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brian|lfsteK_, you look at my ports again00:03
otwieraczIs contrib/wxpython compiling for you?00:13
otwieraczCould you please try?00:14
brian|lfsI'll try00:29
brian|lfschecking for GST... configure: WARNING: GStreamer 0.8/0.10 not available.00:34
brian|lfsconfigure: error: GStreamer not available00:34
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otwieraczOK, same ere.00:34
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timcowchipfrinnst, I submitted a bug
timcowchipthe affected package, lumina, has been patched to allow it to build without libxcb-xinput.so01:21
timcowchipsomeone can close the bug now01:22
timcowchipI would if I knew how01:22
timcowchipsorry about calling you a socialist, but you are from Sweden and us know-nothings here in the US think everyone in Sweden is a socialist01:24
timcowchipI'm a registered democrat, myself.01:31
timcowchipvoted for Obama twice01:32
timcowchipbut this last time I voted for Trump01:32
timcowchipHilary just seemed too evil01:32
joacimso you chose evil instead of evil01:33
joacimgood job01:33
timcowchipTrump's a lot of politically incorrect things, but he's not evil01:34
joacimjohn mcafee would've been a better choice01:34
timcowchipTrump never killed his nextdoor neighbor01:35
joacimmany rulers have01:38
timcowchipHillary's had someone killed while he was in prison01:40
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timcowchipJames Keziah Delaney for president01:42
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timcowchipgotta go listen to Rush Limbaugh now01:44
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brian|lfshey jaeger05:00
brian|lfsor Romster or any one around05:01
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jaegerI'm here-ish05:08
brian|lfsah ok I'm waitng for someone to look at my ports again and hopefully add my repo th the database05:10
jaegerI think teK_ is in charge of that these days05:10
brian|lfsmiddle of the week I spoke with teK_ and did what he susgested and replied05:10
jaegermake sure you've got a clean prtverify run on it05:10
brian|lfsok how do I do that05:11
brian|lfsgo into the folder and do prtverify05:11
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jaegerprtverify *05:11
brian|lfscool what I I figured05:12
brian|lfsit don't like my e-mail address? whats wrong with @gmail.com05:12
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jaegerit expects to be in the "user at domain dot tld" format05:14
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brian|lfsjaeger, am I missing something its telling me my synergy is missing05:36
brian|lfslocal/synergy ............ header not found: Description05:36
brian|lfsERROR  local/synergy ............ header not found: Maintainer05:36
brian|lfsERROR  local/synergy ............ header not found: URL05:36
brian|lfsand its here hence my paste
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brian|lfsugh installin fftw and its installing GCC 5.4 as a sep07:23
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brian|lfsand thing of it is I just need a header file from it for pulseaudio 3207:23
marakuoh right, gcc-fortran's still on 5.4.007:40
brian|lfsdo  you know if anyone has gcc-fortran it failed compiling on me07:41
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jaegerbrian|lfs: like it says, those headers are missing from Pkgfile07:43
jaegeryou only have the depends header07:43
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timcowchipjaeger, the rest of his header is below the depends line in his paste07:45
timcowchipkind of looks cool that way :)07:45
jaegerit looks pretty odd and you're missing the hashes07:46
timcowchipbut I guess the header lines need to be commented out07:46
timcowchipyou said it before I could07:47
brian|lfsok even my wgetpaste is lying or I'm over tired jager lol07:54
brian|lfsI'll eventually check if gcc-fortrain ever compiles07:55
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brian|lfsany idea about gcc-fortran got the same error twice now
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cippp1brian|lfs: build for your gcc, 6.3.0 if you have it10:50
cippp1i did it few monts ag, i dont find Pkgfile now10:50
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cippp1but dont was for crux 3, anyway i think will work10:52
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cippp1patches was from here,
cippp1i used to build a custom gcc , i dont know if need it10:54
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pedjainteresting comment in 'Munich dumps Linux for Windows' thread on LWN14:03
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pedja'distributions that don't use pulseaudio and systemd can't teach the users modern Linux technologies.'14:04
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otwieraczYou might be interested in and
onoderapedja: modern is a buzzword14:07
onoderaI never take articles that use it seriously14:08
just_funI don't think systemd has something modern in it14:08
just_funpulseaudio has bluetooth headset support14:08
just_funwhich is modern14:08
onoderasomehow systemd is modern, but openrc or runit isn't14:08
just_funthe only modern thing I see in systemd is integration of current technology and defaults changing14:09
pedjaonodera, that comment was a reply to someone fearing that Linux is becoming appliance-like.14:10
pedjae.g no user serviceable parts inside14:11
pedjaI always confuse e.g. and i.e.Maybe I should stop using them.14:13
john_cephalopodae.g. means "for example", i.e. means "this means".14:15
pedjayeah, yeah :)
john_cephalopoda"You can use a package manager, e.g. prt-get." ----- "A package manager, i.e. a program that manages and updates installed programs, is present in practically every linux distro."14:16
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pedjamy English teacher, wherever she is now, is disappointed, I just know it.14:18
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just_funis there a diff/patch alternative that replaces "patterns" with text?15:21
just_funnot just text with text15:22
just_funlike patch does15:22
rmullCan you give an example?15:32
just_funif I wan't to generate a patch for a Pkgfile15:32
just_funfor example, replace version=XXXXX15:33
just_funwith version=YYYYY15:33
just_funand I want the patch to work the the XXXXXX changes15:33
just_funlet me give you a complete example...15:34
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rmullSo you're replacing a pattern (of text) with some other text? Why not sed?15:39
just_funI guess from the same reason we use patches instead of sed scripts/expressions15:40
just_funI would used sed, but I was thinking maybe is a better way15:41
just_funand I think I've read somewhere15:41
just_funor maybe I was dreaming15:41
rmullYou could use an environment variable, maybe?15:43
just_funThere are more things to patch in a Pkgfile, even comments15:45
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john_cephalopodaAny recommendation for a file manager in the official or 6c37 repo?16:03
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koripcmanfm probably16:08
koriwow I didnt realize 6c37 is the only signed repo other than the official ones16:08
just_funromster too16:08
jaegerthat number will increase over time16:08
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john_cephalopodakori: pcmanfm isn't in the repos.16:13
john_cephalopodaThe only repo that has pcmanfm is "nogagplz"16:13
koriyes, nogagplz packaged it16:13
john_cephalopodaI thought I installed it on my laptop from an official repo.16:14
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fredmorcosis there a recommended way to manage local Pkgfile modifications?16:38
john_cephalopodafredmorcos: Yes, you can add the modified packages to a folder and use that folder as first-choice repo.16:58
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pedjathis is so cool :)
pedjathat sound brings up memories17:16
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just_fun@fredmorcos, @john_cephalopoda The problem with the local copy of a port is that you have the responsability to keep it updated.17:49
just_funthis is why I've made this:
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just_funrmull: this is why I've needed something to patch a Pkgfile, nicer than what I did17:52
druid_droidSome one here using grsecurity in crux ?17:53
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just_funit was a discusion yesterday about grsec17:55
just_funin this channel17:56
druid_droidI'm just missing what is blocking libdrm/mesa3d access to /dev/dri/cardX17:56
druid_droidI will look at logs just_fun17:56
just_funnot sure how helpful are the logs, but better than nothing17:57
druid_droid:( don't find nothing from yesterday, just me talking about ...17:59
druid_droidok, I will push stuff so is easy for people to helpe me (maybe)18:00
just_funah, you were u0_a130 ...18:02
druid_droidyes, I was at android ;)18:06
druid_droidnot mine ...18:06
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phi_hey you can use the git driver to managing minor modifications to Pkgfiles without duplicating them18:24
just_funmore info please :D18:24
phi_you just need to change one line in /etc/ports/drivers/git18:25
druid_droidphi_: humm :D yes just_fun more :)18:25
phi_git reset -q --hard origin/$BRANCH to git rebase origin/$BRANCH18:25
druid_droidahh yes,18:25
phi_I've done this for core,opt,contrib18:25
just_funI didn't think use core with git18:26
phi_you make modifications, then commit them, and each time ports -u will replay your patches18:26
druid_droidawesome tip phi_18:26
just_fun10 points18:26
druid_droidI'm changing core/opt/contrib becouse I change flags in /etc/pkgmk.conf18:27
phi_make sure to remove .signature files before you commit18:27
just_funI knew it was a catch :D18:28
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druid_droidI don't have finish to implement "git ports", I have local mirrors and port -u will help maintaining local repos updated18:31
druid_droidI discover upstream read only mirror feature on gitolite :) I have gitweb becouse it helps me ...18:32
just_funphi_: 100 more points for the git hint18:38
phi_thanks, glad it helped18:38
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just_funno more timeouts from rsync driver18:43
druid_droid:( can some one tell me how I share a gitub link to a branch, since I only have dillo working and visiting github I only can get master branch18:46
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druid_droidI have pushed what I have been doing to branch r-0.3.1 I wold like to share here to ask for help and so on...18:47
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druid_droidwell is this repo and branch is r-0.3.1, hardening is at core/hardening.html19:00
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druid_droidx) so easy... thanks onodera19:34
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druid_droid:( keep getting error libGL error: MESA-LOADER: failed to retrieve device information20:52
druid_droidand some more lines about that and about intel flush, I'm in the group video, so it must be related to grsec, I have disable most of the things I can via sysctl,20:53
druid_droidwhen I run gradm in learn mode it also fails to run glxgears under "normal user"20:54
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druid_droiduff at least I'm getting errors now, I think is related to un/badconfigured gradm stuff21:03
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chinarulezzzHi all.21:06
chinarulezzzsomeone is using the infinality patches?21:07
druid_droidchinarulezzz: I was thinking about that but I installed otf-sourcecode21:08
druid_droidfrom 6c37 collection and configured st to usit, I never get it 100% right (border and other21:08
chinarulezzzin the terminal I use terminus-font, there is no need font rendering.21:13
john_cephalopodaI don't even know which font I use in terminal. Hexchat uses unifont.21:21
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pedjachinarulezzz, I did, until freetype-2.7.21:38
chinarulezzzawesome! did you patched Pkgfile?21:42
crash_does -mtune do much or should i just go with -native on -march?21:43
chinarulezzzcan share the result?21:43
pedjachinarulezzz, freetype-2.7 has a variant of infinality 'engine' as default now.just use the quality port and enjoy :)21:44
pedjaI use Adobe Source Pro Sans and Code.21:45
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pedjainfinality is just not worth the trouble anymore, imho21:46
pedjaand it broke LibreOffice font rendering at one point21:47
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chinarulezzzok, I'll try.21:51
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pedjachinarulezzz, and if you still want to use infinality, check out 6c37 repo, they have the ports for it, iirc.21:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: freetype: updated to 2.7.122:23
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