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timcowchipI was wondering if my qt5 installation (Romster's pre-built package) was lacking00:00
timcowchipcausing trojita to not allow key entries00:03
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timcowchipis is qt5 to much for my intel atom to build?00:05
jaegerno... it'll just take a while00:07
timcowchipok thanks @jaeger, I'll try it00:09
joacimtime it00:09
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joacimstill on the fence on that ultra 2700:10
joacimasked the seller for a shipping estimate00:11
joacimwaiting for a reply now00:11
joacimthat 7 year old workstation might be getting a bit old now00:12
timcowchipfunny....I can paste into a trojita field, just can't type into one00:19
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timcowchipmaybe iots my keyboard00:21
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dlcusabrian|lfs, yeah, I'm in Gaithersburg.  90Mbps both directions, measured by Verizon tech.00:30
dlcusaExtremely low error rates, too.  And to think I started telecomputing at 110 baud.00:32
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dlcusabrian|lfs, I spend much of every Saturday at Massachusetts and Idaho, near the Cathedral.00:39
timcowchipjust started building qt500:39
timcowchipMassachusetts and Idaho are pretty far apart00:40
dlcusatimcowship, that's the avenues named for the states.00:41
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druid_droidhello cruxers, can I run grub-install from a 64 bit system to a usb for run on a 32 bit system ?00:57
druid_droidis failing to boot, stop on first message from grub, but I'm not sure if is this the problem,00:58
druid_droidI end up installing from qemu ...01:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: partclone: initial commit02:21
jaegerdruid_droid: yes, you should be able to boot either with grub02:22
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Worksterwhy was no crux repo got partclone, i got sick of using another outdated live linux distro so now using crux to recover 82GB of data on ddrescue with a MFT domain log from partclone.03:05
Worksteram i the only one that actually does data recovery around here -_-03:05
joacimi dont do it enough to claim i do data recovery03:11
timcowchipwhat's data recovery?03:15
joacimwhen a customer has a corrupt filesystem or bad drive03:15
joacimand they ask you to get their data03:15
timcowchipah........I did that once on a ntfs drive03:16
timcowchipit worked too03:16
timcowchipwill crux ever do kf5?03:19
timcowchiplots of ports that could work for crux03:21
timcowchipcool -_-03:23
Worksterand i already mirror the sources n my for that repo03:24
Worksteramong mate03:25
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timcowchipnow I can build lumina-destop03:28
rmullglib 2.51.1 is available - is it one of those things where odd releases are "testing?"03:29
rmullRomster: libsigc++ 2.10.0 is available03:41
timcowchipRomster, is your kf5 repo httpup or git?03:49
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timcowchipRomster, nvm03:55
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rmullI'm trying to build some software that is failing due to some C++11 stuff - I have the right CXXFLAGS and I'm using the latest glib/glibmm/libsigc++. Any ideas?
ryu0rmull: did you specify -std=gnu++11 in CXXFLAGS?04:03
Worksterit's not mine and it's git04:03
rmullryu0: Yep.04:04
rmullconfigure script outputs confirms it04:04
rmullEr, no, -std=c++11, not gnu++1104:04
rmullfails the same either way04:07
Worksteris this on crux 3.2 or 3.3 rmull ?04:20
Worksterrmull, did you try adding CXXFLAGS+=' -std=c++11'04:22
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Workstercould be that glib update broke it and glibmm needs a version bump i haven't got to contrib yet04:36
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nwej tralla05:59
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timcowchipsolve my trojita keyboard problem with "export QT_XKB_CONFIG_ROOT=/usr/share/X11/xkb"07:59
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timcowchip yo soy el hombre08:03
kevin404hey sifuh08:08
kevin404you stil on crux08:08
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timcowchipwhat happened to gtk2?08:42
timcowchipis gtk2 gone?08:44
timcowchipI don't see it in prt-get search gtk08:44
frinnstfredrik@hypnotoad:~$ prt-get search gtk08:45
frinnstthere it is08:45
timcowchipah, so gtk2 became gtk and what used to be gtk is gone?08:46
frinnstgtk2 has always been called "gtk" in crux08:47
frinnstatleast during the last 10 years08:47
timcowchipI guess I'm dating myself08:47
timcowchipthanks @frinnst08:48
kevin404does pli stil comes to channel08:58
frinnsthe's a drone at oracle these days :-)09:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: youtube-dl: 2016.12.15 -> 2017.01.2909:03
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b1999Does anybody builds system-iso from another OS, like ubuntu?11:50
b1999The 3.3 branch is not so easy to build.11:50
b1999For example, core/ed fails with the first build() line: bsdtar -xf $SRC/$name-$version.tar.lz11:52
ryu0b1999: do you have bsdtar installed?11:53
b1999The archive is unpacked11:54
b1999but the build fails because it wants to unpack again11:54
ryu0that's all i can think of right now. perhaps someone who knows crux better can help you.11:55
b1999Not sure how this core/ed port can succeed:;a=blob;f=ed/Pkgfile;h=b6df34e5ce83148f85bdc5b93df7c4917fe6a2c5;hb=HEAD11:57
b1999Does anybody builds core/ed? :D11:57
ryu0lz? what compression type is that?11:58
ryu0b1999: sounds like an issue with an unsupported archive type.11:59
ryu0i would assume ed hasn't been "fixed" yet because it's using an older pkgutils.12:01
ryu0or assumed to be.12:01
ryu0b1999: if you're using a newer pkgutils (from git), try removing the explicit unpacking in the build function.12:02
b1999Yes. I use pkgtutils from git. Thanks.12:05
b1999httpup also fails with gcc 5.6. I guess few build system-iso, and none on anything but Crux.12:10
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frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/httpup#0.4.0l-2.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.12:37
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/ed#1.14.1-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.12:37
frinnstfredrik@hypnotoad:~$ gcc --version12:38
frinnstgcc (CRUX-x86_64-multilib) 6.3.012:38
frinnstI'd recommend setting up a crux chroot and build the iso that way12:39
frinnstit would be quicker12:39
b1999For me, the patch pointed by ryu0 makes sense (for ed).12:39
b1999build() failed when trying to unpack from SRC, and the file wasn't there12:40
frinnstdid you use pkgutils from 3.2 ?12:40
b1999* master                       ca8de90 [origin/master] fix typo in the help text12:41
b1999I just did a "git clone git://" in system-iso/12:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: pure-ftpd: update to 1.0.4517:22
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: chrony: update to 3.117:22
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gutenprint: update to 5.2.1517:22
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gutenprint-gimp: update to 5.2.1517:22
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onoderais there something like crux-updated.iso for crux arm?18:35
abenzwhat are you running crux-arm on?18:36
onoderaI want to run it on a raspberry pi 3, but tbh I haven't checked yet if it's actually compatible18:36
jaeger32-bit should be compatible, I don't think 64-bit yet18:37
jaegerThat's something I plan to work on soon if I get time18:37
onoderaah alright18:38
onoderaI'm using it for some project, I installed arch on it, but systemd really is a pain18:38
onoderaI just can't get wireless to work and the log already got corrupted once...18:39
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pedjaonodera, did you try to build yocto linux image for rpi3?18:46
onoderapedja: never heard of it tbh18:47
onoderaill check it out18:47
pedjaI had a few issues using Crux for build, though.But my system is full of cruft, so :)18:49
pedjaI'll have to try using docker image, or something18:49
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timcowchipqt5 finished building during the night while I slept20:41
timcowchipsorry joacim, I didn't enable logging20:42
timcowchipI was afraid that would slow it down20:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gnu-efi: 3.0u.orig -> 3.0.521:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libgcrypt: 1.7.5 -> 1.7.621:01
onoderausing a binary distro after using crux fulltime forever is weird21:07
onodera"oh shit a gcc update" -> 2 seconds later it's finished21:08
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pedjaI've tried source update in the FreeBSD VM, out of habit.It didn't go well.21:12
onoderait feels like ports have become a second class citizen on BSDs, kinda sad21:13
pedjabinary packages *are* ports.21:13
pedjabuilt every couple of days21:14
onoderawell yeah21:14
onoderaI always refer to pre build packages as packages though, and to ports as ports21:14
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pedjathey had a big cleanup, too, recently21:14
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onoderabut anyways, you don't get the USE-FLAG like thing they have on freeBSD with pre-build packages21:15
pedjano more ports/packages for non-supported versions21:15
onoderapedja: have you tried that new packaga management tool21:15
onoderaI forgot what it's called but I know it's written in ada21:15
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pedjait's a build tool21:15
onoderayeah that21:15
onoderahmm seems like libevent doesn't build with libressl :(21:16 works's like podriuere(sp?), but for single machine, iirc21:16
onoderayeah and it has a nice ncurses interface that shows an ETA and everything21:17
pedjaand the developer is *responsive* as hell :)21:17
pedja15min after I wrote a post one the FreeBSD forums, I got a reply from him :)21:18
pedjaand it wasn't21:18
pedjaand it wasn't 'you are doing it wrong' ;)21:18
pedjait is nice, but am sticking to binary packages/freebsd-update now for VM's21:20
pedjawhen they package the base, it would be only pkg.21:20
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joacimseems like people here have a hardon for *bsd =)21:58
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john_cephalopodaBSD is Not Unix. BNU. Silent B. ;)22:23
pedjaI don't see Linux source in Unix History repo :)22:29
pedjaas systemd creator pointed out several times, 'Linux is Linux, we don't care about anyone else.' or something in that vein22:30
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pedjawe shall see how this 'one init to rule them all' plays out :)22:34
onoderaCRUX BSD when?22:35
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pedjaCrux is 'BSD inspired' :)22:35
pedjaor so the legend goes22:36
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onoderaCRUX BSD - inspired by Linux inspired by BSD22:37
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pedjatoo bad it has such a small, capable as they are but still, number of developers (hint, hint) :)22:38
pedjaI have a rather small, not very developed brain, so i like my OS's elegant and simple.Crux fits the bill perfectly.22:41
pedjaso does FreeBSD.22:42
onoderaI tried to go more minimal with sabotage linux but I always return to CRUX22:44
onoderaI also tried freeBSD and dragonfileBSD for a while but still prefer CRUX22:44
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timcowchipI need to rebuild xorg-libxcb with --enable-xinit and --enable-xcb in order to build lumina-desktop23:47
timcowchipdo I add this version to my own repo or submit a request to ammend xorg-libxcb in ports/xorg?23:49
Workstertimcowchip, try adding a flyspray feature request i did that for sqlite3 on fts3 and that got added.23:50
Worksterfailing the options being added second option is to fork that port but try the first option first23:51
timcowchipok thanks Romster23:52
Workster--enable-xkb or --enable-xcb ?23:52
Worksterthat paste has the former23:52
Worksterand your white space sucks, it's not consistent.23:53
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timcowchipthe whitespace happen when I pasted on pastebin23:58
timcowchiplooks different in medit23:58
timcowchiphere's where I got it:
timcowchipoops, you're right its xkb23:59

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