IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2017-02-21

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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: bluez: fix build with new gcc02:54
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brian|lfshey can someone ping and tell me what IP they get03:35
emmett1PING ( 56 data bytes03:37
emmett1is this u want?03:37
brian|lfsnope thats the domain provider not my IP03:40
emmett1owh my mistake03:40
brian|lfsguess its taking time to propregate03:40
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timcowchip mesa3d.log03:46
timcowchipreally enjoyed the linux unplugged crux interview03:47
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timcowchipthink I'll try installing valgrind and rebuilding mesa3d04:08
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timcowchipmesa3d builds after installing valgrind07:27
timcowchipshould it be a dependency?07:27
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: libinput: update to 1.6.212:05
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: update to 2017021612:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: scite: update to 3.7.312:06
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: iproute2: update to 4.10.012:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: bluez: bump release number15:08
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pedjaso my ISP announced something like this few days ago.16:27
pedjaFTTB ftw16:27
pedjathey were light on the details, but EPON is most likely standard they will go with.16:31
pedjacynical me thinks that this is just pre-election propaganda.16:32
pedja'deadline' is 2020 for (most of the)country-wide coverage, which is...insane16:34
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vertax@jaeger I was wondering what you had to change in order to have i686 crux16:46
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jaegervertax: compile everything on a 32-bit system, basically. disable multilib in the toolchain, build all packages with the 32-bit toolchain and kernel16:52
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jaegerI started working on updating my 32-bit builder system to 3.3 over the weekend, for what that's worth16:53
jaegerNot sure when it'll be ready but it's on the way16:53
vertaxOh okay, Thanks. I was just wondering if you had to use any special flags or versions of ports to work.16:55
jaegerIn many cases there's no change needed. There are some ports that get overlayed, though17:09
jaegerwhich is the reason for that github repo I linked previously17:09
jaegerIt's a pretty small list17:10
pedjajaeger, have you had the time to look at what's needed to take over Crux repo on Docker Hub?17:13
pedjalatest image there is 3.1, iirc17:14
jaegerOnce I have 3.3 updated ISOs building regularly I'll add tooling to get docker to automatically update based on that17:14
jaegerOnce that's working, I'll look into making it official17:14
pedjanice :)17:15
jaegerThe first updated build test for 3.3 is actually running right now17:15
jaegerpedja: "light on the details" made me laugh a bit, regarding optical networking17:16
vertax if that first image is working,do you plan on uploading it?17:17
pedjaif/when they come to install IPAN, getting the consent of all of tenants in the building will require a bit of social engineering.17:28
pedja'it's free', 'no, it's not radioactive', 'no, they can't spy on you with it' and 'raises the value of the property' are some of the facts I'll begin with.17:34
pedjabtw, jaeger, 'make COMMIT=$version' and 'make GIT_COMMIT=$version' for runc and containerd silences annoying dockerd warning on startup.just FYI :)17:38
jaegeralright, I'll take a look, thanks17:39
pedjaI wouldnt've noticed them, but I had to start dockerd directly a few times.damn, dockerd is chatty :)17:42
jaegeryeah, it really is sometimes17:48
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pedjahow do you monitor containers on the server?17:57
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pedjagood question for DDG, not so much for #crux :)18:17
frinnstmeh pizza delivery eta: 1h03m34s18:20
frinnstim hungry noooooow18:20
pedjapizza delivery drone has GPS problems, or what?18:21
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pedja <--personal favorite18:27
chinarulezzzopt/librsvg need to be updated. Footprint mismatch.18:29
frinnstmissing or new?18:33
chinarulezzzNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/rsvg-view-318:33
frinnstNEW are not really an error. libraries and applications often pick up installed stuff and add new functionality18:34
pedjachinarulezzz, set 'PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes"' in pkgmk.conf18:34
frinnst I am hungry, too18:37
chinarulezzzpedja: I know that, and decided to report.18:38
pedjachinarulezzz, as frinnst said, it's not really an error.18:39
pedjaMISSING is.18:39
chinarulezzzok, no problem :)18:40
frinnstit was probably cause by configure detecting gtk318:40
frinnstwohohoo the eta lied18:41
pedjafrinnst, do you have an encyclopedic knowledge of PaR, or it's 'just' google-fu ?18:41
pedjaParks and Recreation?18:42
frinnstah hehe no, just remembered that18:43
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dlcusaOfficial dash distfile still unavailable since the 15th or longer:
chinarulezzzalso, mp4v2 distfile unavailable too.19:28
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timcowchipyou can download it from the link I posted and put it in /usr/ports/contrib/libmp4v220:12
pedjabytes count in the DSL router web gui shows that I d/l ~3Gb in 30 days of uptime.that can't be right.20:14
frinnsti've downloaded more than that in the last 5 minutes20:14
pedjayeah, yeah, fiber boy20:15
timcowchipchinarulezzz: or I see you found it somewhere else20:15
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pedjaspeaking of fiber:
pedjathat's what lucky bastards^Wpeople currently get.20:22
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frinnstbtw I ordered 1000/1000 Mbit/s today20:26
frinnstconnection date is next month20:26
frinnst43.65EUR/month for the first 6 months, then double20:26
tilmanwtf do you use that bandwidth for?20:31
teK_frinnst: will you be there a littl elonger after 10pm?20:31
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pedjawith that connection, why would you even bother putting new server for in the DC :) ?20:35
frinnstdynamic ip :(20:35
pedjaI forgot about that.20:36
frinnstdunno. i'll not keep it at 1gbit after those 6 months20:36
pedjayes you will20:36
frinnsthaha nah20:37
pedjaaccording to the modem, max speed on my line is 40/6.according to my ISP's 'support', 'nope, not possible'.20:41
crash_frinnst: what operator have you choosed for your fiber?20:44
frinnstwhat are you on crash_, telia?20:45
crash_i want them to start fixing fiber here in Viskafors as well, but until then i'm stuck with 24/320:45
frinnst12 operators to choose from. and NOBODY offered ipv620:47
frinnstipv6 deployment in sweden is pathetic20:47
pedjasame here.20:47
crash_yeah it have not taken off here so much20:48
pedjafor businesses yes, regular trash like me?'why do you want it, peasant?'20:49
crash_hehe yep20:49
pedjaI got the same question from one of the Google admins who is from this neck of the woods.20:51
pedjaI replied 'to control my army of nanobots, what else?'20:52
pedjahe was not amused :)20:52
crash_i wonder why :)20:52
tsaopOur ISP offers IPv6 on a separate PPPoE session20:53
tsaopyou just have to use the right credentials20:53
timcowchipmy isp isn't listed20:55
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timcowchipis Trump wrong about Sweden?22:22
frinnsttrump is wrong about everything22:40
frinnstthe rest of the world is just laughing at him22:40
frinnstpretty sad22:41
timcowchipok then22:45
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timcowchipsocial media and television have ruined the world22:56
frinnstsocial media very much so22:59
frinnstpeople just rehash some random statement22:59
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joacimdid some norwegians buy all the bacon and tobacco in Storlien again?23:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libsigsegv: 2.10 -> 2.1123:38
pedja'this book was written by us, paradigm changing experts and gurus.'oh just fuck off already.23:44
pedjaI've never met a self proclaimed expert that actually is.BS and buzzwords, that's all they know.23:46
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paradigm100% with you pedja, I hate it when self proclaimed experts try to change me.  I'm good as I am.23:53
pedjaups.sorry about that.23:55
paradigmno problem lol23:55

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