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brian|lfswow Haiku-OS is built on GCC 2 lol00:16
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brian|lfshuh that lib is in samba00:17
timcowchipnvm, samba is building now00:17
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brian|lfsthats bad couldn't remember my routers username01:00
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timcowchipsamba failed to build01:18
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timcowchipso the only change to samba is http to https in 3.3?01:28
timcowchipit downloads fine, why won't it build01:28
timcowchipbuilding it with a log now01:32
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timcowchipsamba built successfully while it was being watched :)03:20
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abenzhi gents. who's using crux without  a swap partition?03:21
timcowchipand it still comes up with the same revdep -vvv error03:22
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joacimabenz: i do, but i use a service that create swapfiles if i need them later03:42
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timcowchipso now that I have rebuilt qt5 with cups installed I can see my printer in the qpdfview print dialog05:27
timcowchipI just can't print with qpdfview beause "Unsupported document-format "application/pdf""05:28
timcowchipcups-filters, cups-pdf and ghostscript were all installed at the time I rebuilt qt505:30
timcowchipI can print from xpdf with lp05:31
marakui don't mean to be an ass, but a quick google search shows a solution to the problem05:32
timcowchipplease be an ass and give me the link to to the solution05:34
timcowchipI have already googled this and read about maually installing a cups-filter for pdf's05:36
marakuall right the, how about adding --enable-pdftops in cups' Pkgfile?05:36
timcowchipsaw that too05:36
timcowchipwhy isn't it already enabled?05:37
timcowchipdo I need to fork my own cups if I want to print pdf's?05:38
marakuyou could just edit the cups Pkgfile in /usr/ports05:38
marakubut you'd have to remember to add the build flag when cups is updated...05:39
timcowchipbuild flag?05:40
marakuconfigure flag rather05:40
timcowchipyou mean re-edit the cups Pkgfile after every "ports -u"05:41
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marakuwell, you'll only have to re-edit after every update05:42
timcowchipI'm submitting a bug...if qpfview can't print pdf's what good is it?05:42
timcowchipyou're right every cups update not just every ports update05:43
emmett1timcowchip, just copy cups port to your own port folder05:45
emmett1so its not change when you do port -u05:45
timcowchipyes emmett1, that's what I meant by fork my own cups05:46
marakuthen you'd have to track when cups gets updated to a new version with prt-get diff05:46
marakueither way it's an extra step05:47
emmett1yep timcowchip and right what maraku just said05:47
emmett1like what i always do05:47
timcowchipok then , thanks guys :)05:48
marakuactually its prt-get dup, not diff. sorry05:51
marakua bonus tip, piping prt-get dup into column -t gives a nice tabled format05:52
timcowchipso I rebuilt cups with --enable-pdftops and same error06:08
timcowchipdo I need to rebuild qt5 again?06:08
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timcowchipmaybe I just have to rebuild qpdfview06:17
marakucan you print non-pdf docs?06:49
brian|lfsI can't print anything from CRUX too much work due to binary brother printer drivers lol06:51
marakuthe brother print service on my android works well enough that i didn't bother setting up cups06:53
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just_funGod blessed me, and I've found pdq?06:54
brian|lfsI had to clear my router today couldn't remember what I made my username and or password lol06:55
just_funNow I don't build the gui, because is based on gtk106:55
marakufirst thing i see "Update June 14, 2006"06:55
brian|lfsand I've only had this router for like 2 months barely06:55
just_funyes, but works06:55
brian|lfsI have RT-AC5300 router thing is nuts06:56
just_funevery time I did a distro switch, I've rebuilt that06:56
just_funThe printrc.example has two mistakes (the driver name is the namespace, not the filename)06:57
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just_funmaraku: to print, all you have to do is to build the file and send it to the printer. Nothing changes in the last decade on this.06:59
marakuoh boy, text file config and no web ui!07:00
marakui might finally set up printing with this07:00
just_funlike, Crux07:00
just_funprinter "oki" {07:00
just_funlocation "here"07:00
just_funmodel "OKI C531dn"07:00
just_fundriver "generic-postscript"07:00
just_funinterface "tcp-port"07:00
just_fundriver_opts "duplex A4"07:00
just_fundriver_args ""07:01
just_funinterface_opts ""07:01
just_funinterface_args "REMOTE_HOST ="07:01
just_fundefault_printer oki07:01
just_funthis is my config07:01
just_funand my Pkgfile:
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timcowchipmaraku: I can peint pdf's with xpdf07:10
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timcowchipconfigure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --enable-pdftops07:37
timcowchipso much for the solution07:39
timcowchipI found "--pdfdir=DIR            pdf documentation [DOCDIR]"07:52
marakuthat'd be for the cups documentation though?07:54
brian|lfsAnyone ever try Haiku08:15
frinnstplayed with it08:15
brian|lfssame here kind of sucks with no applicatiosn lol08:15
frinnstI have a Haiku vm in our vmware cluster at work :-)08:15
brian|lfsI installed the 64 bit version of it today08:16
brian|lfsseems kind of a waste both ReactOS and Haiku still trying to develop for 32 bit08:16
frinnstadding 64bit support later on might be easier than to switch evertyhging rigt now08:17
frinnstoh my god I cant tyupe08:17
brian|lfsI know what  your saying08:17
brian|lfsI wish they would add VOIP to IRC08:17
brian|lfsI think it would be really cool I hate typing08:18
marakuis it time for a CRUX mumble server? :)08:18
brian|lfsI suppose the downside would be if someone wasn't using a headset08:18
brian|lfsinteresting idea08:19
brian|lfsI do have a stack IP so I can open ports08:19
brian|lfscould I just run it my self on 20 megs up?08:19
frinnstor my speakers in the middle of the night would shout out one of timcowchip's random statements and wake me up08:19
brian|lfsthats why I'm saying it would be bad if someone was pieing through their speakers08:20
marakuhave a bot using tts speak/shout people using text08:20
brian|lfsbot would yell every time there is a new port or an update08:20
marakuand of course a bot which transcribes speech to text08:20
marakuhehe, would be fun with logs/files/urls08:20
brian|lfsI like the mumble server suggestion08:21
brian|lfswould anyone loginto it besides me08:21
frinnstprobably not08:21
brian|lfswow thanks08:21
frinnstim soooo easily amused08:21
frinnsti rarely laugh out loud at irc :D08:22
brian|lfswhos repo is mumble on08:22
brian|lfsI know I've seen it before checking portdb08:22
marakuhey, if we had a mumble, we would have heard you08:22
marakuif of course you logged on :)08:22
frinnstbut i wouldnt :D08:23
brian|lfsfuck you frinnst joking08:25
brian|lfsI found the mumble client on asie installing it08:26
brian|lfsnot sure whats wrong with it compiling lol08:27
brian|lfsany ideas08:27
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xeirrrProject ERROR: Package speexdsp not found08:29
xeirrrthat's you want to fix brian|lfs08:29
frinnsti think i've used mumble once08:30
frinnstwhen being interviewed for the linux action show08:30
frinnstbut i used a windows laptop for that :>08:30
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timcowchipI wonder if Romster has cups installed08:36
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timcowchipfrinnst, you were on the linux action show?08:39
frinnstthe unplugged thing08:39
timcowchipyou mean podcast08:39
brian|lfsah ok08:40
brian|lfsis speexdsp just speex on CRUX08:40
brian|lfsdoes our qt5 symlink from qt5-qmake to qmake08:42
frinnstno i think it still leaves that to qt508:43
brian|lfswell mumble-cleitn at least the git one looks for qmake08:43
brian|lfseven though they say to compile with qt508:43
brian|lfsI remember mumble aslways being a pain to ge tto compile08:44
brian|lfsquick pull what kernel is everyone running I'm on 4.408:46
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frinnstyou probably need to patch it to use qmake-qt509:05
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brian|lfsok I need g15 and git isn't pulling the https link for me09:12
brian|lfsis there a switch I need to  use for git for https09:12
brian|lfsI'm just getting connection refused with svn co g15daemon09:16
brian|lfsthis is gettign annoying09:16
brian|lfswhy is mumble such a pile of shit to compile09:31
brian|lfswhat doe sit come with09:42
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brian|lfswhat doe sit come with09:53
frinnstFirefox can't establish a connection to the server at
frinnstseems like they have some issues at the moment09:53
brian|lfswell I see manpages for slice2cpp but no clue what it comes with09:55
brian|lfsI th ink ice but not sure09:55
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: php-bcmath: dropped13:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: php-tidy: dropped13:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: php-xsl: dropped13:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: php-mcrypt: dropped13:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pmwiki: update to 2.2.9413:27
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: mesa3d: update to 13.0.513:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: fuse3: initial release13:40
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frinnstis fuse3 a drop-in replacement? i suppose some old fuse applications wont work with it?14:01
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jueno, it's a new library14:09
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juebut can be installed in parallel with fuse aka fuse214:10
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jueI'm using sshfs-fuse and gphotofs, both needs fuse version 214:13
pedjahm, they recommend 3 packages.common, fuse2 and fuse3.
pedjafull fuse3 and just the libs/helper programs from fuse2 would work, too, I guess.14:22
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pedjaoh, great.after, when I read all that frinnst types here, it's in his own voice.14:33
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frinnstits less wierd when i actually speak to a person14:36
frinnstsitting and talking to myself is just wierd14:37
pedjatbt, I always imagined you sound more like Chef from the Muppets :)14:37
juepedja: I read this, but it's nonsense because for us the only file in fuse-common would be mount.fuse ;)14:37
juesorry, I mean the man-page, so s/mount.fuse/mount.fuse.8/14:39
pedjajue, the only diff between them are the libs?14:40
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jueno, but everything beside the man-page has a 3 suffix like fuse3.pc14:41
pedjaah, ok.14:42
pedja4.10 broke nvidia?what a surprise.14:50
rmullas is tradition14:51
pedjathere is a patch floating around, but I couldn't be bothered.14:53
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frinnstjust buy amd already15:09
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pedjaRyzen?if I can afford it, sure :)15:10
pedjamy nephew bought (used)rx480 recently.I haven't had the chance to play with it yet :)15:14
pedjathis one
pedja(a friend of his bought 1080, so he no longer needed this one :) )15:18
pedjaAMD's 1700X(?), 6C/12T, is much more interesting to me than their GPU's, tbh15:20
pedjaI wouldn't be able to run ClearContainers on it, but I can live with that :)15:24
pedja(ClearContainers are 'Intel only', iirc)15:25
crash_pedja: you can do a prt-get sysup fast on the 1700x cpu :)15:26
pedjaI can't run Clear Linux VM *now*, because my Core2Duo doesn't have sse_14, or something, so15:27
pedjacrash_, if I get it, first thing I'll try is to build Firefox :)15:28
crash_yeah firefox like to take it's time15:29
pedja54 will require Rust to build,that should be fun.15:32
pedjabut that's months away15:32
crash_Rust interesting15:33
rmullI've been using nvidia binary drivers forever just because it used to be the only way to get hw-accel 1080p playback. I'm sure that's different now... I should do some research15:36
jaegerI picked nvidia because years ago ATI's drivers were amazingly terrible. Just stuck with them because they always work well15:53
jaegerI hear good things about recent AMD GPUs with the open source drivers, though15:54
pedjayay, another FF segfault/crash.15:57
rmullIs nouveau worth a shot yet?15:58
pedjarmull, it got a nice update in 4.1015:58
rmullI'll try it15:59
pedjaplugin-container is misbehaving.15:59
pedjaoh, well.16:00
pedjaI suspect it's some weird interaction between FF hw accel and nvidia-sl driver.16:07
pedjacrashes started when I updated to 378.13, iirc16:08
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crash_i wonder if i should try the modesetting driver for my intel graphics instead of xorg-intel one :P16:36
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rmullHmm, switched to nouveau, and mpv can play back 1080p h264 with ~120% CPU usage, which I guess is fine, because the picture is smooth16:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nvidia: updated to version 375.3916:56
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: nvidia-32: updated to version 375.3916:56
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brian|lfsnever got mumble to compile17:52
brian|lfsnot sure why its always so difficult to compile17:52
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otwieraczcontrib/openvpn provides rc script which requires to pass openvpn config name after "start", for example "/etc/rc.d/openvpn start otwieracz_vpn".18:12
otwieraczHow can I execute it at the boot time?18:12
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jaegerotwieracz: run it from /etc/rc.local instead of rc.conf, I guess18:50
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brian|lfsmy screen locker in plasma crashed18:55
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tsaopaww shit19:06
tsaopno segfaults in dmesg?19:06
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timcowchipit turns out I didn't have cups-filters installed after all19:16
timcowchipit must have installed the deps then failed for a footprint or something and I didn't notice before I closed the terminal19:17
timcowchipnow I can print pdf's with qpdfview on crux \o/19:18
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brian|lfshuh virtual GPU support in kernel 4.1019:44
pedjaIntel only, iirc (for now)19:49
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marakualso only broadwell+ i think19:58
marakuACTION cries (has a haswell machine)19:58
brian|lfswhats the command to make a tempalte Pkgfile I foget20:01
brian|lfsmaybe checking20:03
brian|lfsfigured it would be part of pkgmk or something20:04
pedjamaraku, " starting from 4th generation Intel Core (Haswell)"20:09
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brian|lfsok fixed mumble20:16
brian|lfsnow that I wasn't drunk updated it to the latest stable and added a new dep speexdsp20:16
pedjawth is mumble?20:19
brian|lfsmumble is like teamspeak but more open source20:20
brian|lfsand Ventrilla20:20
pedjaah, voice chat.20:23
brian|lfsyup yup and dam good quality20:23
pedjawhy would anyone want to speak to strangers on the Internet?20:24
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brian|lfshuh people use it that know eachother lol20:26
brian|lfswhen they play games and stuff and your taking to us right now20:27
onodera_pedja: seems kinda fun tbh20:33
onodera_if I wasn't so self conscious about my accent or to people listening to me talk to a computer :')20:33
pedjano I am not.I am tapping away on the keyboard that've seen better days and you vocalize the words that I write in your head.That's not talking :)20:34
pedjaI rarely talk to my computer, but I often curse at my TV when I watch the news.20:40
pedjaand, with presidential elections coming, cursing will get more intense.20:41
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pedja[OT] if you are fans of 'alternate history SF', check out new BBC series, 'SS GB'[/OT]20:43
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