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Romsterbrian|lfs, no as mesa3d for example is on two different versions for crux 3.2 and 3.300:06
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Romstermerged compat-32 for crux 3.300:53
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Romstertimcowchip, clementine uses qt4 also needs a patch for sqlite3
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xckohey #crux02:05
xckofor the package maintainers, what techniques do you use to stay up-to-date?02:05
xckoauto updates or following upstream mailing lists or what?02:06
jaegermailing lists, rss feeds, ck4up, etc.02:06
xckowhats ck4up?02:06
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xckooh rad!02:07
xckothanks for the tip02:07
jaegerno problem, I take it you found it :)02:07
xckoyeah I got it :)02:07
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Romsterck4up usually02:13
Romsteri'm working on another version checking tool but it's not ready yet and there is also
xckothanks Romster02:22
xckoI figure you have to have some neat tricks to keep your packages up-to-date ;)02:22
xckoif you do everything by hand...02:23
xckoso I noticed there's a readme with prt-get about functionality that disappears under mysterious circumstances02:32
xckois there any word on if that'll be different for crux 3.3?02:32
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pedjaxcko, what do you mean, 'different'?02:53
pedjausing anything but sane CFLAFS/CXXFLAGS is asking for trouble.little, if, any gain, for major pain when apps break in interesting ways.02:54
xckoprt-get listinst printing nothing is what happens with me02:57
xckoI think my CFLAGS are sane02:57
xckomarch=native mtune=native02:57
xcko-fomit-frame-pointer -O202:58
xckoapparently it's the march=native that is causing it.02:58
xckowhat if prt-get enforced it's own cflags so it worked regardless of the systems cflags?02:59
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pedjacflags are set in pkgmk.conf, unless overriden in Pkgfile03:00
pedjaprt-get is the frontend for pkgutils03:00
xckowould that be a sensible upstream patch I mean, to have CFLAGS specified in prt-get's Pkgfile03:01
pedjawhat's the point of that?03:03
xckobecause prt-get's capabilities are dependent on it's cflags03:03
xckoam I making sense?03:05
pedjanot really :)03:05
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xckookay you know prt-get's readme? prt-get readme prt-get?03:07
pedjaif you use non-standard cflags when you build it, it may break.and?03:08
xckoWhat if we specified CXXFLAGS="-O2 -march=i686 -pipe" in prt-get's Pkgfile03:09
pedjawrong -march, too :)03:09
pedjayes, you can explicitly set standard cflags just for prt-get build, and use whatever you want for all the rest.03:12
xckosure sure :) let me put it this way, under what circumstances would anyone want different CFLAGS for prt-get and have less functionality?03:12
pedjadifferent in what sense?than those in the pkgmk.conf?03:14
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pedjaa.k.a the system wide ones?03:15
pedjaiirc, using anything other that '"-O2 -march=x86-64 -pipe"' is unsupported.03:16
xckoI feel like it's sensible to make prt-get work no matter what the system wide flags are03:17
xckoand maybe my feeling is wrong - that's why i'm asking03:17
pedjanothing is stopping you to set it up that way :)03:17
pedjathat's the beauty of Crux03:18
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saptechduring recent boot up, I noticed this message. What is causing it?03:19
saptechduckduckgoing show wifi related but I don't have a wifi card on my desktop03:20
pedjasaptech, check your kernel .config03:21
pedjaI also have CFG80211 enabled in the kernel, but I don't get that message at boot03:24
saptechpedja, what am I looking for, crda?03:24
xckoI think is the setting you want03:25
pedjasomething is triggering it03:26
pedjatime to zzzzz.good night.03:27
xckonight pedja03:28
saptechxcko, I didn't see anything like what you posted03:33
saptechall I see is this03:33
Romsterexport CFLAGS="-O2 -march=amdfam10"03:34
Romsterexport CXXFLAGS="${CFLAGS}"03:34
Romsterno issues with that.03:34
Romsterbut i do have an amd :D03:34
xckosaptech: guess that's not what you need then. I've had your  problem before, I'll look around and see if I can figure out what I did03:35
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saptechxcko, thanks03:38
xckocrap shoot: install iw03:41
xckosaptech: what kernel version are you using?03:47
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saptechxcko, 4.1.1303:54
saptechi guess it won't hurt installing iw03:56
saptechactually I had restored Crux from a 5 month backup, but I chose the wrong backup file. So this one is missing pkgs I had installed on the newer backup03:57
saptech5 month old03:57
Romsterso ports -u ; prt-get sysup ; prt-get update -fr `revdep` ; rejmerge03:58
saptechRomster, is that for me to do?03:59
saptechok, thanks04:00
saptechI need to save this info  :)04:01
saptechmemory is not like it used to be04:02
saptechafter restoring it a couple of days ago, I did run ports -u & prt-get sysup04:03
saptechlibxvid failed to update04:10
saptechhere is the log,
saptechoops, it looks like it is up to date04:11
Romsterah yeah force installing that04:12
Romsterpkgadd -u -f /usr/ports/contrib/libxvid/libxvid#1.3.4-1.pkg.tar.gz04:12
Romstersafe todo that for that one.04:12
Romsteri had the same issue on update04:12
Romsterjust be extremely careful with using that -f option on pkgadd in almost all cases don't use it.04:13
Romsterbut this case is fine04:13
saptechok, great04:14
saptechI don't use the -f without checking here first04:14
Romsteryou can end up changing which port owns the files and when you update/remove ports you can end up with missing files and all sorts of issues and the only fix is to prt-get update -fr `prt-get listinst`04:16
saptechwhat does this command do? "prt-get update -fr `revdep`"04:16
Romsterwhich is basically rebuild everything.04:16
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Romsterwell you might get away without the rebuild but actually pkgadding everything.04:17
Romsterso yeah i don't take it lightly with the force option04:17
Romstersometimes you can end up with files not part of the database for pkgadd in that case you can check with romster/pkg-not04:18
Romsterthat tool is not perfect and it'll list cache files etc.04:18
Romsterso be careful if you pipe pkg-not to rm04:18
saptechI don't do too many fancy commands...lol04:19
Romsterpkg-not /usr/lib04:19
saptechhow will prt-get update -fr `revdep` run?04:19
Romsterrevdep supplies a list of broken ports04:20
Romsteryou can see if you just run "revdep" on it's own04:20
saptech*how long it may run04:20
Romsterrevdep itself about 2 minutes on a SSD on about 800 ports04:21
saptechit shouldn't take long if I did prt-get sysup04:21
Romsterconsiderably longer on a spindle disk04:21
saptechi'm using spindle04:21
Romsterit shouldn't it depends what is broken04:21
Romsterwhat happens is you have library foo 1.2.3 installed and program bar uses that.04:22
saptechok, it check for broken ports04:22
Romsterthen youupdate foo to 1.2.4 and then bar can't find it04:22
Romsterrevdep will list bar04:22
Romsterso you force rebuild bar to link with foo 1.2.404:22
Romsterbane of source based distros but most updates don't break the file names or ABI04:23
saptechis this kind of info listed in the official documents?04:23
Romstersome do so checking wth revdep if any sthing segfaults or strangenes happens or you did a big sysup04:24
Romstermmm sort of04:24
Romsteri think it might be on the wiki04:24
Romsterrejemrge is definitely in the document04:25
saptechI have one major issue to work out. Getting my Brother AIO printer working04:26
saptechfor that I need to install 'dpkg'04:26
Romsterall i can say there is cups is involved i had fun getting my printer to work04:26
Romsteryou shouldn't need dpkg04:27
Romsterwhy do you need that?04:27
saptechI tried before but I couldn't get paper output04:27
saptechit would not print anything out04:27
Romsteryou might need to look at say arch and make your own Pkgfile based off that for the brother driver to use in cups?04:28
saptechit went through the printing motion, Cups would show idle, then active and back to idle, but no paper output04:28
Romsteri'm not sure there :/ jue might be able to help.04:29
saptechyes, I have sense read some of those Arch pkgfiles04:29
saptechin fact, similar issue with Arch. It seems to do that on 64 bit distros04:30
saptechwhen I ran 32 bit distros the printer worked04:30
saptechthese are non .deb/rpm formats04:30
Romsterhmm so maybe it needs cups in 32bit and other libraries?04:31
Romsterthat would be a pain to do.04:31
Romsterbut not impossible.04:31
saptechsomeone said they just installed the dpkg in Arch and it worked for them04:32
saptechBrother do offer an installation script04:32
saptechRomster, when you said, "maybe it needs cups in 32bit and other libraries" do you mean 32bit multilibs?04:36
saptechyep, I have those installed04:37
Romsterit is possible to make cups run in 32bit mode but it will involve some work unless someone already made cups-32 port04:37
Romstercrux is multilib itself.04:37
Romsterprt-get deptree cups-3204:38
Romster leannart has cups-3204:39
Romsterif you trust to use that04:39
saptechCUPSwrapper printer driver & LPR printer driver are 32bit04:39
Romsteryeah so you will need cups-32 instead of cups04:40
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Romsteryou have two options use lennart's port as is or clone it to your own collection and edit it if need be to get it to be the same version as cups04:41
saptechthat may be the issue04:41
Romstercrux lets you do stuff without getting in your way but not everything is packaged.04:41
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Romsterbut yes it is doable. the differences is you instaall into lib32 and you have a .32bit empty file with the Pkgfile04:43
Romsterdon't forget the .32bit file04:43
Romsterelse compiler wont add -m32 to CFLAGS CXXFLAGS04:43
Romsteronly exception is wine as i have to compile that twice for 64bit and 32bit04:44
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saptech"you install into lib32 and you have a .32bit empty file with the Pkgfile" How would I do that?04:47
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Romsterif it uses configure you add --libdir=/usr/lib3204:48
Romsterand in the same directory as the Pkgfile do this "touch .32bit"04:49
Romsterand if it sues cmake you do -DCMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR=lib3204:50
Romsterlook at the other ports to get more of an idea.04:50
Romsterand if it says it can't find a sutable libary file to link with you can prt-get fsearch and find what port provides that and make a new foo-32 port with the changes.04:51
saptechI confuse myself at times04:51
Romsteruntil you get all the dependencies needed04:52
Romsterwell crux could get confusing.04:52
Romsteruntil you get used to it04:52
saptechI just take the easy way out, though I like the challenge04:53
saptechyou have to use any of it often04:54
Romstergetting wine and other ports working was a challenge.04:54
Romsterthankfully i had help04:54
saptechright @ getting ports working04:54
Romsteri still have a few broken ports to fix in the git tree04:54
saptechsee I have some other ports missing that I did in the newer backup04:55
saptechbut one that gave me trouble was xfburn04:55
Romsterwouldn't hurt to do a prt-get deptree foo04:55
Romsterand see if any aremissing [ ]04:55
saptechthe solution was to remove --gstreamer04:55
saptechand I just found that out yesterday04:56
saptechremember my Crux go back since early last yeara04:56
saptechbut I stopped using crux for awhile because of the printer deal04:57
saptechthat is why I restored a 5 month old backup04:57
saptechthis is still running, prt-get update -fr `revdep`, I should have timed it04:58
xckojack-audio-connection-kit from contrib has a rather large footprint mismatch04:58
saptechisn't there a 'time' command or similar you can use with commands for how long it ran?04:59
saptech'/usr/bin/time', I think this is it05:03
saptechdmesg took 0.20 seconds05:05
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Romsteri haven't got to contrib just yet it's still building stuff05:10
saptechthat's a good way to time the compiling time stuff05:13
brian|lfsyou might as will just get rid of compat-32 if your going to delete most of the stuff in it romster05:15
Romsteri'm not, that stuff was only used by skype and the new skype wont need the compat gstreamer or qt4-3205:18
Romsteri am sick of maintaining shit i don't need or use anymore.05:18
brian|lfsfirstorm may need it not sure05:18
Romsternote that was -compat not the newer gstreamer05:19
brian|lfsbut whatever I'll figure it out when I have to re-formate a year down the roead05:19
Romsterthe old compat of that has a security issue05:19
Romsterand also see wxgtk i patched that to use the newer gstreamer.05:19
brian|lfsah ok interesting05:19
Romsterthey should have a patch for that05:19
brian|lfsso have you messed with the new skype yet05:19
brian|lfssince I gave you my Pkgfile05:19
Romsterother distros don't even have the old gstreamer anymore i left it around far to long05:20
Romsternot just yet but i will shortly.05:20
brian|lfsno rush just asking05:20
brian|lfslike I said keeping it uptodate is hard they come up with new builds every other day it seems like05:20
Romster16:20:50 up 1 day, 17:45,  1 user,  load average: 10.40, 10.23, 8.6005:20
Romstermy computermachne is a little over loaded atm05:21
brian|lfsI'm over loaded not my computer nasty cold05:21
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Romsterbesides if you really want the old gstreamer that has a security vulnerability you can maintain it in your own repo., but i suggest you look for a patch for using newer gstreamer or there commits or other distros what they do.05:22
Romstercolds suck05:22
Romsteri am at the stage of removing anything that i don't use or want to maintain and others can step in to pick up the slack or keep it in there own repo.05:24
Romsterthere is like what ~5 of us keeping crux together.05:24
Romsterat this rate may as well rename contrib to romster05:24
xckowow really?05:24
Romsteri'm at like 50% or more of contrib05:24
Romsterpicked up ports over the years as others left05:25
Romstergranted the others have picked up some ports as well.05:25
Romsteri just want to thin down a little to what i actually use.05:25
brian|lfsI hear you man05:25
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xckobut only half a dozen people keeping crux together - I'm surprised it's so few05:25
brian|lfsI've heald in CRUX for over a year now05:26
xckoRomster: yeah makes sense05:26
brian|lfsso many times I wanted to dump it05:26
Romsterand give maintainer of the things i deem still useful to others that actively use them05:26
brian|lfswhen I started 3.2 was new and buggy but stuck with it05:26
brian|lfs3.3 has been much issues then 3.2 was in its early days05:26
Romstertry over how many years now... heck i was here when it was crux 2.3 iirc05:26
Romster3.3 is a major shakedown05:27
brian|lfslike I said when I reformat I'll deal with it if shit is broken05:27
Romsterwe would rather have fewer ports that all work than a ton that are broken or poorly work05:27
Romsteri try to make good decisions and i think of others with every decision i make05:27
Romstersome are a tough call.05:28
brian|lfsmight as will remove chromiujm05:28
brian|lfschromium it don't wo rk05:28
brian|lfswork and we don't know any people that work for google05:28
Romsteri dunno yet that is sepens port and i'm sure frinnst has it working.05:28
brian|lfsmaybe on 3.205:28
brian|lfslike 5 of us it don't work on 3.305:28
brian|lfsI don't understand it I could install 54 it works fine anythign newer forget it05:29
Romsterwhen i move my desktop to 3.3 i'll take a look05:29
brian|lfsjust get all snap05:29
Romsterit might need a older gcc compiler or the CXX version needs to be a older standared like C11 instead of C14 who knows yet05:29
Romstermaybe it might work with clang instead of gcc05:30
brian|lfsnot sure I looked at the archlinux PKGFILE05:30
brian|lfsdidn't see any clues but they use a crap load of patches05:30
Romstermight only need this one
RomsterGCC 6 optimizes away null pointer checks05:33
Romsterthat might be the cause05:33
Romstersed -i '/config("compiler")/ a cflags_cc = [ "-fno-delete-null-pointer-checks" ]' \05:34
Romster    build/config/linux/BUILD.gn05:34
Romsterthrow that in the chromium Pkgfile and rebuild and test05:34
brian|lfswas going to try with clang05:34
Romsteror try clang first05:34
brian|lfsbut I'll try your susgestion05:34
Romsterif that sed fixes it i'll update the Pkgfile05:35
brian|lfsno problem waiting for clang to compile05:35
brian|lfsapperantly didn't have it installed05:35
Romsteri'll like the day when clang can take over gcc05:36
Romsterwine is one such program that can't use clang.05:36
Romsteras it uses extensions05:36
Romsterhope clang can be used for that one day as well.05:36
Romsterhow fast is your computer brian|lfs ?05:37
Romsterclang takes a few hours to compile05:37
Romsteri'l brb05:37
brian|lfsI have 16 cores probably take 30 mins tops05:38
brian|lfsthink more like 15 mins its at 55 percent05:39
xckodamn brian|lfs that's awesome05:40
brian|lfssays 93% now05:44
brian|lfsbuild result takes forever with some packages05:45
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saptechit took about 10 mins?05:46
brian|lfsok trying chromium with clang05:46
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saptechbrian|lfs, if you run 'prt-get update -fr `revdep`', how long does it take?05:48
brian|lfsprobably not long becuase right now just samba and syslinux gripe05:49
saptechI just ran it and it's still going. I guess I did it around 10pm or so and now it's 11:49pm05:49
saptechbut I have a quad core system05:49
brian|lfswow you have a lot of broken stuff05:49
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xeirrrdlcusa: hi, I am rtlanceroad. Can you sync repo now? I have already updated repo using httpup-regen.06:03
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timcowchiphow long should it take to compile clementine?07:00
timcowchipit started over 5 hours ago07:02
saptechhmmm, 5 hours?07:11
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timcowchipI didn't have boost or qca installed07:15
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saptechthat must be a large program07:18
saptechI ran, 'prt-get update -fr `revdep`', around 10pm and it's till going07:20
saptech1:20am now07:20
saptechi'm going to bed  :)07:21
timcowchipgoodnight :)07:22
saptechnext time I run something large, I'm going to use the 'time' cmd with it to see how long it take07:23
brian|lfsoh crap checking chromium lol07:26
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timcowchipgoogle-chrome is a quick build07:43
marakuyou can also enable pkgbuild logs through prt-get.conf07:44
marakuand grep 'starting build' and 'build done' times07:45
marakui'm working on a genlop (any gentoo users here?) like python program to check things like estimated build times07:46
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xckotimcowchip: why do does your Pkgfile for chrome install and then remove the product_logos?07:53
timcowchipthat does seem silly though07:56
timcowchipI'll try it without those 2 lines07:57
timcowchipI need a "chrome only" extension to view my surveillance cam07:59
timcowchipchromium dosen't support it08:00
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xckoI hear ya, I use chrome for netflix only08:01
xckoIt might be doable with chromium with widevine and pepper flash, but I haven't given it a shot yet08:02
marakuyou can enable widevine for netflix if you're so inclined (in chromium)08:02
maraku and
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timcowchipyes but Amcrest web view won't work08:03
xckosurveillance cameras have universally garbage interfaces08:04
xckomaraku: are your ports not in the portdb?08:05
marakunot sure about Amcrest, i was referring specifically to netflix timcowchip. sorry if i was ambiguous08:05
marakuno xcko, i'm doing some cleaning at the moment08:06
marakuhopefully within the next week i'll send an email to have it added08:06
marakutimcowchip, you could also try using a chroot for google chrome. in case you want to have another layer of security08:07
marakuor if you're truly paranoid then a vm08:08
xckoI'm out guys, have a good night08:08
*** xcko has left #crux ()08:08
timcowchipI'm having second thoughts on maintaining claws-mail08:20
timcowchipthere is no functioning html plugin08:21
timcowchipmight as well be maintaining tkrat08:22
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timcowchipbut I can't get thunderbird to work, so.......08:40
brian|lfspeople still use thunderbird?08:40
timcowchipits the only mail client left in crux08:41
brian|lfsI just use web08:41
timcowchipmutt render html?08:41
marakuelinks does good enuf08:41
marakuand if it doesn't i just use a shortcut to open it up in firefox08:42
brian|lfsI don't get any good email anyhow08:42
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marakui just like staying in a terminal08:44
marakuwhen possible08:44
brian|lfswell give us root access will kill X for you08:45
marakucould you send me your public key, i'll get my ip08:47
*** emmett1 has joined #crux08:47
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marakualso, by terminal i did mean a X terminal in openbox08:49
marakugotta have them nice colors and a statusbar08:50
brian|lfsI was just killing man lol08:54
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tsaopI did not know about ck4up08:55
tsaopmy life is now a lot simpler08:55
*** spcwlz has joined #crux08:55
tsaopassuming web pages cooperate08:56
brian|lfswhats ck4up?08:56
marakunewsbeuter is also nice if you can get feeds (usually from github pages)08:56
tsaopit basically checks for updated in packages by comparing web page content08:57
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tsaopusing md508:57
tsaopwill try to set it up and see how it goes08:57
tsaopmaybe also with a cronjob08:57
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brian|lfsRomster, the sed line you asked me to try didn't seem to help08:59
brian|lfschromium will need some more tweaking I guess to work on CRUX 3.3 but I'm off to bed its 4am here in the USA where I live08:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: sqlite3: enable FTS3, FS#136810:38
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tsaopok, I'm done setting up ck4up for now13:21
*** blueness has quit IRC13:32
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.7515:01
*** snux has joined #crux15:07
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dlcusa[adding to the discussion between xkco and pedja that started at [02:53] about prt-get CFLAGS]...15:37
dlcusaThe beauty of CRUX doesn't preclude enhancing prt-get to force its build along canonical requirements where necessary, IMHO.15:39
*** onodera has quit IRC15:44
dlcusaI use -O1 on everything, and the kernel and gcc force -O2 where needed.  What makes CRUX so different that it can't consider the trivial change to prt-get?  Why does it require -O2 anyway-- -O1 should merely be slow, not buggy.15:45
pedjadlcusa, open the bug on FS and make your case.15:46
pedjait would be interesting to know just how many Crux users use non-default cflags.15:48
pedjathose that do are more than capable to trivially change prt-get to build with default ones so it doesn't break, imho15:52
dlcusaYeah, once they discover it breaks, which I've only read about, very recently, too--thanks, xkco.15:55
*** kevin404 has joined #crux15:56
kevin404hey all15:56
pedjadlcusa, there is a note about it in the prt-get README, it's not a secret :)15:58
kevin404can i ask something offtopic15:59
dlcusaIt would be interesting to know who is using what ports, too.15:59
dlcusaBetter to just know how many, not who?15:59
pedjapurge the unmaintaned ports, see who screams :)16:00
dlcusaWell, once they upgrade to 3.3, anyway.16:01
dlcusapedja, thanks--I need to read READMEs more frequently.16:03
kevin404can i ask something offtopic16:04
dlcusaThat doesn't address -O1, pedja.16:04
*** tsaop has joined #crux16:06
dlcusakevin404, you have the technology, it seems.  I'm not authorized to grant you the permission, however.16:06
pedjadlcusa, what, the README?I guess no one using -O1 either had any problems or bothered to report them.16:08
kevin404is this a  solution to wake somebody to go to school with alarm and app
dlcusaProbably I'm the first, pedja.16:10
*** spcwlz has quit IRC16:10
dlcusaAnd I'm not experiencing anything unusual.16:10
*** tsaop has quit IRC16:16
*** spcwlz has joined #crux16:17
*** tsaop has joined #crux16:17
dlcusapedja, xkco whould open the bug since he's experiencing the problem, don't you think?16:18
pedjaof course16:20
kevin404is this a  solution to wake somebody to go to school with alarm and app
*** onodera has joined #crux16:24
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dlcusas/xkco/xcko/ (who's not on anyway)17:15
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timcowchipno that's not it20:29
jaegerset it to a single one. gz or xz, etc.20:30
*** tsaop has quit IRC20:35
timcowchipthanks @jjaeger20:39
timcowchipYour version of Claws Mail is newer than the version the 'GtkHtml2 HTML Viewer' plugin was built with.:(20:56
timcowchipclaws-mail might not be worth maintaining20:56
timcowchipnow that I've installed qt4 during my failed clementine install attempt, I might try to build trojita with qt420:58
timcowchipit didn't like being built with qt520:58
*** snux has quit IRC21:01
pedjarebuild claws-mail plugins, timcowchip21:04
pedjaor remove html plugin altogether, HTML mail is evil, anyway :)21:05
*** k3rn3lz has quit IRC21:08
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Romstertimcowchip, clementine should work now with the sqlite3 update21:38
Romsterneeds fts321:38
*** s4nni has joined #crux21:39
*** darfo has joined #crux21:39
*** kevin404 has quit IRC21:48
pedjagstreamer-compat is gone?now I can nuke xfce4-mixer and xfce-volumed that depend on it, but are dead upstream.21:55
*** ubuuu has quit IRC21:55
*** spcwlz has quit IRC22:25
*** spcwlz has joined #crux22:26
pedjaif anyone is brave enough, mostly updated Xfce repo is at
pedjait's a WIP, so.22:31
timcowchipthaks Romster22:37
*** timcowchip has quit IRC22:52
*** xcko has joined #crux22:56
xckohey, is the ports manager for nilp here?22:56
Worksterpedja, stuff can use the new gstreamer with patches or updates see contrib/wxgtk i patched that to use the new gstreamer23:01
Worksterpedja, i'll try it out later :)23:02
pedjayell when something breaks23:02
Worksterlol i will :)23:02
pedjawrt xfce4-mixer/volumed: they are unmaintained upstream since the 1.12 release.23:03
Worksteranything unmaintained should be dropped in your new repo IMO23:04
saptechhello all23:04
pedjathat's what I am currently doing, Workster.23:05
*** xcko has quit IRC23:05
saptechcreating a port and the source in in git. How do I continue with it in the Pkgfile?23:05
*** xcko has joined #crux23:05
Workstersaptech, take a look at the many ports in emulators/ on portsdb on crux.nu23:06
Worksterquite a few there use git23:06
*** john_cephalopoda has left #crux ("Trees can see into your soul.")23:07
pedjasaptech, check 6c37-git repo23:07
Worksterbut if you intend to submit them offically it's best to make a snapshot tarball of the git commit and host that.23:07
Worksteror pedja's suggestion23:07
*** emmett1 has quit IRC23:10
*** emmett1 has joined #crux23:11
pedjathat's quite an uptime23:12
saptechlooking through 6c37-git. Which one would be best to follow? I'm trying to port dreamchess.23:15
saptechany idea23:16
xckowhat's your struggle saptech?23:16
saptechcreating the Pkgfile, not sure how to create it using git source23:17
xckothis is what I use
xckoI use gitsource to get a commit message so the md5sum is stable23:19
xckothe gitsource variable I mean23:20
saptechoh boy23:20
xckodoes that help?23:20
saptechI'm not sure23:21
xckolike i'll do  $ git log | head to get the huge number to put in sversion, then the git url in gitsource= (sorry I misspoke earlier)23:22
saptechI'm wanting to add the source files, which is on git, to the Pkgfile23:23
xckomy toxic and termbox ports use that format23:24
saptechI'll play around with the examples I looking at. this may be over my head for now23:24
xckoI think I learned it from z3bra's ports23:24
*** SiFuh has quit IRC23:25
pedjaxcko, something like this in your .gitconfig: lcs = !git rev-parse --short HEAD will give you short SHA of the last commit.23:26
pedjahandy for $foo-$version-$commit git snapshot tarballs23:27
*** xcko has quit IRC23:28
*** xcko has joined #crux23:31
saptechjust trying to see what happens, this is what I tried to run and getting error,
saptechI dont know if it's correct23:37
*** xcko has quit IRC23:38
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC23:38
pedjalast commit in 2015?you are better off just making a snapshot tarball.23:41
saptechI started off looking at this arch linux pkg,
saptechhmmm, ok23:42
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux23:45
saptechpedja, how would I make the snapshot tarball? Are if you can guide me to some docs on doing it23:49
*** xcko has joined #crux23:51
pedjasaptech, clone it somewhere, then 'git archive --format=tar.gz --prefix=dreamchess-312/  master -o dreamchess-312.tar.gz23:57
pedja'tar -tf foo' after, to list its contents, just in case23:58

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