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ryu0no idea. perhaps you could just use vim for now.00:00
TheCephalopodNo, I rebooted already, so I got nano00:00
TheCephalopodThe question is, if there is some tool to bump the version for the port dir00:01
teK_sed can do it, if you dont have a working editor00:03
teK_like sed -i 's/^version=.*/version=' Pkgfile00:04
teK_if that's what you were after00:04
TheCephalopodNo, I meant it differently.00:04
TheCephalopodBut doesn't matter any more.00:05
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john_cephalopodaOkay, update is done.00:46
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brian|lfshey all02:09
brian|lfsjaeger, you ever add the patch to Kodi I had to add to mine02:11
jaegerno, I just updated kodi to v 17 or whatever. I had to replace my HTPC, though, so need to do it again02:14
brian|lfsoh ok so 17 is out02:17
brian|lfscan you push kodi 17 to your repo02:20
brian|lfsI just moved your repo and apperantly it is on 16 still lol02:20
brian|lfsI"m trying to clean up my repos don't want duplicates if I can avoid them02:20
jaegerI just got my new HTPC box today and installed CRUX 3.3 on it, so should get a chance to build and test kodi 17 soon02:22
jaegerwill push it as soon as I'm happy it's working well02:22
brian|lfsok makes more sense now I was jumping the gun02:25
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brian|lfswhat do y ou use for an HPTC box?02:26
rmullI installed kodi (using libreelec) on a rpi2 but I didn't realize I wasn't going to be able to use netflix02:26
rmullWhat's the workaround for that? Use an x86 platform instead?02:26
brian|lfscool kodi does netflix?02:27
rmullno, not really - you have to use what basically amounts to a browser02:27
rmullIt's not quite a native kodi app02:27
jaegerI use chrome for that, yeah02:27
jaegerbrian|lfs: intel nuc02:27
rmullI guess I should get one of those02:28
jaegerI had a haswell i5 nuc and replaced it with a baby canyon i302:28
jaegerthe new i3 is faster and also has 4 cores, heh02:28
rmullAre the NUCs fanless?02:31
jaegerI think most are, not sure if all are02:31
rmullOkay, nice02:32
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jaegerrmull: I think you can use the libraries from a chromebook I believe04:08
jaegerthe DRM stuff, widevine or whatever04:08
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frinnstI bought a NUC for my dad a few years ago. im pretty sure it has a fan08:36
frinnstwasnt a powerhouse either08:36
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frinnstACTION is installing software that runs on mongodb & nodejs11:38
frinnst flashbacks11:39
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: util-linux: update to 2.29.211:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: unbound: update to 1.6.112:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nano: update to 2.7.512:12
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just_funpage needs javascript enabled ... no comments14:14
just_funmaybe is a security feature, to keep out the 'hackers' browsing without js14:16
rmullYeah, those "blogger" pages are absurd14:17
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john_cephalopodai3bar wants pulseaudio O_o15:58
frinnstrm -r i3bar15:58
john_cephalopodaWell, not i3bar, but i3status, which prints status to the bar.16:02
john_cephalopodaI just replaced i3status in the config with "while true; do echo "$(date +'%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')" ; sleep 5; done"16:02
john_cephalopodaNow I got a clock and I am happy :þ16:02
frinnstfucking brilliant16:11
john_cephalopoda [music]16:13
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jaegerI like i3blocks16:30
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u0_a130im messing with my new crux 3.3 for a week now17:07
u0_a130i saw that LFS 8.0 rc1 allmost use the same toolchain versions17:09
u0_a130they add fstack-prtection to glibc, im thinking to try rebuild toolchain17:10
u0_a130something like gentoo harden flags in pkgadd and then change Pkgfile where such flags should not be applyed17:12
frinnstwe feel that its up to the individual user to specify various flags17:16
u0_a130Im taking note of what im doing will share asap i have the system wirking maybe usefull to copy to crux wiki17:18
u0_a130frinst do i need to patch binutils to take advantage of grsecurity ?17:19
john_cephalopodaCrux after every update: having at least 4 terminals open in which stuff compiles :þ17:26
pedjawhy 4 terminals?17:27
pedjafire up 'prt-get sysup' and get some coffee :)17:28
pedjaor lunch, dinner, and good night sleep, if it's FF,qt, or llvm update17:29
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john_cephalopodapedja: Don't forget chromium.17:41
john_cephalopodapedja: Problem is, that some builds fail.17:41
john_cephalopodaAnd when I run prt-get sysup, the reason why they fail is lost in the logs.17:42
john_cephalopodaLike, there are no logs of what is lost.17:43
pedjayou get the results when sysup finishes, which port built, which failed.17:44
pedjayou might want to try yapo.17:44
just_funor prt-get sysup|tee log17:45
pedjaI always misspell that 'tea'17:45
pedjasetting 'tea' as an alias for 'tee' might be a good idea17:46
abenzhi otwieracz18:07
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crash_xfce port removed?18:28
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juejohn_cephalopoda: guess you missed the log options of prt-get.conf?19:01
john_cephalopodajue: I usually don't need to log because things update. I should look at those options before upgrading to 3.4 ;)19:02
juewell, set 'logmode overwrite' and 'rmlog_on_success yes' and you are done ;)19:04
jueand something like 'logfile /var/log/pkgbuild/%n.log' oc19:05
just_funreal men use one terminal with a very long scroll buffer and with a search feature19:15
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: pkgutils: updated to 5.40.119:31
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just_funyapo is nice20:10
just_fun10x jue20:10
crash_jue: i'm trying to install i3 from your repo, but i got errors about sifnify mismatch something.20:32
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juecrash_: do you have in /etc/ports/ ?21:49
juejust_fun: thanks, glad to hear you like it21:53
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jaegerbrian|lfs: updated kodi22:15
jaegerrmull: this is what I was thinking of -
jaegerI haven't tried it, myself22:16
crash_jue: nope, but i disabled signify in pkgmk and then it worked and then i renabled it again, took the easy way this time.22:16
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otwieraczWhat about python3 in CRUX?22:37
yui^^what about it? seems to work fine...?22:41
onoderaotwieracz: works fine22:41
onoderajust not as the main python22:41
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rmulljaeger: Hah, well, I just bought the NUC, so I'll glance over this but it'll probably be a little easire on x8623:26
rmullThanks for the link23:26
pedja"Did you mean -Wno-strict-prototypes?".Well, yes, gcc, I did, thank you.23:27
abenzhey guys23:27
abenzI asked this before23:27
abenzfor / in crux, one doesn't need more than 20G for a typical use, right?23:28
pedjamy / is 2Gb :)23:28
abenzI'm currently using 11G23:28
just_funme too (11G)23:29
just_fun4 years I had a 16GB stick for my root23:29
just_fundebian, arch23:29
jaegerrmull: no problem :)23:30
jaegerrmull: on my i3-7100u nuc the audio doesn't seem to work over HDMI currently, though I assume that'll get sorted out with some future kernel23:31
jaegerI have a USB DAC/amp to use in the meantime anyway23:31
pedjathis is interesting
abenzjust_fun: USB stick for root? daily use?23:34
abenzjust_fun: fun!23:34

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