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druid_droidI have been coding openassistant and watching opencog thinking if I can get this integrated with crux to help and teach-me look after self-host enviroment01:13
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druid_droidhello all, I have a problem since yesterday, I update some ports (many) and now firefox gives "Your connection is not secure" to all sites,14:29
druid_droidI changed dns server thinking was something related to that, but is not ...14:29
druid_droidwait only google is giving problem14:33
ryu0druid_droid: some common problems are: SSL settings or certificates. were the certificate stores changed?14:35
druid_droidI don't rememeber to update ca-certs (not sure if is this the name)14:40
druid_droidbut is strange that only is messing with google ...14:40
druid_droidI'm updating firefox, I was using ver 50.1.014:41
frinnstmake sure nss is up to date14:43
druid_droidthat one I update last night14:44
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druid_droidlocally I also try to implement https, but I think I'm doing it wrong since I have the vame certificate for various subdomains,14:48
druid_droidor is correct to just have one ? what a mess, I must studdy this :P...14:51
pedjayou need wildcard SSL certificate for multiple subdomains, right?14:56
druid_droid;) and RTM / basics ... before I setup this on debian following how-tos on the net without thinking what I was really doing14:59
frinnstno, you can have one certificate being valid for multiple subdomains. but you need a wildcard to be valid for everything14:59
druid_droidthanks you all,14:59
frinnstwith letsencrypt you can just pass multiple domains for the same cert: -d -d -d etc14:59
pedjawhat's the difference (if any) between SAN and wildcard cert, frinnst ?14:59
frinnstfuck if I know, certs are my cryptonite15:00
frinnstbtw I think firefox >50 does something strange'ish with https. if i visit our company website that has a valid certificate - all our self-signed certificates on various subdomain will fail to load15:01
frinnstnoticed that last week and havent had time to look into it15:01
frinnstremoving SiteSecurityServiceState.txt "resolves" the issue15:02
frinnstregarding san and wildcard, obviously wildcard are valid for *.domain.tld while san are not15:03
druid_droiddoes pkgmk make a copy from the folder distfiles to the folder work of upstream tar.gz ?15:05
frinnstno it extracts it15:05
druid_droiduff, becouse I'm building firefox from a port as normal user, I copy it to work becouse is in ram,,,15:05
druid_droidthen while building I deleted tar.gz to free some ram15:06
druid_droidin the end what I'm doing on my local computer is more or less the same as :P15:07
druid_droiddoes host run crux ?15:08
frinnstyes15:11 with SAN cert you explicitly list sub domains for which the cert should be valid?15:17
pedjaand I guess for wildcard certs, the clue is in the name :)15:18
druid_droidpedja I read something like that some where, thats why I was thinking I need one per subdomain15:18
druid_droidfrinnst: I keep updating :) hope soon I have my laptop as a XD15:19
pedja"Base OS: Gnu/Linux Crux 3.2." I still remember the flamefest on the ML when that came up :)15:27
druid_droidI'm sorry if I have funny or not so funny stuff there ... I give my best ...15:29
druid_droidI'm thinking to build a small machine, maybe "terminal" from with crux and c9 branch from openassistant15:31
druid_droidand that documentation as a manual, but at this point I think I have lot of work15:32
druid_droidand no limonade at all15:33
pedjaI didn't go through the docs, but if you have something that is specific to Crux, consider submitting it for the wiki.15:35
druid_droidI have been thinking about that, also everyone is free to copy15:36
pedjaThe 100 S4, and 2 episodes of The Expanse S2?damn, there goes my afternoon.15:42
druid_droidproblem with ssl of google gone after updating ff15:51
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druid_droidpedja: I think I need some more time, but I hope one day to contribute to crux16:10
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pedjasimilar spec system on de.pcpartpicker
pedja~400 euros less.17:56
john_cephalopodadruid_droid: Well, anybody can contribute by reporting bugs :รพ18:01
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jaegerthat PSU is insane overkill for the parts19:58
joacimthat 2TB HDD too. considering a 3.5" model would be faster and much cheaper20:09
joacimand that case is pretty expensive20:09
pedjajaeger, that was the point :)20:10
jaegerJust commenting20:11
jaegerI'd build something cheaper and use the rest of the money elsewhere :P20:11
frinnstblackjack & hookers20:12
pedjabtw, jaeger, my 'fork' of your crux-docker-image repo
pedja(some rather trivial changes, nothing more)20:16
pedjafrinnst, what, no cocaine? you are old school, I guess :)20:18
pedjahe is awesome20:19
jaegerpedja: glad it's of use20:31
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pedjawell, you did all the hard work :)20:33
jaegerI might try to automate it with some sort of CI based on the weekly ISO builds20:35
pedjasomething like buildbot?20:36
jaegerI was thinking jenkins but I imagine any CI would work20:36
pedjathat would be cool20:36
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pedjaI wonder how hard would it be to use packer to produce Crux Docker, Qemu and Vagrant images, all from one json file :)21:31
pedjaACTION adds that to , already parsec long,  TODO list21:32
brian|lfsprt-get: updating /usr/ports/contrib/exiv221:41
brian|lfs=======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found:21:41
brian|lfsMISMATCH        signify21:41
brian|lfs=======> ERROR: Building '/home/pkgmk/packages/exiv2#0.25-2.pkg.tar.xz' failed.21:41
brian|lfs-- Packages where update failed21:41
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john_cephalopodaA bunch of packages failed for me due to footprint mismatches22:09
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druid_droidmy libreoffice don't build22:18
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john_cephalopodaMine doesn't build either.22:49
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timcowchip fetchmail woes23:16
timcowchip ~/.fetchmailrc23:17
timcowchipdo I need to edit HOSTNAME in /etc/rc.conf?23:18
timcowchipI noticed that there is no port for procmail23:19
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brian|lfswell a  hostname would be good23:34
brian|lfsdon't recall if there is one in there as default23:35
timcowchipthanks brian|lfs23:35
timcowchippostfix error
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