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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: sqlite3-32: add FTS3 support01:50
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: libdrm-32: 2.4.74 -> 2.4.7501:50
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: libgcrypt-32: 1.7.5 -> 1.7.601:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 2.0 -> 2.103:04
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Romsterpedja, i jsut made a git file to fetch your xfce but it comes back with NOTHINGtoSEEhere03:28
Romsteroh wait i got it on master -_-03:28
Romster 40403:34
Romster 40403:35
Romster 40403:35
Romsterjust those 3 the rest i had downloaded with xfce already.03:36
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brian|lfs=======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found:05:44
brian|lfsMISMATCH        Pkgfile05:44
brian|lfsMISMATCH        .footprint05:44
brian|lfsMISMATCH        wine-2.0.tar.bz205:44
brian|lfs=======> ERROR: Building '/home/pkgmk/packages/wine#2.1-1.pkg.tar.xz' failed.05:44
brian|lfs-- Packages where update failed05:44
Romsterbrian|lfs, hold up06:21
Romsteri am working on it06:21
Romsterbrian|lfs, ports -u06:30
Romsteralso renamed setuptools and dependencies to python-*06:31
brian|lfsyour fine man06:36
brian|lfsso if your renaming everything should I grab a new iso in a few days06:37
brian|lfsthats going to mess stuff up man06:37
Romsterthose packages are not on the iso07:18
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Romsterthere i should be done just bumped gdk-pixbuf-32 and mesa3d-32 in compat-32 on crux 3.3 brian|lfs08:16
Romstertime to take a break08:16
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brian|lfsdon't blame you man09:07
Romster<brian|lfs> thats going to mess stuff up man <- don't you think i know what it'll do. been here long enough and i do think before i do a change. :)09:54
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: add signatures to compat-3211:47
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: Merge branch '3.2' into 3.311:47
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: Updated signatures11:47
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: Merge branch '3.2' into 3.311:47
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: cairo-32: 1.14.8 -> 1.15.211:47
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abenz_merge into 3.3 ?11:54
abenz_is it..11:54
abenz_is it time?11:54
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Romsterwhat the hell?12:43
Romster^ that was not my doing?12:43
Romsterwhat did you do frinnst12:46
frinnstwhat whut?12:48
frinnstupdated the copyright year on "copying"12:48
frinnsteh, "copyright"12:48
Romsteryou pulled in mesa3d-32 and gdk-pixbuf-32 from compat-32 3.3 branch into 3.2 branch?12:49
frinnstrebase typo perhaps12:49
frinnsti'll fix it12:49
frinnsti'll just revert them12:50
Romsterdamn you did the rebase the wrong way12:50
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Romsteri'm always worried i'd do a stuff up on a rebase. so far i've been super careful.12:53
Romsternow frinnst done it.12:53
Romsterabenz, almost done at RC4 now.12:54
Romsterabenz, and we have pyhton3 support in crux 3.2 and 3.312:54
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: Revert "mesa3d-32: 13.0.2 -> 13.0.3"12:56
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: Revert "gdk-pixbuf-32: 2.34.0 -> 2.36.4"12:56
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: unfuckup12:56
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: unfuckup #212:59
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Romsterstill every port in 3.2/compat-32 has .signature file now.13:03
abenzRomster: very nice to hear!13:05
abenzcheers all13:05
Romsterand the deleted ports that were dropped in 3.3 that i kept in 3.213:06
Romsterand you merged other changes like readline-32 differs in 3.3 than in 3.213:07
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: fix merge13:21
Romster3.2/compat-32 should be ok now13:27
Romsterthat distracted me from what i was doing and put me in a crappy mood -_-13:27
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pedjaRomster, thanks for the test :)15:20
pedjaI only tested the main stuff in xfce repo.Plugins and apps are phase 2 :)15:22
pedjato gtk3 or not to gtk3, that is the question15:25
pedjaI rather like gtk3 xfce4-terminal15:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] update to 4.9.016:12
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ryu0TIL: gnome3 sucks the big one.19:32
pedjahas anyone tried this: ?19:47
brian|lfshmm is th is for like a raspberry pi or something?19:57
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jaegerI wonder what the differences between it and raspbian are20:00
pedjano systemd :)20:04
pedjathey don't plan to support RPi, afaict20:05
pedja'overpriced POS' (not an exact quote)20:06
ryu0RPi, overpriced? relative to what?20:06
pedjato it's quality/competitors, I guess.there's the thread at their forum, if you are interested.20:07
pedjaI think that they don't want to be 'yet another Rpi distro'20:08
onoderadoesn't rapsbian include like a desktop and shit?20:09
onoderaand pi specific stuff?20:09
onoderaI *think* armbian is more vanilla20:09
frinnstraspian has its own DE (kind of)20:10
ryu0yep. it's such a special snowflake.20:10
pedjaPIXEL, or something20:13
pedjaraspbian, PC edition20:14
pedjafrinnst, alsa is by default disabled in FF for some time, right?20:15
frinnstfrom the next version20:16
pedja"ALSA support is dropped from Firefox 52 onward." dropped?20:19
pedjaas in nuked?20:20
tsaopand what is it going to use for audio now?20:20
pedjaalsa code is there, but disabled by default, for now.I am not sure what dropped means.20:21
tsaopif it is disabled by default then probably they are going to deprecate it down the line20:21
pedjaand is it just for the official binaries20:21
tsaopokay, I have read the bug report a bit20:25
tsaopit seems it is as you said: pulseaudio is now preferred over alsa20:26
tsaopbut the alsa backend is still there for now20:26
pedjaperhaps the alsa code will remain, but as an unsupported, 'we will close the alsa bug reports as WONTFIX' option20:29
pedjafine with me :)20:29
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pedja52b3 doesn't freak out with --disable-pulseaudio, so20:41
frinnstac_add_options --enable-alsa20:42
pedjai tried it with opt/firefox port.20:45
pedjaI will not build the full FF 'for fun' :)20:45
marakucould anybody try building gcc-fortran with full cores (e.g. no make -j1)20:59
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marakuit seems to build fine on my computer without the -j120:59
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frinnstmaraku: this time perhaps, if -j1 is specified in the Pkgfile, the port is probably subject to race conditions22:09
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marakuall right frinnst, i'll try testing a couple more times for consistency22:17
frinnstwe've had ports that have built fine with 4 cores but failed with 8 etc22:17
marakuhuh, i have 8 cores22:18
marakumaybe this one's the other way around22:18
marakubuilds fine with 8 cores and fails with 4 :(22:18
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ryu0The supressed gnome3 beta test results were leaked:
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