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brian|lfsMumble server seems to be working fine00:14
brian|lfsneed to finish cleaning my ports up and upload them latter00:14
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brian|lfsok all just submitted a request to have my repo added to the CRUX ports database04:08
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brian|lfshey tilman05:42
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brian|lfsmade a init script for murmur but it just hangs on start and don't fork to the back what would I need to add to my script06:33
brian|lfsI figured it out'06:40
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Introoterhi, i wanna try out crux. can anyone tell me what's different in it with regards to Gentoo?06:58
just_funless platforms, less packages, simpler to add/change packages before building07:03
just_funif you want to change how you build openbox, for example, take a look at the two recipes: and
nwegood mornign guys :D07:11
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abenzmorning nwe08:00
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arminso what's the most recent KDE i would get on crux right now?08:44
arminalso i understand there's a ports system, would there be a way to obtain pre-built binary packages for my system, too?08:44
arminbrian|lfs: regarding your murmur init script: from what i see $PID never gets set.08:47
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arminso i just tried booting the official crux-3.3 iso image inside a virtualbox VM. this is the result: - any hint what i'm missing here? thank you.09:49
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frinnstim sick of winter10:49
frinnstmore of this please
crash_yeah woke up and with snow again.. i want spring11:36
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pedja"Terrorist attack in Sweden"
otwieraczBut only observable from White House?14:12
pedjathere is a strong Reality Distortion Field around the WH, I hear.14:16
pedjatoday, spring.tomorrow, winter.The day after that, who the fuck knows.14:19
pedjaas if the life in the Balkans isn't 'interesting' enough as it is.14:20
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pedjaso, frinnst , which one will you get :) ?17:36
frinnstno clue17:36
pedjano swedish retailer released pre-order prices yet?17:38
frinnstnope, its not even mentioned anywhere17:39
frinnstappears most retailers will put up details this evening or tomorrow17:40
pedjathe minimum I can expect here is EU MSRP + 15-20%17:40
pedjaVAT+customs is 32%17:41
pedjaor thereabouts17:42
brian|lfshey all17:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nss: updated to 3.28.317:55
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rmullAny weird "snooping" tech built into the Ryzen stuff? Lots of complaints from the free software community about some of the stuff built into recent Intel chips.18:25
rmullMaybe it's too soon to say18:26
tilmanrmull: even current (pre-ryzen) amd hw has some weird snooping stuff, according to the coreboot website IIRC18:26
tilmani might have confused libreboot and coreboot there18:26
tilmanthis is what i had in mind
tilmannot sure how bad this is :)18:28
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rmulltilman: Thanks18:50
joacimi guess the best one can do there is use an older AM3 or AM3+ motherboard with a newer CPU19:05
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john_cephalopodaThanks to the person, who added curl-32 to the repos!19:16
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NecrosporusI have lines like that in /var/lib/pkg/db20:17
NecrosporusNot sure how it happened20:18
teK_what's the version/revision of the package?20:20
teK_(in the Pkgfile)20:20
NecrosporusOK, I guess it's my fault20:23
NecrosporusI have somehow messed up my build a while ago20:23
NecrosporusteK_, I guess I have tried to add my self-built thing by running find >> /var/pkg/db20:27
Necrosporusbut I forgot that i needed find ... -printf "%P\n"20:27
teK_uh, just create a regular port? :)20:28
teK_we have pkgmk and things20:28
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: curl: updated to 7.53.020:28
teK_which remindes me... I need to enter our first non CRUX public key :))20:28
NecrosporusteK_, I prefer slackware approach, you can use makepkg to tar up existing directory without needing to write a slackbuild20:29
Necrosporusjust build once, make install DESTDIR=/tmp/pkg20:30
Necrosporusfor now I'm using /opt20:30
Necrosporus./configure --prefix=/opt/progname20:30
Necrosporus./configure --prefix=/opt/progname --bindir /opt/bin20:30
teK_dear gawd, DO treat our beloved CRUX gently and use an alias or a shell function to properly add entries to /db20:31
teK_(you're a MONSTER!)20:31
teK_I'm making a joke :-)20:34
teK_did not hear about that approach before20:34
NecrosporusI am trying to keep my system maintainable20:35
teK_that thing above, btw is mostly what we do in our Pkgfiles, but you probably know that20:38
frinnstACTION pokes teK_ 20:40
frinnstim awake!20:40
teK_thanks for mentioning, as you seemed to still be typing yesterday :p20:40
teK_watching stuffs now, later?20:40
frinnstlaters im off to bed20:40
frinnstbut type whats on your mind in a query20:41
frinnstor send an email20:41
teK_I need 15minutes20:41
teK_ok or that20:41
teK_I prefer. :}20:41
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brian|lfshey tek21:30
brian|lfssorry messing with stuff voer ehre21:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: bind: 9.9.9-P5 -> 9.9.9-P621:31
brian|lfshow long does it normally take to get a repo post to the CRUX port database21:31
teK_not long.21:32
teK_I am contacting you because of your mail21:32
brian|lfsoh ok I sent the email in late last  night my time21:32
brian|lfsoh ok sorry21:33
brian|lfswhats going on teK_21:33
brian|lfsdo I need to scroll up to read21:33
onoderateK_: Hi also about the portdb21:33
onoderakori, the owner of the original email doesn't use CRUX anymore21:34
onodera's the reason for the address change21:34
teK_so you own the repo now?21:34
teK_it's hard to herd you folks if you change your names all the time!1!21:34
brian|lfsmy repo is brand new nad mine teK_21:35
onoderaI do have ownership on github yes21:35
teK_brian|lfs: example: zlib.. it's 1:1 identical with core even the Maintainer line says so21:35
just_funonodera: do you know the reason why kori doesn't use CRUX?21:35
brian|lfsunderstood I was having issues with zlib at the time21:35
teK_another port from alan is there, you have .23, alan has .25 etc.21:35
teK_thats why I am asking21:36
korijust_fun: it's complicated21:36
brian|lfswhat where you asking I missed the question21:36
teK_I queried you, brian21:36
onoderaanyways since there are multiple active contributors to the repo it would be very nice is the github issues link could somehow be used, especially since we use that as our main issue tracker21:36
koriI was doing some distro dev experiments and things broke and I got burnt out21:36
koriFast forward to now I don't really have a setup where using CRUX is viable, my processor is really old21:37
koriSo I'm waiting until I get my main machine back21:37
koriHope that answers your question21:37
teK_so I will change things according to your mail, and again.. +1 for using signatures!21:37
just_funthank you, kori21:37
koriteK_: when I submitted the original request, 6c37 was my personal repo21:38
koriSo yeah it'd be nice to have a link to the issues or similar21:38
teK_it's fine. It was just ironic, onodera asking for adding something to verify the repo's "id" while using an unrelated mail address ;)21:38
onoderaah yes of course ;)21:39
onoderahowever I can verify here on irc that that's indeed me. For how much that's thrust worthy, lol21:40
teK_IRC == it has to be true21:40
onoderaI know I've made that mistake before :x21:41
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teK_sure you want to go with a 3.3 branch?21:46
onoderawhat reason is there not to?21:47
teK_I have to update things manually in the portdb each release?21:47
teK_this does not scale21:47
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onoderateK_: ah that's true yes, I'll try going to "master" with 3.4 then21:57
onoderaI thought is doing the same with repos, so lets do the same21:57
teK_you are right21:57
teK_I was just referring to that feature in #-dev21:57
teK_it's late for :>21:58
teK_then stick with the branches if you like21:58
teK_z3bra: I updated your repo to point to 3.2.. it had 3.1 in the URL, there's no 3.322:00
teK_this IS kinda messy ;)22:00
teK_(this = all)22:00
john_cephalopodaIs there a way to list all packages that are installed but not present in the /usr/ports directory?22:02
teK_my homegrown 'pkg' util can do it ootb, not sure about prt-get. ports can't22:04
jaegerprtorphan, perhaps?22:05
teK_true :-)22:06
john_cephalopodaOh, thanks.22:10
john_cephalopodaI got some packages to contribute. assimp, obs, some others.22:12
john_cephalopodaHow can I contribute them? Should I write a mail with attached Pkgfiles?22:13
teK_create a repo, follow the port guidelines, maintain it for a while, report it to contrib-admin@crux.nu22:13
john_cephalopodaI think, I'll push it to 6c37 instead. That's easier than running a repo of 4 or 5 packages for an extended period of time.22:16
teK_another maintainer for that repo?22:16
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onoderaapperantly there is a language called crux22:18
john_cephalopodateK_: I am on github daily, so it's perfect. I tend to forget the official crux bugtracker.22:18
teK_it's fine. I believe this is the only non  official repo with multiple maintainers22:19
john_cephalopodaHmm, actually I might wait until 3.3 is released.22:21
onoderayeah I understand crux not using github, but if you use it for everything it's really nice and consistent22:21
onoderafor example (for me) contributing to something like void linux (which uses github for literally eveything, maybe a bit too much) by simply creating a pull request than to contribute to something like alpine22:22
onoderawhere I needed to learn a few git new git commands, learn how I could send a patch by mail most efficiently, etc.22:23
onoderajust_fun: eh I think 3.3 has been released22:23
onodera* john_cephalopoda22:23
john_cephalopodaOh, cool.22:23
john_cephalopodaI didn't notice :D22:24
john_cephalopodaNow, where have I put my USB drive...22:27
crash_ACTION gives john_cephalopoda a usb stick :)22:28
john_cephalopodaI just found a big pack of Toffifee22:29
john_cephalopodaI should look for my USB drives more often... ;)22:30
onoderaalmost 4000 ports on the db :o22:36
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teK_wanna have >4000?22:41
teK_onodera: your -git reop has the same key as the original one22:46
teK_on purpose?22:46
teK_no. wait.22:46
john_cephalopodaThe crux iso should switch to a better signing algorithm.22:54
john_cephalopodaSince the packages are now leaving md5, the iso should, too, imo.22:55
teK_we planned to do that, iirc22:56
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TheCephalopodnano is broken in the 3.3 live iso.23:46
TheCephalopodJust as it was in 3.223:47
TheCephalopodlibmagic is missing.23:47
ryu0NotSoMagical now is it?23:51
TheCephalopodDo I have to update the package sources by hand?23:59

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