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brian|lfshey all00:28
jaegerdoes bitbucket even offer rsync service?00:48
jaegeranyway, that message is likely caused by the extra spaces in your .rsync file00:48
joacimlooks like some ryzen boards do funny things with iommu00:54
joacimwas hoping gpu passthrough would be easy00:55
timcowchipjaeger: didn't work either01:03
joacimmaybe wait until someone has the excellent idea of making a x370-ws board01:03
joacimi just use httpup on github01:03
joacimmight be slower, but it works01:03
joacimprobably fine for my handful of ports01:03
timcowchipok httpup it is01:03
timcowchipthanks joacim01:04
joacimyou're welcome01:04
joacimnot sure what i did tho01:04
joacimbut glad i could help =)01:04
jaegertimcowchip: probably because they don't offer rsync services01:04
jaegertimcowchip: however, github at least does work with httpup. No idea about bitbucket01:05
joacimhow does this even happen01:05
timcowchipbitbucket works with httpup01:05
jaegerjoacim: spotlight01:05
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joacimspotlight is indexing the landing page of a forum? =)01:08
joacimthis high cpu usage only happens on a few very specific sites tho01:09 can be nasty too01:09
jaegermaybe there's a lot of JS or something, I have no idea about the low level details01:09
joacimheh. disabled javascript and the whole site just became useless01:11
joacimdoesn't hog the cpu tho01:11
joacimthe threads themselves looks fine with javascript off, but cant really navigate their discourse forum01:13
jaegerspeaking of macs, not sure how to get xorg working on my macbookpro5,301:18
jaegerIt has a couple of older nvidia devices, 9400 and 9600, but I'm trying to use nouveau at the moment01:19
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jaegerno errors but X stops shortly after starting01:19
joacimhaven't done anything like  that since i had my 2006 macbook01:19
joacimthe one that would randomly shut down because apple thought it was smart to run the lead for the temperature sensor over one of the heatsinks01:20
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marakuRomster, could you 'mirror' source files?02:41
marakui see you have all of them tested, with the {opt,core,etc.}.list's02:42
just_fun ?02:42
marakuoh, thanks02:43
marakui was looking for sourcefiles, not dist files :)02:43
marakubut that does lead me to another point, using hash tables for the source url02:44
just_funwhat source files?02:45
marakua lot of the github releases are packaged as v${version}.tar.gz or ${version}.tar.gz, which is vague02:45
marakujust_fun, same thing, i just used a different term02:46
marakui thought source files because pkgmk has PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR02:47
just_funWith hashes, meaning, saving distfile $version.tar.gz to something like AB0192737...02:48
just_funpkgmk has to be changed a lot02:49
just_funthe name is used for signify too02:49
just_funin .signature02:49
just_funbut, currently I use the patch from #138402:51
just_funwith PKGMK_CREATE_DIRS="yes" and PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR="/usr/ports/src/$name"02:51
just_funmaraku: now I get your joke; must go back to sleep02:53
marakualrighty. thanks for showing me the patch, looks like exactly what i needed!02:55
Worksterlike this maraku
Worksterbut that is on my slow connection03:45
Worksterthat's just fall back if a file can't be found anymore.03:46 is faster?03:50
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Worksteri'm not the only mirror out there though03:56
Worksteryou could use the main one at that randomly picks a mirror03:56
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just_funWorkster: your mirror won't be the only one, but it comes with 24h support :)05:37
brian|lfswhats going on05:45
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pedjaI always forget to patch Freetype and enable subpixel-rendering.Damn you, MS, and your ClearType[tm] patents!10:25
pedjaand yes, it does make a difference (with the fonts I use, anyway)10:27
pedjafrinnst, if you are bored at work
pedjaquite a long read, but worth it, imho10:28
pedjaskipped the highly technical stuff, don't understand it.10:32
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pedjatl;dr seems to be: 'buy 1700, and enjoy'10:37
pedjabest price/performance.10:38
pedjait's funny that Intel slashed the prices few days before the Ryzen release :)10:38
pedja'look, everyone, we are NOT that much expensive'.yeah, right.10:39
pedjaI've been using Intel CPU's for more than a decade, but I think it's time to switch to the dark/red side, they have MORE COARS :)10:45
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pedja€ in .de, 1600€ in .rs (with customs+VAT added)11:12
frinnstthats just wrong11:13
pedjaI wonder what the going rate for (slightly used) kidney is these days...11:14
pedjaAMD CEO said that their CPU's work with Nvidia, too, so :)11:15
pedjaconfusing thing is that recommended OS for the motherboard is 64bit Win10.what's up with that?11:20
pedjaRyzen won't work with Windows 7?Not that I care, but, if true, it will be a nasty surprise for some people I know :)11:23
pedjatime to sell Linux to them?11:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: networkmanager: 1.0.10 -> 1.6.211:24
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druid_droidOMG created so much python3- ... ports to have certbot just to discover that will not work under my current grsec kernel configuration12:29
druid_droidI think I will reboot, setup, reboot, done ... :'(12:29
druid_droidwhat happen to crux, I will read IRC logs12:30
pedjacertboot? Let's Encrypt client?12:38
pedjaisn't certbot python-2.x only?12:44
rmullAren't there alternative clients out there?12:46
joacimpedja: i think some power management features only works in win10. on the windows side of things12:47
joacimbut im sure win7 will work fine12:48
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pedjafor various degrees of 'fine', I am sure :)12:55
joacimnot many talk about pci-e layout and iommu groups12:57
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pedjawith MS not-so-gentle push towards Windows 10, I am not surprised that Ryzen on the Win7 is 'unsupported'12:57
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pedjaanandtech prepares part 2 of their review, iirc12:59
pedjarelease was yesterday, so patience13:00
pedjaapparently, ryzen 7 1700 can compile QT in just under 5 min.damn.13:09
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pedjathis whole Ryzen hype is purely academic for me.By the time I can afford it, they will be on Gen2 or 3.13:21
pedjaI was never an early adopter, why start now.13:22
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pedjaryzen supports ECC after all?13:33
pedjaso it's up to m/b makers to step up13:34
crash_nice with ecc support13:49
pedjait would be pretty awesome if ECC support becomes mandatory for AM4 m/b14:00
joacimGAMER sells better than reliability =)14:06
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dlcusaNASA just made a whole lotta FOSS available at so if you're looking for the CRUX killer app to port, try that collection.14:36
just_fun4 more ports needed to reach 4K unique ports in CRUX14:39
dlcusaNot all at once, though...14:49
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john_cephalopodaRocket trajectory controller that has some obfuscated code, which causes the rocket to explode when launched from North Korea :þ14:52
dlcusaLiteral killer app, john_cephalopoda?14:53
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dlcusaWhat was the unique port count before the Great Purge of 3.3?15:09
just_funDon't know, but the number was smaller a couple of weeks ago. 3930..3960 if I remember correctly.15:11
dlcusaI counted 4551 in my archives but I don't think I have all collections in my inventory.15:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: postgresql: 9.6.1 -> 9.6.218:00
just_fungithub just flagged my account, making the repos private18:08
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frinnstflagged, why?18:36
tsaopapparently, networkmanager needs jansson as a dependency to build correctly18:37
tsaopor, in alternative, edit the Pkgfile and add --disable-json-validation to it18:37
frinnsttsaop: open a bug and assign it to alan. or email him directly18:39
tsaopfrinnst: got it18:40
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tilmanwhy would anyone voluntarily install that piece of shit software18:46
tsaopI install it just to compile networkmanager-qt and related plasma applets18:49
tsaopI simply use a bash init script to setup wifi18:49
joacimfrinnst: The C code was too graphic18:52
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chinarulezzzHi, teK_19:32
chinarulezzzin wireshark found a lot of CVE's.19:33
teK_just a sec19:33
chinarulezzzok, np19:33
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] wireshark: update to 2.2.4, fixes several CVEs, thanks chinarulezzz19:45
chinarulezzzthanks a lot.19:46
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timcowchiplow on operators today, only 320:48
joacimcan your isp do this!20:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: networkmanager: added missing dependency22:42
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brian|lfshey teK_ thank you just got home23:37
brian|lfstalk about good timing23:37
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