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vstevewhen using UUID's in fstab, you just do UUID=yourUUID where /dev/sda1 would normally be, right?01:45
vsteveI'm doing an install to usb, and I can't get it to boot, it kernel panics as if I'm telling the kernel to try to mount the wrong root partition01:46
vsteveI've got my filesystem build into the kernel, installed grub (which seems to be working) built the kernel without issue, put in the grub config...and yet01:48
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jaegervsteve: depends... if you're using GPT labels you might want to use PARTUUID instead02:26
jaegerPARTUUID=<partuuid from blkid>02:26
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timcowchipssl sslcertpath /etc/ssl/certs/03:22
timcowchip no rewrite03:22
timcowchip mda "/usr/sbin/exim -oi -oee -oMr fetchmail -f %F %T"03:22
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timcowchipactually its sslcertck ssl sslcertpath /etc/ssl/certs/03:30
timcowchipI made a link there to /etc/ssl/cert.pem03:31
timcowchipdo I need to update the certificate?03:31
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rmullI'm having some nfs issues - I have a server that is running nfsv3 and v4, and v4 clients connect fine - v3 clients do not, and their logs say rpc.statd: failed to register, err: RPC: Remote system error - connection refused03:49
rmullIs there some additional service in /etc/rc.d that starts whatever service is needed to listen for v3 connections?03:50
rmullI've started everything starting with rpc*03:50
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marakuRomster, i was thinking for the estimated build time thing04:30
marakuwe could use SBU's like in LFS (
marakuthey even had a 'database', but it seems that it's broken currently04:30
marakuchroot test packages in core,opt,xorg,contrib and get the build times04:32
marakudamn, this would be easy if we had some type of CI, i think i'm gonna try working on that when i've got some more free time04:32
brian|lfswow th is version of firefox has issues05:04
brian|lfsthe whole thing was lagging couldn't type in it even05:04
brian|lfseven though I left it open over night it shouldn't have a memory or CPU leak like that05:04
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brian|lfswe need to ban emmett1 hes a trader he says he is an ex CRUX user lol06:26
tilmana trader!06:34
emmett1i'm not trade anything06:40
brian|lfsemmett1- VERSION HexChat 2.10.2 / Linux 4.4.38-NuTyX-lts [x86_64/899.40MHz/SMP]06:41
emmett1yeah im running nutyx right now06:44
nogagplz_a ban is too soft, we need to investigate corporal punishment06:44
emmett1emmett1- VERSION HexChat 2.10.2 / Linux 4.4.38-NuTyX-lts [x86_64/899.40MHz/SMP] <-- btw how do u do this?06:45
emmett1so cool06:45
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timcowchipemmett1, how do you like nutyx?09:10
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emmett1i dont know, still exploring it09:14
emmett1cards has so many function09:14
emmett1cant catchup yet09:15
emmett1so far so good09:15
emmett1i like how cards work09:15
timcowchipI don't like having to install *.devel for every dependency09:16
timcowchipcards can build PKGBUILDS FROM arch, that's cool09:17
emmett1i not seeing that yet09:22
emmett1still hard for me to build my own package09:22
emmett1so complicated09:22
emmett1right now lfs + pkgutils and prt-get as my main os09:23
emmett1are u been used to nutyx?09:25
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timcowchipI did for a while but like you said building packages is a long difficult process09:27
frinnstwhat happened in my life? Here I am sitting and trying to figure out why a fucking windows group policy isnt getting applied to an account09:27
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emmett1I did for a while but like you said building packages is a long difficult process <-- so true :)09:38
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just_funHow do you watch for changes on stable and longterm releases?11:11
just_funck4up is too noisy11:11
just_funwith something like:11:11
just_funlinux md5
just_funI think that all I need is to ck4up to compare the output of something like: w3m -dump |egrep  '^(stable|longterm)'11:17
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frinnsti subscribe to the announce mailinglist12:35
frinnstand you have public file listings of all tarballs / patches - use those instead of directly12:35
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just_funthe old push vs poll dilemma :D12:37
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jaegerjust_fun: you use a filter to narrow the results14:50
jaegerlinux md5 @TAR@14:50
jaegeror similar14:50
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just_funjaegar: thanks15:00
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just_funI was looking for: linux md5\?id=refs/tags/v[^"]+15:00
just_funI didn't expect regex/filter against raw html15:02
just_funbut to something like html2text output15:02
juehere's what I use -> linux md5 @TAR@15:04
just_funideally, I would like something like "Latest Stable Kernel: ..."15:10
just_funto filter15:10
leah2i use
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just_funthis is perfect: linux md5 [0-9\.:\s]+stable15:20
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pedja'stdlib pkg with cgo flag not found'.ok, Kuberenetes, what am I supposed to do with that information?17:35
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pedjaafter reading the k8s docs, my poor brain hurts a little.18:34
pedjaone of the funnier bugfixes in docker-1.31.1 is the 'docker creates empty directory in /'18:37
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frinnstugh, rebalancing a 4x3tb btrfs array is painful21:03
frinnst1626 out of about 3614 chunks balanced (1627 considered),  55% left21:04
frinnst9hrs in21:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: thunderbird: updated to 45.7.122:03
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timcowchipwhere is RC4 iso again?22:20
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timcowchipthanks pedja22:22
pedjanp, enjoy :)22:22
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crash_what is the diffs between rc3 and rc4?22:25
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pedjafew updates, nothing major22:41
crash_ok :)22:43
pedjayou can do something like 'git diff 3.3-rc3..3.3-rc4' in the repo, for gory details :)22:47
crash_haha that is true i could do that :)22:48
timcowchipcan I install RC4 on top of my RC3 installation keeping my old packages?22:51
pedja'ports -u', 'prt-get sysup' should be enough22:51
timcowchipso that will give me the equivalent of RC4?22:54
pedjathat would give you RC4 :)22:55
timcowchipthanks pedja22:56
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pedjahm, docker-1.16 will refuse to run if the backing fs doesn't support d_type with overlay2 as storage driver.23:00
pedjaand since jfs is unlikely to support it any time soon....well, duck.23:01
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pedjaLVM, zfs, btrfs (if it stopped exploding by now), are options to move on to.23:03
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