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vLKQuick question. Rather than overwriting CFLAGS with pkgmk. Merely adding -march=haswell, how would I do this?05:25
vLKId rather preserve each packages original CFLAGS.05:26
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timcowchipmy ports are gone :(06:56
timcowchipthey're not gone really they are at just not published at
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brian|lfshhey all07:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] screen: update to 4.5.110:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dovecot: update to 2.2.2810:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mutt: update to 1.8.010:51
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: curl: update to 7.53.110:54
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: kmodl: update to 2410:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: monit: update to 5.20.010:56
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: pciutils: update to 3.5.411:26
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otwieraczI've got my own repository in /usr/ports/otwieracz with password-store in version 1.6.5-3.11:49
otwieraczAnd prt-get sysup just taken password-store-1.6.5-2 from /usr/ports/contrib :(11:49
frinnstbecause you've placed your repository below contrib in prt-get.conf11:50
frinnstbtw, I maintain contrib/password-store. What's different in your version?11:51
otwieraczfrinnst: I've included "passmenu" in build.11:51
frinnstah, interesting11:52
chinarulezzzi've got my own repo too (with dmenu that is oldest than contrib version)11:54
chinarulezzzports -d shows that:11:54
chinarulezzzCollection  Name                  Port          Installed11:54
chinarulezzzcontrib     dmenu                 4.6-1         4.5-111:54
chinarulezzzmy repo is indicated as first in prt-get.conf11:55
chinarulezzzand prt-get sysup doesn't update dmenu.11:55
chinarulezzzprt-get sysup --prefer-higher --test11:55
chinarulezzzSystem is up to date11:55
otwieraczbecause your repo is first11:55
otwieracz### prefer higher versions in sysup / diff11:56
otwieracz# preferhigher no      # (yes|no)11:56
otwieraczin /etc/prt-get.conf11:56
chinarulezzz--prefer-higher options doesn't work, if not changed "preferhigher yes" in prt-get.conf?11:57
otwieraczAh, you've passed prefer-higher.11:58
otwieraczSo I have no idea.11:58
just_funchinarulezzz, are you sure is not locked in prt-get?11:58
chinarulezzz# grep preferhigher /etc/prt-get.conf11:59
chinarulezzz# preferhigher no      # (yes|no)11:59
chinarulezzzis commented11:59
otwieraczchinarulezzz: prt-get listlocked12:00
chinarulezzzFailed to open lock data file12:00
just_funprt-get info -vv dmenu12:00
just_funIsn't /home/crux/ports above contrib in prt-get.conf?12:02
chinarulezzz/home/crux/ports is first prtdir, indicated in prt-get.conf12:03
chinarulezzzabove contrib, xorg, opt, core12:03
just_fun        --prefer-higher12:06
just_fun              Make  prt-get  parse  the  version strings and prefer the higher12:06
just_fun              version, even if the one found in the ports tree is lower.  Will12:06
just_fun              influence diff, quickdiff and sysup.12:06
just_funThe prtdir order is important to pick the right port12:06
just_funin this case yours (not contrib)12:06
just_fun--prefer-higher it will only change what will do if you sysup (your port)12:07
just_funI wasn't clear,12:08
just_funprt-get won't look in contrib if yours is above12:08
just_funregardless prefer-higher option12:08
just_funthat option will only affect something if your port changes versions12:09
just_funnot sure if I was clear this time12:10
just_funpreer-higher is between what version is installed and what version has your port12:10
just_funcontrib is ignored in this case12:11
just_funand you have  4.5-1 installed12:11
just_funand your port has 4.5-112:11
just_funnothing to upgrade12:11
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chinarulezzzthank you very much for explanation, I understand.12:17
just_funand I hope is the right answer :D12:18
chinarulezzzoh, f*ck :D12:18
chinarulezzzi just get it.12:19
chinarulezzzalso, I have some git-version packages, and by prt-get update -fr -- package building from old distrib dir.12:23
chinarulezzzwhat are the ways to remove & update dist directory?12:24
chinarulezzzexcept manually, of course.12:24
just_funwell, don't look at me; I don't know this answer12:26
chinarulezzzyou helped me a lot)12:26
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chinarulezzzjaeger: flash-player-plugin need version update, the source is no longer available.12:51
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chinarulezzz24.0.0.221 for the moment.12:51
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deep42thoughtHi, is there a specific reason to compile the kernel from within the install-medium-system? Won't the 'old' kernel work anymore?13:01
deep42thoughtI'm talking about upgrade from 3.2 to 3.313:01
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just_funDoes anybody looks at suse build scripts when doing adding ports?13:10
just_funThese are simple (once you ignore the boilerplate) and have helpful info inside13:11
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fredmorcoswhat would be the downsides of hosting the ports tree in a git repo instead of rsync/httpup?14:02
fredmorcoswith git it would be easy to have local branches, rebasing, and making patches14:03
frinnstdeep42thought: are you upgrading? 3.3 will work fine even if you still use the kernel from the 3.2 iso14:07
deep42thoughtfrinnst: yes, I'm going to (just waiting for my backups to finish) - so I can run my 4.10.1-kernel which I compiled with the current toolchain. Good :-)14:09
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deep42thoughtI was just confused, because the wiki says, you should compile the kernel when upgrading to 3.314:10
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john_cephalopodafredmorcos: I think it was something about size. A git repo keeps all old revisions, which lets the repo grow fast.14:31
pedjagit tracks content *changes*, long as you don't commit binary stuff into it, repo won't grow that much.14:39
deep42thoughtFYI: the linux kernel has 1,6G source in .git and 1,1G source checked out (in my local clone)14:40
pedjaunix history repo is ~2Gb14:40
deep42thoughtso it's like 50% additionally14:40
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deep42thoughtbut I'm not sure, you can compare the kernel to a ports tree14:40
deep42thoughtversion numbers often change and there might be many files in the kernel which seldom change or even better: which have identical content!14:41
pedjamy virt repo is 12Mb, 11 of which is .git :)14:43
pedjaI should clean that up, at some point, rewriting history in the process.14:46
pedjaor keep it as a remainder of bad git practices :)14:48
pedjato patch nvidia for 4.10, or to build 4.9.13, that is the question14:50
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tilmanpedja: has  'git gc' been mentioned yet?15:19
pedjano :)15:19
tilmantry 'git gc'15:20
pedjait won't help with tarballs in history :)15:22
deep42thoughtrebase against tarballess history, then ;-)15:23
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pedjaI did something similar with one of the repos that had OS tar file commited along with the Dockerfile.15:32
pedjait went from ~120Mb in size to 20kb :)15:33
pedja.gitignore ftw15:34
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phi_Romster: I've reported a bug fix about some python ports, please take a look at FS#1380 when you have time.16:05
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pedja189€ MSRP?sign me up.18:04
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abenzthat a worldwide release? or chinese market only like the previous one?18:59
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timcowchipany reason I can't assign a bug to myself?19:30
timcowchipother than the fact taht I have no access to the core, opt or xorg repos19:31
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joacimnot sure what you're trying to do19:33
timcowchipthis is an easy fix19:34
timcowchipits in xorg though19:35
timcowchipfor awhile I had my own fork og xorg-libxcb19:36
joacimi dont see why you want to assign it to yourself. you're not the maintainer19:36
timcowchipthen lumina got patched to build without libxcb-xinput.so19:37
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timcowchipI guess if I was a contrib member I could "Fix bugs reported to the mailing list or to Flyspray."19:46
timcowchipprobably no chance of that ever happening19:46
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timcowchipI think I'm the most complained about user in this irc19:47
timcowchipdon't all disagree at once :D19:49
jaegerThe point of the maintainer is for that person to "maintain" the port19:49
jaegerwhich includes updates, bugfixes, etc.19:49
jaegerSo are you complaining that you're not the maintainer?19:49
timcowchipI read the "Fix bugs reported to the mailing list or to Flyspray." on the contrib rules page19:50
timcowchipand thought I could help by assigning bugs to myself that I might know how to fix19:51
jaegerEach port in contrib has a maintainer, though, someone who uses or created (in some cases) that port19:51
jaegerAh, I see19:51
jaegerSo if you fix something, send the maintainer a patch, or report it on flyspray19:52
joacimi'd report the fix to the maintainer then19:52
timcowchipok thanks jaeger :)19:52
jaegerAnd to avoid some confusion the Package field should be being removed from all ports over time19:52
jaegerer, Packager field19:52
joacimi just type in tilman in the maintainer field on my ports19:53
jaegerI'm sure he appreciates that. :P19:56
tsaophello gents19:56
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timcowchipwhen asking to join contrib, I notice people include the ports they would like to maintain20:14
timcowchipdo these have to be new ports?20:15
jaegerIn general they're new ports. If a port is already actively maintained it'd be rude to take it away from someone... but if a port you want to maintained has been orphaned it's fair game20:16
timcowchipI was thinking of conky-1.10.620:17
timcowchipits a different package than the one in opt20:19
timcowchipmore like a conky-lua20:19
deep42thoughtwell, conky switched to lua at some point IIRC20:21
timcowchipat 1.10, I think20:21
deep42thoughtI would not call conky-1.10 a different package than conky-1.9.x20:22
timcowchipthe one in opt is before the switch20:23
deep42thoughtso it's just outdated20:23
timcowchipbut the old 1.9 conkyrc's won't work with an update20:24
deep42thoughtthey will, IIRC, - it's then running in legacy mode20:25
deep42thought(at least, my conky warns about an outdated config file)20:25
timcowchipthen it doesn't work, right?20:25
deep42thoughtwell, what do you mean by "it"20:25
deep42thoughtit works20:26
deep42thoughtbut it does not use lua20:26
timcowchipit warns, tries to convert then fails20:26
deep42thoughtmine doesn't20:26
deep42thoughtmaybe I did some change to the .conkyrc, though20:26
deep42thoughthave a look20:27
timcowchipyes that old syntax20:27
deep42thoughtand it works20:27
deep42thoughtwith irc20:28
brian|lfshey all teK_ you around20:28
timcowchipok then20:28
timcowchipguess I20:28
timcowchipI'll ask to maintain something else20:29
timcowchip an example of the new syntax20:32
deep42thoughtI know, I just wasn't sure, that the other one is plain old syntax - I thought, maybe I removed some lines or so ...20:33
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joacimsounds to me like it will work, but it'll throw out a warning20:42
joacimoh no20:42
joacimwas scrolled way up when i typed that. i guess what i replied to isnt even relevant anymore20:42
deep42thoughtso I'm not the only one making this mistake ...20:43
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timcowchipI have a lot of stuff in /usr/share/man as well as stuff in /usr/man21:47
timcowchipwhich one is the proper location for a port to use?21:48
deep42thought -> General21:50
timcowchipI see "--mandir=/usr/man \" in the dillo Pkgfile21:50
deep42thoughtwell, this is from contrib21:51
timcowchipand "MANPREFIX=/usr/share/man \" in the dmenu Pkgfile21:51
deep42thoughtI guess, it's still work in progress to move all man pages to /usr/share/man21:52
deep42thoughtbut someone correct me if I'm wrong21:52
timcowchipok thanks deep42thought21:52
deep42thoughtWhy is it necessary for "pkgmk -us", "pkgmk -uf", ... to have write permissions on the destination of the source files ("/usr/ports/distfiles", in my case)?21:58
deep42thoughtAm I missing something there?21:58
timcowchipsudo pkgmk -us?22:00
timcowchipthat's what I have to do22:01
deep42thoughtthis is a hack - why do I need to be root to generate a footprint or signature from the package22:01
timcowchipthe directory isn't writable by user?22:01
deep42thoughtnope, only if building packages, I need to write into it - that's done by another user22:02
timcowchipI don't build with another user22:03
deep42thoughtlike so:
timcowchipI probably should22:03
deep42thoughtyes, then you won't mess with your home22:04
deep42thought(e.g. latex does strange things)22:04
deep42thoughtand you won't mess with the system (in contrast to building as root)22:04
deep42thoughts/mess with/mess up/22:04
timcowchiphow does building with root {sudo} mess up your system?22:18
deep42thoughtif you pkgfile is not correct22:19
deep42thoughte.g. you misspelled $PKG somewhere22:19
deep42thoughthappens to me all the time22:19
joaciminstall scripts and Pkgfiles have full access to any part of your system as root22:19
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john_cephalopodaI always use fakeroot.23:10
john_cephalopodaAs joacim said, they can access anything with root. Very important when writing own ports, because a make install might ignore your parameters and just install to /.23:12
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