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timcowchip lumina-desktop02:00
helloIs there a list of ports installed by default?02:00
timcowchipyou can select opt and xorg during installation02:03
timcowchipthen you can enable contrib post installation02:03
timcowchipah, you're looking for the actual list of each ports collection02:04
helloI think I can see them here:
timcowchipalso at
chinarulezzzmplayer port place man pages into /usr/man02:08
chinarulezzzinstead of /usr/share/man02:08
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chinarulezzzalso cyrus-sasl02:10
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chinarulezzzhunspell too.02:21
helloI noticed that the prt-get user manual doesn't mention the "# Depends on: ..." comment that should be added to a port.02:22
helloIs there anywhere I can find out more information about creating ports to be used by prt-get?02:23
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emmett1hello, crux wiki02:27
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timcowchiphello: prt-get depinst installs the dependencies for each port02:42
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timcowchip openbox08:48
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Romsterabenz> Romster / Workster are you still on your phenom ? <- yes so far i am09:37
john_cephalopodaThat's Phenom-enal! ;)09:38
abenzan 1800X would be quite the upgrade09:39
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pedja'container CPU usage: 210%'.wth, 'docker stats'?13:10
joacimtempted, but i have no case13:33
pedjahm.after 'prt-get sysup' in the container, old libs are still there, root:root, but with blank permissions.13:48
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jaegerpedja: 2.1 cores?14:52
pedjajaeger, yup :)14:53
pedjaor I am not reading it right14:54
pedjalibkmod-so.2.3.1, mtime January 1 197015:01
pedjasame thing happens with several containers, as soon I update kmod, ldconfig starts to complain.15:02
pedjaI'll build docker-17.03.0, to see if it's a bug in Docker, or it just really, really doesn't like JFS :)15:04
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: tzdata: update to 2017a15:46
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Pickezhow come there is no plasma 5 port on crux?16:34
xeirrryes no plams 5.16:37
Pickezis it possible to package plasma 5?16:44
xeirrryou can try :)16:45
Pickezok i'll try16:49
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otwieraczz3bra: please update v4l-utils to 1.12.3 - seems like it's compiling just fine after version bump (modulo footprints, etc)17:19
otwieraczz3bra: please ping me when done if you can.17:20
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otwieraczz3bra: and it's creating /usr/share/locale17:59
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timcowchipports -u just failed20:47
druid_droidI'm not in a position to run ports -u :D20:55
druid_droidI'm rushing to have certbot, then git daemon server then ports -u20:56
druid_droidI lost time tryng acme-client from teaparty (it seems was the developer it self that made the port)20:57 can't be reached from my end20:57
druid_droidbecouse it requires libressl, I replace it then run revdep but I need to change dependencies in to much ports,20:58
druid_droid:) It seems is down then, I also don't have :)20:59
Romsterdamn it well there goes me looking into the bug reports this morning20:59
just_funDon't worry, romster, I've let you 2 pull requests on github21:00
druid_droidjust_fun: I need to start doing that and stop replicating work :(21:01
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Romsteri only use github as a secondary storage21:01
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just_funyou can use bitbucket as 3th21:05
dbrookeRomster: I've been using (an updated version of) your base-3.2 docker image to test that my ports include the necessary dependencies but now 3.3 is out I wondered if you had an updated image21:06
Romsteri do but i havne't pushed it and i've been waiting for jaeger to take over the crux official docker repo so i can rebase my image off that.21:08
jaegerI've got 3.3 update ISO building in place, docker image building automation is next on that list21:08
Romsterin the mean time i just imported the crux 3.3 iso into docker21:09
Romsterany idea why is down jaeger ?21:12
dbrookeOK, thanks both21:16
jaegerNot a clue21:16
jaegercharly timed out from IRC when cruxbot did so I assume it's bigger than just our server21:16
dbrookeit's back now21:18
druid_droidso nice to know that there is out there a crux server :)21:20
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otwieraczz3bra: I must be the most annoying user, huh? :)21:47
just_funAny change for a switch to X32 ABI?21:48
z3brano worries21:48
just_funThe only thing lost is that one process can't have more than 4GB memory21:50
z3braat least you report issues you find21:52
z3bramany people don't21:52
pedjajust_fun, what are the benefits of X32 ABI?22:00
pedjawith real workloads, not the synthetic benchmarks22:02
just_funI don't know. I didn't tried. :D22:02
just_funBut it looks cool :)22:02
pedjasystemd looks cool, too (just ask any Arch user :) )22:04
just_funno need to ask, I was one of them22:05
just_funlove it, hate it22:05
pedjait's so nice of them to volunteer as guinea pigs for switch to libglvnd :)22:05
just_funthat is just a library, not an init system22:06
just_funthey could try Hurd22:06
just_funto be more on the "bleeding" edge22:07
pedjayeah, 2017 is the year of the Hurd on the desktop22:07
just_funBut, regarding x32, Donald Knuth is with "us". Can't be like systemd.22:10
pedjaOnly Linus is never wrong.22:16
just_funAnd when he is, at least he accept patches.22:17
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timcowchipno more empty sources in my ports22:19
pedjaand prtverify no longer shouts at you?22:19
pedjagood job :)22:21
pedjajust_fun, since you asked 'any change for a switch to x32?', was there a previous discussion about that here?22:23
pedjaor on the FS22:23
just_funI've made a typo.22:23
just_funAny chance ...22:23
pedjawell, that changes everything :)22:24
z3braotwieracz, doesn't compile for me with this version22:26
z3bradoesn't compile22:29
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pedjaI had to add 'export CXXFLAGS=" -std=c++11 $CXXFLAGS"' before configure line so it compiles, iirc22:29
pedjayes, 1.12.3, sorry22:29
z3brayou're still using gcc 5.x ?22:29
z3braah, ok odd22:30
z3braI though g++ 6.3 defaulted to C++11 std22:30
pedjasome ports need it explicitly set22:31
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nullspoo1Quick question about creating a Pkgfile. I'm creating one that installs a file to a conflicting location (vncserver and vncviewer). Is there a header somewhat like "Depends On" that requires another package not be installed?22:34
just_funHow many votes do I have in a day on
pedjanullspoon, something like 'Conflicts'?not that I know of.22:35
just_funnullspoon, won't pkgadd scream at you?22:36
nullspoonBummer. I guess I'll just have to be responsible.  ;)22:36
nullspoonIt does22:36
nullspoonI was just wondering if there was an official way to set up a conflicts configuration.22:36
nullspoonWorst case, pkgadd blows up on the conflict and the user uninstalls another vnc software.22:37
pedjathere is, 'Don't do it' :)22:37
nullspoonI suppose though I could rename the binary to tigervncviewer22:37
nullspoonUgh. I think I got arthritis typing that just now.22:37
pedjawhat's the conflicting file?22:37
nullspoonThank Chet for autocomplete.  :)22:38
nullspoonIt conflicts with /usr/bin/vncviewer and /usr/bin/vncserver22:38
just_funnullspoon, you can have an alias, or a local ~/bin/ script22:38
nullspoonjust_fun: Not really worried about the pain of typing. I've already got a shell script that calls it. I am more trying to find the least painful way for end users to install the package, should they also have tightvnc installed.22:39
just_funand package one with a different name22:39
pedjaor install it in /usr/share/$name, and then symlink to /usr/bin/$name-suffix22:39
nullspoonStill conflicts though.22:39
nullspoonif you have tightvnc already installed, you already have /usr/bin/vncserver and vncviewer22:40
nullspoonThe symlink would need to overwrite what tightvnc installed.22:40
just_funI, for one, I like this loose dependency handling in Crux.22:40
z3brapedja, still doesn't compile22:40
nullspoonjust_fun: You and me both.22:40
nullspoonjust_fun: I'm coming from Gentoo where dependency use flag hell is a daily thing.22:41
just_funI'm glad that the plans with metadata in pkg didn't get it22:41
nullspoonI like the flexibility too. Ideally, a conflicts field would be non-blocking. It wouldn't stop you, but would warn you that you're installing a conflicting package.22:42
nullspoonGives the power for a nice friendly warning message, without mandating the user not do something they want to.22:42
just_funYes, but it will complicate ports.22:43
pedjaz3bra, 'Building '/usr/pkgmk/package/v4l-utils#1.12.3-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.'22:43
just_funNext will be versions specs22:43
nullspoonJust one extra field I think.22:43
just_funWhich will be another one :)22:44
nullspoonUgh. Version specs.22:44
nullspoonIt hurts us.22:44
nullspoon(Gollem for you lord of the rings fans out there)22:44
nullspoonI promise we don't have multiple personalities.22:44
pedjaGolem is from the different fairy tale :)22:45
nullspoonOops. You're right. Haven't read the books in a while evidently.22:45
pedjathere are a couple of movies based on the books, i hear they are good22:46
z3brapedja, 'Building '/usr/build/v4l-utils#1.6.0-2.pkg.tar.bz2' failed.'22:47
pedjapro tip: Avoid Hobbit movies, they are boring as hell.22:47
z3braoh, wait22:47
z3brawhat's that version?22:47
nullspoonpedja: I've seen all the LOTR movies. As well as the first hobbit movie. Oops.22:48
z3brain the line I pasted22:48
just_funnullspoon, did you tried with a pre-install script? Is it called before pkgadd when the package is installed with prt-get?22:48
z3bra(wrong log I guess)22:48
nullspoonjust_fun: You mean to catch an already installed instance and warn the user before install?22:48
nullspoonGood idea. I haven't used one of those yet in any of my ports. This'll be fun. I  be sure to put a version spec requirement in there as well. Just for you.  :)22:49
pedjamention it in the README, too22:49
z3bra/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lv4l222:49
z3brasound like an odd error22:49
z3bra"I can't link your lib because I don't find it"22:50
just_funnullspoon, thanks :)22:50
just_funit will give me a chance to fight it22:50
pedjaI'll take spec file over whatever the hell Debian/Ubuntu use any day of the week22:51
just_funpedja, of course, because here, we can ignore it :)22:52
z3braanyway, I need to upgrade to 3.3 before fixing all these ports22:52
pedjawith docker-17.03.0, I still get broken libraries with the Crux containers.wth is going on?22:54
just_fundrop docker22:55
just_funuse chroot22:55
pedjait's 2017 a.d., time to move on from bronze age tech22:59
pedjaj/k, chroot is cool23:00
timcowchip crux wallpaper23:08
pedjasoundtrack for that wallpaper is Queen's 'We will rock you' (The Knight's Tale main theme)23:13
pedjaShannyn Sossamon is the godess.23:15
pedjatypo there, but what else is new?23:16
pedjanobody here.I guess all the regulars are queuing outside the shops waiting to buy Ryzen.23:19
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