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brian|lfshey all03:19
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brian|lfsquestion any fix for chromium on CRUX 3.3 yet?04:34
brian|lfsI still get ahhh snap something went wrong04:34
jaegerI haven't tried it04:38
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ozmagehello how i create a initramfs on crux ?05:04
ozmagei installed dracut and with initramfs created with it crux wont boot05:06
ozmagewhat i have to add to the kernel command line ?05:07
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jaegerI haven't used dracut myself but there's nothing unusual about crux as far as initramfs goes05:08
ozmageim using grub2 too05:08
jaegerjust add the appropriate initrd or initramfs line to your boot loader05:08
ozmageis not working05:09
jaegerso something like 'initrd /path/to/initramfsfile'05:09
ozmageyeah i have that05:09
ozmageand is not booting05:09
jaegerWhat exactly happens?05:09
ozmageget stuck and the init dont show05:10
ozmageor the same dracut05:10
ozmagestays in loading kernel05:11
ozmagebut it gets loaded because its load the kms05:11
ozmagei have to add init=/sbin/init ?05:12
jaegerMaybe add verbose to your command line, see if that helps05:12
jaegerand maybe nomodeset05:12
ozmageim gonna try05:13
ozmagebut what is the native way of creating initramfs in crux ?05:19
ozmagewhich is not dracut05:19
ozmagei installed dracut from the coreos ports05:19
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jaegercrux doesn't have a native tool05:25
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jaegercrux doesn't have a native tool05:27
jaegeruse any one you want05:27
ozmagethe system  stays at booting kernel05:27
ozmagewhich one are available ?05:28
jaegercheck the portdb... not sure if any are packaged05:28
jaegerif they're not, feel free to make one05:28
jaegerI've heard that better-initramfs is a good one, haven't tried it myself05:30
ozmageis on ports ?05:30
ozmageso no one uses initramfs here ?05:30
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jaegerProbably not many people, if any05:37
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jaegerlooks like there are a couple repos with mkinitramfs, you could try those05:38
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brian|lfsozmage, as long as you have an initramfs even with dracut you should be able to just add it to gbrub05:47
brian|lfsbut dracut can be tricky when making the image05:47
marakubetter initramfs is pretty nice05:48
ozmagei ran grub-mkconfig and it found the initramfs05:48
ozmagethis never happen to me all the linux distros i try boot nicely05:49
ozmagei use dracut with gentoo05:49
ozmageand boot05:49
brian|lfsI always use this guy if I am using dracut and lucks, lvm and raid05:49
ozmageand arch with dracut too05:49
ozmageno im using btrfs with subvolumes05:50
ozmageno luks05:50
ozmagelvm or raid05:50
brian|lfswell should be able to use that guide still just skip the lucks stuff05:50
marakubetter initramfs builds into one binary you place in /boot, which is usable for different kernel versions, etc.05:56
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ozmagei know what is happening dracut is not loading any modules into the initramfs06:32
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ozmageis not only dracut which is failling07:07
ozmagebetter-initramfs too07:07
jaegerAre the things you want it to include built as modules in your kernel config, rather than builtin?07:07
jaegertime to sleep, good luck07:10
ozmagethe problem is crux07:29
ozmagei ran depmod -a07:29
ozmageand modules.dep is empty07:29
ozmagewhy is that ?07:29
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timcowchipentering the 10th hour of building qt507:51
just_fungood luck07:54
brian|lfstimcowchip, why don't you download it built already08:07
timcowchipI need to build with cups soft dependency08:10
timcowchipdo you know of such a pre-built qt5?08:11
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ozmagesomething is wrong with crux08:37
ozmagei compiled a brand new kernel08:37
ozmageand when i do make modules_install it runs depmod08:37
ozmagebut  /lib/modules/kernel/modules.dep is empty08:38
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ozmage_indeed is borked08:50
ozmage_this fresh install of crux08:50
ozmage_not working fine08:51
ozmage_depmod dont addd the modules to modules.dep08:51
ozmage_well removing now08:51
ozmage_good bye08:51
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tsaopworks on my machine(tm)08:52
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nwehmm has he run make modules / make modules_install ?09:42
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jaegercurses! ozmage has uncovered our secret plan to maintain a slightly-broken distribution that we all pretend works fine for us, JUST to waste new users' time!15:59
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tsaopTie him up and beat him with a stack of paper representing the printed copy of the contents of linux-4.9.11.tar.xz tarball!16:09
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NecrosporusWhat is the reason to have both tar and bsdtar in CRUX? It seems that bsd tar could do everything gnu tar could do and also supports cpio, while gnu tar doesn't18:15
frinnstprt-get remove tar18:17
frinnstproblem solved18:17
pedja"CRUX is user friendly. It just happens to be very selective about who it decides to make friends with."18:29
pedjasame as me, really.18:31
tsaopwell, CRUX is so simple18:31
tsaopno useless layers18:31
tsaopstuff is there, bare, just waiting for you to look at it18:31
pedjaiirc, Backtrack/Kali forums were full with 'my install no workie, can't hack WiFi, please help' posts from was hilarious.18:36
vertaxcrux is those who are willing to read.18:37
vertax*for those18:37
john_cephalopodaI used kismet and aircrack-ng once to find my cell phone. It was muted but connected to the internet. I just looked, where the signal strength was greatest :D18:38
korivertax: thats a nice thought and all18:38
korireading is fine18:38
korithe problem is digging for the info18:39
john_cephalopodaIf everything was documented, we would have easier lives.18:40
pedjahandbook/man pages/Google/irc, in that order :)18:40
koripedja: yeah no18:40
koricrux needs a better wiki18:41
kori"oh, contribute pages yourself"18:41
koriwith time18:41
vertaxwas just about to say..18:41
john_cephalopodastackoverflow/stackoverflow/arch wiki/api reference/IRC/--help/manpages, in that order18:41
koriyeah because such a response is predictable18:41
vertaxAt least OpenBSD does a good job for man pages and such.18:42
pedjain OpenBSD man page is the first thing they do :)18:44
koriits usually the only thing they do too18:45
pedjahacking/coding is sexy, documentation is not.18:45
koriyeah yeah18:45
just_funThe point was that Crux is bloated.18:46
pedjafew Open Source projects have good documentation, which is a shame.18:46
john_cephalopoda (read the alt-text)18:49
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pedjaCrux packages are as close to upstream as possible, so if upstream documentation sucks, open the bug there.19:00
pedjaand if the Crux docs miss something, have errors etc. Flyspray is this way ---->
pedjapatches welcome[tm]19:05
Necrosporusfrinnst, but there probably is a reason behind including both19:17
Necrosporusand tar is in core19:17
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timcowchipoh Brother where art thou19:39
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brian|lfswhat a joke installed the new Reactos and it has no pritner support still\22:23
brian|lfsbut yet it said it does in the release annoumcement22:23
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timcowchipsignify: can't open /etc/ports/opt.sec for reading: No such file or directory22:30
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piecesofquietgetting a "file in wrong format" error related to when trying to install dbus-32, got any ideas? on 3.323:32
teK_what does 'file $yourfile' say?23:33
teK_maybe it was broken or maybe its just not a shared library but in ldconfigs search patch with a .so suffix23:33
piecesofquietsays it's a symbolic link to, which file says "/usr/lib/ ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, not stripped, with debug_info"23:36
teK_looks okish23:36
teK_you can try rebuilding that package and see if this changes anything23:37
Worksterpiecesofquiet, prt-get depinst xorg-libx11-3223:38
Workster"file in wrong format" either means you need to revdep, install or the version is not matched from -32 to the 64bit port23:40
Worksteror piecesofquiet used install instead of prt-get depinst dbus-3223:42
piecesofquietWorkster: building libx11-32 now23:42
piecesofquietand no i used depinst, dbus-32 is a dependency of steam23:42
Worksterprt-get info dbus-32 xorg-libx11 should be listed. or use prt-get deptree dbus-3223:43
piecesofquietit's not listed for prt-get info dbus-32, only expat-32 and dbus23:44
jaegerdbus-32 needs libx11-32 if libx11 is installed23:44
piecesofquiethowever xorg-libx11-32 just fixed dbus-32 not building23:44
piecesofquietthank you!23:44
Worksterhmm maybe i need to make it depend on that or add that to the README23:45
Workstervaguely remember that now23:45
Worksterbut yeah wrong format = missing 32bit version of that library23:45
Worksterprt-get fsearch libX11.so23:46
Worksteris also helpful to find what23:46
piecesofquietokay, I'll write that down somewhere23:47
jaegerIt's not a hard requirement, it's one of those "I'll try to link it if I find it" things23:47
jaegerkinda annoying23:47
Worksteryeah and i got an idea for prt-get to solve this issue23:48
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