security fixes.01:51
jaegersetting up a repo with the dockerfile is no problem, I've got a few of those at work... what I'm curious about is transferring the ownership of the official image or org01:51
Romsterthat's the only additional effort, but you already build your updated iso anyways.01:52
Romsterthat can be the base for the docker container.01:52
Romsteryou would have to contact docker for that. since you are officially in crux you wont have any problems taking ownership.01:53
Romsteri could take it over if it's to much effort for you.01:53
Romsterfor mine all i do is update git commit push job done.01:54
Romsteri try to keep mine sysup-ed so i don't have to do much work on each new container i spin up. but i got a bit slack lately on mine.01:54
Romsterdue to various reasons.01:55
Romsterwhich i'll fix my own up and if jaeger does the official one i'll base mine off that again.01:55
pedja'50K+ Pulls'.damn :)01:56
Romsteri'm half way there to automating building all of crux packages01:56
pedjaI finally found a good cookbook on Docker networking ;)01:57
Romsterjaeger, i have that automated from
Romsteri had issues so i kept updating my image and pushing the changes to
jaegerseems rather complicated (featured) for a base image, honestly02:01
Romstermine is i need ot make a minimal and then my changes in there own image on top of the base02:02
Romsteri ended up customising for my own build requirements.02:03
pedjashouldn't base image be vanilla as possible, so it can be used for different things as a building block?02:04
jaegerthat is my opinion02:04
jaegerpretty much what I described here in IRC a few weeks back whenever we talked about it last02:05
Romsteri agree i am going to redo my images so i have vanilla and my changes in there own docker image.02:05
Romsteri got lazy02:05
jaegerI'll write something up and push it to github, see what you guys think of it02:05
pedjayay, new toys02:05
Romsterbut i'll base mine off the official crux docker container when it's operational again.02:06
Romsterif it's not to much trouble jaeger :)02:06
jaegershouldn't be02:06
Romsteryeah it shouldn't be,i don't wanna over load you with work though02:07
Romsterand i must admit i've been taking on far to many ports.02:07
Romsterbut someone has to do it or drop them...02:07
Romsteri want to get the quality back up over quantity.02:08
pedjasend e-mail to ML with something like 'one week from now, I'll orphan $ports.If you are interested, take them over.If not, they are gone'02:09
Romsteryeah i'll give notice02:10
pedjano need to overwork yourself02:10
jaegerIf someone else needs them but you don't, they can step up and contribute02:10
Romsteri am still in the testing phase of what is needed and what isn't02:10
pedjawell, frinnst did offer BJ's for patches earlier today.we'll see how that goes :)02:12
Romsteri was awestruck on that one.02:12
pedjaI think he is just a little frustrated with the lack of man power.and he is right.02:15
Romsterhe isn't the only one.02:15
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pedjabtw, is FS open for 3.3 updates yet?I have a few patches (imagemagick, librsvg)02:19
pedjathat is possibly the last librsvg update until we import rust to opt :)02:21
brian|lfsso Romster your dropping gstreamer and a bunch of stuff?02:28
Romsterjust the -compat ports of it02:30
Romsterstill keeping gstreamer itself just going to get rid of the old -compat02:31
brian|lfsah ok I see  your point but to make stuff simple02:31
brian|lfsI wouldn't drop the ports just don't update them if you can't02:31
Romsterwhich is why i patched wxgtk to use the new gstreamer and need to look over what else needs patching/updating02:32
Romsteri may leave them in crux 3.2 and will drop them in crux 3.302:32
brian|lfsat least for me much easier just to leave them there02:33
brian|lfsthen if stuff don't work update them myself02:33
brian|lfsI nwas starting to update them myself and then got a headache because libsoup needs krb5 now02:33
Romsterwell i killed off libsoup02:33
brian|lfsand I was having difficulty porting that to 32 bit02:33
Romsteronly thing using it was hexchat and it doesn't use it anymore02:34
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brian|lfsits kind of pain in the rear don't get why programers woiuld still build shit that needs 32 bit libs02:34
brian|lfsat least skype now its all 64 bit have  you tried the skype alpha02:35
Romsterwell wine and emulators and stuff that needs 32bit tow ork on the older programs.02:35
Romsternope i still got the old skype that i am going to drop02:35
brian|lfswell that makes sense but second life should of made 64 biit all 64 bit02:35
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Romsterhas any one got Pkgfiles for the new skype?02:35
brian|lfsyes I do thats why I was asking02:36
brian|lfsread my mind02:36
Romsteri would be keen on looking at that.02:36
brian|lfsI'll paste my Pkgfile should be all  you need02:36
Romsteranother rant of mine is everyone should [publish there Pkgfiles even if the work is incomplete... and put it in a spot where we can find them. -_-02:37
brian|lfsI agree02:37
pedjagst-plugins-good depends on libsoup02:37
brian|lfsyes it does02:37
brian|lfswhy I was trying to update libsoup on 32 bit02:37
brian|lfswhich turned into a clusterfuck02:37
Romsterreally... when i did a search it didn't see that on dependent.02:38
brian|lfsjaeger, helped me a week ago with the deb package part of that Pkgfile Romster02:38
brian|lfsit needs it I've checked around02:38
pedja1.10.2 in contrib02:38
Romsterstartign to get sick of all the dependencies stuff uses -_-02:39
brian|lfskind same topic I started02:39
brian|lfsRomster, that skype works fine on CRUX 3.2 and 3.302:39
pedjaI purged all the 32bit stuff a while back02:39
Romsteronly concern is that gone stuff brian|lfs02:39
brian|lfsjust Chromium don't work after 54 on CRUX 3.302:39
brian|lfsyou mean game stuff?02:40
Romsterlibgnome-keyring and gconf02:40
brian|lfsoh ok02:40
Romsteris that really necessary?02:40
brian|lfsI'm slow02:40
brian|lfsnot sure I went by what was in a archlinux PKGFILE02:40
Romsteri don't run gnome myself.02:41
brian|lfsI don't either buyt wasn't much deps for these two things02:41
brian|lfsit needs cups also skype I found out the hard way after a reformat02:41
brian|lfsand it wouldn't open did a strace and it was looking for cups02:41
brian|lfsno clue why skype would look for cups02:42
pedjadoes skype depend on pulseaudio?02:42
brian|lfsI think so02:42
brian|lfsnot 100%02:42
brian|lfsbut can research real quick02:42
pedjadon't bother :)02:43
pedjait works just fine on my sister's Win 10 laptop, so I don't need it02:44
brian|lfswell looking at the archlinux wiki the old one requries pulseaudio02:44
brian|lfsthe new I guess the question would be does webrtc require puleaseaudio02:44
Romsteri got around that with apulse02:44
brian|lfsfor voice and playback02:45
brian|lfsI would say try it without the gnome things romster02:45
brian|lfsand see if it opens or crashes02:45
Romsteri will02:46
brian|lfsI'm going to say it may need them seeing its binary and made to work on debian but hard to say02:46
Romsterdepends if it dynamically loads them or is hard coded in02:47
Romsterldd can help there.02:47
Romsterfinddeps skypeforlinux-bin02:48
Romsterrun that02:48
brian|lfsam I missing something it just says its install02:49
Romsterit should list dependencies it uses02:49
brian|lfsstrange it don't02:50
brian|lfsis it because its binary it don't02:50
Romsterthen it might be all statically linked in02:50
Romsternot all binaries are all static, like the xorg part02:51
brian|lfsalso the executable and file names are different02:52
brian|lfsand packagename I mean02:53
brian|lfsskypeforlinux runs it package name skypeforlinux-bin02:53
Romsteryeah but finddeps uses the crux package name02:53
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Romsterfinddeps openssl02:54
Romsterglibc (core)02:54
brian|lfsI tried other packages02:55
Romsterthey probably do something funky with the skype binary02:55
brian|lfsits been crazy about couple new versions a month02:56
brian|lfsthis point think video works just 1 on 1 at best02:57
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brian|lfshave to wonder why I random get random imprefections on 3D prints I could understand if there where a lot of them03:00
brian|lfsI could understand if I had a lot of them then I could say ok temp issue03:01
brian|lfsor something like that but just to get one random spec thats messed or or small blob now and then is strange03:01
brian|lfshave to wonder dust in the air if its enoguh to cause weird stuff like that03:01
brian|lfsor the natures of melting a string of plastic bound to have a bubble or whatever now and then03:02
Romstertaking the dogs to the beach for awhile i'll bbl03:10
brian|lfsok tough life living on the beach man03:10
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timcowchipmodprobe: FATAL: Module cifs not found in directory /lib/modules/4.9.503:26
timcowchipI need to rebuild the kernel, right?03:27
timcowchipthanks jaeger03:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: Revert "docker: updated to version 1.13.0"04:01
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timcowchipthat wasn't so bad04:01
timcowchipnow I'm mounting cifs shares willy nilly :)04:02
brian|lfsthats SAMBA shares correct?04:02
brian|lfsI beleive you can mount them in fstab04:03
timcowchipthat's nice :)04:05
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jaegerIn case anyone cares, the docker revert is due to upstream docker-proxy build breakage. Thought I could fix it but haven't been able to so far, so reverted to 1.12.604:50
marakuoh, three more ports to change to ssl: samba, ppp, and ntbd04:54
marakuall of them are on the server04:54
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jaegercan probably be trimmed down to reduce the .tar.xz size05:28
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vsteveis anyone familiar with how to install a working crux setup on a usb drive?05:30
marakubasically same as a normal install05:32
marakui'd use uuid's tho for the bootloader because you'll (presumably) use the usb on different machines where hardrives might rearrange themselves05:32
marakunot sure about the uefi/bios part tho, it's easy to set up it up to boot for just bios or uefi05:33
vsteveah yes, that is a problem I think05:33
vsteveI'm on a bios only system05:33
marakuif you don't need/want to use the usb with uefi systems then it's fine05:34
marakuif you set it up with mbr + grub/lilo/syslinux05:34
vstevethat's what I've got now, bios + grub205:34
vsteveit booted ...once05:34
vsteveI suspect it's something that UUID would fix05:35
vsteveI'll give that a shot, thanks for the idea05:35
marakuhope it works out for ya05:36
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saptechhey guys. I'm having errors when building pkg xfburn06:30
saptechhere is the output from compiling it.06:31
saptechif someone don't mind looking at it and tell me is wrong and how to fix it?06:32
saptechat the end of it it show something about Makefile error codes06:32
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pedjasaptech, try with --disable-gstreamer06:44
saptechit's compiling now06:47
Romsterwas that docker update broken in what way jaeger i never did test that yet06:47
saptechthanks pedja, it worked06:47
pedjado you have gstreamer and/or gstreamer-compat, saptech06:47
Romsteroh right docker-proxy breakage.06:47
pedjait's deprecated, anyway :)06:49
saptechyes I have it06:49
saptechdisabling it worked06:49
pedjawhich one?or both?06:49
pedjaxfburn port in xfce repo disables it for a reason :)06:51
saptechok, no I do not have either one installed06:52
saptechsorry about that and I did have gstreamer --enabled at first06:52
Romsterprt-get deptree xfburn06:52
Romsterpays to check that.06:53
pedjagstramer is optional06:53
saptechI did check ports on the web version and xfburn wasn't found06:54
saptechprt-get deptree xfburn Package 'xfburn' not found06:54
pedjayup.xfce repo is not listed at portdb for a while now.06:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: openldap: 2.4.43 -> 2.4.4406:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: krb5: 1.14 -> 1.1506:55
Romsteryeah and sepen hasn't bumped versions on many ports06:56
Romsteralso moving stuff to https where i can06:56
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saptechthanks all, going to bed07:12
Romstergood night saptech07:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libsoup: added dependency krb507:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: testdisk: use https07:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: ddrescue: 1.19 -> 1.2107:15
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: elfutils-32: 0.167 -> 0.16807:30
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: glib-32: 2.50.0 -> 2.50.207:30
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: openssl-32: 1.0.2j -> 1.0.2k Fix for CVE-2016-7056, CVE-2016-8610, CVE-2017-373107:30
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: sqlite3-32 fix source url for 2017, thank you Bernd, this gets me /every/ single year07:30
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: orc-32: 0.4.25 -> 0.4.2608:11
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: freeglut-32: 2.8.1 -> 3.0.008:33
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timcowchipjre or jdk?08:49
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Romsterjre is the run time08:59
Romsterjdk is for compiling jar files08:59
Romsterjdk has jre included09:00
timcowchipthanks romster09:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] mailx: update to 14.8.1610:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: squid: update to 3.5.2417:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: stunnel: update to 5.4017:37
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pedjacontrib lost a bit of weight, I see :)18:34
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frinnstyeah, fuck that old shit19:17
frinnstits obviously not important since nobody stepped up to maintain it19:17
tsaopyes! bring the axe!19:19
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joacimmore proof of global warming19:40
joacimspring cleaning came early19:40
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timcowchipxorg-xf86-video-v4l fails
*** SiFuh has joined #crux19:54
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tsaopmmh, I noticed khotkeys calls qdbus and qdbusviewer for executing dbus-based shortcuts20:01
tsaopthe problem is that if only qt5 is installed, the two executables have the -qt5 suffix, preventing khotkeys from calling dbus successfully20:02
tsaopwould it be possible to switch to qt5 as the default version, removing the -qt5 suffix, while adding -qt4 to qt4?20:03
timcowchipwhat is all this?
timcowchipno pcmanfm? no libetpan?20:20
timcowchipI use pcmanfm and claws-mail20:20
pedjatsaop, if you have only qt5 installed, symlink them from qdbus-qt5 to qdbus20:20
timcowchiphas anyone done ports -u lately?20:21
pedjatimcowchip, they were purged from contrib, because they are unmaintained20:21
timcowchipso no more claws-mail?20:22
pedjayou could get one from the git repo, 3.2 branch20:22
joacimor maintain it yourself =)20:22
timcowchipI volunteer to maintain claws-mail and its dependencies20:23
timcowchipdo I need to apply for contrib membership?20:23
joacimyou could also just host it in your own repo20:24
tsaoppedja: that's what I've done20:25
timcowchipwas already there, pedja. thanks :)20:26
tsaoppedja: but It's not very practical20:26
pedjaneither is yet another qt5 port rewrite :)20:26
tsaopthat is indeed true20:27
tsaopmight want to patch khotkeys then20:27
pedjayou are free to do it yourself, of course :)20:27
timcowchipI'll copy the claws-mail port to my own repo in the meantime, thanks joacim20:28
brian|lfstsaop, sup man21:11
brian|lfsRomster, was thinking about it wouldn't be easier to just have one compat repo not one for each version of crux21:16
brian|lfsand only build for the newest CRUX 3.321:17
brian|lfsjust a susgestion21:17
tsaopbrian|lfs: hello there21:17
brian|lfsyou still resisting CRUX 3.221:18
brian|lfsI mean 3.321:18
tsaopETA date for 3.3?21:20
*** bulletfreak has joined #crux21:29
abenzwhen its ready ® ™21:33
*** tsaop has quit IRC21:37
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john_cephalopodaIt's planned to be released one week before HalfLife 3.21:38
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brian|lfshuh lol22:01
brian|lfsahh hes gone was going to tell him to just install it22:02
brian|lfsanyone having revdep tell them that samba and syslinux are broken on CRUX 3.3 besides me?22:03
brian|lfsand have recompiled them and deps and there still coming ujp as broken22:04
john_cephalopodabrian|lfs: I think I have the syslinux thing in 3.2, too.22:10
saptechon Crux website for Ports, why am I seeing pcmanfm under contrib22:11
timcowchipbrian|lfs, jaeger said it was some lib missing that cause a false positive for syslinux and samba with revdep22:12
brian|lfsso ignore22:13
timcowchipI nice if it got fixed22:14
dbrookesaptech: it's removed from 3.3, still in 3.2 which is presumably what the portdb indexes22:14
john_cephalopodalibcom32.c32 => not found22:18
john_cephalopodaAnd so on.22:19
jaeger$ cat /etc/revdep.d/syslinux22:19
jaeger$ cat /etc/revdep.d/samba22:19
john_cephalopodaThe syslinux stuff are modules.22:20
pedjabrian|lfs, read the 'additional library directories' section of revdep man page22:20
john_cephalopodaThey are built and put into /usr/share so the user can move them to /boot if those modules are needed for special stuff.22:21
brian|lfsapperantly not needed I'm booted up fine22:25
brian|lfswow they update a lot there is a 4.4.45 now22:28
timcowchipcmus is playing slow23:16
timcowchipwill smith is getting joggy wit it23:17
timcowchipits a longer way to the top if I want to rock and roll23:22
timcowchipthanks for fixing the /etc/revdep.d files @jaeger :)23:24
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*** john_cephalopoda has left #crux ("Trees can see into your soul.")23:33
saptechWhen I insert a cd/dvd disc in the drive, Thunar or PcmanFM doesn't show it, but other apps can access it, such as xfburn. Any idea what I'm missing for this? I do have thunar-volman installed23:38
timcowchipsaptech are you in cdrom group23:38
saptechshould there be any entries in fstab?23:40
*** Workster has quit IRC23:40
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timcowchipdvds showup in spacefm for me23:44
timcowchipI would think thunar would show them23:44
*** rmull has joined #crux23:45
timcowchipdoes clementine need qt?23:47
*** cippp1 has quit IRC23:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.9.123:52
*** cippp1 has joined #crux23:52

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