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ocmylifeMorning guys. 1st of all I'm new to Crux but I have experience with Gentoo, Arch and Debian. I could setup my crux Installation yesterday and today I was greeted with a nice plasma-shell. But one thing that annoys me, is that the plasma splash screen takes around 1 Min to display the plasma-desktop (on a nvme ssd with a i5 7200u). I couldn't find anything in06:55
ocmylifethe logs06:55
ocmylifeMaybe you have a clue, if the kf5-port has this problem in general, or if I could fix it and how.06:58
tilmando you know how to use strace? :]06:59
ocmylifeHey tilman. Haven't used it until now, but I will search for it. 😉07:03
tilmanthe idea would be to attach strace to the process that is hanging (it seems) and try to see what it's doing07:04
tilmanmaybe it's repeatedly trying to open some file which doesn't exist07:04
tilmanuntil it gives up eventually07:04
ocmylifeI have an error that he couldn't create the xauth file in the home directory. Wait a few secs07:05
ocmylifeIt's the serverauth that doesn't exist07:06
ocmylifeBut my Google search results, that the error isn't crucial07:08
tilmanls -ld /home/ocmylife07:08
tilmanis your home dir writable by you?07:08
tilmanbut X _does_ come up even with that error/warning, right?07:09
tilmanyou might have confused me a little here :p07:10
ocmylifeYep X comes Up, but as I said it takes too long07:10
tilmancould it be a missing dbus session or somesuch?07:10
ocmylifeMy xinitrc is ck-launch-session dbus-launch startkde07:11
ocmylifeAnd dbus is also in the rc.conf07:12
ocmylifeAnd I have no error while booting, that dbus errors out07:13
ocmylifeIs the maintainer tsaop also active here?07:14
tilmanyes he is07:15
tilmanbut i don't know what timezone he's in07:15
tilmanwhen you installed these ports, did you let prt-get run the pre/post-install scripts?07:16
ocmylifeI don't have the delay with openbox.07:16
tilman(these ports = kde/plasma stuff)07:16
ocmylifeI followed his guide step by step07:16
tilmani'm officially out of ideas then07:17
tilmandon't know kde at all :p07:17
tilmanbest wait for tsaop to show up07:17
ocmylifeMe too 😅07:17
ocmylifeBut really thanks for your help07:17
ocmylifeAnd I'm happy that I get all of it working in the first try. Was harder then Gentoo, cause I had no knowledge with crux, but if I could fix the plasma delay, I have nothing to complain07:21
ocmylifeI will learn how to use strace now. Maybe that will help07:22
tilmanyou should probably also set up a login manager07:22
tilmanstartx is icky :p07:22
ocmylifeI've installed sddm, and copied the sddm to /etc and configured it, but for now it doesn't work. I will have a look at the sddm.log file07:24
ocmylifeAb had to add a sddm user07:26
ocmylifeSddm is working now, but the problem remains07:27
tilmanoff to work :(07:29
just_funocmylife, just strace -p PID07:33
just_funon any pid you suspect07:33
ocmylifeSo as an example strace -p 2339 if 2339 is startkde07:37
marakuyou could even strace -p $(pgrep startkde). pgrep <process name> returns a matching pid07:58
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ocmylifexmessage was missing and I installed it, but the delay is not fixed. But I'm on it08:53
ocmylifexmessage wasn't necessary. So far I tried startkde, Networkmanager, kwin_x11, but they are all fine08:59
onoderaxorg-server now depends on xorg-font-util, but it is not in the depends on line09:06
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frinnstyes it is09:23
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srandon1213hello all cruxers09:27
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ocmylife@tilman: Without the splashscreen it boots really fast into plasma-desktop 👍10:14
frinnstsddm looks nice10:24
frinnsttoo bad it seems to depend on upower10:24
ryu0I found this interesting hardware:
ryu0and their site:
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pedjaupower is optional for sddm.PAM seems to be mandatory, though10:45
pedjastartx ftw10:49
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frinnst.. aaaand shutting down my trusty old 2600k for the final time11:58
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abenzcongrats frinnst12:19
abenzgoodies arrived then?12:19
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frinnstyep and up and running too12:53
abenzwhat kernel are you running?12:53
frinnstdidnt have any time during lunch other than to build it together and boot it12:53
abenzI heard there were zen related patches on 4.1012:54
frinnstI downloaded and built a generic 4.11-rc1 kernel this morning12:54
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abenzfrinnst: on your CPU, where does it say "Diffused in..." Made in..."13:08
abenzfrom my understanding they will source the chips from a few foundries13:08
jaegerfrinnst: I think you may need more SATA devices13:09
frinnst4x3tb for pr0n13:09
frinnst1 dc3500 for /, one 540s for wintendo and one old x25 for work-vm13:10
frinnstand a trusty old dvdrw :D13:10
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abenzwho was it that was all SSD?13:15
abenzyou jaeger ?13:15
joacimi think that describes my use of windows13:15
joacimit's just a steam console at this point13:15
joacimfrinnst: you need some de_dust13:16
frinnsti like having a windows drive/partition for games. I dont want to soil my crux installation with all those nasty steam deps13:16
frinnst360 noscope!13:17
joacimi want to try out steam, but don't want any of those -32 deps13:17
joacimnow i notice the dust on my own monitor...13:17
frinnstyeah its an old crappy monitor. its usually connected to a rpi13:18
joacimdecided to get another u2515h. should be here tomorrow13:19
joacimbefore they go out of production and hard to find13:19
john_cephalopodaSteam is horrible. They are still using SSL.13:20
john_cephalopodaBefore it was called TLS.13:20
john_cephalopoda2.0 or something?13:21
joacimfrinnst: is that a kernel make?13:21
john_cephalopodaOr 3.013:21
frinnstkernel, -j1613:22
joacim## Kernel 3.14.12 (i5-4690)13:22
joacimmake -j5  270.97s user 11.21s system 348% cpu 1:20.90 total13:22
joacimthat was a long time ago tho13:22
frinnstjoacim: was it long since you bought the other screen?13:23
john_cephalopodaMy laptop is still 4.8.12 and crux 3.213:23
joacimbought my first u2515h in october i think13:23
frinnsti waited maybe 2 years between my two u2412m - the other display has a annoying tint to it13:23
joacimhope that doesnt happen to me13:24
frinnstprobably close enough13:24
joacimunless dell decided to switch panels right after i bought my first13:25
abenzfrinnst: some qemu benches would be great13:25
abenzwell not benches, just usability studies..13:25
abenzI meant personal impression13:25
frinnstim sure its fine13:26
frinnstbut yeah13:26
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abenz_frinnst: do you by any chance have an ECC modules lying around?13:42
abenzif you get a chance to test one of those that'd be great13:46
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joacimabenz: i looked through the manual, and there is no mention of it13:49
joacimso im guessing there is nothing in the uefi settings that lets you enable it13:50
abenzAMD has been vague.. and many say its up to the motherboard13:50
abenzie basically same with bulldozer, server and desktop cores are identical with no features disabled on either13:51
abenzI hope as uefi/firmware matures support will be there13:51
abenzin gigabyte specs page you can see ECC mentioned as supported13:51
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jaegerabenz: all SSD except for my NAS, yes14:29
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frinnstnope, not ddr415:22
pedjafrinnst, your u2412m has anti-glare coating, right, same as mine (u2312hm)?how do you clean it?15:27
frinnstwith a feather duster (or not at all)15:28
frinnstor a damp cloth15:28
abenzwhy wow? because they mentioned "REHL" in their FAQ? ;)15:28
pedjaI have a few stains on it (some people thought it was touch screen :) )15:30
frinnstdamp cloth ftw15:31
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pedjalittle water with a dash of isopropyl alcohol?15:52
pedjadistilled water, for the clothes iron15:54
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tilmanfrinnst: *envious*18:42
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joacimpedja: DAMP cloth19:59
joacimno fancy stuff19:59
joacimjust drizzle some water on a piece of terry cloth19:59
joacimwring it as much as you can19:59
joacimand go to town19:59
joacimmake sure you have a dry cloth as well to clean off the remaining water19:59
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joacimand i wouldnt touch any display with alcohol20:00
joacimdrink the vodka20:03
timcowchipalmost done building frameworks-meta...23 hours in20:18
joacimstarted using distcc on my network20:19
joacimsince firefox took a couple of hours to compile on my laptop20:19
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just_funI just read a manual20:36
just_funno applause?20:37
just_funfakeroot: Also,  note that it's best not to do the building of the binaries themselves under fakeroot. Especially configure and friends don't  like  it when  the  system  suddenly  behaves differently from what they expect.20:38
just_fun(they randomly unset some  environment  variables,  some  of  which fakeroot needs)20:38
just_funDid anyone had any issues with fakeroot?20:40
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just_funIt seems that a bsdtar() function - doing "fakeroot bsdtar $@" - placed in the pkgmk, solves the building problem.21:24
just_funA near miss for another pkgmk patch.21:24
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timcowchipAlan: is kde4 still supported?21:54
timcowchipI have a dependency for kdelibs21:54
timcowchipwhich depends on strigi, which doesn't compile21:55
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j_vI think boost may need a footprint update. I just built it in a container with only core ports plus minimum dependenies, but get a footprint mismatch with two new files: usr/lib/ and usr/lib/ (link to versioned soname)22:01
ryu0j_v: could be a newer toolchain triggered it?22:02
j_vcould be, makes sense22:04
j_vI was installing inkscape, got the mismatch on boost, so built it in clean environment to check and got same mismatch22:06
j_vnot a big deal, can pkgmake -in or prt-get install -if22:07
j_vI have a package I'm working on, a container build system for setting up containers, wrapping pkgmk to build in container with only minimal packages/dependenies...22:11
j_vstill stuck on a name for it22:11
j_vthat's better than anything I've thought of, thanks... not sure yet, but that's not bad22:17
just_funbrewdoc ?22:18
j_vthe doc part makes me think it's targeting documentation22:19
just_funI was thinking at doctor22:19
just_funbrewpkg :D22:20
j_vhmmm, i like that one22:20
j_vor pkgbrew... i like where your going22:21
just_funPkBrew should be the script22:21
just_funbrewpkg using PkBrew files ...22:22
j_vok, i like it, just going to leave out the camel case22:23
just_funWhould you use the 'container' program?22:23
j_varachsys/containers, yep22:23
just_fundon't forget to add support for dropping dependencies if not needed (not found by finddeps)22:24
just_funas it was the case with xorg-server22:24
j_vI have the container creation script, an container update script, and the wrapper, all in alpha, working well enough here22:24
just_funbuilding as root?22:25
j_vno, unprivileged containers only22:25
just_funI'll watch your repo for *brew*22:26
j_vthe setup is similar to fakeroot, but more involved because of the container setup, update, cloning, etc22:26
just_funI might use your scripts too, if released and license permits :D22:28
j_vmain thing i'm lacking to put out an release candidate is documentaion. I could push the current state to my git server tonight22:28
j_voh, right I need to pick license... probably modern bsd or mit22:29
j_vmaybe wtfpl, that one always gives me a stick in my side22:31
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frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/firefox#52.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.22:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: harfbuzz: updated to 1.4.422:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: firefox: updated to 52.022:48
just_funWhat was your -j ?22:48
just_funLFS: Estimated build time: 14 SBU (with parallelism=4 on a recent intel i7, much longer on lesser CPUs)22:48
just_funchromium 94 SBU22:49
just_funLibreoffice 36 SBU with parallelism = 8 + download time22:50
just_funyou can maintain libreoffice :)22:50
frinnstRemoved support for Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI) plugins other than Flash. Silverlight, Java, Acrobat and the like are no longer supported.22:51
frinnsttoo bad I still need java at work22:51
joacimfrinnst: stop it22:52
joacimi dont want to spend more money this month22:52
frinnstcome on22:53
frinnstyou know you want to22:53
ryu0so they finally removed it?22:56
j_vpkbrew already exists23:19
j_vit's not as cool, but i'm thinking along the lines of something like pkgwrap23:27
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