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pedja"spreadsheet editing, web browsing"
jaegerwow, that's a messed-up build00:43
pedjacomments are..priceless :)00:43
pedjait's rare to see nice and balanced 'money no object' builds.00:52
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timcowchipweeeeeeeeee.....brand new irssi:)01:36
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: curl-32: initial import01:57
timcowchipno, not curl!?01:58
timcowchipioh its curl-32, nvm02:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: youtube-dl: 2017.01.29 -> 2017.02.0702:00
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brian|lfsqquestion what config file do I use these days for loading modules on boot04:52
jaeger /etc/rc.modules04:54
brian|lfsah ok cool04:55
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elderKHey guys!07:46
elderKHas anyone hit any CLang bugs?\07:46
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Romsteri'm compiling clang on one of my boxes now only just started it09:15
frinnstThe latest firmware may be found here:
Romsterfrinnst, you seem to always get the short stick09:33
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elderKRomster: I'm not hitting issues building Clang but using it.09:59
elderKA set of unit tests on some software I'm working on fails when built in "Release mode" via Clang. And only via Clang.09:59
elderKWhen built with GCC and MSVC it works perfect, on debug or release build...10:00
elderKEven Clang works fine provided you don't tell it to optimize :P10:00
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Romsterokay what is going on i remember adding a README to python-setuptools in crux 3.3 but it s not there on this box i did a ports -u on...10:17
frinnstelderK: clang in crux is pretty much hit or miss10:19
frinnstwe dont test against it at all10:19
Romsterclang builds but the footprint has not been updated10:20
frinnst<elderK> Romster: I'm not hitting issues building Clang but using it.10:20
Romsterthere is a README there can you even see that on the server?10:22
Romsteri didn't get it on a ports -u on opt/3.310:22
Romsterseriously wth10:25
Romsterpermissions on that file with git-to-rsync?10:25
Romsteri sitll don't understand why it added them lines on the diff for the Pkgfile when all did was git mv setuptools python-setuptools and then edited it.;a=commitdiff;h=98b518ca810aca003505dc1e3a8b90e01f27ab69 it10:28
Romsterthis makes no sense that git mv modify and commit is right then why must it add all them lines on the later commit where all i did was added the README then pkgadded all the files again.10:29
Romsteri could of just added the README but force of habbit i did git add README Pkgfile .footprint ...10:30
Romster;a=commitdiff;h=98b518ca810aca003505dc1e3a8b90e01f27ab69 <- this make sense to me and i expect this.10:30
Romster;a=commitdiff;h=e4f5acafd089806146ea65a2662e9b2a98556ed2 <- README makes sense here because it did not exist before, but the other files that were /dev/null makes no sense to me. they already existed.10:31
Romsteris confused and where is my README file10:31
Romsterah hell did i commit this to the root of opt...10:32
Romsteri did sighs...10:34
Romsterstupid dickhead of me...10:37
Romsterfixed it10:37
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onoderadoes anyone here have a wireshark pkg by chance?10:58
Romsteronodera, it's in opt or you mean a built package?11:01
onoderayeah built11:01
onoderait's quite big11:01
onoderatakes long to compile11:01
Romsterfor 3.2 or 3.3?11:01
Romstercan't be any worse than qt511:02
Romsterbuilding it11:02
onoderaoh it;s done building I think :)11:04
Romster7 boxens compiling here currently of various stuff.11:06
Romsterit was way to hot last night to introduce any extra heat in side.11:06
Romsterbut tonight it's nice and mild.11:06
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Romsterdidn't take that long to compile11:24
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Romsteruploading still give it a few minutes11:25
Romsterif you still need it11:25
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frinnstwhat does qt5 use gst-plugins-base for btw?11:37
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timcowchiponodera, I have a wireshark package19:44
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xf86-input-libinput: updated to 0.24.021:02
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: cleanup21:02
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vsteveI'm still having trouble getting my usb-to-usb install to work.  I've got the UUID in fstab the way a few different guides say to do it, Grub seems fine, but I still get kernel panics on boot22:39
frinnstyou probably need to add a rootwait22:48
frinnstlinux tries to mount the rootfs before the usb controller has initialized22:49
vsteveooohhhh, that'd explain a lot22:49
vstevehow would I do that?22:49
frinnst2 secs22:49
frinnstrootdelay=5 root=PARTUUID=1f12f220-96e5-41fd-ae12-f622a00dc814 ro22:50
frinnstfor example22:50
frinnstcheckout Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt in the linux sourcetree22:51
jaegeralso make sure that your USB support is builting <*> rather than module <M> unless you're using an initramfs/initrd that solves that22:51
frinnstyou could use "rootwait" instead of rootdelay22:51
vsteveso I can just throw "rootwait" on the root device line of fstab?22:53
jaegerno, use it in your boot command line in grub22:53
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vstevethanks for the help, i'll try these things out22:55
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Worksterfrinnst,  gst-plugins-base (QtMultimedia backend)23:01
pedjajaeger, :)23:03
pedjathat's over 9000 geek points right there23:05
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frinnstyeah but what uses that?23:29
frinnstfilepicker needs to support video?23:30
frinnstor what23:30
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