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marakunah, you're good Romster, i just didn't read (i forgot to read emails and cruxbot notifications!)01:02
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marakuhow long will crux 3.2 have updates?01:23
jaegerThere's no set cutoff, so far01:30
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Romsterbut i am holding off updating to 3.3 just yet01:51
Romsterusually a few months of security updates only to 3.201:52
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Romsterbut i'll be pushing to 3.2 for a while01:52
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rmullWoo, just upgraded03:52
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jaegerGoing to upgrade my NAS VM in a few minutes04:56
jaegeractually, I think I'll do that in the morning05:12
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brian|lfsGuess what jaeger I'm running 3.3 also05:33
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timcowchipso no more setuptools? just python3?07:41
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xeirrrthere are setuptools and python3-setuptools in opt07:44
timcowchipnot in 3.307:46
timcowchipjust python3-setuptools07:46
timcowchipwait, its now python-setuptools07:48
xeirrrpython2 version is called `python-setuptools`, it's in opt07:48
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joacimpython- is a lot to type10:02
joacimhow about py-10:02
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frinnstbit late to change now10:55
joacimdo it11:08
frinnstyou just want to watch the world burn11:08
pitillocongrats guys about the new release! thank you very much11:43
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druid_droidthanks so much Romster :)16:34
druid_droid<3 crux, I just realized that I must opt for apparmor and have updated kernel or grsecurity (for the poor) with old kernel16:35
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: mesa3d: update to 13.0.416:35
druid_droidI tried to merge patch with two versions of the kernel to realize that some changes that break the patch are equal to diferent versions of the kernel16:36
druid_droidI need to learn lot more to be able to keep grsecurity updated with kernel, not even sure if that is possible for one person16:36
druid_droidwhile looking at the code, seems stuff change to much from X.Y.Z to X.Y.H16:37
druid_droidI was thinking only bug fixes and no big moves in the code...16:38
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: libinput: update to 1.6.116:40
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: xkeyboard-config: update to 2.2016:40
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: xorg-presentproto: update to 1.116:40
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: Merge branch '3.2' into 3.316:40
druid_droid:O CURRENT RELEASE == 3.3 I have to rush ...16:40
druid_droidthanks again to all crux'ers,16:41
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: signature updates16:41
druid_droidhehehe 555.0M :) grow a bit from last 3.216:42
frinnstits because linux-firmware is included on the iso16:43
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:/lib/firmware$ du -sh16:43
deus_exlooks like mesa-17.0 doesn't install headers that conflicted with upstream Vulkan any more.neat.17:01
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just_fundoes python3-pip needs python3-setuptools?18:37
just_funexport PYTHONUSERBASE=$HOME/.p18:38
frinnstits not listed as a dependency18:38
just_funI see...18:38
just_funI get the error pkg_resources module not found18:38
just_funand this is present in pip318:39
frinnsti think they all depend on each other. not sure how romster has solved it18:39
just_funand in setuptools pkg_resources is in: usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/pkg_resources18:40
just_funyup, a simple 'ln -s pip/_vendor/pkg_resources' fixed the error, no need for setuptools18:42
pitilloummmm is this right in core/gcc? rm -f $PKG/usr/lib{,32}/{libiberty.a,}18:52
pitilloshouldn't it be ?18:52
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tilmanhooray -f18:55
tilmanbug hider :p18:55
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Worksterpython-pip python3-pip now depends on python-setuptools python3-setuptools prt-get depinst python{,3}-setuptools22:38
Worksterif you got the older setuptools six ... installed remove those first as per the prt-get readme python-setuptools22:38
just_funBut pip3 has all it needs, without setuptools.22:39
Worksterit wont work now it is boot strapped but it still needs setuptools and appdir packaging pyparsing22:41
Worksterif you want minimal crux packages python get-pip.py22:41
Worksterwill pull in all the same dependencies i have packaged22:42
just_funI've installed youtube-dl with pip3, as it is22:42
Worksteri got youtube-dl packaged but you can indeed use pip3 or pip22:42
Worksterif you think you can package the mess better without boot strapping and cyclic dependencies send me a patch of your work.22:45
Worksterall i see is others wining but not actually helping22:45
Worksteri am doing something about it, feel free to submit patches and i'll look at them.22:46
Worksteri do make mistakes and things can possibly be done bettr22:46
just_funman, I know nothing about python,22:47
just_funit had no dependency on setuptools in pkgfile,22:47
just_funI was just asking ... how to make it work22:48
just_funand somehow, for youtube-dl, it worked without setuptools,22:48
just_funprobably because, in my case, all it needed was to point to the pkg_resources22:49
just_funwhich come with pip22:49
Worksterif you do look at the dependency tree of pip and pip322:54
Worksterpip3 show pip22:54
Worksteri think it was?22:54
Worksteryou'll see i packaged all the dependencies22:55
Worksterit does now since setuptools 34.x.x22:55
Workstersetuptools 34.x.x depends on pip and pip depends on setuptools22:55
Workstercausing a cyclic redundancy22:56
Worksterand a impossible way to install without the help of pip to begin with22:56
Worksterhence why the bootstrapping with pip to build all the dependencies22:56
Worksterprt-get depinst youtube-dl22:57
Worksterthat just works22:57
Worksteryou probably got a older version of pip installed already22:57
just_funI'm new to crux22:58
just_funI've just reinstalled 3.322:58
Workstersorry if i come over rude or anything, and welcome to crux.22:58
Worksterprt-get deptree youtube-dl22:58
Worksterrun that ^22:58
just_fundeptree on python3-pip shows only python322:59
Workstersee what is installed from pkgutils22:59
Worksteryes but on python3-setuptools22:59
just_funI wanted to install in my home22:59
just_funthat is I've used pip22:59
Worksteris the entire collection pip needs setuptools to work22:59
Workster unless they changed it again in setuptools 34.2.023:01
Worksteri'll have to review this /again/ when i have time23:02
Worksterwhat i said is true for setuptols 34.1.x23:03
Worksterhonestly they release broken stuff then fix it and change it and make it hell for packagers.23:04
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just_funI know python from airplane level,23:05
just_funjust read that pip is all I need to install to user directory23:06
just_funthe packaging is too much for me23:06
just_funat least for now23:06
Worksterthey probably fixed the bootstrapping by removing the cyclic dependency betwen pip and setuptools, i hope23:12
Worksterbut that makes all my bootstraping work useless now, if that is the case23:13
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druid_droidI will se the release of crux 3.3 as a tribute to 555 timer :), frinnst I'm very pro-free-software but even my self have a computer that requires blobs to have a radio working (wifi)23:49
druid_droidso is very nice that iso brings that firmware in detriment of "space" in my view, (...not all firmware is blob)23:50
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