IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2017-02-11

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timcowchipwas able to install MATE adding --disable-manpages to the confiure options in dconf,gvfs and some other libs00:16
timcowchipman(pun intended) is it broken00:23
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Romstertimcowchip, if you remove docbook-* ports be sure to rm -r /etc/xml else you will have that issue with man pages01:20
timcowchipok thanks Romster01:37
RomsterACTION hates docbook01:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: [notify] mm-common initial import, be sure to install this or libsigc++ to gtkmm will fail to update01:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: glibmm: 2.48.1 -> 2.50.001:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: [notify] libsigc++: 2.8.0 -> 2.10.0 new dependency mm-common01:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: atkmm: autoconfigure and use https01:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: cairomm: 1.12.0 -> 1.12.201:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pangomm: 2.40.0 -> 2.40.101:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gtkmm: 2.24.4 -> 2.24.501:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: gparted: initial import01:45
skrzypwhy they invented docbook lol01:46
Romsteri don't know but it's the worst ever.01:46
john_cephalopodaWhat's Docbook?01:47
Romsterjohn_cephalopoda, seriously you do not wanna know, leave it that way :D01:47
Romsterit's some xml dtd stuff for generating man pages01:47
john_cephalopodaOh, it seems like it's some TeX replacement for masochists.01:47
Romstersomething like that and it loves to break.01:48
john_cephalopodaI bet it is completely undocumented :รพ01:48
Romstersomething like that01:49
Romsterthere is docs but all varying levels of obsolete01:49
Romsterit was that bad i couldn't figure the darn thing out and i gave up on docbook ports.01:50
john_cephalopodaWhy even use Docbook when there's Doxygen? It's not for manpage generation, but way more helpful.01:52
RomsterACTION shrugs01:53
Romsterwhy not yaml or soem wiki markup that can be converted to man and pfd and html?01:53
john_cephalopodaWhy not TeX?01:58
Romstergo and ask them that01:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: inkscape: 0.91 -> 0.92.005:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: jenkins: 1.599 -> 1.65805:33
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Romsterdarfo-, your personal ports needs the mime types changed to text/plain on the server.06:26
brian|lfsemmett1, almost convinced me to switch to nutyx until I found out its not multilib06:27
Romsteri couldn't go with something that isn't multilib06:29
brian|lfssame here06:29
Romsteruntil as such times as all exes i run in wine are 64bit06:30
brian|lfsbut interesting distro lot of it based on CRUX06:30
Romsteroh is it06:30
brian|lfsyup it is based on LFS CRUX and its own packagemanager cards06:30
RomsterLFS can be compile as multilib they have recipes for that.06:31
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brian|lfsyup it can06:31
Romsterbut i so disagree with how LFS compiles qt5 i was using that method and it caused nothing but trouble.06:31
Romsterand it is proven qt5 can be along side qt4 how i have it now.06:32
brian|lfsqtwebkit failing on me06:32
Romsterbuilt on me and i uploaded it brian|lfs06:32
brian|lfsmenat qtwebengine I t hink06:33
brian|lfswhats your url again seeing my chromium is broken still06:33
Romsterbookmark it :)06:35
Romsteruploading qtwebengine firefox and thunderbird for 3.3 and thunderbird for 3.206:35
brian|lfsoh cool going to take a shower I smell and think its starting to come though irc06:36
brian|lfsalso any idea on my log error06:36
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brian|lfsAlso homepage06:37
brian|lfsnutyx homepage I mean06:37
Romsterbrian|lfs, do you share your ccache cache between crux 3.3 and 3.2?06:37
brian|lfsnot really sure why this failed lol FAILED: obj/src/core/QtWebEngineCore.network_delegate_qt.o06:39
Romsterbrian|lfs, in any case i highly recommend this export CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK="%compiler% -dumpversion; crux"06:39
brian|lfsin my /etc/profile or pkgmk.conf06:39
Romstergcc 6.3.0 ?06:40
Romsteri prefer that in /etc/profile06:40
brian|lfsI'm only running CRUX 3.306:40
brian|lfsnutyx was just in virtual box06:40
Romsterstick that in /etc/profile then do . /etc/profile ; prt-get update ...06:40
brian|lfsahhh interesting had it in my /etc/profile already06:41
brian|lfsahhh interesting had it in my /etc/profile already06:42
brian|lfswoops already typed that06:42
Romsterit built for me so either -mtune=native it don't like or ccache might have something stale in it.06:43
Romsterccache is also updated?06:43
brian|lfsbelieve so but can re-install ccache06:44
Romsteri'd try building it again and if it keeps failing dump your ccaches cache or try building it without ccache and see if that works06:44
brian|lfshow do I dump ccache06:44
Romsterccache -V06:44
Romsterccache version 3.3.306:44
Romsterccache -C06:45
Romsterccache -h06:45
Romstersee the help06:45
brian|lfsok cool got you06:45
Romstervery rare but sometimes ccache can get stale06:46
Romsterbut i have found that never happens with CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK="%compiler% -dumpversion; crux"06:46
Romsterthat forces the ccache to have a refference to the gcc version and crux version so i can use the same ccache between crux and gcc versions and store the objects independently of each06:47
Romsteravoids missing symbols and wrong ABI/API and other stuff.06:47
Romsteri find distcc has a much higher rate of introducing errors than ccache ever does.06:49
emmett1brian|lfs, i'm not convince you to switch to nutyx06:54
emmett1you just came to #nutyx so i tell a bit about nutyx06:55
emmett1i even not use nutyx as my main os06:55
emmett1nutyx just run as secondary os on my laptop, cuz i want contribute a few package whih not in their database06:56
emmett1LFS with CRUX's package manager is my current os now06:57
emmett1i dont care much about multilib, cuz for multilib i just run arch linux on my home pc for playing games06:57
skrzypso it's just crux06:57
emmett1my home pc still running crux and arch(for games)06:58
emmett1skrzyp, ?06:58
skrzyp"the LFS with Crux package manager"06:59
skrzypthe crux does not add anything from itself except package manager and init scripts06:59
skrzypat least nothing required06:59
emmett1owh, thats right07:00
emmett1LFS with CRUX's package manager is like CRUX but bit different based system and init07:01
emmett1i like CRUX's package manager very much thats why i use it along with LFS07:01
emmett1few thing doesnt work right on my laptop with crux thats why i swich to LFS07:02
emmett1i wait new CRUX release to run again on my laptop07:02
Romsterso why not crud for games?07:07
Romsteralso what's not working in crux?07:08
emmett1Dota 2 cant run on crux last i try07:12
emmett1steam run fine07:13
emmett1been google for a bit and found nothing so i just install arch to play dota 207:13
emmett1libmtp not working well07:14
emmett1theres a few things i forgot07:14
brian|lfsit takes work but thats the fun of it all my stuff is working07:15
brian|lfsI need to eventually focus on getting my pritner driver working07:15
brian|lfsdam binary brother drivers07:15
brian|lfsalso CURA on CRUX would be a good thing07:16
brian|lfsdid you ever try the skype alpha yet Romster07:16
Romsteractually i did try but it does need gconf and i haven't got that far yet07:16
Romstergconf just for one port is kind of annoying07:17
brian|lfsthink I stole gconf from someones repo07:17
brian|lfsdon't recall building gconf myself07:17
Romsteryeah i'll do that.07:17
Romsterbut i decided to go walk the dogs on the beach07:17
brian|lfsthat sounds more fun07:18
Romsterthat was after i updated inkscape and gtkmm dependencies and added gparted07:18
Romsterit was07:18
emmett1for printing i just install windows inside virtualbox :p07:18
emmett1print from windows07:19
Romsterspeaking of which is virtualbox working in contrib?07:19
brian|lfsPrint from windows omg07:19
brian|lfsno it needs to be updated to work with GCC 607:19
brian|lfsI tested it in my own local repo and it works fine the newer version07:19
Romsterwhere is sepen do we have to do all the work?07:20
Romsterbrian|lfs, where is your repo?07:20
emmett1virtualbox not working in contrib?07:20
brian|lfsjust but the version up07:20
brian|lfsI never had the patience to get it working07:20
brian|lfsbut got the domain pretty sad07:20
emmett1not update crux for long time on my home pc07:20
brian|lfswhat do I have to do to configure it for httpup?07:21
Romsteri use steam in wine and native steam and minecraft and soem linux games and all fine here.07:21
brian|lfsobviously all the ports are in a fodler on my local machine07:21
Romsterwell only a few games work in wine so far but to be expected07:21
Romsterbrian|lfs, don't you share them?07:21
Romsterstick them in github or some place for others to use as well.07:22
emmett1steam in wine can play high games?07:22
brian|lfsI do in conversation07:22
brian|lfsand want to share the rest07:22
emmett1i'm gonna try that if it can07:22
brian|lfsbut yes its jsut that I never got around to figuring out httpup07:22
Romstersteam in wine can play soem games like age of empires II, bejewled 3, dead mans draw07:22
brian|lfsand your asking me what I ask tsaop all the time Romster07:23
Romsteri play cities skylines in native steam too07:23
emmett1Romster, i have few port for my own use which is not in crux repo but i dont know how to share them07:23
emmett1i just use for myself now07:23
Romstertsaop has ports on the net in kf507:23 and i have a link to kf5 from my site and to mate07:24
skrzypwait what07:24
skrzypkde5 in crux?07:24
brian|lfsyes but there not in the portdb last I knew07:24
Romsterno but they should be added07:24
Romsterand i even mirror the source files of mate kf5 and many more07:25
skrzyphow well it works?07:25
brian|lfsVirtualbox just needs to be bumped to 5.1.1007:25
Romsteri haven't ran it yet07:25
brian|lfsruns fine over here no issues07:25
brian|lfsand he has a good README file in it07:25
emmett1brian|lfs, u run kde5 in crux right now?07:26
brian|lfsyes sir07:26
brian|lfsbeen for a good 8 months07:26
brian|lfsif your interested07:26
Romsterwhy do you think i added qt5 and qtwebengine qtwebkit :D07:27
emmett1last time i try it has many error when compile it07:27
Romstertsaop has been fixing those07:27
emmett1i think i'm gonna try it again if it work fine for u07:27
brian|lfsits not 100% perfect but pretty dam close07:27
Romsterhe started using docker likei do to find missing dependencies07:27
brian|lfsI had to explain to him one day that he had no logic for not have consolekit as a dep07:28
brian|lfsthen he agreed with me and added it07:28
brian|lfsit was annoying spent like 3 days thinking I had a broken system then one day saw an error pop out I was missing consolekit07:29
brian|lfsI wasn't happy at all07:29
Romsteroh also pedja started a xfce4 fork but it's not all done yet07:29
brian|lfsXfce4 is nice but compiz is pretty dead and broken so I would have no way to zoom in so I can see07:30
brian|lfsbut how hard is it for me to get my ports ready for httpup and I can throw them on my domain07:30
Romsterit's easy and i made my setup even easier by using opt/gitolite and i added on the server some stuff to hooks/post-receive to generate the REPO and html page07:34
Romstercd ports07:34
Romsterportspage . > index.xhtml07:34
Romsterthen i git push and job done07:34
Romsterand i can push to github as another target so i got a duplicate copy.07:40
brian|lfsahh ok cool07:43
brian|lfsso then I just point my page to the new html file?07:43
brian|lfsI'm just cleaning up all this excess stuff in my ports fodler before I try07:44
Romsteri symlink and follow the symlink on the web server07:47
Romsterbut you can do whichever to show the html and ports page.07:48
brian|lfsok cool07:49
Romsterit's a little to set up but you only have to do it once07:52
Romsterand once you know how gitolite works you can add as many git trees to it as needed with the admin git you push that and then you got a new git tree.07:53
Romsteri have a few already for some users07:53
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brian|lfsugh too many ports to clean up lol08:04
Romsterhow do you think i feel08:06
brian|lfsI hear you08:06
brian|lfswell lot of these were when I was new to crux and wasn't using fake root so like every port I made has old tar files in it08:06
brian|lfsand remember I made all those 32 bit libs for secondlife lol08:07
brian|lfsoh ya Romster I do have a copy of a gcof port locally08:10
Romsterit's a easy port to do. i'm alright with that one.08:11
brian|lfsfigured that08:11
Romsterany of them 32bit libs i don't have in compat-32 ?08:11
Romsteri added curl-32 since i did read lots of games use that.08:11
brian|lfsall the gstermear crap08:11
Romsterbut i haven't pushed it to crux 3.3 yet08:12
Romstermmm as long as it's not compat old gstreamer i'd be interested to add.08:12
brian|lfswhich keepign that stuff working is a nightmare to be honest08:12
brian|lfsno I looked don't ahve compat08:12
Romsteri do have gstreamer-32 and gst-plugins-base-32 in compat-3208:12
brian|lfsoh and I have good08:12
Romsteryou should start using compat-32 and when i can see what you have i can move some into compat-3208:13
Romstergstreamer is one big framework08:13
brian|lfsI have pluseaudio-32 also08:13
Romstermmm guess can add that but i don't use pulse.08:14
Romster got apulse-32 to emulate pulse to alsa08:14
Romsterwas using that with skype08:14
brian|lfsI'm sure you probably added a lot since I've stated using CRUX apperantly08:14
brian|lfsbut I will try to clean up the rest of my stuff thsi weekend to get it posted08:15
Romsterjaeger started compat-32 but i tend to update the majority of compat-3208:15
Romsterbtw i have romster/check-32-versions08:15
brian|lfsgot a lot going on over here need to clean got a friend coming over to help me out08:15
Romstergrab that and run check-32-versions08:15
brian|lfsoh ok what does that do08:16
Romsterif any of your 32bit ports are not in version with the 64bit ones it'll print a line08:16
brian|lfsahh thank y o big help08:16
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brian|lfsI know they aren't and I need help updaitng libsoup08:16
Romstermakes it easy to get them in sync version wise.08:16
brian|lfslibsoup needs krb5 now ugh08:16
brian|lfswhich is a million new deps08:16
Romsternot really... i did fix the versions on openldap and krb508:17
Romsterit's just cyrus-sasl openldap krb508:18
Romsterthe rest you'll already have installed08:18
brian|lfsbut as 32 bit those packages correct08:18
brian|lfsI'm on your site where am I looking for check3208:19
Romsteryou need both flavours if you also need libsoup-3208:19
Romsterit's in my romster repo08:19
brian|lfsso did you put the 64 bit one back yet08:19
Romsterlook on portdb08:19
brian|lfsah ok I was looking on your website lol08:19
brian|lfsI have your repo installed08:19
Romsterthen prt-get depinst check-32-versions08:20
Romsterit's a small script that jaeger made but i modified it a little and packaged it.08:20
Romsterwhen i get a few more scripts i might submit them to prt-utils08:22
brian|lfscool I'll try it getting tired now and need to clean latter today08:22
Romsterryu0 and i rewrote revdep so it's in C and is way faster than the old shell version.08:22
brian|lfsuse it all the time was good08:23
brian|lfsthat NutYx is intersting08:23
Romsterwell ryu0 rewrote it i just did the man page and direction and choices.08:23
brian|lfscards sounds solid but they have no 32 bit multilib08:23
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Romsteri see08:24
Romsteri'm happy with crux it may be low on packages but if it's not there it's not hard to make.08:25
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Romsterload average: 8.00, 8.08, 8.5108:29
Romstercompile faster...08:34
emmett1brian|lfs, cards is very interesting :)08:42
emmett1but it lack of few things08:43
emmett1need build package inside chroot08:43
emmett1it more target for binary package i think08:44
emmett1its fork of crux's pkgutils08:45
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tsaopbrian|lfs: For your qtwebengine error, see this:
tsaopTL;DR: pkgrm qtwebengine; prt-get depinst qtwebengine10:19
tsaopI hope you used ccache10:19
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vsteveanybody running multi-monitor on an AMD card?14:57
*** emmett1 has joined #crux15:02
frinnstyes, 315:08
frinnsti've run amd only since radeonhd15:08
frinnstcurrently amdgpu rx470 i think15:08
onoderaSo I need to make these cisco exams for college15:25
onoderaand it requires flash...15:25
onoderaugh I really don't eant to install flash, I'll make them in a windows vm lol15:27
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pedjause Chrome/Chromium?15:49
pedjafor Flash15:49
pedjahas anyone read 'prtpkg overview document'?15:52
frinnstinteresting but not something I feel I need in my life15:54
frinnstcheck the mail archive on crux.nu15:54
pedjait's a solution looking for the problem, imho15:54
pedjaway too complex15:55
john_cephalopodaWhich list? I should be on crux-devel.15:55
onoderapdf ver15:55
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pedjaCrux package tooling has some rough edges, but adding yet another layer on top of it?15:59
onoderaWell it's nice for the people who want it15:59
onoderaif you don't you can just keep using a "lower layer" right?16:00
pedjawithout POC, docker image or VM I can spin up and play with, it's hard to judge the merits of it :)16:01
pedjaauditing , as described in the document, I have no use for.16:04
pedjaand mixing and matching ports from the different repos is just asking for trouble :)16:05
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pedjait's trivial to add a bunch of repos in any major distro (OpenSuse, RH, Centos).but it's not something I would recommend, unless really necessary.16:09
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pedjapackaging software is non-trivial problem, hence the rise of snappy, flatpak, appimage.16:11
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skrzypwhich are not resolving any of known issuesd16:16
skrzypinstead adding new ones16:16
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skrzypnot making anything easier16:16
pedja 'Package managers all the way down' talk from LinuxConf is an interesting take on that.16:18
pedjait looks like everyone has some sort of package manager these days.languages, frameworks, configuration management tools, Kubernetes :)16:20
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just_funanybody installing packages as non-root?16:22
*** onodera has quit IRC16:23
pedjain the ~?sure16:23
just_funI try with ptr-get --install-dir16:23
pedja~/opt, linked to ~/bin16:23
just_funI also need a custom config16:24
just_funfor prt-get16:24
just_funto avoid fakeroot16:24
just_funbut, pkgadd dosn't install as non-root16:24
just_funI also need -if16:24
just_funbecause I build as a non-root user16:24
pedjawhat are you trying to do?16:25
just_funuse prt-get as root for some programs, like openbox, sshd, etc16:25
just_funand use prt-get as non-root to install in my home16:25
just_funsudo prt-get for system programs16:26
just_funand just prt-get for local programs16:26
just_funor something16:26
just_funbecause, most of my installs are not system programs16:26
just_funonly used by me16:26
just_funI mean, something like pip/cpan with user installs16:27
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just_funI guess I have to use a patched version of pkgadd for non-root installs,16:29
just_funI'm just asking for a shorter patch16:30
just_funthat is why "everyone has some sort of package manager these days"16:37
vstevefrinnst, what driver did you install and/or how'd you install it?  I think the only packages they offer are for CentOS or RHEL16:40
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frinnstI use the free drivers17:21
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vsteveoh, so you didn't need to install any proprietary amd stuff?  no catalyst or anything?17:40
frinnstfor amdgpu chips there is the amdgpu-pro driver that you can download. never tried it though since I see no need for it17:58
frinnstmake sure you have linux-firmware installed17:58
tsaopamdgpu-pro had nasty hardcoded library paths last time I tried it18:00
tsaopso, if you are going to package it, stuff need to be put in the exact same directory you see when you install in on Ubuntu, for example18:01
tsaopI'd avoid it18:01
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vstevewell I really just want multi monitor and basic opengl support18:07
vstevethink I can do that without the proprietary driver?18:07
*** kevin-oculus has joined #crux18:08
tsaopWell, I use amdgpu and i have OpenGL 4.5 on a R9 39018:13
tsaopdon't know about multi monitor support though18:13
tsaopshould work18:13
tsaopthere's also experimental Vulkan support using the open source RADV driver, but unfortunately it glitches on my card18:14
tsaopknown bug18:14
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vsteveI don't think I'll need vulkan18:24
vsteveI really just want 4 huge 2D displays18:26
vsteveeven opengl is a 'nice to have"18:27
vsteveI've got a W4100 with 4 mini display ports18:29
vsteveI intend to pretty much fill them with icewm and ssh sessions18:30
vstevemaybe the occasional use of firefox, but not much else18:33
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.2]: Testcommit19:21
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.2]: Testcommit19:24
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC19:28
vstevefrinnst, would you mind posting you xorg config somewhere?19:28
vsteveand by chance are you using display port?19:28
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux19:35
brian|lfsok this is annoying konsole is putting an invisible space in front of everything I type19:35
brian|lfsreboot didn't resolve it19:35
vsteveanything interesting in your shell profile?19:36
vstevebash, csh or otherwise?19:36
brian|lfsjust bash19:37
*** blueness has quit IRC19:39
brian|lfswho knows kde is updating right now maybe something needs updating19:40
*** blueness has joined #crux19:40
vstevedoes it still happen before kde loads?19:41
vsteveor if you have some way closing xorg...19:42
brian|lfsgood question before kde loads I would just have a virtual console19:42
vsteveI haven't touched kde since 200419:42
vstevepossibly longer19:42
brian|lfsnope vconsole is fine just checked19:42
vstevethen maybe updating kde will fix it?19:43
brian|lfsmaybe did a prt-get sysup bunch of updates today19:43
brian|lfsor just use xterm or soemthing lol19:44
tsaopfor me, konsole started refusing to draw bold fonts with qt 5.819:47
brian|lfsahhh that must be in qt 5.819:47
vstevenone of those issues here in IceWM :D19:47
brian|lfshey tsaop19:47
brian|lfsso may be something we need to research tsaop19:48
brian|lfsdid you try re-building konsole by chance tsaop19:48
tsaopI did19:49
tsaopnothing changed19:49
brian|lfsstrange thanks for confirming its not my system lol19:49
brian|lfsjust wasted time rebooting in hopes it would resolve19:49
tsaopbrian|lfs: do you also not see bold fonts?19:49
brian|lfsme I have an invisivble space when I type19:49
brian|lfsnot sure about bold19:49
tsaopworks here with no spaces19:50
tsaopmaybe it's the font you are using19:50
tsaopor something19:50
brian|lfsI'm using utf8 according to the settigns19:50
*** tsaop has quit IRC19:54
brian|lfswell very strange tsaop re-built consoel and my bug is gone19:54
brian|lfsand tsaop is gone19:54
*** tsaop has joined #crux19:55
brian|lfstsaop, rebuilding konsole resolved my konsole19:55
brian|lfsso maybe it needed to be re-built against qt 5.8 not sure19:56
tsaopI see19:56
brian|lfsnot really should of got  a screen shot before it was messed up19:56
*** vsteve has quit IRC20:10
skrzypwell, I've installed crux on this machine yesterday20:11
skrzypand 3.3 got released20:11
tsaoptime to upgrade20:11
skrzyphow to not break shit20:11
tsaopdo break shit20:12
tsaopthen run revdep20:12
tsaopthen get a coffee20:12
skrzyphow into revdep20:13
tsaopliterally type revdep20:13
skrzypcross% revdep20:14
skrzypzsh: command not found: revdep20:14
tsaop$ prt-get fsearch revdep20:14
tsaopFound in /usr/ports/opt/prt-utils:20:14
tsaop  /usr/bin/revdep20:14
tsaopinstall the prt-utils package20:14
skrzypah ok20:15
tsaopread manpage for useful tip with prt-get20:15
brian|lfsthat's funny didn't know 3.3 is out nnow20:15
skrzypso, just sed s/3.2/3.3/ on *.rsync, ports -u then revdep?20:16
tsaopofficial documentation advises against that20:16
tsaopbetter write the image to a flash drive/cd and upgrade from the livecd20:17
skrzypI have a backup20:17
skrzyplet's see20:17
brian|lfsmuch quidker to upgrade with the iso20:17
tsaopmmh, might want to read up on package signing20:20
brian|lfswell no announcement on distrowatch about the new CRUX version20:21
jaegerwe haven't even announced it yet, how could they?20:22
brian|lfslook on the CRUX homepage20:22
jaegerit's *minutes* old20:23
brian|lfsoh didn't realize that is funny20:23
brian|lfsguess we will see how many people have broken chromium like me20:28
crash_great work guys :)20:28
brian|lfsI concur great work :)20:29
skrzypI'm doing sysup20:29
skrzyplet's see if it burns20:29
skrzypshould I rebuild all packages after GCC update?20:30
jaegerIf you're doing the sysup method you should rebuild your toolchain and gcc first20:31
jaegersomething like: prt-get update -fr $(prt-get quickdep gcc); prt-get update -fr glibc{,-32}; prt-get update -fr $(prt-get quickdep gcc)20:31
frinnstdont forget to install signify20:32
*** frinnst has joined #crux20:36
tsaopit happened!20:42
*** tsaop has quit IRC20:48
*** onodera has joined #crux20:50
*** onodera has quit IRC21:00
*** onodera has joined #crux21:03
*** tsaop has joined #crux21:22
*** tsaop has quit IRC21:22
*** Kruppt has quit IRC21:42
*** kevin-oculus has quit IRC22:07
*** ubuuu has quit IRC22:14
*** tsaop has joined #crux22:21
tsaopupgrade finished22:22
tsaophad to rebuild qt522:22
tsaopall is good22:22
rmullCongrulations on the 3.3 release, CRUX team22:23
rmulloops, congratulations obv22:24
tsaopCongrats to all the devs involved22:24
*** dlcusa has quit IRC22:31
*** dlcusa has joined #crux22:44
jaegerthanks :)23:03
Romsterso all kde issues sorted on qt5.8.0 tsaop ?23:04
tsaopRomster: I still need to rebuild qtwebengine for now23:09
tsaopcan't be arsed right now23:09
tsaopall looks good, apart from that23:09
Romsteri got it built on my packages/23:16
Romsterunless you link with more stuff i am not aware of23:17
Romsteri applied a few patches as you can see to qt523:18
tsaopI noticed23:18
tsaopI don't think I link to additional stuff for qtwebengine23:19
tsaopbut I do enable cups and wayland support on qt523:19
Romsterthat's another reason why i like to hold off on the bigger updates like qt5. let the zealots find the bugs first.23:19
tsaopjust because kwin somehow has wayland as a dependency23:20
Romsterand i know i need to get https sorted23:20
tsaoplet's try your package23:20
Romsterit's built with just the dependences listed in depinst. from docker.23:21
Romsterthat's how i build all mine.23:21
tsaopyeah, that's how I do it too23:21
tsaopoh, right23:22
tsaopI need to upgrade my docker image to crux 3.323:22
Romsteryou probably noticed a lot of missing dependencies in yours that way23:22
tsaopand for good measure I also slap into the depends line all of the stuff finddeps says23:22
tsaopexcept for core ports23:22
Romsterhopefully jaeger is going to get the docker crux official image sorted.23:23
tsaopthen I trim with findredundantdeps23:23
Romsterwell i do list core ports if finddeps lists them with the exception of gcc glibc and binutils23:23
Romsterif it links to it you list it, but not never the tool chain.23:24
tsaopif I remember correctly, I read on the wiki that all of the core ports are assumed installed23:24
Romsterif it say uses perl but does not link to it (not shown in finddeps) you don't list it.23:24
tsaopthus don't have to be listed23:24
Romsterthey are but listing ones it links to is a little easier when you update a core port if any thing that links to that core port needs a rebuild you can find them easily with prt-get dependent ...23:25
tsaopthat's also true23:26
Romsterbut yes they are expected to always be on the system23:26
Romsterfrom core23:26
tsaopmmh my local CRUX mirror still hasn't synced23:26
tsaopit will take some time, I guess23:27
Romsteri don't have the iso yet but i have all the sources23:27
Romsteri need to fix that now23:27
Romster We list all runtime dependencies except for gcc (libstdc++) and glibc.23:31
Romsterwell i skip binutils to, i consider anything the tool chain to always cause a possible complete system rebuild.23:31
tsaopmmh, will rebuild all of my ports to see if I missed some runtime dep23:33
tsaopI will need to improve my script23:33
Romsterno need to rebuild just run finddeps over all your ports, i got a little script that helps me23:34
Romsterwell command snippet23:34
tsaopI simply grepped out all core ports listed by finddeps as of now23:34
tsaopyeah, I got something like that too23:34
tsaop that's the script23:36
tsaopit has bugs23:36
Romsterhmm i should write a script for this, that uses finddeps and findredundantdeps23:39
Romsteryeah i can see already some possible issues with that script.23:40
Romsterbefore i even run it.23:40
tsaopnamely, the second die never gets called23:40
tsaopand stuff like that23:40
Romsteri like to use set -e23:40
Romstermakes the script die on any errors23:40
Romstercleanup is called from die, shouldn't cleanup function be before die?23:42
tsaopit also is at the end of the script23:42
tsaopbut it also gets called if something goes wrong23:42
tsaopor so that was my reasoning23:42
Romsteri tend to list functions as other functions call them. not sure if this is required or not.23:43
Romsteri'll try writing one sometime23:43
Romsterthe only issues i come across is build time dependencies and dynamically loaded libraries don't show up in finddeps23:44
tsaopI tend to list build time dependencies as real deps23:45
tsaopand leave it at that23:45
Romsterbut my script idea wont detect those.23:45
tsaopthere's also the problem of optional packages with some of the bigger KDE applications23:45
tsaopI never know what to list as dep and what to put in the Optional: line23:46
tsaopsince I imagine people will never look at that23:46
Romsteri started listing them in # Optional: i don't like the # Nice to have: tag23:46
tsaopbut there are also footprint problems23:46
Romsteri have a prt-get idea for #optional:23:46
ryu0TLDR: packaging is complicated.23:46
tsaopso I adopted the policy of listing into Optional: only those dependencies that add runtime functionality23:46
tsaopwithout adding files23:47
Romsterwhat i do is list the depends on keep the footprint clean for that so you only get new files with optional soft dependencies but never missing files.23:47
tsaopoptional deps who add files get treated as regular deps23:47
Romsterand set PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in pkgmk.conf23:47
Romstersomeone else made that patch i remade it and submitted it again for inclusion.23:48
Romsterso i had some part of getting ignoring new files into pkgmk23:48
Romsterthe only downside of that is sometimes doc html or other crap can creep in to packages that prtverify wont see unless you also have a docker container of all ports installed along with ports that generate man/html docs23:49
tsaopthat's why i keep it disabled23:51
tsaopsome KDE apps are installing /usr/share/man/LOCALE manpages23:52
tsaopand new ones get added when they are translated23:52
tsaopso they have to be removed23:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: net-snmp: build with new toolchain23:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: updated signatures23:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: added to rootdir23:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: Merge branch '3.2' into 3.323:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: update signatures23:52
*** cruxbot has quit IRC23:52
Romsterwell do a run that does -uf to all packages23:52
tsaopI do23:52
tsaopthen weed out the undesiderables using git diff23:53
Romsterthen run prtveriy -m clean-repo23:53
tsaopmmh that's new23:53
tsaopACTION opens man page23:53
Romstercd /usr/ports/kf5 ;prtveriy -m clean-repo *23:53
tsaopwill try next time that happens23:55
Romstersome cases it's easier to do rm -rf $PKG/usr/share/{doc,locale} but i don't like doing that unless it's required, i tend to shy away form the force option and i tend to try and see if configure cmake has a option to disable locale doc.23:55
tsaopEh, now that you remind me23:56
Romsterfile-conflict is also very useful if you list all the official and your own repo23:56
tsaopI should fix most of the cmake invocations in my Pkgfiles23:56
tsaopas I mostly copy-pasted them23:56
tsaopprobably a lot of the switches are useless23:56
Romsteryes ryu0 packaging is an art23:57
tsaopthere was a nasty bug involving libexecdir though23:57
Romsterdid you have to set LIBDIR=23:57
tsaopapparently, there are two different switches in use23:57
Romsterthere are23:57
tsaopone takes the suffix, and one the full directory path23:57
tsaopso in one you had to pass =lib instead of =libexec23:58
tsaopand to the other /usr/lib23:58
Romsterone is for libraries the other is for executable stuff why i don't know...23:58
tsaopi just shove everything under /usr/lib as recommended by the wiki23:58
Romsterhmm they all should work from the PREFIX as the starting point.23:58
Romsterbut i think some will need a full path if set23:58
Romsteri've hit that issue before. this is where fakeroot comes in handy to stop if it writes outside of $PKG23:59
tsaopthank god strace exists and I was able to detect some applications who was trying to open an executable using hardcoded paths23:59
tsaopapparently it had to be set at build time23:59
Romsterah yeah that is helpful.23:59

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