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druid_droidversion 3.2 is good, is user proff, I made so much mess and is able to rebuild even with a very broken system :P00:06
rmullRomster: Current youtube-dl is failing for me on some youtube videos, updating to version 2017.02.07 fixes it. I know it's an annoying package, but can we get a bump?00:07
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timcowchipwill I be able to upgrade RC3 to RC4 and then the 3.3 release?00:11
druid_droidI think I have rc3 iso localy, else I have to download,00:18
druid_droiddo you people build the iso or download ?00:18
timcowchipI download00:19
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joacimyoutube-dl is one of the applications i just fetch with pip01:37
joaciminstalled to ~/.local01:37
joacimprobably wrong and evil01:37
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marakuthanks for adding the patch back Romster!02:16
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Worksterjoacim, you could probably remove it and install it with pip3 might have better performance maybe.04:35
Worksterwhich is in python3-pip04:35
joacimi havent installed python3 yet04:35
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joacimstill on 2.704:35
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Worksterboth can co-exist06:24
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just_funHi! Does anybody knows what wm/theme is this?
frinnstdunno, sorry10:14
frinnststick around, the operators of that site hang out here i think10:15
frinnstwildefyr atleast10:15
just_funThen I'll add another 4:10:16
just_funbtw, I've installed my first Crux on one machine, and I could not stop installing on a second, this time on 32bit.10:19
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ryu0yuck. i never did undestand how anyone can stand such tiny window buttons.10:57
ryu0let alone bitmap fonts in this day and age.10:57
frinnsttoo much empty space for me11:00
just_funAnd is about the content, not the frame.11:05
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frinnstwindows firewall.. wtf12:47
frinnstCan you please provide your credentials for accessing .... so that our dev team can investigate?12:56
frinnsti love when you open a ticket due to an obvious bug and they want your password..12:57
rmullDamnit, I have one of these chips:
rmullTwo of them, actually12:57
frinnstwe have 30-50 deployed all over the country12:58
frinnstactually, might be closer to 2012:58
frinnstalso the clock issue12:59
frinnstor is it the same issue?12:59
rmullSame issue - two clockout pins13:00
frinnstwe generally ship asa 5506 to our SMB customers13:00
frinnstI have one unboxed right beside me that is affected. Can i send it back? no.13:00
frinnstthey replace them in order how long the device has been deployed13:01
frinnstso the oldes devices gets replaced first13:01
rmullMan, that is not good, my condolences13:01
frinnstlots of folks have it worse though13:02
rmullThe article mentions that there is a board level workaround - do you know any details about that?13:02
frinnstperhaps it can be worked around with a bios flash?13:02
frinnstbut fuck cisco for not just recalling it all13:04
frinnstnow you need to have a service contract for each device13:04
frinnstQ: What should customers do if their products are not covered by warranty or service contract?13:05
frinnstCustomers with affected products that are or were not covered by a warranty or service contract, may choose to purchase a service contract to have products replaced.13:05
frinnstwhat devices do you have rmull ?13:09
rmullTwo supermicro boards, one is my home workstation and the other is a server at work13:09
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rmullI am kind of expecting the workaround would be hardware rework, maybe a cut and jump, because the article makes it sound like the pins sourcing the clock signals break down permanently - the signal will have to be sourced from some other pins maybe13:10
rmullGotta run, catch you later13:13
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just_funonodera: what wm/themes did you used in these photos?13:48
onoderawhich ones?13:48
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onoderaah, openbox with custom theme/colorshceme14:03
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just_funonodera: and tree.png, popo.png, plus.png, fb2k.png ?14:04
onoderathe panel thingies are a mixture of n30f and lemonbar, backed by fish scripts14:04
onoderaopenbox, fvwm, windows with bblean, windows with bblean14:05
onoderain that order14:05
just_fundo you remember what was the base theme from which you started for rain/tree?14:07
just_funI like the window decoration14:07
onoderapretty sure from scratch, heavily inspired by a windows customizer called hal though:
onodera I thinkj the rain.png theme is in my github14:08
onoderahere you go, slightly different colors14:11
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onoderaman qemu  is perfect15:41
onoderawhy did I use virtual box before!?15:41
john_cephalopodaBecause it has a shiny GUI *u*15:55
onoderawho needs a gui in 201716:11
onoderacli all day erry day16:11
pedjaqemu has a shiny GUI, too :)16:12
pedjaaqemu, qtemu16:13
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onoderahow do I get alsa audio to work with windows guest in qemu/kvm?19:19
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frinnstQEMU_AUDIO_DRV=alsa qemu-system-x86_64 -lots of flags19:21
frinnst-device intel-hda -device hda-duplex -soundhw hda is what I use19:22
frinnstbut audio is still very sucky and not really usable19:22
frinnstI dont need it so I havent spent any time trying to get it to work19:22
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pedjaI've used ac97 with Windows719:40
pedjaworks fine, iirc, it's been a while since I booted it :)19:43
pedja'fine' as in 'I can hear Windows startup/shutdown sounds' :)19:44
frinnstac97 doesnt work if you run a 64bit os19:59
onoderafrinnst: frinnst is that a build flag I need to add?20:00
onoderaor something I need to launch qemu with20:00
onoderathe first one, audio-drv-list20:00
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pedjanow you mentioned it, frinnst, my ws2012r2 VM is strangely quiet :)20:13
pedjano audio device for that one, virt-manager reveals.20:15
pedjaqxl/spice work fine on 2012r2, win7 BSOD's.20:17
pedjain my experience, anyway20:18
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frinnstqlx & spice works fine for me, my windows vm is win722:05
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pedjafrinnst, really?which drivers did you use, spice-guest-tools or virtio-win ones?22:12
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frinnstspice guest22:13
frinnstshould be the same drivers22:13
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frinnstQEMU_AUDIO_DRV=alsa QEMU_ALSA_DAC_DEV=plug:dmix qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -boot order=c -drive file=/home/kvm/vpn.qcow2,if=virtio -m 4096 -smp cores=4 -usbdevice tablet -localtime -vga qxl -spice port=5901,addr=,disable-ticketing -device virtio-serial-pci -device virtserialport,chardev=spicechannel0,name=com.redhat.spice.0 -chardev spicevmc,id=spicechannel0,name=vdagent -device ich9-intel-hda22:13
frinnst-device hda-duplex -cpu host22:13
frinnstis what i'm currently using22:13
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pedjaI used virt-win-0.1.126.when I started nlite, Windows just blow up :)22:19
pedjaI have a Shuttle Portable Computer 'VM' I should convert to qemu.22:24
pedjaand a bunch of others from the time I used VmwareWS and Virtualbox.22:25
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